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This is BBC World News Today with me, Tim Willcox. A fifth day of


shelling of Homs, the heaviest bombardment yet to.


Syrian opposition activists say at least 40 people have been killed as


government guns continued to pound the city. It is not clear what


exactly the Syrian army is targeting. But civilians are


bearing the brunt, and most of them are inside, just as we are.


brooch in the latest endgame? Greek political leaders meet to try


and ratify a tough new austerity measures.


Violent protests in the Maldives after the president is forced to


resign at gunpoint. Also coming up in the programme: is


this a provocation? Argentina says it will make a


formal complaint to the UN after Britain since one of its most


sophisticated warships to the disputed Falklands.


And the shocking allegations of the mystery behind the kids in the life


of a catwalk model. -- behind the glitz in the life of a catwalk


model. Hello and welcome. Syrian security


forces have pounded the city of Homs for a fifth day in a row.


Opposition activists say it is the heaviest bombardment yet, just a


day after President Bashar al-Assad said he was ready for dialogue to


end of violence. Activists say at least as many as 50 people may have


been killed. Turkey is preparing its own diplomatic initiative to


try and end the bloodshed. Our correspondent has spent several


days inside the besieged city. It began at dawn. For a fifth day,


Homs is pounded. Some said it was the worst day of shelling. The


casualties are mounting. The people here both fear and expect those


tanks and ground troops to move in at some point. Most of the people


who have died here have been killed because they went out onto the


street. It is not clear what exactly the Syrian army is


targeting. But certainly, civilians are bearing the brunt, and most of


them are inside, just as we are. They have not been out to play


since the uprising began. Their mothers in despair. The outside


world will not help us, she says. But God's vengeance will come down


on the Syrian President. The Kalashnikovs of the Free Syrian


Army can do little against tanks. They hope the regime's forces will


crumble from the inside. The Syrian army's morale has collapsed, says


an officer who defected just a week ago. They know they are killing


civilians. They want this bloodbath to stop. The prevailing mood here


is one of despair. People feel trapped, and they believe no one is


coming to help. A look at some of the day's other


news. European air safety officials are to inspect the entire fleet of


Airbus A380 Super jumbos, more than 60 aircraft, for cracks in wing


components. Cracks have been found in several planes following a


decision by the European Aviation Safety Agency last month to order


checks on the 20 aircraft with the highest mileage.


Police in the Somali capital Mogadishu say a suicide car bombing


has killed at least nine people. The blast took place in the


government district. The Somali Islamist group Al-Shabaab told the


BBC it carried out the attack. Her the Sudanese President Omar al-


Bashir has launched a new regional authority in the war-torn region of


Darfur. It has been set up to oversee a peace agreement for the


region, which has been in conflict since 2003. But the body has


already been rejected by the main rebel movements.


A top English football manager, Harry Redknapp, has been found not


guilty on two council tax evasion. Along with the former chairman of


Portsmouth Football Club, Milan Mandaric, he was accused of


concealing payments of almost $300,000 during his time as manager


at Portsmouth. Noise from motors on busy


commercial shipping lanes can cause chronic stress for Wales. The


results have come from a study carried out following the 9/11


terror attacks in New York. The attacks led to a drop in maritime


traffic and gave researchers an opportunity to investigate whether


sound pollution was a cause of stress for Wales.


Let's return now to the bombardment for his fifth day in a rope on the


besieged city of Homs. Many residents say it is the worst


bombardment they have experienced in the past week. We can speak now


to Adomah, who joins us from Homs. -- Omar. What is happening there


tonight? In the middle of the day, the Assad army and security force


were shelling us with rockets and tanks. Also, many heavy weapons.


There are reports, also, of militias loyal to Bashar al-Assad


carrying out killings as well. Can you confirm that? Yeah, that is


true. They killed the three families in one neighbourhood.


are finding it very difficult to hear you. What about infantry from


the Syrian army? Have they moved into the area where you are? No...


They are just shelling us from faraway, targeting the civilian


houses. And what are conditions like for people inside these


suburbs, which I think are largely Sunni? Do most houses have


electricity and other power, or has that been cut off? There is no


electricity, no more food, no more medical supplies. There are no


words. We are lucky to stay alive. There is no food. There is no water.


There are a lot of snipers surrounding the area. People are


trying to give some medical supplies, some food.


Thank you for joining us on the line from Homs, which has


experienced its fifth day of bombardment by Syrian forces.


Coalition party leaders in Greece are thought to be close to


announcing a deal on a new austerity package that could help


prevent a default on Greece's debts. It is expected to be based on


conditions set up by the European Union International Monetary Fund.


They include a 20% cut to the minimum wage, as well as further


cuts to pensions, which have already been hit hard. It would


also see a further 15,000 jobs being slashed from the Civil


Service. Proposed measures have been provoking angry protest by


Greek unions, but the owner -- EU and IMF say without the deal, they


will not sign off the bail-out, without which Greece would default


on its debts next month. Let's get the latest from our correspondent


in Athens. This meeting has been delayed over the past 24 hours. Do


we think political leaders are about to reach some sort of deal


finally? All the signs are there that a deal is imminent. The party


leaders of the coalition and prime minister have been locked for four


hours in talks in the Prime Minister's office. It is a freezing


night in Athens, and we are all waiting for some kind of


announcement. There is an indication that they are edging


closer towards a deal. We had an announcement that the Eurozone


finance ministers will meet in Brussels tomorrow evening, probably


to sign off on the deal that will be reached here. The deal has been


imposed by the EU and IMF in order for Greece to get access to these


vital EUR130 billion of international loan, but they are


difficult conditions. Some of the cuts being proposed will go down


badly on the streets of Athens among an extremely austerity weary


nation, which has been living on austerity for the last two years.


They can't take much more. Where do we stand on the private sector


haircut of 50%? That is a condition for this bail-out deal also to be


reached. Parallel assessment negotiations have been going on.


Greece wants to negotiate with the private creditors, mainly European


banks, to write off at least EUR100 billion of Greek private debt.


Those negotiations have been going well, there were then put on hold


while the bail-out negotiations were continuing. But we think both


sets of public and private negotiations will be signed off at


the same time. That would significantly lighter and Greece's


debt burdens and reduce the debt to 120% of GDP from 160% at the moment.


This is all trying to avoid a catastrophic default by Greece


which could happen in the next few weeks, when this country has to pay


bond redemptions which it cannot afford. So it is urgently in need


of the bail-out money by mid-March, which is when the bond redemptions


are due. A disorderly default by Greece could spread contagion


throughout the Eurozone and would again raised questions about


whether this country can maintain its place within the Eurozone


itself. Scuffles have broken out in the


Maldives between police and supporters of the former president,


forced to step down earlier this week. Mohammed Nasheed was the


Maldives' first democratically- elected leader. He says he was


removed from office at gunpoint. The BBC's Andrew North is in the


Maldives capital. There is now a crowd of several


thousand supporters of the former president out on the streets of the


capital. This is just after a rally. Many of them are chanting "it is a


cup". Our military is corrupted! Feelings are running very high.


People are saying their democracy has been taken away. And the former


president says the new President, the man who was his vice-president,


should now step down and they should be an investigation. He says


he will not give up. He will keep fighting. And as you can see, large


numbers of people seem to agree. They have come out on the streets


to protest. But it is not clear whether this is a real fight back


or just the last gasp for President Mohammed Nasheed and his supporters.


There has been another twist in the race for the Republican


presidential nomination in the US. The former senator for Pennsylvania,


Rick Santorum, has won the latest three contests to choose a


candidate to run against President Obama in November. Mr Santorum was


declared the winner in Colorado, Minnesota and misery. The result is


seen as a blow for the Republican front-runner, Mitt Romney.


Rick Santorum was savouring victory. He is a former senator, and claims


to be the standard-bearer of American social and religious


conservatism, the man who should challenge Barack Obama for the


presidency in November. Voters in Missouri and Minnesota and Colorado


agreed with him. He won all three states. Your votes today were not


just heard loud and wide across the states of misery and Minnesota, but


they were heard louder across the country forced up his is a long-


shot candidacy. He lacks money and organisation, but he won some real


momentum here. For the front-runner of the Republican nomination, Mitt


Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, this has been a


worrying turn of events. This was a good night for Rick Santorum. I


congratulate him and wish him the best. We will keep campaigning, but


I expect to become our nominee. Romney has wealth and a powerful


campaign machine at his command, but he is struggling to win the


affection of the Republican Party. After his speech, this. Someone


tried to throw glitter all over him. The secret service had to intervene.


These results seem to tell us that Republican voters across America


seemed to be divided on who their candidate for the presidency should


be. Mitt Romney may be the front- runner, but social and religious


Conservatives do not seem to like the look of him. There are still


many contests to go before the nomination is settled on, and


voters seem to be telling Mr Let's get some analysis on this by


former CBS senior correspondent Tom Fenton. Some have said their wheels


have come off. Is that oversimplifying things. This is a


setback. You have to remember we are early in the game right now. At


this point Mitt Romney has 107 delegates. Newt Gingrich has 36,


Rick Santorum who has now coming up fast, has 45. Ron Paul has 47. The


OECD -- you need 1144. It was pretty meaningless. A give some


momentum to Santorum. And what it does also is it changes their


strategy for our people. They had focused on the President, he has to


fight off Santorum and Gingrich. where do we think it went wrong?


Mitt Romney was the clear favourite in one of these primaries. Does it


go back to the line he made about he was not being very concerned


about the extremely poor? That seems a major gaffer any


presidential candidate. This three states that we just saw, this is


the Conservative base. Romany does not play well with them. -- Mitt


Romney does not play well with them. Moderate has become a much dirty


word. Compromise is a deadly sin. So they are beating up trying to


prove that they are more Catholic than the Pope. His Rick Santorum


seen by many as the person most obviously opposite to what


President Obama represents? I think that would be true. He is very


Conservative. More so than Newt Gingrich. He's had a colourful


private life that has some influence on the Republican base


which tends to be socially Conservative. And talking of Newt


Gingrich, he says he has pledged to continue right through until the


convention. But has he got the funds to do that? He has got


several big givers. There were several core conditions which


allowed the creation of Super packs, political action committees.


Unlimited funds can going to them. They're supposed to be arms-length


from the candidates. As long as there are no direct contact with


the candidate? It is a complete farce. They have millions of


dollars and they are mostly... long way to go. March 6th. But that


might not be it. As the 30th anniversary of the


Falklands War approaches, Argentina is to make a formal complaint to


the United Nations about Britain sending one of its newest


destroyers to the seas around the islands. Argentina's President


Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has also complained about the posting


of Prince William to work doesn't air and sea rescue pilot in the


islands. Officially on the Falklands as


Flight Lieutenant Wales, working as a search-and-rescue pilot, Prince


William's presence has upset Argentina. It's country's President


made clear last night. It is the 30th anniversary of the war in the


Falklands coming up. Addressing supporters including veterans of


the conflict, President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner accuse their


UK of military allies in the islands. The senti modern destroyer


to the heir to the throne. So Argentina is making a formal


complaint to the unit -- United Nations Security Council. HMS done


was is the newest and most powerful ships and the Navy's fleet. But


officials here say she is simply replacing another vessel which had


been on patrol in the same area. Although Argentina may disagree,


the MoD insists that it climate of HMS dot was to the Atlantic is a


matter of routine. Likewise Prince William's deployment as a search-


and-rescue pilot. But it is clear the Falklands are better defender


than they were in 1982 when Argentina invaded. It would be very,


very difficult to retake the islands now if we lost them. We


have to make sure that Argentina is never tempted to invade. We do not


have to be in a position to have to retake them. So heavily --


investing heavily and defending them is the right policy. The UK is


treading a careful line over these windswept islands to make sure the


war of words doesn't escalate while underlining that it is up to the


islanders themselves and not Argentina to determine their own


future. Lisa Watson is the editor of


Penguin News and she joins us from Port Stanley. You may appreciate


the arrival of HMS topless but he accepted is a provocation to


Argentina? -- HMS dauntless. Argentina would see anything as a


provocation. Everything has been pitched up high. I really do not


know what is going to happen next with Argentina. But the President


said her approach would be peaceful and she describes -- described the


militarisation of the island's as being too much. Why was it


necessary to have a future king attending just around the 30th


anniversary of the Falkland war? can speak for a wide Prince William


is deployed here at the moment. I can only presume that if he had


been sent to other countries where the situation were tense as well,


other countries would complain of his presence. Presumably a man has


to chop -- to his job somewhere. The rescue work year as extremely


important to the Falklands, we have a number of fishing vessels around


the Falklands and they help with those, I suppose, were every goes


there will be complaints. He say that with a smile, but it is not


just only fishing vessels around the islands. If there are oil


exploration rigs which must make one the Saudis furious given the


potential riches around the islands -- the capital of Argentina.


don't doubt that it does make them angry. As far as we are concerned


this these belong to the Falkland Islanders. Really it does not


matter what we do, the President becomes angry. She objects that we


license fishing vessels to fish around the Falklands sort of


cautious could object to something to something else where she fills


Argentina is losing out. There seems to be more regional support


for Argentina's stance here. Even chilly isn't allowing fishing there.


Do you see are at sea change year regarding the future of the


islands? Chile and the other South American Islands are part of


another governing body. That is not tunnelled institution. It wasn't


around in 1982. They are supporting each other in the same way that


their European Union would support each other. Is there a change and


that? I do not think there is. Ate the request had been made 10 years


ago they would have supported it. Do you ever think this is a little


but you tell? It depends on what question you are asking. Is what


you tell? Is it you tell to want to remain a British citizen?


absolutely not. It may be seen as sentimental but it is not, it is


very practical. It has a very good relationship with Britain. Britain


supports us and our desire to run around Government. We have our own


elected representatives and without the support of Britain we would


find that very difficult. We are a small population and we need some


kind of support to choose the wrong Government. It is BT are.


Many seek modelling as a glittering and lucrative profession but the


reality can be pretty different. The fashion industry is largely


unregulated and as workers models have little protection.


Models are the glamourous, unattainable silent faces of


fashion and now they want to be heard. Walking the runway as as


sought-after job but the work that goes into creating these images can


be long and hard. We've have crafted a model's Bill of Rights.


They have pressed for better working conditions because of what


she has witnessed over 15 years. saw first-hand how the industry


lacks financial transparency and encourages eating disorders and


even tolerate sexual abuse in the workplace. Models are independent


contractors under US law so they can to form a trade union. To bring


models together, Susan Scafidi who has been helping with the campaign


says models need protection. backstage privacy policy so the


women who are changing are not having photographs of themselves


appearing on the internet. A policy not our hire young girl's father


runway. A policies says there's a place that you can call F something


happens that the 4-Show and you are not comfortable with it. Nobody can


be a poster that. Fashion is a multi-billion pound business in New


York. In such a competitive field, can an alliance of models really


make an impact? One chronicler of the fashion world wonders how you


can regulate an industry which is so subjective. It is one of the few


industries where someone can some - - summoned a decision is a naughty


you simply a modular can nothing else. It is very hard to say what


is discriminatory and what is not. The entire industry is based on an


-- a very discriminatory practice. Sara Ziff says worker's rights


should extend to models to. They beautiful images that we produce


and her business should be backed up by some moral code behaviour.


public may see models as having it all but many start out as teenagers


and an adult world. The question is whether the fashion industry will


take kindly to this push for better conditions.


One piece a breaking news: Fabio Capello has quit as the England


football coach according to the FA. Freezing rain causing problems with


by some parts of Scotland and later into northern England. Tomorrow it


is just another cold day across much of the UK. These weather


fronts push further south and the shift from freezing rain to snow.


For tomorrow morning, and icy start for the morning. It could prove to


cause problems for many. Her 3 o'clock in the afternoon it is a


cold rain, temperatures barely above freezing. Some snow


developing. For the south of all of that, plenty of cloudy again. Parts


of south-west England, a few holes and that clowned and some sunshine


coming through it as we have seen today. South of wills it is really


dry. To the north it is wet. The snow in the higher ground


developing. For Northern Ireland it is damp but it is mild air here.


The mild air with us in Northern Scotland but quite damp in parts of


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