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This is BBC World News Today with me Tim Willcox.


Jailed for fleeing demented violence - Afghanistan's imprisoned


women and girls for a so-called moral crimes.


No other Government things that running away is ensure area.


Afghanistan stands alone in that and termination.


Torture of the innocent, the United nation's human rights this area's


children have been targeted and that President al-Assad should face


charges of crimes against humanity. The man who got his life back,


after a face, teeth, tongue and Jock transplant.


Also coming up in the programme: Educating children out of extremism.


How Nigeria holds a new wave of state schools will help the young


to say no to militants. And the latest Enola -- box-office


treasure. Hello and welcome.


Far Afghan women, the decision to flee domestic abuse are forced


prostitution mainland and in jail while their abusers walk free.


Human Rights Watch says nearly 400 girls and women prisoners have been


jailed for what are called moral crimes. The our organisation call


such abuse the black eye on the face of a post Taliban Afghan


Government. The international community promise


that one of the things they would change in Afghanistan after the


fall of the Taliban was a oppression of women. But the Human


Rights Watch survey of women makes for grim reading. Some have been


convicted of offences which were not even considered crimes anywhere


else in the world, even in the most Conservative Islamic countries. The


report they have been rate, for running away from violent or


abusive marriages. But Afghan courts have confirmed these as


crimes recently. The Afghan Supreme Court has said that the crime of


running away can be found in shinier. But when we looked around


the world, no other Government thinks that running away is in


Sharia law. Afghanistan stands alone in that interpretation.


of the stories in the report tell of women who are jailed after


asking strangers far help, only to be turned into the police. After --


or after fleeing families where they face constant sexual abuse


from male relatives. Most of the time the cases, the punishment is


10 years in prison. Why? Because she ran away from home without


permission by the husband. Which in this case is not really part off at


Dunlop. There has been some progress for women, particularly in


education were women are now treated equally. But although


President Karzai has spoken sympathetically about the women --


a case of women jailed for running away, his presidential pardon has


not been acted on in the majority of cases, so the women remain in


jail. Just as reform has been slow in coming and was highly tried Atul


until recently. Now the international community is seeking


to reform Afghan justice, working through the constitution and a less


harsh interpretation of Islamic law. But it is a slow process.


Earlier I spoke to a member of the Afghan Parliament to defender the


Government's laws regarding violence against women. We have a


good love for women. For example we have lost far elimination of Women


Against Women. But unfortunately the interpretation has been a


problem but we still have women who because of running away, or for


other reasons, they are in prison. But it has improved a lot. We have


achieved a lot. We have a big number of women in Parliament. We


have a few women in the Cabinet. We have a lot of girls, they are going


to school and university. I think compared to the Taliban time, it is


much better and we have achieved a lot. But still women suffer, that


is true. Women suffer from violence. They are still at home. They do not


have enough education. A lot of women, they cannot go to work. The


problem is here. But we have achieved a lot. It is impossible to


come here with 10 years before. talk about President cars side's


law against violence against women. -- President Karzai. How worried


are you about what is going to happen when international forces


leave the country and 2014? award came back in Afghanistan, I


am sure the women's situation and security will be very bad. I hope


that this international community help us after 2014 and support the


country end -- and especially the women in Afghanistan. There seems


to be two injustices. While the women are jailed for a moral crimes,


the perpetrators are not facing justice for at all. I am not sure


about the report. This was only bandwith interviews with the


victims in prison. It should do more investigated, to be sure that


if the women in that prison is there just because of running away


or if there is some other problem. The UN's human rights chief has


told the BBC there is enough evidence to indict side they are's


that there -- President Assad on charges of crimes against humanity.


Navi Pillay says Syrian security forces have detained and tortured


children. She was speaking before the news that Syria had agreed to


Kofi Annan's ceasefire plan. In a place where we cannot name,


with faces we cannot short, this is a kind of therapy first area's tell


survivors. These are lessons organised by activists for children


who can no longer go to school. Some have seen parents tried do we


in the night. Others have fled from the bombardment of Homs. This child


describes being at a March, hearing the chanting. And then the moment


the army opened fire. Now in an exclusive interview, the UN's top


human rights official has accused the Syrian Government of


deliberately targeting children. They have gone to the children --


for the children in large numbers, detained and tortured. I have seen


some of the evidence gathered by the commissioner. I have talk to


parents and victims. It is just horrendous. The Syrian Government


denies the accusations and accuses a High Commissioner of bias. But


under international law, does back -- President al-Assad responsible.


That is the evidence. There is enough evidence pointing to the


fact that many of these acts committed by the security forces


must have received the approval of complicity it at the highest level.


Because the President can issue a single order, released all these


children and stop the killings. High Commissioner also criticised


abuses by opposition groups. But the UN and human rights our


organisation say the majority of violations are being carried out by


the Government side. Much of what bombs and bullets did to the bodies


of children is simply too distressing to shore. And the


trauma inflicted on young minds is being -- is beyond calculation. In


Homs, a cameraman met a boy whose Is President al-Assad ever going to


face action against his actions? One day he will face justice.


in these days -- rooms in Syria, Justice as far away.


UN secretary general Ban Ki-Moon has urged the Syrian President to


immediately implement the six-point peace plan brokered by his


predecessor Kofi Annan. Despite its pledge to sign up to the deal wish


him as a pillar to Government troops from opposition cities, this


latest verified reduce shows continuing Government bombardment


in the city Homs. Elsewhere the Syrian army has regained control of


another city after four days of fighting opposition activists take


40 people died in that conflict. Australia's Communications Minister


has called for an investigation into hacking and piracy. There was


a report in the Australian Financial Review that news coverage


has set up a unit to sabotage his competitors by hacking into the


cause required for a subscription television and then make them


available on the black market. News Corporation denies all the


allegations. Poetic has met Cubans former


revolutionary leader Castro father first time. The meeting came after


the poll lead a huge open-air Mass in Revolution Square. He told that


Yemen Government to give more rights to the Roman Catholic Church,


especially the freedom to religious education in schools.


Mahli's ousted President says he is safe and well and still in the


country. In his first comments since last week's military Cook, he


told the AFP news agency that he hoped peace and democracy would


triumph and Mahli. He was forced into hiding after a group of


soldiers seize control claiming they were unhappy with their way


and a rising in the north of the country was being dealt with.


And after being taken to court for alleged false advertising for the


new iPad, Apple has offered to refund Australian customers who


felt misled about his 40 capabilities. Australia's consumer


watchdog began legal action because the Tablet does not work on America


-- Australia's 40 network. An American gunshot victim has been


given a new face, teeth, tongue and Jock and what is urgency is the


most extensive facial transplant ever performed. -- in what surgeons


say. The man, Richard Lee Norris, has been a Nicholas says he was


horribly disfigured an airgun accident 15 years ago. One week


after the operation, doctors say he is recovering well.


Surgeons at the University of Maryland lead a team of over 100


medical staff in a 36 or operation. They believe it is the most


expensive face transplant procedure ever carried out. When he was


accidentally shot in the face 15 years ago, Richard Lee Norris lost


his nose, his lips and most of the movement in his mouth. Surgeons are


used finely-tuned computerised techniques to advance on the bones


in his nose and the area around it. They then gave my new job,


including teeth as well as a new tongue. But finally all his soft


tissue was replaced, right from his airline to his neck, including


nerves and muscles. Six days on he can move his tongue and he can


smell for the first time in 15 years. We look at the donor and


Richard, it is the blend of two individuals. Clearly there are some


specific features like their nose and that Gen. But behind that


skeleton it is Richard Norris. was the woman after her first face


transplant in 2005. She made good progress and expose physical


recovery is just the first part. With us at a surgery you do not


recover quickly. He will gradually come to terms with this new thing


that he sees in the mirror which is going to be his face. I hope he


will have the support that enables centre his own it, to on his face


as his face. Doctors funded by the US military have been developing


face transplant techniques for a number of years. The aim is to


refine techniques to help veterans returning from Afghanistan. For


Richard Norris, after 15 years behind a mask, a chance for a


normal life. Let's top to a professor from


America who has written about the psychological aspects of face


transplants. He seems physically to have made an extraordinary recovery.


He is brushing his teeth, he is my lip and he is ducking and smelly


things for the first time. Psychologically, how has are going


to be? Far my study another recipients, what I think is up for


him, there are two pass. One because of the expense of amount of


tissue and bone that he received, he is the first person really not


to have to worry about scars that will give off the face transplant


look. So I think that will be helpful to hand. These multiple


surgeries are lending the skin over years, might be avoided. The other


path is one that is untested yet. What it would mean is to have a


complete facial configuration from the donor, including some of the


things that form one's identity. I wonder if his path may be more


difficult also because he has spent so much time without being able to


be in public. Now he has a completely restored face. A do you


think conversely that might help? Further 15 years this man has been


a recluse. He has used a mask when he went out in public. Now he has a


new phase, perhaps this is all good news. I think it is all good news


in the surgery is absolutely remarkable. I am astounded that the


surgery could take place since there has only been a few in the


United States. However, what I have started to look at our recipients,


is what they say after they have been living with the new face. He


is an interesting test-case for me in that he is going to be the most


completely masked person, in a new way, from a cloth must to a face


mask, that is a donor. I think over time we will know. It is the 23rd


phase -- face transplant. How do you give these people the support


Therapeutically, we don't understand yet. It has transformed


the way we think about being human. Questions about what it means to


wed the face of another person are so new to us as people, that the


more exposed we are to Folks That have face transplant, the better.


It makes conversations happen and the recipients will have good


reception out in the community, especially if the scarring is kept


to a minimum. We will know soon if that has to be the way most of


these patients are handled in the future.


Canada's indigenous communities are in crisis. Addition to prescription


painkillers is rife. OxyContin, an opium drug, is widely abused in


Canada but on isolated reserves, people talk of an academic. Linda


Pressly travelled to Fort Hope to investigate the impact of drug use


there. 1200 people live in Fort Hope. In winter, it is minus 30 and


the only way to get here is to fly in all try from hazardous ice roads.


The beauty can fit -- conceals the fall-out from drug abuse. 80% of


the working-age population of Fort Hope are abusing OxyContin. It is


as addictive as heroin but this is a prescription drug. Doris


Slipperjack was hooked for four years. 180 milligram pale cells on


the black market for $600 on the reserve and she spent thousands,


all her welfare benefits on getting high. Sometimes her children went


without food. It is difficult for me to face them every day because I


hurt them so much. I don't even though where to begin. In Fort Hope,


everybody knows somebody who is abusing OxyContin and stemming the


flow of this addictive drug into the community is one of the biggest


challenges. A visit by the native police services is a rare event.


This dog has been trained to sniff out OxyContin. They hide it in


their bodies and now the winter roads are open so they are coming


in through vehicles. It is not just a policing problem, it is a social


and community problem. The chief of Fort Hope is worried about the


epidemic on the next generation. want to see the parents care for


their children that they can't do it because they edit -- -- but they


can't do it because they are addicted. They have set up a detox


centre but they are 70 people on the waiting list. With so many in


this community struggling with addiction to OxyContin, Doris is


one of the few that has taken the step to recovery. She has been to


rehab and is now one treatment. want to go back to school and


hopefully get my high-school diploma and go to college and


university. I want to become a Councillor and reach out to people


that are struggling like myself. You can watch her film about how


prescription drugs is devastating those committees on Our World at


the weekend. The north-western Nigerian state of


Sokoto hit the news earlier this month after two hostages, Chris


McManus and Franco Lamolinara were killed in failed attempts to rescue


them. Boko Haram was widely believed to have been behind the


kidnapping. Now in an attempt to counter terrorism -- extremism,


they want to build hundreds of new religious schools.


A call for food. He has been forced into begging because other decision


his parents talk to send him here. He is one of millions of Nigerians.


They move far from home to a master of the Koran at informal schools.


Now the Nigerian Government wants to build hundreds of official


religious schools. Here in Sokoto, they have opened the first. Is your


aim to drain the demand of the informal ones? To close them down?


To some extent, yes. The school's principal is a former Almajiri. He


says it will help students to integrate better into society.


can study science, mathematics, Arabic. A model Almajiri school is


an easy sell. The home of their spiritual leader of Nigeria's


Muslims and the state that the highest proportion in poverty. The


Government's plan to build schools and other northern states is a


gimmick driven by security fears, some say. The Government is


motivated by a desire to change at the heart and the minds of foot


soldiers and ethnic religious violence. Security concerns have


heightened. A failed rescue attempt took many by so slapdash by


surprise. The killing of the foreigners Christmas virus -- Chris


McManus wasn't the first time of criminal activity disturbing a


piece for North West of the country. Bercow around have said his members


are present here. Whatever the Government's motives, it is the


schools that have passed from generation to generation without


state health and there is little Animation has proved to be a


treasure-trove for the film industry and now the British


company have pirates to plunder it. The The Pirates! In an Adventure


With Scientists is out in Britain today. It was released as Hollywood


struggles to find its next big thing in animation as its


franchises come to an end. The best bit about being a pirate is ham at


night. Setting sail on the latest international expedition. It is the


pirates in an adventure with scientists. It is a British plot


storing a useless parrot and a demented Queen Victoria. It


attracted star voices. How could I turn them down? British, never not


adored any of their films. Their sense of humour is identical to


mine in terms of surreal childishness. I couldn't say no.


Fire Cannons! The highest animation house has been in trouble


threatening to go overseas. Now, they are more likely to stay put.


Three Oscars for Wallace and Gromit doesn't promise them a Hollywood


hit. His last film made $46 million at the US box office. That his


average. I am confident about it playing around the world. It is


just America. Capturing America is tricky. They are less familiar with


our style of comedy, apparently. What will please Hollywood is some


of the Oscar nominees were obvious. Her first were not. There wasn't


much to choose from. Toy story is over, Shreck has gone into Puss in


Boots and Brad Bird is directing live action. Pick Saab does have a


new idea rear. A fairy-tale called brave. If this works, the quirky


humour could not feel foreign any more. I have always found that the


more British you are, do more French, the for -- if you are


French, the more French you are, the more chance you have of


repealing anyone. It looks great. That is all from


Hello. We has another warm day today. It is cold and clear through


the night before tomorrow, a return of the sunshine and temperatures


above average. The downside is it stays dry with these high is still


dominating our weather forecast. We do have a change in our wind


direction and we have more cloud around the coast of Scotland and


Northern Ireland. Plenty of sunshine for Northern and central


England. We are looking at 23 Celsius in London. Across the


south-west, cloudless skies and higher temperatures around the


south coast. Through Wales, that north-westerly breeze making it 22


Celsius in Cardiff. For Northern Ireland, we have high cloud so the


sunshine turning hazy. Much of Scotland stays dry. Further north


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