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There's collapsing support for the two main political parties. Raymond


AU Brack dies in Paris at the age of 97.


Fierce fighting is continuing for a second day between Sudanese and


South a Sudanese protesters. They are reported to have taken control


of a large board a tame -- border town in Heglig. The African Union


has demanded South Sudan withdrawal from the airfield. -- withdraw.


This is far more than just a squabble over oil. The fighting is


South Sudan says the fighting began when his troops were attacked from


the air and on the ground and they were merely defending themselves.


We are not interested in escalating the situation. The people of south


Sudan and the people of Sudan have no interest in getting into a plea


to kit -- politic war. A few weeks ago, negotiators from both


countries signed a non-aggression pact following talks. That delve --


that deal now seems worth less. Fighting between people from the


areas now known as Sudan and South Sudan dates back hundreds of years


but intensified during Africa's longest civil war. South Sudanese


voted in a referendum for a peace deal. Its separation left key


issues unresolved and intensive negotiations have lit -- made


little progress. Sudan and South Sudan have fought


back from the brink times before. This pattern of occasion clashes is


likely to continue. The seriousness of this fighting in Heglig means a


return to outright war is a step closer.


I am joined by a ambassador Wellens and press attache at the Sudanese


embassy. The African Union has called on


your forces to withdraw from Heglig. Why aren't you? Esme clarify one


thing. It is not Heglig, it is the corruption of the name. It belonged


to the self. The only reason why it is... We are not saying that we


would want to keep it, but we will not allow any aggressive forces to


be based there. We have to stop aerial bombardment and that is the


reason we are not occupying it. We are not claiming it by force. It


would be negotiated as it has been previously. Let us make that clear.


Her you were the aggressors in that and they are just reaction? They


are occupiers. The African Union issued a statement today saying


that it will not allow the occupation of the leak by a South


Sudan and calls for the immediate withdrawal. Is that an error in


terms of the actual location? problem is historically this has


not been put into perspective. They know that. The Court of Arbitration


in the Hague in 2009 placed Heglig in Sudan. You accept that, do you?


We accept that they should do with straw. In a sense, Khartoum cannot


be allowed to accept the PCA and they want to be the judge and not


to the victim. What we are saying is these issues need to be resolved


peacefully. Neither side is talking at the moment. It cannot be allowed


to be the springboard of attacking our population. There has been


aerial bombardment which the -- which has to stop. We are


requesting that the Sudanese Government stops the bombardment.


Hillary Clinton has placed the blame fairly and squarely on the


shoulders of Sudan in terms of harassment and bombardment as well.


There is no harassment or bombardment on the side of the


Sudan. They have not crossed the border and occupied parts of


southern Sudan. Have you been engagement in aerial bombardment of


south Sudanese forces? Of course not? -- of course not. Why should


we do that? We have a mature and responsible manner and have


sacrificed the 5th of the population and the 4th of the


landmass to get peace for the two people. Can we save that a place


was bombed yesterday and five people were killed. Is that not the


Sudan Armed Forces? You are denying that? We repel of the attack. Why


do you bomb the areas? What is happening is that the southern


Sudanese have got two battalions in the north and they have not


withdrawn them, they have not decided to implement the


demobilisation. You are both guilty of arming militias and that has


been clearly documented or do you deny that? If what is happening is


these forces should have been demobilised and that did not happen.


Are you still arming militias which are fighting in the south and do


you accept you are arming militias as well? Our position, it is unfair


to ask. There are two battalions are in our territory. Yes or no?


am saying, no. We have been respecting the territory of Sudan


and halting to agreement what we have signed. They have not held to


their books and therefore they are not able to answer. The truth is we


need to go back to peace. They need to stop bombarding. This has been


dragging on for the last month. Ban Ki-Moon is calling for political


leadership on both sides. Why aren't you negotiating? This


follows a civil war where hundreds of thousands of people have been


displaced. Why can't you sort this out? You are both dependent on oil


and at the moment, it is one long continuous battle. This is the most


reasonable thing to say. It is going through a transitional period


from a guerrilla army and from people who have been fighting in


the Porsche and have been fighting for cabinet positions. In order to


establish proper Government in which the army is controlled by the


civilian Government... They are not fit for Government at the moment?


If they are in a transitional position. We think it should


continue. We have to get into a guerrilla mentality. Is it


predicated on guerrilla tactics? have the most disciplined and we


have shown that to the world and Khartoum knows about that. Our army


is very disciplined but they would not accept being aggressive all the


time. For the sake of all the people in Sudan and self Saddam,


were you get back to the negotiating table? -- South Sudan.


Of course. If they don't withdraw, our army will force them to


withdraw. So, it is war? necessarily. It is not necessary.


It is their delegation who left from the meeting. They should come


back to the table. Paying due both. -- thank you both.


So could he forces his area have continued shelling opposition areas


using tank and artillery fire. State TV said they will stop on


Thursday morning while remaining on a lead. Kofi Annan travelled to


Iran to ask for their support in pressure rising at Damascus to


abide by his peace plan. Many have taken refuge in Turkey. Fergal


Keane sent this report. Waiting for news from the country


they fled. This is an area where arrivals are processed before being


sent on to other camps. We didn't meet anybody who expressed optimism


but a few were willing to give the benefit of the doubt. Is there


going to be peace? TRANSLATION: I hope for that but they have talked


before and it has come to nothing. I do hope for peace. From here, you


can see Syria. It is calm but other parts have become precarious in the


past few days. Syrian forces had fired across, hitting Refugees.


Here, shooting to stop solders from Inside Syria, the last days have


seen a furious fighting. In Homs, troops have pounded opposition


districts with tank fire and mortars. No sign here of any


military withdrawal. In parts of the city, there is little left to


fight over. The activist filming this burning shopping-centre calls


out, "are you watching Kofi Annan? Where is the international


community?" such images have accompanied Kofi Annan. He is


insisting on the possibility of a ceasefire.


If everyone respects it, by 6 o'clock on Thursday 12th, 6 o'clock


in the morning of Thursday 12th, we should see much improved situation


on the ground. As tanks were on the move in Homs,


Kofi Annan could only hope and -- in the assurances he had been given.


This evening, the Government insisted it would stop fighting


tomorrow that it reserved the right to retaliate if attacked.


I am confident my Government is committed to his plan bet at the


same time, since the violence, I can only guarantee our side. I


cannot guarantee the violence from the armed groups and those


countries harbouring them. Be the Free Syrian Army refuses to


believe anything the Government TRANSLATION: I do not believe our


forces will stop shooting because the other side will not stop. If


the other side stopped the Syrian people would march on the


President's palace on the same day. This means the regime want stop.


is possible that the violence across the border may died down


when the deadline runs out tomorrow morning. But there is no likelihood


of a permanent cessation. Of the regime and opposition believe this


is a fight to the finish. That is the logic that has undermined the


Kofi Annan mission from the start. A senior Middle East adviser is


with us now from Washington. Kofi Annan stoically continuing with his


optimism. How important do you think his visit to Iran was today,


given that it is one of Syria's strongest allies? It was important


that Kofi Annan visited Iran. Syria is one of Iran's strongest allies.


I find it unlikely that he will get Iran to budge in any meaningful way,


she performed. The Arabs Spring and the dear little -- you political a


lining that is taking place Zeynel has left Tehran feeling very


uncertain about its place in the region. One of the few certainties


that Iran has is its close alliance with the Al Assad regime in Ceri


and they don't want to jeopardise that in any shape or form. In many


ways area is around's on a strategic ally in the Arab world


left. They will continue to fund such area, they will continue to


provide military equipment. In many ways, Iran is acting as something


like a lifeline for Ceri up. Syria is depleting cash reserves as this


fighting goes on. They do not want to be on the losing side. We have


seen some action from Sept -- Russia and China. I think Iran


understands that there is always one winner here and that is the Al


Assad regime. That is the only group that they can imagine winning


this. They cannot imagine a loss here because of the Toulouse, the


uprising, the people taking part in the uprising, I so turned off by


what Iran has been doing. Their chance on the streets of Damascus


and other cities had been debt to Iran. The other aspect of this is


that we have seen as sectarian element in this fight as well. We


are starting to seek guitar and Saudi Arabia and Turkey form of


something that looks like a Sunni Axis verses Iran which is leading a


Shi'ite axis. This is not entirely as Sunni verses Shi'ite battle.


This is a battle for power. there is a Sunni majority in Syria.


I absolutely right. There is a majority Sunni population. The


conflict as it goes on it is taking on increasingly sectarian tones in


Ceri and that is troubling for Syria. It is also troubling fireman.


Ceri are. They do not want to take on the default Shi'ite power in the


sectarian battle. But they are targeting people like you and other


commentators. Looking ahead over the next few days, there was no


mention in the Ministry of Defence of Syria of the Kofi Annan peace


plan and their remaining on alert. How optimistic are you that there


will be fighting tomorrow? I think of anyone is able to cobble some


Sutton deal together it will be Kofi Annan. He is the superstar of


peacemaking. However, I cannot see any kind of diagram in which the


interests of Syria, the Government and the interest of their activists


come together. He has talked about the position in which Bashar al-


Assad can stay NPower. I am afraid this is going to continue and I am


afraid this peace plan seems to be destined for failure. Thank you


very much for joining us. For thousands of people it had


initially threatened to be a terrible reminder of the tsunami of


2004. The initial quick with a magnitude of 8.6 m people running


from buildings, many fleeing from vehicles. The first quick to place


off the coast of Aceh were tens of 1000 died eight years ago. And


elect was issued for the area. Relief came were a few hours later.


This report from Rachel Harvey. The terror on their faces speaks


volumes. They know all too well what an earthquake and two. In Aceh,


the 2004 tsunami is not ancient history. The memories are still


fresh, still painful. You do not forget the loss of more than


200,000 lives. Antedate the Earth issued another powerful reminder of


this region's volatile foundations. The response - visceral fear. But


this time there was purpose within the panic. A mass movement to


higher ground and the safety, Moss, one of the few buildings to survive


their sunny seven years ago. Local knowledge learned from bitter


experience. The same reaction in the West Coast. Locals guiding


holidaymakers to safety. The heard the siren, followed the signs, knew


what to do. Lessons have been learned. Today's earth cake was


hugely powerful, felt as far away as Bangkok and southern India. So


y'know tsunami this time? In 2004, the one tectonic plate slipped


beneath another displays and a huge volume of whether -- water. Today's


earthquake was lateral. But less likely to spill huge waves.


Nevertheless expose the issue -- the decision to issue an alert was


justified. You never know what kind of earthquake it is. This is when


you analyse the data are arriving all over the world, you can find


out what kind of earthquake it was, what the mechanism was. But when


they sent a warning that, they have no idea of that. No room for


complacency and no sign of it in action. Just help for those who


could not help themselves. Increasingly urgent warnings. A


desperate prayer, and this time, tragedy avoided.


Greece's technocrat Prime Minister Lucas Papademos has called an early


General Election Fahmy sex. The election will be the first since


the debt crisis exploded at the end a 2009, dragging the country into


its worst recession since the Second World War. There was talk of


the spawning it a little bit, but the feeling was that Greece is


going through such intense pain at the moment with the austerity


measures, such deep financial changes that the filling was it was


the right moment to give the voice to the people here in order for a


Government to be elected with a proper mandate in order to put


through the changes that Greece needs in order to continue


receiving international bail-out money. Today look as Aberdeen last


the Prime Minister family requested that Parliament be dissolved and he


is now making their exit from the political scene for now. He has


headed an interim Government here in Greece since November last year


when he took over from happen draw. Last month, after much haggling


here behind the scenes in Greece, Greece managed to secure the second


bail-out. That bail-out was worth 130 billion euros. It was reached


after the country reached a separate deal with private


creditors, European banks and hedge funds to write off at least 50% of


the debt that there eight owed by the Greek Government. Now with the


task done, with Greece avoiding bankruptcy, Lucas Papademos went to


see the present this morning and has formally announced that they


election will be held on Sunday May 6th. One to the chances of them not


forming a coalition. The polls suggest there has been a slump in


support for the Conservatives. it is possible. There is a real


fragmentation of the votes this time round. That is because the two


main parties who have been in Government pushing through the


austerity measures have lost a lot of popularity. Those austerity


measures are deeply unpopular, it is the most punishing austerity


programme in modern history. So they are likely to lose ground to


the smaller parties that are running on and the austerity plans,


they are riding on a wave of social discontent. The opinion polls show


there are five parties, it could contain 5 - 99 parties after the


elections. That will mean any party would have difficulty forming an


effective national Government, let alone a Government that can steer


this country through the worst recession in its modern history.


Their EU and IMF wants to make sure her crease Alexa Government which


will stick to the austerity programme in order to honour its


commitments, but with the anti- austerity programme parties gaining


ground, that does appear possibly in doubt.


France's mourning the death of Raymond Aubrac, one of the


country's last great resistance heroes whose exploits, together


with his wife Lucie, became the stuff of legend. He was 97.


He was one of the earliest members of the Resistance and one of its


last survivors. He began in Lyon, setting up an underground network


and then liaising with another emissary as the created what became,


as the Secret Army. But in 1943, disaster struck as they were


arrested together by the Gestapo at this House in Lyon. One died after


torture, Raymond Aubrac survived. Our spartan my memory is after a


couple of hours interrogation, you are brought back into your cell in


the evening. You know it will go on the next morning. You do not know


whether you will be able not to talk. A more grammar awaited. A few


weeks later, he was able to skate on the Germans, thanks to a daring


attack mounted by his wife Lucie on the convoy carrying him to jail.


Resistance fighters to alongside the first up and shot the driver.


The three remaining German soldiers jumped out of the truck and began


running. But they were surrounded, three of them were killed. One was


wounded and one managed to escape. And 14 prisoners were freed,


including myself. Raymond and Lucie Aubrac escaped to London. All live


longways after their while, was a dying in 2002. They were happy to


talk about the wartime role, inspiring new generations with


their tales of devotion and a sacrifice.


The day of Raymond Aubrac at the age of 87. -- the death. -- at the


Hello, we had fairly widespread showers across the UK today. As


some were outlook for tomorrow, again sunny spells and scattered


showers. The reason for the showers is low pressure sitting turn north-


east, driving colder air down from the north. As the April sunshine


gets to work, the cold air will last and the warmth from the ground


will cost the shower clouds to build and develop. It is through


the mid- morning and early afternoon that we will have some of


her heavy showers. Through tomorrow morning, much of England and Wales


will have these heavy downpours. But as usual they are hit and miss.


Between the showers, lengthy spells of sunshine. Some places may stay


dry altogether. Western areas of Cornwall and western fringes of


wills, inland, we are likely to see frequent heavy downpours. The odd


rumble of thunder likely. In contrast, over Northern Ireland and


much and are then Scotland, and dry outlet for their stay. Sunny skies


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