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This is BBC World News Today with me, Zeinab Badawi.


The social media website ask.fm faces criticisms after the death of


a British teenager who had used their site.


Her father has said she killed herself after being targeted with


anonymous taunts. Now companies have withdrawn advertising from the


site. An acid attack on two teenage


British girls doing charity work in Zanzibar - they have been flown to


Dar es Salaam for medical treatment. Also coming up - we bring you the


story of the ten-year-old bricklayer Jeeni to see how life


has improved for her and the other child workers since we first met


her. And 50 years on from Britain's


Great Train Robbery, we ask why this crime so captured the


imagination and even passed into Hello and welcome. A social


networking website that is based upon encouraging anonymous comments


is now facing a very public backlash. The website has been


linked to the suicide of a British teenager who was bullied on the


website. Now major advertisers are pulling their support from the site


based in Latvia. Its terms and conditions say members should never


use the feature to ask things that are mean or hurtful, but clearly


that has not prevented this particular tragedy.


The 14-year-old girl from Leicestershire, Hannah Smith,


hanged herself at home on Friday last week after being bullied and


encouraged to kill herself by anonymous posters on the website.


Today the Prime Minister David Cameron says his government is


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 121 seconds


looking at ways to help parents And what do you know about the


website? They promote this future of being able to anonymously target


people. When I say it anonymously, it you can place any information


about them. You are been delivered a be used without any way of being


able to verify where it is coming The other problem is the more abuse


and things they promote on their website, the more revenue they earn.


Do you think Averill industry-wide approach backed by government or


legislation will be the kind of recommendations. We need governments


around the world to put pressure on the social networks but also the


advertising networks. If you go completely off-line, you are


excluded and are a outcast. Thank you very much for talking to is


about that. Two young British tourist have had acid thrown on the


in Zanzibar. The young women were working as charity volunteers on the


island, which defends Hall on the tourist trade. This was the


emergency operation to take two Englishwomen of the island of


Zanzibar on to mainland Tanzania. One was splashed with acid. Both


were in pain and shock after the sudden and vicious attack. British


Consulate staff help them get to hospital. The pair are both 18. They


were two weeks into a three-week trip working as volunteers for a


charity and booked through a United Kingdom travel company when they


were attacked. The city is a major to list attraction, but the foreign


office warns that violent and armed time is increasing. The ghettos were


walking up this area when two men need mopeds stopped and flung acid


in the faces. They then sped away. Paul rushed to help. It also


happened so fast. The police do not And consular staff were arranging


emergency flights. Both families are extremely upset and distressed


at this unprovoked attack on their lovely daughters. We understand


they will be flying home overnight. We appreciate all the interest and


support we have received from the media, but we ask that we are left


alone and to we are reunited with our daughters. The authorities say


nothing like this has happened before and the police are still


tracking the two men to find that what was behind this vicious and


unexpected attack. News just in. The US State


Department has announced that direct talks between Israel and


Palestine will take place in Jerusalem next week. That is news


just in, giving us a progress report on the US-brokered Middle


East peace talks. The head of Spain's train operating


company has announced new rules for how train drivers use their phones.


He was answering questions from a special hearing in parliament over


the deadly high speed train crash near Santiago de Compostela two


weeks ago. 79 people were killed and more than 200 injured.


Members of Congress gathered to get preliminary information on the


crash. There was a minute's silence at the start of the session in


memory of the victims of Spain's worst rail accident for four


decades. Chief executives of the rail company were there to shed


light on the accident. We have activated a work security protocols


to increase safety in a work rail network. At the moment they is an


investigation carried out by the Commission for investigating


railway accidents. We are preparing a comprehensive report on the


accident. The heads of both the top two railways each defended the


quality of Spain's well Network, detailing the Investment it has


received and the technology that runs it. They also said there was


no apparent technical reason for the crash.


TRANSLATION: Along the entire group there are no recordings of any


communication from the train to be monitoring centres to report any


breakdown or abnormality during the journey. By some politicians accuse


them of being too quick to blame the accident on the train's driver


Francisco Jose Garzon Amo. He faces charges of manslaughter, having


admitted he was distracted and was going too fast. On Friday it will


be the turn of the public works minister to appear before the


congressional committee. International flights have resumed


from Kenya's Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi.


East Africa's largest airport was forced to close yesterday after it


was engulfed in a huge fire. It's a vital gateway to the region and


handles around 16,000 passengers a day. Emmanuel Igunza sent this


report from Nairobi. The morning after the day before.


The arrival lounge and Africa's biggest transport harp was gutted


by fire. It is not known how long it will take to fix. The damage is


pretty expensive. It has gone through the electrical system, the


mechanical systems are down. It is huge. The work that will be needed


to refurbish it to something that is operational will be huge. This


tent now serves as a departures terminal. Questions are being asked


about the speed of the emergency response and the number of fire


engines which attended the scene. The design of the airport made it


extremely difficult and you can just look at that structure. It is


difficult to even hose water. There was a real challenge. Although some


flights began yesterday, commercial fruits are flown on passenger


planes, so governments are losing money and government are losing out


on air taxes. It says normal services will resume soon. It has


been a frustrating wait for many passengers. I believe they have


been overwhelmed to try to accommodate everyone, but it is


taking too long. My flight is meant to be 10:25pm tonight to get back


to the United States. I might be here for a while. Even if for


services to resume, passengers could find themselves here for


quite some time yet. Now to a story of hope for a ten-


year-old girl whose childhood has simply been stolen. A few weeks ago


we brought you the story of Jeeni, who worked and lived in a Pakistani


brick factory, and she is not alone. It's believes 25 million children


and teenagers are not in school. However, since our first report,


things have changed for Jenni. Orla Guerin has returned to southern


Deep in the cotton fields, Jeeni is at work. A child up shouldering the


burdens of an adult. But if this looks like hard labour, it remember


what she left behind. This brick kiln was her home and effectively


her prison. She and her entire family toiled here. They were


bonded labourers, enslaved by debt. But after we featured her story,


that debt was suddenly forgiven. We were taken to see the small Rhian


Jeeni shared with 14 family members. This campaigner from the child


rights group SPARC said she would have been liable for her parents'


debt. She would have had to work her entire life to work off the


loan. She would not be able to pay it, not even in her whole life.


owner of the killer claims he treaties workers well, they are


bonded labour it is illegal. He says Jeeni's father owed him nearly


$8,000, which you wrote off out of compassion.


TRANSLATION: After the BBC report, campaigners came to me and I said I


have be given the debt. I have children too. I took pity on theirs.


For Jeeni and her family, this new- found freedom means a chance of a


better life. Still poor, but no longer trapped. Her father says


with what they earn picking cotton, he hopes to send Jeeni and her


brothers to school. She is hoping for that as well and tells me she


likes it here, working the land. TRANSLATION: We spend all day in


the mud making bricks. Now we only work four hours a day. We are


better off here. This is another advantage of their new location.


For Jeeni life looks different. Here, at least for a time, she can


set work aside and simply be a child, but the biggest change is


that she can look forward to taking her place in the classroom, to


having a chance to learn. That is something that seemed impossible


before. Millions of children in Pakistan never get to school, but


for Jeeni and her siblings and the bad boy has acknowledged for the


first time that errors were made in the election last week. About


300,000 people were turned away from polling booth and 200,000 were


swayed in the choice of candidate. But they said these anomalies did


not affect the election of President Mugabe. This is the first time that


grave mistakes have been admitted. They say that nearly 305,000 voters


were turned away from polling stations and that 206,000 received


assistance from election officials, the implication being that many of


these people would be influenced in the choice of candidate. Most of


those were turned away from the capital had Ali, clearly defeated


opposition candidate is particularly strong support. The numbers are


maybe not strong enough, but was which was a landslide victory for


President Mugabe. But local election monitors say the figures are far


higher. They say up to 1 million people where disenfranchised by


being left of the voters roll or being turned away from polling


stations. The defeated candidate is launching an appeal against the


election result, calling it a sham and a fraud. He is likely to use


these figures to back his case to the courts. The problem is the


courts are stuffed with supporters of President Mugabe. Few expect him


to have success in turning over these results. The chances of him


having another term in office are growing by the day. Africa's oldest


leader will hit 94 years of age by the end of his term of office.


Israel has opened the airspace after a temporary closure this afternoon.


They said that all incoming flights had been diverted due to security


grounds but had given no more other details.


Syria has denied reports of an attack on the convoy of President


Bashar al-Assad as he was on his way to a mosque in Damascus to take part


in prayers for the end of Ramadan. State television has shown pictures


of Mr Assad arriving at the mosque, despite reports from activists and


local residents that a number of mortars landed in the area. Some


reports say his convoy was hit. Pope Francis has signed a decree


aimed at tackling concerns about money laundering and terrorist


financing through the Vatican Bank. It is the latest in a series of


moves by the Pope to stamp out abuses at the bank, which handles


funds for the Catholic church. Last month, the Vatican froze the account


of a senior cleric suspected of involvement in money-laundering. For


nearly two decades, the Italian police have been surging for a Mafia


boss, Domenico Rancadore. But now he has been caught. But the surprise


as he has been living in London for 20 years and is married to in


Englishwomen. Leaving court after hearing the husband and father been


described as the head of a Mafia family. He has been caught after


nearly 20 years on the run from Italian police. This is 64-year-old


Domenico Rancadore, who is alleged to have run the Mafia in Sicily. He


has lived in Axbridge for 20 years and was convicted in his absence in


Italy of being a Mafia boss. He was arrested last night and now faces


extradition proceedings. I am surprised that he chose Oxbridge.


is not a very glamorous place. Now we know, you sort of get the


picture. He has got all the ACC TV cameras and when he first arrived,


he pretend all the big hedge. I remember the neighbours at the time


did not like it. But I guess that you would want privacy if you are on


the run. When he appeared in court, the court heard that when police


arrived last night, Domenico Rancadore tried to escape out of the


back door, but a police officer was awaiting the four. The Tories said


to him, we know who you are. Last night 's arrest was big news in


Italy and brought this news from the Deputy Prime Minister. C I am


delighted to see that police in London have arrested Domenico


Rancadore. This case is far from over. The court was told he was


deficiencies in the extradition warrant. There are no talks going on


between prosecutors in London and Italy. It means the family will be


back in court tomorrow. The lawyers are now going over the extradition


report. The wife and daughter blew kisses to him as he was taken down.


Now, here is hot news for chocolate the "crime of the century".


50 years ago, a gang of robbers held up a Royal Mail train carrying bank


notes from Scotland to London. They got away with �2.6 million, the


equivalent today of $71 million. The Great Train Robbery has passed into


British folklore, yet what is often overlooked is the fact that the gang


used brutal force on both the driver Jack Mills and workers in the mail


carriage. The robbery was a mixture of audacity and violins. The gang by


fixing their signals. They then hit the driver Jack Mills to force them


to move his train to this bridge where the rest of the gang were


waiting. They formed a human chain to bring more than 100 meals thanks


down here. They took about two and a half million pounds, the equivalent


today of �40 million. The country were stunned at the police were


baffled. When I asked them what sort of deal we were talking about, he


said it could be up to �5 million. Gordon was part of the gang. Now 84


and living in Spain, he knew it was an epic raid. I was not unaware of


the consequences. You are going up against the Queen and stealing the


Royal Mail. It is like as being modern-day Dick Turpin 's. But for


the train driver Jack Mills, the robbers were anything but Lammers


highwaymen. The gang drove 30 miles away and Ted at the farm. He police


officer was a local bobby who was sent to check out the farm. This is


one of the outlying buildings. As soon is he alive, he became


suspicious. I spotted in an alcove of the kitchen area a trapdoor. I


could see partial wrappings, banknote wrappers and consignment


notes, albeit in the names of our famous high Street banks. I think I


knew then that I was in the hideout of the great train robbers. This


monopoly set, no one easy, was also found here. The gang had played


using real money from the raid. It all adds to the mythology of the


claim. The start of an eager and the end of an era. It was the last of


the Greek cops and robbers claims. Even the American press were saying


it was the claim of the century. There have been much bigger robbery


since. But 50 years on, it is Great Train Robbery the which has slipped


into folklore and notoriety. 50 years ago today, the great train


robbery. Our main news, the website link to a death of a British


teenager says it does not condone bullying of any claim. Hannah Smith


was found dead in her bedroom last week. It is believed to be the


result of cyber bullying. That is tonight. A lot more cloud around. As


a result, it will not be quite so chilly as a last couple of nights.


The code is because of this weather front approaching Julian the day.


This is brought in rain across Northern Ireland and expanded into


Scotland and northern England. So, a gay and damp start to Friday. But


most places will brighten up quite nicely. There will be some afternoon


showers, particularly in the likes of Lincolnshire and East Anglia. But


in the sunny spells, temperatures into the all 20s. Perhaps slightly


cooler than today. After a restart, a few parts of south west and Wales


will have some nice spills of sunshine in the afternoon. Generally


drive for all others. Sunny spells also in Northern Ireland in the


afternoon, with the small chance of the odd shower. There will still be


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