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me Daniela Ritorto. The headlines tonight...


Diplomatic damage, in the wake of the Edward Snowden saga.


President Obama cancels a meeting with Vladimir Putin, just days after


Russia granted temporary asylum to the US intelligence worker.


A massive fire rips through Kenya's main airport, affecting passengers


and trade to East Africa. Also coming up - a house of horror


is destroyed in Ohio, to the relief of the three women held captive by


Ariel Castro for a decade. It was important to be via today because no


one was there for me when I was missing. I wonder people overreact


to know, especially the mothers, that they can have strength and


hope. And forget about using space rockets


and rovers. We travel to the inner reaches of our own planet, to learn


more about alien life. Good evening. The international


airport in Nairobi has been reduced to each are dreck after a huge fire


ripped through the airport. Passengers are facing huge delays


and diversions. There are reports that international flights will land


again from Thursday. The international airport early this


morning. It is the biggest airport in Africa and it was turned on an


inferno. It happened just after dawn in the emigration section. It spread


quickly. Fire crews battled for hours to bring it under control.


They even ran out of water at one point. For passengers, there was


confusion and dismay, although no lives were lost, many were critical


of the official response. We did not get assistance. I had to go


downstairs. It was not easy with all this smoke. We did not appear to be


any plan of action. People were running from left to right and then


I could see only one Fire Brigade coming and people were very worried.


We have no idea what is going to happen now. We are still waiting to


wait for the officers to open so we can get more information. This is


the impact of the devastation -- everything so in litres of water and


the roof has completely come down. We're not sure when repairs will be


started, but when that happens, it will have a huge impact on the end


of the economy of the area and the region as a whole. The present most


keen to cash as you ever learn of the future of the economy. I will


reassure international passengers that everything is being done to


restart operations. Because of the fire is not yet known. Security


officials say they are waiting to see the damage before the draw any


conclusions. But it may take a bit more time before repairs are


started. And you strain of flu has probably been passed from one person


to the other. More than 130 people in China have been diagnosed with


the new strain. Most cases have been traced to contact with infected


poultry, but no experts say one person who died from the flu seems


to have caught the disease from her sick father. This is the virus -- a


deadly strain of bird flu, no thought to have passed between


people for the first time. Most people who have contracted the virus


had visited the market selling live birds or had contact with live


poultry. The 60-year-old man is the focus of new research published by


the British medical Journal. He regularly visited the life poultry


market in eastern China and became ill in March. His daughter looked


after and before he was taken into intensive care, he later died of


multiple organ failure. She too has now died because of multiple organ


failure. She is not believed to have had any exposure to live poultry.


The virus strains the contracted when nearly genetically identical


and it has the strongest evidence yet of the finest being passed


between humans. 16 years ago, the bird flu virus in 1997 made the


headlines. It has since killed in 400 people. It was only in March


this year that the new virus was detected in eastern China. 133 cases


have now been reported, with 43 deaths, all of them in China and


Taiwan. This is an unusually high rate for a new infection. So how


worrying are these latest developments? Expats in the virus


does not transmit easily. They seem it is not surprising that under


close contact, some transmission is seen and it does not mean the virus


is any closer to starting a pandemic. If the United States had


not made it clear enough that they wanted help in detaining Edward


Snowden, then Russia's move to grant the former intelligence contractor


asylum was the final straw. Now, in a rare diplomatic rebuke,


the White House has announced that President Barack Obama is wiping


from his diary a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in


Moscow. The Kremlin said it was disappointed by the move. The


decision comes after the president appeared on each actual in the


United States saying they were disappointed with the Russian


decision to offer Edward Snow Dome asylum. There are times when they


seem to go back to you a Cold War thinking and Cold War mentality.


say to president Hooton, that is the past and we have got to think about


the future. There is no reason why we should not be able to cooperate


more effectively than we do. White House has released a


He joins me from there now. Thank you very much for joining us. It is


pretty provocative? Yes, on both sides. On one side, the Russians


have signalled that they are just not seriously interested in engaging


with the United States on a number of issues. It is not just Edward


Snowden. We have been trying to make progress on Syria. We have been


trained to make progress on nuclear reductions. The Russians have simply


said no, we're not ready to make progress. It is a lesson we should


have learned before. This is a relationship which goes in cycles of


up and down and we know when we close the door on it, that is just


justifying another down cycle. I am not hopeful. Things look pretty bad


in the short-term. If there are consequences of a breakdown on a


freezing and relations? What is the outcome? The White House have stated


pretty clearly that they do not want the relationship to end, that they


are so disappointed with this nonresponse and non-engagement by


the Russians. They are expecting Russia to throw them a bone on any


issue. Russia is not a society we're decisions get taken a working level.


There is one person deciding. His name is Vladimir Putin. By not


engaging at the highest level and thinking that it is not worth it


because they cannot predetermine that things will have a positive


outcome, there is a fear to take any risk to invest in their


relationship. If they do not have the guarantee that there will be a


positive outcome, the did not seem interested. There is not going to be


another reset. You cannot do that once in an administration. That


opportunity has come and gone. It is not all bad. John Kerry is still


meeting with his counterpart on Friday at the lower level. It would


appear that it is business as usual they are. Maybe. But business as


usual has not been a good thing. has seen a failure to communicate on


issues we had taken four counted. Look back at the Boston bombings in


April. We found out they had connections with Russia and the


could have been better intelligence sharing with them which could have


saved American lives. We really should have received a memo from


them at that time. You cannot take a temporary pause in United


States-Russian cooperation. The problem with the meeting on Friday


is that we have cancelled the summit and that is predetermine the outcome


of Friday. It is not going to be productive. What are they going to


propose, knowing that from the top, the signals are negative? Thank you


very much for joining us. As that diplomatic spat plays out,


efforts have been made today to smooth over tensions between three


European partners. David Cameron has phoned up his Spanish counterpart to


talk about the controversy over the British territory of Gilbraltar,


which sits just off south Spain. Last weekend, there were long delays


at the border crossing. The rigorous Spanish checks followed Gibraltar's


move to create an artificial reef in disputed waters. Tom Burridge


reports from the tiny British territory. Today, more delays from


those crossing into Gibraltar. The rock on the southern tip of Spain.


The waters around Gibraltar are disputed. Near the coastline of the


coastline of this British territory and though the sport. This is the


focus of the road. The Gibraltar government said it would an


artificial reef and the water to protect marine life. Spain said they


were dumped to stop Spanish boats fishing year. Gibraltar often feels


very British. The words of the Prime Minister today will be welcomed


here. After speaking to his Spanish counterpart, David Cameron


reiterated his commitment to Gibraltar. He contended delays on


the border, but said both countries would need to seek a solution to the


fishing dispute. For the 10,000 people who live in Spain but what


can Gibraltar, in places like this restaurant, perhaps some relief.


Almost everyone living on either side of the border has been


affected. The problem is the frontier. When there is a political


situation like this, their reactions are extreme, the result is that


innocent people have to suffer. Why? At least there is no talk, but a


solution to the escalating tension has still yet to be flown to the


waters around this disputed region. Letters have a look at some of the


other news. . Yemen is conducting a massive


security operation to protect government buildings and other key


targets against possible attacks from Al-Qaeda. A Yemeni government


spokesman says authorities have foiled a major plot to seize ports


and blow up oil pipelines at the end of Ramadan.


Egypt's interim government says international efforts to resolve the


stand-off with the Muslim Brotherhood have collapsed.


Negotiators have been trying to broker a deal in Cairo, after


Mohammed Morsi was removed from power last month by the Egyptian


military. More than 100,000 people have been


killed since Syria's conflict began in March 2011. Just today, activists


say the army has killed 62 rebel fighters in an ambush in Damascus.


Trying to figure out precisely what is happening in the country is not


easy. Our World Affairs correspondent has been piecing


together the information coming in from both sides of the conflict. The


fighting in Syria rages on, with both the regime army and the


opposition troops claiming parts of the country. Letters take a look at


the map. Now, remember where the initial conflict was focused, the


Syrian army was able to reclaim it with the help of the Lebanon on


militant group Hezbollah. Now, letters take you to the area of the


capital. Areas in the east of the country are -- the city are in rebel


hands. But there are fierce battles going on in Damascus in the north


and south of the area. The regime are wanting to reclaim districts


close to the road to Jordan. Let us know take you to the city of horns.


Shelling as a daily occurrence in this part of the city. The


government has reclaimed a couple of districts. Person 's will and is in


these uses are still is a difference you are a visual and hope all is the


film 's is a It is significant that the rebels have control in the


north, over the Turkish-Syrian border, as as well as some parts of


Deraa, on the Jordanian border in the south. Fair and in a The key


thing is, the government controls some of the major roads - for


example, from Damascus to Jordan, and from Damascus to Beirut and


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 40 seconds


Lebanon. Full and well and you... Is this is a little so is this - - the


government is trying to have some breakthrough. The situation is, the


concept of victory for both parties is different. The victory for the


regime is controlling every single village in the country, so it is


geographic. On the other side, for the opposition, seeing Assad ousted


is the end of the war, regardless of any geographic victory. There is a


big difference between both sides. Meanwhile, they are trying to gain


more ground and preparing themselves for the future. It is difficult


financial is winning and who is losing. The objectives of both sides


are different. Yes, definitely. And especially the opposition is now


divided into different parties. The Islamists have different names. In


you have the FSA, fighting against the regime. This is all affecting


everything. What is going to happen next? It is difficult to predict.


can see there is no breakthrough so far, and the end of the war should


go through an international understanding between the big


players. We will see. Very good to talk to you.


Our house work former American bus driver held three women for a decade


has been demolished. Ariel Castro was jailed for life last week after


pleading guilty to several hundred counts of kidnapping and rape.


Michelle Knight watch the demolition. She was one of the women


abducted by him. Nobody was there for me, and I want the people out


there to know they can have strength, they can have hope, and


their child can come back. It is a question we have often asked. Is


there anyone out there? Learning whether extra-terrestrial life


exists is one of the biggest challenges of science, but now it


seems the best place to learn about this could be right here, in the


rocks beneath the Earth. Scientists have started a new research project


deep underground in England's north east. And as Rebecca Morelle


reports, it could hold the key to finding out whether life could


thrive on other planets. On a journey beneath the Earth. A


descent into one of Europe's deepest mines. We're more than a kilometre


underground. Here, miners have been extracting salt and pot ash since


the 1970s. But these underground rocks hold something more. Down


here, it's dark, it hot, it's dusty. You can even taste the salt in the


air. But this kind of extreme environment is just like those found


on other planets, and scientists say that studying the tiny organisms


that live here can help them find out whether life can thrive up there


in space. What we've got here is salt in contact with water. It's


essentially table salt. It might look barren, but this place is


teeming with life. Microbes invisible to the naked eye are


everywhere. If you look at Mars, you will find salt on the surface of the


planet. If you look at Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter, you will


find a salty ocean beneath an icy crust. There are salts everywhere in


the universe. If you want to understand whether life might be


able to originate and grow in some of these extraterrestrial


environments, you need to come to a dark, salty environment. The salts


are taken to the subterranean laboratory. It's early days, but


genetic tests are revealing unusual species in the mine. The hope is if


life can cope with the tough conditions here, perhaps it could be


found in harsh environments beyond the Earth. It does seem a


contradiction that you can do that, and you've got the big questions


about what the universe is made of and is there life on other planets,


and yet here we are, standing underground. This sort of


environment allows you to do that sort of study. Scientists say the


best way to understand extraterrestrial life is to start in


places like this. While there might be intelligent advanced beings out


there, the chances are, any aliens would be simple bugs like the ones


found here. For 20 years, an abandoned series of


factory buildings in Long Island City in New York has been one of the


world's prime legal outdoor graffiti spaces. But soon artists may have to


take their spray cans somewhere else. There are now plans for the


site, called five Pointz, to be demolished to make room for two


high-rise towers for residential flats.


Most cities, like, every city has a Hall of Fame, so I would say five


Pointz is, like, New York's Hall of Fame. I mean, five Pointz is by far


the biggest graffiti convention, we'll say, where anyone can just go


and paint. Five Pointz is the largest legal aerosol art centre in


the world. We get an average of seven to eight tour buses, 51 to 61


seaters, every week. Every major tour operator brings people here.


The owner of the building purchased it in the early '70s and at this


point, he wants to cash in, and he wants to put up two towers and


destroy the building. We never gave the buildings to the artists. They


have always been our buildings. However, over 20 years, the artists


have been here working on the walls without any trouble. They've always


had the freedom to do what they wanted to do. Now, we want to do


what we want to do with our property, and that is to build two


towers and grow with the growing neighbourhood. We've been a part of


the fabric of Long Island City for 40 years. We understand and listen


to the community and what they have to say. But, you know, it's time.


The committee is changing, and I don't think they understand this is


our property and we would like to do what we think is right for the


neighbourhood and for ourselves. developer is talking about 1,000


apartments on that site. In the New York City real estate economy, that


is potentially going to net the developer, after expenses, after


construction costs, something probably in the order of $300


million. So, that's the mathematics. Technically, we never allow any


political content or religious content or pornography or anything


offensive on the building. Luckily for us, they never look at the wall


and they have no understanding of the art form. It basically says, eat


or be eaten. At the end of the food chain is a corporate looking guy


with a briefcase in the suit, and the artists came all the way from


Germany and Austria. Five Pointz is a snapshot of this moment in time.


New York's population is growing, its economy is growing, and anything


that is less than economically the highest and best use of a piece of


property has a very difficult time holding on.


A reminder of our main news: President Barack Obama has cancelled


a planned meeting with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, in Moscow


next month. It follows Russia's decision to


grant temporary asylum to the fugitive American intelligence


analyst, Edward Snowden, which the White House said had further


strained relations. Moscow said it Goodbye for now.


Temperatures will be falling sharply over the night. Another chilly start


tomorrow morning. Temperatures fall away. There is no real weather


systems close by. This weather front will change things a little bit


during the latter half of Thursday, bringing some cloud from the West.


Foremost, it is dry night and a fine day tomorrow. We will see a few


scattered showers developing. Very much hit and miss. Temperatures will


still get up to 20 degrees or more. Public right across East Anglia and


the south-east. Highs of 2324. The south-west, cloud will increase.


Rain edges its way towards Pembrokeshire. For most of Wales, it


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