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Coming up... A deepening dispute on the tip of Europe. Britain threatens


unprecedented Europe -- action against Spain. Amid the tensions,


Britain is sending warships to the region in what it says is a routine


visit. Is that help people in Spain see it?


Zimbabwe's President defends his recent election victory and tells


his opponents they can go hang if they do not like the result.


A major rethink on who should be jailed in the United States. The


Attorney General says some drug business should not be jailed at


all. Did the authorities in Rome ever


expect this much traffic? They begin to crack down on cars.


Good evening. It is less than six square kilometres in size, has a


population of 30,000 people and for 300 years has been British.


Gibraltar is also contentious. Wayne claims sovereignty and recently


tightened its border controls in a dispute over fishing rights with the


tiny British territory. UK government has threatened


unprecedented action with its EU and NATO partner to end the crisis. Our


correspondent reports. This ship is sailing from Portsmouth today and is


headed for the Spanish coast. These powerful pictures can be misleading.


This is not a response to Spain's action on its border with Gibraltar.


It is part of a long planned naval exercise which will see Royal Navy


warships calling at Gibraltar and the Spanish naval base. Spain is a


NATO ally. Nonetheless, some like to see this as a symbol of Britain's


power, just as the government threatens possible legal action


against Spain. This is what Britain says Spain must stop. The imposition


of border checks causing long queues and delay and anger and frustration


at Westminster. A government spokesman says legal action is being


considered. Officials say it is disproportionate and politically


motivated, designed to drive Britain towards concessions. It has been a


British overseas territory for 300 years. The Spanish response is


learnt. It says it has the right to operate rigorous controls and an


obligation to fight what they allege is widespread smuggling. There is


nothing new about this dispute and it has been running for yours. It


got worse today with Britain threatening what it calls


unprecedented legal action. The trouble was going to the courts for


either side is that you can never guarantee the outcome. Legally, the


issue comes down to whether the people in Gibraltar at EU citizens.


The United Kingdom's position is that for these purposes they are.


Under those circumstances, Spain is allowed to impose minimal Chak --


checks. Spain has contested that. Spain is proposing Sarah checks.


ferret checks. Some people have said the people of Gibraltar...


TRANSLATION: Both countries have different opinions but I think it is


a smoke screen to detract from the problems in Spain. Personally I care


more about the Spanish problems that we must resolve. British warships


may be on their way to the Mediterranean but that is pure


coincidence. The political and legal argument will decide the dispute.


With me is the Director General for Foreign Policy at Spain's Ministry


of Foreign Affairs. Is it a coincidence that the border checks


have become so vigorous? For us the concern is of course the checks on


the fisheries. We agreed certain situations with the UK government.


We have a responsibility. We must work together. The decision taken by


the British authorities and the authorities in Gibraltar have


affected her situation. We have to review the situation. Are you


suggesting that the increase in the rigorous nests of these border


checks is a consequence of the fact that these boulders were thrown down


to create the artificial reef? at all. It is a different situation.


You have their souls coming Judah brought -- coming to Gibraltar for


transport. -- vessels coming. The Spanish authorities have to control


what is happening. We had issues with smuggling so we must work to


control what is happening. We have all the information at our disposal


to explain what is happening. Our actions are proportionate. We are


trying to fight against smuggling in the area. Is spending seven hours on


the border proportionate? It depends on the number of people you have to


control. There are borders we must control. For example at Heathrow


airport you have long queues. There are people who must control this and


it is the same here. We have seen an increase in smuggling and we must


act directly as a consequence. British government suggests that it


could take the case to the European Union and this could become a --


illegal issue. Does that concern you? Not at all. We have given the


information to the European Commission. They are going to come


over in September and October to these areas and check out what is


happening. It is a regular check that they will do and we are more


than ready to give them the information they require. Thank you.


We can cross to Madrid where are our correspondent awaits. Our guests


said the increase integration and the border checks in place is not as


a direct consequence of the artificial barrier. How are people


in Spain seen this issue? I think people away from the area just by


the border with Gibraltar, the area just over the border, people have a


very different opinion. I think allot of people in Spain feel


passionately that Gibraltar should be part of Spain. That is despite


the history and despite the fact that it was given to Britain over


300 years ago. But then you go to different areas, we were in


Gibraltar over the last few days, and there you get different


opinions, not just from British and local people, but also from Spanish


people. The communities in Spain and Gibraltar are very mixed. Thousands


of people work in southern Spain and live in Gibraltar so there is a huge


commuter belt of people every day. What about the reports that


Gibraltar and the issue of the Falkland islands could be brought up


in the European Union? I spoke to officials in the building behind me


in Madrid and they have confirmed that. The Spanish government is now


looking at the possibility of taking the issue of Gibraltar to the United


Nations. It is so looking at taking a common front with Argentina.


Argentina has an issue with Britain over sovereignty of the Falkland


Islands, another British territory, and Britain and Argentina went to


war over that territory in 1982. Spain interestingly is studying all


the possibilities. The foreign ministers of Spain and Argentina are


due to meet and they will discuss the possibility of forming a common


front. The possibility is that Spain can take the issue in front of the


United Nations. Britain is a permanent member on the UN Security


Council and it can veto any resolution put before the council.


There is diplomacy going on, pressure on both sides, both


countries, Spain and Britain are now taking action and making gestures,


saying what they could do. The reality of what that would mean in


practice could be quite limited. will see what happens. Thank you.


The newly re-elected President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe has brushed


aside claims he stole the election. In his first speech since the boat,


he had strong words for his rivals. He thanked the country for its


support. -- since the boat. -- since the result. He has said he will take


Zimbabwe forward. The economy is teetering on the brink. For more


than three decades he has ruled. The 89-year-old now has five more years


in power. This commemoration was for those who died in independence. His


speech was the chance to link that with the ballot but many people


consider is undermined by cheating. We are delivering democracy. We have


delivered it on a platter. Do you take it? We say take it or leave it.


He thanked the observers for their support. The opposition leader


Morgan China right did not attend the event. He says the event -- the


result was rigged. -- Morgan Tsvangirai. Those who are hurting


from defeat can go and hang themselves he said. And with his own


unique colour and tone of phrase he added... Even the dogs won't come


and sniff their corpses. The opposition Movement for


Democratic Change was confident of victory going into the elections.


But when defeat came, they rejected the official result and the


opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai challenges the outcome under the


chart -- constitutional court. He issued his statement. It seems


unlikely the Constitutional Court will side with the opposition. It


will not be long before President Mugabe will be up on stage once


again being inaugurated. He is the only leader this country has ever


had. With American prisons full to


bursting point the US Justice Department has been reviewing its


role on sentencing for drug offences. A short while ago the US


Attorney General outline some major changes designed to improve


sentencing policy across the country. He spoke to the American


Bar Association in San Francisco and said less serious offences would not


require minimum prison sentences. Some of the enforcement priorities


have had a destabilising effect on particular communities. Applied


inappropriately, they are ultimately counter-productive. That is why I


have mandated a modification for the target policy so that certain


low-level, non-violent drug offenders with no ties to


large-scale organisations are cartels will no longer be charged


with offences that impose Draconian minimum sentences. They now will be


charged with offences for which the accompanying sentences are better


suited to the individual conduct, rather than excessive as interns. --


prison terms. How will this change in policy help to alleviate prison


numbers. The Federal bureau of prisons says 47% of inmates in


America are in prison for drug offences. 45% of those prisoners are


therefore low-level offences. Our correspondent has listening to his


speech and she joins us now. What do these changes mean?


The Attorney General is recognising that the present system is


unsustainable and counter-productive. He said that


there is a vicious cycle of poverty, criminality, and


incarceration. We have a black prison population that is 37%, with


blacks only making up for 9% of the population as a whole. He wants to


break the vicious cycle that traps certain communities and find a way


to reduce the prison population. Nearly half of all prisoners are


there for her -- drug-related offence is. 5% of the worlds


population and 25% of the world's prison population - US prisons are


semantically overpopulated. -- dramatically. He wants to direct


prosecutors to write up charges differently so that instead of


triggering a mandatory minimum sentences they can avoid that I


simply not writing the amount of drugs found, for instance. That is a


legacy of the war on drugs from the 1980s, he claims we can stop doing


that by taking simple measures. Thank you for talking us through


that. Authorities in Egypt have disposed


of plans to disperse of set and is being conducted by supporters of the


ousted president, Mohammed Morsi. -- sit-ins. The decision was made in


order to avoid bloodshed, meanwhile the judiciary has extended the


detention of the former president by another set nine days pending


investigations into his alleged collaboration with how mass. -- 15


days. -- how mass. -- Hamas. The younger brother of Prince


Willem-Alexander has died having been in a coma since as skiing


accident last year. Rinse fries or was on holiday with his family in


the Austrian Alps. -- Prince Friso. He was skiing with a friend when the


avalanche came and was trapped under the snow for 20 minutes, his fame


starved of oxygen. The family made sombre visits to the University


Hospital in Innsbruck before he was transferred to London for specialist


treatment. Prince Friso had been married for almost a decade. But


because it was a marriage without consent he lost his membership of


the royal house and was no longer in line to succeed the Dutch throne.


But his mother approved. -- succeed too. The Dutch royal family are


popular. Thousands turned out to watch William Alexander becoming


king earlier this year. This is the palace. With the announcement of any


royal death you could expect to find crowds. But there are a few people.


They may have gone to the alternative residence, where Prince


Friso returned to last month, or it could be that people simply


anticipated it, they are upset but not shocked. The Dutch play minister


paid his respects with a statement expressing sympathy for the family.


union official has been shot dead at a platinum mine in South Africa,


where 34 workers were killed by police last year. The National union


of Mineworkers said the woman was shot outside her home. Tensions have


led to several shootings at platinum mines over the last year. A Nazi war


coals suspect has died whilst awaiting train -- trial. He was


suffering a number of medical problems. He is alleged to have


helped report 15,000 Jews to death camps.


The names have been released of Palestinian prisoners set to be


freed as part of a peace deal. The announcement comes after Palestinian


officials accused Israel of trying to sabotage negotiations by


approving fodder settlements. -- more.


Her head of population Roma has more than three times as many cars as


London. -- Rome. The very centre of the city. An endless frenzy of


traffic. An eternal rush hour in the terrible city. They say that all


roads lead to Rome. -- eternal city. Cars flood the piazza is here. The


modern city as struggling to cope with the invasion. Drivers with race


down through the heart of the historic centre, reducing the


Coliseum to not much more than a roundabout. A famous building


located in a torrent of traffic, fumes, vibrations. But suddenly


there is a very different at just. Can has fallen. -- calm. It is


thanks to the new mayor, a cycling enthusiast. He plans to


pedestrianise the area completely. We need to make a choice. Yesterday


as talking to others in a place like this. -- history is talking to us.


With all the traffic diverted away, it has to go somewhere. It is being


channelled down side streets and the local residents do not approve.


agree with protecting the Coliseum, but it cannot be done at our


expense. Pollution will come to our area and cars will block everything.


But the millions of tourists who are drawn to the Coliseum well of the


underwent a life-saving double lung transplant. Five years later he has


someone from Alcatraz island to San matters. If you can imagine being in


a swimming pool when somebody dunks your head under water. All you can


think about is getting back to the surface. Everything else disappears.


My disease was a tape of pulmonary fibrosis. No cure. The only


treatment was a transplant. My children were very young. They said,


listen, you need to do this or you will die. I had no choice. I cannot


think of any other situation like that. You are waiting on somebody


either been killed or dying so you can get the organ. I got two longs.


It sounds unbelievably difficult. -- lungs. I woke up, took a deep


breath, I could not believe it. The longevity statistics are terrible.


So when I approached the Friday year mark I thought, I should do


something big. -- five-year. I thought this would be fun to do. I


went in first. My son followed. Then my daughter. It was freezing.


looked further than I expected. I kind of was scared by that!


vastness of the ocean is magnificent. I love the feeling of


having all that debt the below you. you are in your 40s you will live


until your 50s, 60s, everybody living longer. That is not my


assumption. You have to take each day as it


comes and a PC it what you are doing. Spend time with your family.


-- appreciate. You do not know where BBC News website. You can read a


diary account of Gavin's task. From the showers today. A number of them


around, particularly to the North. They are clearing away. And we will


have a meteor shower. Take a look at the sky for a a few minutes and if


you are lucky you may see one of those shooting stars. Tomorrow,


increasing cloud across central areas. These areas, probably


clothing over most of the day. It looks as though the south coast will


be dry. Temperatures reaching about 19 Celsius. Used words, you can


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