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A small step in the peace process. Israel prepares to release 26


Palestinian prisoners ahead of direct talks on Wednesday. The move


has angered many in Israel. Demonstrators are gathering outside


the jail from where the prisoners will be freed in the coming hours.


was forced to take these bags in my luggage. The two British women


arrested on suspicion of drug smuggling in Peru, claimed they had


no idea they were carrying cocaine. Also coming up: We meet the couple


who used Facebook to help them adopt a child. We'll discuss the ethics of


And the Vivaldi classic then gets a Middle Eastern makeover. Nigel


Kennedy teams up with the Palestinian Youth Orchestra for the


A very warm welcome to the programme. Israeli authorities are


preparing to release 26 Palestinian prisoners from jail, ahead of direct


peace talks in Jerusalem on Wednesday. The inmates were all


convicted of attacks carried out before 1993. Their release has


angered many in Israel. Well, tonight a small group of


demonstrators have gathered outside the jail from where the prisoners


will be freed. But ahead of the talks, there is angst in the West


Bank and Gaza, too. Palestinian negotiators have accused Israel of


trying to sabotage negotiations by announcing new settlement


construction. Kevin Connolly has more.


Another new dawn in the search for peace between Israel and the


Palestinians. But at this early stage, there isn't much warmth in


the light. The two sides are agreeing to take a few small steps


down a road they have travelled before. The Israelis and the


Palestinians have taken on a dramatic step towards a just,


lasting and comprehensive peace that is going to lift the lives of the


people of the Middle East. The optimism that characterised


earlier stages. Long process has largely disappeared. The talk these


days is more of the danger of breakdown, than the hope of


breakthrough. In the past, key political prisoners


have been released. It is now doing the same thing again, on a much


smaller scale. One of the men released back then - he was charged


withrd reunited with her cub orderering the killing of an Israely


informer - says it is a necessary step to build peace -- he was


charged with the orderering the killing. TRANSLATION: Those who


speak about real peace and coexistence should be ready to pay


the price. I miss him very much. For the


families of Israeli victims, the release re-opens old wounds.


This man's brother was abducted by Palestinians when he was 18, died up


and then stabbed to death. He says his killers should be freed only in


exchange for a peace deal, not just for the start of peace talks.


I think my parents they are - from the outside you can see they are


alive, they are family, grandchildren and children but


inside, the second it happened, they are dead. Don't let them go out.


Don't let them educate another generation of terrorists.


Please, I'm begging for our government - don't let them out.


In disputed territories like Jerusalem, it is easier to see the


problems than the opportunities. The long, grey wall here is Israel's


barrier that separates it from the Palestinians. This week's talks will


establish if the two sides have the will to overcome the issues that


Well, we will be speaking to someone from the Palestinian Legislative


Council in a few moments but let's cross over to other news now. Police


in central Cairo have #2350ird tear gas to end clashes between -- fired


tear gas to end clashes between supporters of the oust ousted


president and residents. Demonstrators back backing Mohamed


Morsi were protesting outside government buildings and tried to


enter them. The two sides began throwing bottles at each other. As


fears grow in Egypt that there might be more bloodshed, the country's


Coptic Christians are dreading further backlash. Since the Muslim


Brotherhood President, Mohamed Morsi was ousted, extremists have targeted


Egypt's Christians holding them partly responsible. Coptic


Christians make up around 10% of the population of Egypt. The Coptic


Church say 103 Christians have been killed since January 20011. Their


churches have been burned and individuals targeteded. Attacks


include this one on Cairo Coptic Or the docks Cathedral in April. Our


correspondent spoke to the distraught parents of a girl killed


last week. She was just ten. This mother's life changed forever


This mother's life changed forever last Tuesday. Her only child,


ten-year-old Jessi was shot dead as she walked home from Church in


Cairo. She says her daughter was just


becoming a young woman and that she'll miss her calling her "mum."


Phoebe and her husband, Egyptian Christians, believe Jessi was


targeted because she was a crustian. -- Christian.


-- Christian. SOBBING


TRANSLATION: Jessi was everything to us. Her killers didn't know that


Jessi was my life, my future. I Jessi was my life, my future. I


lived for her. I'm it willing you in the West that your -- I'm telling


you in the West that your taxes and Government aid go towards the


problems here by funding the Islamist parties. Though Muslims and


Christians stood together in Tahrir Square, radical Islamists have


blamed Egypt's ancient Coptic Christian community for helping to


move Mohamed Morsi from power and Jessi and others are paying the


price. Coptic and other Christians make up 10% of Egypt's population,


over 8 million people but are feeling increasingly vulnerable.


Jessi was one of several Christians killed in the last few months and


churches, homes and other properties have also been targeted. Many


Christians have left already. Who is Isle messages written -- hostile


messages written on the church walls where this church is luckier than


some. Others have been burnt down in places like this. Up until now, we


have every day sectarian problems, burning churches, killing people,


killing just a small child. She was ten years' old. It is not only the


Christians. It is everybody who receives this message of terror from


the Muslim Brotherhood and all the Islamic counterparts. As Jessi's


family and friends mourn her loss, many here hope and pray the current


violence will end soon and that the darkness of sectarian strife will be


lifted. Let's go back to our top story. We


are expecting in the next few hours the release of 26 Palestinian


prisoners from a prison in Israel. This is the scene live now, where


preparations are being made. We can speak to Mustafa Barghouti, a member


of the Palestinian Legislative Council and leader of the


Palestinian National Initiative. He joins us from Ramallah. Thank you


very much for your time. We are talking about the release of 26


prisoners out of 104. Compared to what was happening in the 1990s, the


figures are small. But in your opinion s this the right step


towards starting up those peace towards starting up those peace


talks? It's a very small step and it relates to a very sensitive issue.


Of course, 26 families will be happy today but 4,800 other families will


not be happy because their children and their brothers and fathers are


still in jail and some have been there for more than 25 years. So, it


is a very, very little step in comparison to what should happen.


Let me remind you that these 26 people, out of the 104 that will be


released, should have been released 20 years ago when the Oslo agreement


was signed and they were left in prison and they have lost 20 years


of their life. What about the Israeli families who are very


unhappy, they see these people as criminals, as murders, in some


cases? They speak about people who fell in a fight. But you can also


call so many Israeli generals and soldiers as even worse criminals


because the number of people killed by their hands is even bigger than


this number. But that's not the issue. The issue is if you want to


make peace, you have to close down that chapter and that means the


release of the prisoners but also the release of 4,800 prisoners and


also not to arrest more people. The problem is, that they would release


26 but the total number of people arrested in this month alone is more


than 100. The other problems, of course, are the continuation of


settlement expansion which is undermining the very possibility of


reaching an agreement. We want to see peace and we want the


negotiations that lead to an end of the conflict and not interim and


small deals that lead only to partial agreement. But, are you


willing to overlook those settlements and the comments now


that the tenders have been issued for further settlement buildings?


Are you willing to overlook that in the hope of finding peace? How could


we? Peace and settlements don't meet. The whole world, including


Europe and the United States, is saying that settlements Rhyl legal


and contradictive to international law. -- really illegal. Everybody


knows that with each expansion of settlement, the possibility of a


Palestinian state is being killed and that's the whole option of


two-state solution, going to be awe is as nated by the growth of these


settlements. -- assassinated. It is either peace of settlements.


You cannot combine both. That's why it was a mistake n my opinion, to


start negotiations on this fragile base, without first guaranteeing


that Israel will immediately stop and suspend all settlement


activities. If this Israeli government continues to build


settlements, they will be undermining the very peace process


that everybody was hoping for. I hope the United States and the


international community will immediately exercise pressure on


Israel to stop settlement expansion, if they want to save the peace


process. Otherwise we will see a repetition of what happened in Ywe


River and Camp David and a repetition of what happened in the


negotiations of Oslo, another peace process that fails because of the


Israeli expansionist policy. What about getting Hamas back to the


negotiating table? Ultimately their charter is the destruction of


Israel. With those kind of beliefs, it's very difficult to see how they


can be brought forward to any kind can be brought forward to any kind


of peace solution? A wise approach would be to support Palestinian


effortsed to bring back unity -- efforts, and have a unified


Palestinian leadership and to bring back the democracy that was lost


because of the internal division. We all know and understand that the


best peace that can survive and can be durable is the one between


democracies. Of course, today we have a divided Palestinian camp.


Unfortunately, many countries, including the United States, are


opposing the possibility of unity between Palestinians. I think unity


will help the progress towards peace and not the opposite. There is


already an agreement, which was signed in Cairo more than two years


ago, which says that Palestinians accept two-state solution. All of


them, including Hamas. The issue here is how to have a unified


Palestinian camp that uses democracy as an organiser of its internal


relationships and thus have a unified Palestinian position. I


think this would be conducive to peace. But unfortunately, some


people who want a peace process, want also to keep the Palestinian


internal division, including Israel which keeps saying we should keep


the Palestinians divided so they can stay week. What Israel and the world


needs is a strong Palestinian camp so we can have a strong peace.


Unfortunately peace will not happen as long as Israel continues to build


settlements. I apologise in advance for interrupting you. We are out of


time. We have to leave it there. Thank you very much for sharing your


Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us. We'll continue to


monitor the release of the monitor the release of the


suspicion of drug smuggling in Peru, say they were forced to carry


cocaine discovered in their luggage. Michaella Connolly from Belfast and


Melissa Reid from Glasgow, were stopped and leave more last Tuesday.


Police say they were carrying drugs worth more than $2 million.


Appearing fairly calm considering their plight, this was Michaella


Connolly and Melissa Reid being questioned on arrest in Lima


airport. What is your name? Michaella Connolly. What is your


nationality? Irish. But the next and is by Miss Reid makes it clear she


is aware how serious the situation is. I was forced to take these bags


in my luggage. You know it contained drugs? No. These are the banks that


police claim were found in the women's luggage. It is alleged they


contain a total of more than 11 kilos of cocaine, with a street


value of �1.5 million. As far as their friends and family were aware,


the peer had been spending the summer working in a beta. They had


not been heard from since the 27th of July. Last Tuesday they were


arrested as they try to check in for a flight from Lima back to Spain.


Peru has become the biggest exporter of cocaine in the world offering


rich pickings for would-be smugglers. As authorities are making


a huge effort to wrest the tide. Even before these arrests there was


concern here about the extent of drugs more going in Peru. There are


currently more than 30 nationals -- British National is in jail there


for that offence. I was found with one kilo of cocaine in my stomach.


This video was made specifically to warn of the potential dangers.


arrested with 1.9 kilos of cocaine. I regret the day I said yes to the


supplier. Today Melissa Reid's father said there was no way has not


would get involved in smuggling drugs. The family -- family of


Michaella Connolly said the work distressed but few she will be


exonerated. The two women will make their first court appearance


tomorrow. The leader of Nigeria's militant


Islamist group Boko Haram denies the killing of 44 people at a mosque on


Sunday. Abubakar sheik who blamed the attacks on Nigeria's security


forces. -- Abubakar Shekhar. Is there limits to how we use social


media? A new trend appears to be emerging in the United States, where


would-be adopters are turning to Facebook to try and find a child.


Jane O'Brien has been to me one couple who used it to make initial


contact with a pregnant woman. Afterwards they drew up a legal


contract with the local adoption agency. We will talk about the


ethics of this in just a moment, but here is the story of how one little


boy was adopted. The two Brads and their son Tyler.


This is Tyler's mother. They met on Facebook. We created an ad that


appeared on the page of friends of friends. Six are sad and we put that


on Facebook, Tyler's mother contacted us. We e-mailed back and


forth and that led to phone calls. That also led to Skype chats with


her. After a few months, she was seven or eight months pregnant at


the time, she decided that this was what she wanted to do and we moved


forward. Once the decision was made, a licensed adoption agency drew up a


legal contract. But social media is changing the way parents of children


connect. We have friends who are in the adoption process as well and


they are doing the exact same things. They have their own website


setup, the Facebook, Twitter, to show the world they are open to


adopting and looking for a family. Technology is also crucial in


helping Tyler forge a relationship with his mother who are several


hundred miles away. Tyler lives and another state, I have been able to


be involved in his life through technology. Tyler does not know any


different. He has been growing at seeing videos of himself, pictures


of himself, the iPhone and the iPad. It kind of is his world right


now. The Brads share almost everything through social media,


even the disappointments. Two mothers change their mind about


releasing their children at the last minute but the Brads online


community help the couple recover. We were in the process where we had


to field adoptions. When we found out the news, the tragedy of both


were they did not end up coming home with us. It was part of healing,


too. It is not for everybody. Others would not do that we, they would be


more private and that is completely fine. We are choosing to be a little


bit more open some people have a better understanding of adoption


son Tyler. With us to talk about the ethics of this is a lean Devon from


the British Association for Adoption thinking of adoption, there is a lot


of things to think about. They get the opportunity to meet with a


social worker to think through what the implications of adoption are


going to be for them and for their child. They are supported through


the pregnancy to the point where the child is born and then they have


continued support in making decisions that point about whether


they are sure adoption is what they want to do. If it is then we would


support them thinking about how much contact me want, how often they want


to hear about the child and later life. I think it is important there


are those systems around four people because adoption as a lifetime a


dish -- commitment to all of those involved. We had the woman is they


are saying that she was actively encouraging the couple to use social


media. Is that not something that could be encouraged? Interestingly


what we are doing in the UK, we are looking at using online websites to


advertise some of the children who we find harder to place for


adoption. So we would profile children who are needing to be


adopted. Often that is an important start. But it is... I suppose the


vetting process four people in Boldon adoption, we would expect to


have through a social worker. So adopters are prepared for all


possible things that might happen along the way, before they are


linked up with particular children. We saw with the two Brads, the twice


had a child... The mother changed their mind. It shows how difficult


the decision is. In the UK, four people who had children and mothers


placing children for adoption, they cannot give consent to that adoption


until six weeks after the child is born. That is a difficult time, a


lot of emotions. People need to think about the long-term


implications as well as the short-term ones. Thank you very much


for coming in to share that. It is prom season here in the UK -


the summer classical music festival at London's Royal Albert Hall. This


year the world-famous violinist Nigel Kennedy has returned with


Vivaldi's Four Seasons, and he is accompanied by a user artist from


the Palestinian territories. Wissam Sayegh of BBC Arabic met the


musicians and Nigel at one of their rehearsals.


This masterpiece is known to millions around the world. But here


it has been given very different musical dialogue between East and


perspective on Western classical music, at the same time as still


having contact with the roots from music of their forefathers which is


so wonderful to hear. I am giving space for some of the kids to play


their own music as well as the classical format, to show what is a


call -- you to call Saul these musical -- classical music festival


in the world. The aim is to give a platform to these news issues from


the Palestinian territories. This is the first time the Palestinian


string orchestra will perform live in front of an audience the size,


not to mention the millions watching at home and online. To participate


in the Proms is an amazing experience. It gives even Palestine


a boost. We are showing people that we are not like what they think we


are. It is an opportunity for us to perform in front of people. It


builds a connection between us and it helps them to see what is


happening in Palestine and what the music is that we play. This


orchestra was formed two years ago. We are bringing something very


positive up from Palestine. We are seeing this as Palestine, these are


young Palestinians. We have something wonderful to share with


you. Nigel Kennedy's unique ambition is opening up new doors for these


musicians and breathing fresh life Great stuff. A reminder of our main


story: Israel is set to release 26 Palestinian prisoners in the coming


hours ahead of direct peace talks. Tomorrow we will continue to monitor


that and all of the day's news. From of us again tonight will get a


chance to catch clips of those shooting stars. An eastern parts of


the UK there will be some clear spells. The clouds are increasing


and in fact some areas will not get any clear whether this night. That


is across western parts of the UK. These areas will be cloudy through


the course of the night and tomorrow that is how it will be as well. The


East will have the best of the weather. In some areas up to 25


degrees. The further west you go, the further south west you go, you


get under that cloud, drips and drafts of rain, some mist around the


coast as well and the hills. Despite that, the temperatures in one or two


sports hovering around 20 degrees. It is a humid air mass that is


heading our way in this direction and it will be here to stay for the


next couple of days or so. There is a big difference between the Western


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