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This is BBC world News today. The mysterious case of the young girl in


Greece. Aroma couple appear in court charged with her abduction. -- a


Roma couple. The couple said they adopted her as a baby and loved and


cared for her. The hunt for her real parents begins. A female suicide


bomber attacks are bash -- at tax a bus in Russia. Will this raise


concerns ahead of the Winter Olympics? Coming up: A weather


warning in Australia. High wind is forecast. Three wildfires threaten


to merge into one. This meeting of the Central committee... 50 years


on, we look back in the archives to see what it was like for the first


BBC correspondent to report from behind the Iron Curtain.


Welcome. She is blonde, blue-eyed and her name is Maria. The


authorities in Greece want to know how she ended up in a Roma community


in the country being raised by a couple who are unrelated to her as


DNA tests proved. Today, the couple were charged with her abduction


They say they adopted her, but questions remain as to her true


identity, and there are also has been questions about the issue of


child trafficking in Greece. She was discovered during a raid last week.


Loving adopted parents or the abductors of Maria? The first images


today of the couple suspected by police of kidnapping a little girl


for unknown reasons. They have now appeared in court to face charges


that they deny. Maria was, they say, given to her by someone who could


not look after her. Members of the Roma community rallied in their


defence. The house where they lived was locked up today. No answer at


the door. Just signs of a child s life strewn across the front porch.


A neighbour said the couple was taking care of her well, she was


crying when the police took her So what if she was blonde? In the next


workshop, this shop owner said he phoned her presents unusual. He did


not know how she ended up here. We tried to film in the larger Roma


community over there but we were attacked and chased away. They


believe they are marginalised and negative stereotypes of them will


only be reinforced. Many Greeks say it is the involvement of some of


them in illegal activity which created that perception. Either way,


the case has exposed the lack of social integration. What now of the


search for her biological parents? She's one of 250,000 children who go


missing in Europe every year. An international appeal to find her


family is gathering pace. She is very happy, feeling well,


communicating and playing with her toys. We will try to see if there


are specifically that would be useful for the police. There are


probing questions. How a seemingly out of place little girl lived here


so long? What there is something sinister involved? How far across


this community doesn't stretch? I am joined in the studio by the Chief


Executive of a missing Persons Charity. What is the likelihood of


Maria's true mother or father being found? We would hope with the


extensive publicity, which, for any missing child is absolutely key to


get the message out there, and somebody watching broadcast


somewhere is going recognise her. I know that smile of the child, who


are looking after her, have received thousands of calls. There has been


called across Europe and it shows you the pan-European response. Build


up a picture. Typically, in Europe and beyond, what are the numbers of


missing children? What age are they? Or are they teenagers? Viewers might


be surprised to know that 250,0 0 missing children are reported across


Europe every year, in the UK, 140,000 go missing. Do we make up


140,000 of 250,000? It is an interesting statistic. We need to


look across Europe to make sure the data collection is synchronised We


are a member of an organisation which makes to appeal for children


and provide helpline services and we are calling for some kind of


synchronisation of that data. This 250,000 children who go missing are


the abducted or do they run away of their own accord? The reasons are


quite extensive. It is unusual of a child of this age to go missing


Many of these are young people who have ran away from home. Some of


those are classed as abduction, and we collect that information in


different ways. Some of the children have been abducted either by


appearing to someone known to them, or in some cases by a stranger. We


cannot comment on this because we do not have the exact facts, what the


Roma couple say they adopted her. That is not child trafficking as


such but is illegal. There are theories and speculation. We do not


know the details. Looking at the photos, we have an honourable girl


who has been missing. We need to find and reconcile her with her


natural parents and find out. Does it raise questions about the issue


of child trafficking? I think it does. Any missing children raises


that. We know this is a global issue. Some of the children who go


missing will have been the victim of trafficking. In this case it is


usually the other way round. Impoverished Roma families will give


up a child to other families. It is interesting this is the other way


round. It is, and it is quite unusual. It is usually the other way


round. We do not know where they are. This turns it around. We did


not even touch on the issue of missing adults. Thank you for


talking to us. Now to the growing issue of migrants risking their


lives crossing the Mediterranean to reach Europe. Today in Italy, a


commemoration ceremony was held for the hundreds who died when their


boat sank near the tiny island of Lampedusa. There was anger for some


who broke through the gates of their detention centre when they were told


they could not attend the event in Sicily. It fell short of the state


funeral promised by the Prime Minister. The recent tragedy has


highlighted the plight of thousands of migrants desperate to escape for


a new life in Europe. All this week on BBC world News we are reporting


on the perilous journey they face and the challenge for European


governments. Some migrants begin their journey from war-torn


countries like Syria, they head for Egypt or Olivia hoping to board a


vessel to Italy, Malta or Greece. -- Libya. Rough seas lash the shore in


Alexandria. This is the only escape route for many Syrian refugees.


Smugglers take them on a perilous voyage. Some pay with their lives.


For others, the dream of a new life has ended in police stations like


this one, where we managed to film covertly. Hundreds have been


detained without charge. Among them, this baby. He has been held by


Egyptian police for the past month. Half of his short life. This woman


is stranded here, a prisoner of her grief. Wrapped in white, the bodies


of three of her daughters. They died in a shipwreck ten days ago. I was


kicking and kicking and trying to stay afloat. I looked over and I saw


my handicapped daughter was gone. She went under the water and did not


come. Goodbye, my child. My other daughter held onto my neck and said,


where is my sister? Did she drowned? I had to tell her she was


saved. Suddenly, water came on top of us. I saw three white lights I


did not know then my third daughter was also gone. Across town is


another police station, war-weary citizens are jammed in. Egypt's says


the refugees are treated decently. Critics say they are treated like


convicts. Human rights activists claim they are, in effect, forcibly


deported, sometimes back to Syria. We have cases where even they do not


get the food aid, or get the food at all. They stay for two days without


food. There is pressure to find ways to leave the country. In recent


months, more and more Assyrians have been fleeing these shores. --


Syrians. They said everything changed when President Mohammed


Morsi was ousted. They have been accused of backing the Muslim


Brotherhood. Many refugees say they have no choice but to risk their


lives and go. This is one of them. We are concealing her identity


because she still has family in Damascus. The 23-year-old student is


ready to risk everything. I think the sea will be more merciful to us


than the people here, she says. Once you get to Europe, you become a


human being. Now we are not human. She knows she could be cheated by


the traffickers, arrested by the police, or drowned at sea. But


better death, she says, than life without dignity.


That report on the difficulties for migrants. Now to Russia, where a


suspected suicide bomb attack on a bus in the southern Russian city of


Volgograd has killed six people and injured more than 30. We can now


show you these pictures, which I should warn you are distressing


They were captured on a dashboard camera in a car behind the bus.


Anti-terrorism officials said an explosive device was detonated by a


female suicide bomber. She is from the province of Dagestan


in the North Caucasus. This has raised concern ahead of the Winter


Olympics in such a, which is at the western end of the Caucasus. --


Sochi. We are joined by the Russian ambassador. The authorities were


quick to name this bomber. -- Russian commentator. There was a


quickness to this, but they probably had some clue to the identity. It is


definitely a disturbing element because we have not had such


terrorist acts in Russia for quite some time, apart from Dagestan and


the neighbouring province, where you have a low intensity guerrilla war


going on between the state and the Islamists. I think that this is


something that gives you food for thought. This is what you could call


an attack on the Russian mainland. Do you think coming ahead of the


Winter Olympics in 2014 the security forces will be raising their game?


It looks like our commentator has frozen. The joys of the webcam, I'm


afraid. We will just try one more time. He seems to have disappeared.


He did give a rather full and so right at the beginning, from Moscow.


-- answer. The suicide bomber who killed 16 and injured 32. It is one


of the worst disasters in New South Wales for decades. A blisteringly


warm spring made conditions perfect for bushfires. Hundreds have already


lost their homes and weather forecasters say worse could be


coming. High wind is making it harder for the firefighters. The


badgers have reached 37 Celsius The worst threat in the area is the Blue


Mountains. It is feared that two huge blazes could merge together.


New South Wales has declared a state of emergency. Around the clock,


firefighters here are battling for control. But the task is massive.


The biggest fire in the Blue Mountains has a perimeter stretching


almost 200 miles. This is probably one of the biggest fires around here


in the 24 years I have been working. Here, we have fire on all sides of


you. Some of the site is being carried out by the error. On the


ground, thousands of firefighters, most of them volunteers. What they


are doing here is back burning fighting fire with fire, basically


controlling fires to burn of vegetation before the dangerous


fires can get here. What they are worried about is if several of these


huge blazes merge into one big fire later in the week. The weather is


not helping. Temperatures today rose into the high 30s. The real fear is


the arrival of strong winds, forecast from Wednesday. Many living


here have been watching nervously to see if the fires can be held at bay.


I have been really anxious for them to burn it because we can then stop


worrying about it. We have been watching the fire for two days,


creeping this way. It is not just his home under threat. Nearby,


firefighters discovered a pet possum, injured but still alive It


is not known what damage it has wreaked on this country 's wildlife.


Hundreds of houses have already been lost. Families have been left with


nothing. Many more homes could go before this emergency is over. 0


miles away, Sydney, Australia 's biggest city is cloaked in smoke. A


reminder that these fires are uncomfortably close. All this before


a summer has even started. Nuclear power is controversial. It


stirs passionate debate amongst its advocates and critics. In Britain,


nuclear power is part of the energy mix and today Hinkley Point C, the


first nuclear power station to be built in Britain for a generation,


was given the go-ahead. Hinkley Point C will take ten years to


build. It will generate 7% of the UK's electricity supply. It is


expected to create around 25,00 jobs during construction. I'm joined


now by Ian Fells, Emeritus Professor of Energy Conversion at the


University of Newcastle. He has also worked as an energy consultant


including British Nuclear Fuels Caroline Lucas from the Green party


says the money would have been better spent on energy efficiency


and renewable energy? Energy efficiency is a very good thing


Renewable energy, we are going at it as hard as we can and it is very


heavily subsidised. But there is no way that renewable energy can


provide for all of our future needs as far as electricity is concerned.


It just cannot be done. I used to be the chairman of that so I can tell


you with some authority, we will never be able to produce more than


20% of our renewable electricity from renewables. We need nuclear


power and actually, in terms of this, it is more reliable than


renewables. When the wind does not blow, it has to be backed up from


somewhere else, and secondly, the subsidy for renewables is much


bigger than the subsidy that will come in as a result of this deal


with nuclear power. When you look at other major European countries


saying, we don't want nuclear energy. Even in France weather has


been a lot of nuclear energy, even they are receiving from that so it


is with those who are more reluctant to use nuclear energy? As far as


Germany is concerned, they had a very successful nuclear programme


providing about 32% of their electricity and then as a result of


Fukushima, they behaved, in my view, quite hysterically. They suddenly


said, we will not use nuclear power any more. This was disastrous for


the people around the nuclear power stations who lost millions of


euros. They found, although they have a lot of renewable energy,


there is no way that can replace them, so what are they doing? They


are building five coal-fired power stations. When you look at the cost


of Hinkley Point C, they have quadrupled from the original


estimate of ?4 billion, that will put a lot of people of nuclear


energy? It might well put the investors off! I have to say that it


started off with a price tag of ?5 billion and then it rose to ?14


billion up to two days ago and now the price tag has been increased to


?16 billion. I find that extremely unsatisfactory. Newly emerging


nations around the world are beginning to look at building their


own generation of nuclear power is. Do you see the attraction for


emerging nations like this to go down that path, in other words we


will see nuclear energy absolutely chipped there in stone before the


world? There are 450 nuclear and actors around the world at the


moment, providing about 18% of the world 's electricity. There is


nothing new about it. It is just going to grow. The alternative is


burning more gas and burning more coal and the price of gas has gone


up and up and up and we have a real problem with that in the UK. It does


seem to me that as far as the future is concerned, it will be a big slice


of nuclear power. France has summoned America's


ambassador in Paris in response to newspaper reports that the US


National Security Agency secretly recorded millions of phone calls in


France. The interior minister has described the allegations carried in


the newspaper, Le Monde, as shocking.


Two people have been shot dead and two more are injured in a shooting


at Sparks Middle School in Nevada. Students from the middle school and


next-door elementary school were evacuated to the nearby high school


and classes were cancelled. The European Court of Human Rights


says Russia has failed to explain why it kept key files secret when it


investigated in 1940 Katyn massacre of more than 20,000 Polish war


prisoners. But the court said it cannot rule on the case because


Russia only signed up to the European Convention of Human Rights


in 1998, eight years after it began the investigation.


Reports from South Sudan say the number of people killed in a


massacre on Sunday in Jonglei state has risen to 78. 24 children have


apparently been abducted. Survivors blamed members of the Murle ethnic


group linked to the rebel leader, David Yau Yau.


A German bishop who has been widely criticised for lavish spending has


met the Pope in Rome to discuss his behaviour. Franz-Peter


Tebartz-van-Elst who has been labelled the Bishop of Bling has


faced calls to resign. He has been accused of lying about the cost of


his official residence in Limburg along with a first-class flight to


India to visit the poor. He was the man who went into the


cold during the height of the Cold War. 50 years ago, Erik de Mauny


became the first resident Moscow correspondent for the BBC after the


Communist authorities eased censorship. Our current Moscow


correspondent, Steve Rosenberg, looks back at the life and


adventures of a Cold War correspondent.


It was the BBC 's Russian Revolution. 50 years ago, Erik de


Mauny became the BBC 's first resident correspondent in Moscow.


The Soviet union had relaxed censorship and he was allowed behind


the iron curtain. Erik de Mauny once said he felt sheer exhilaration when


he arrived here but reporting from Russia in 1963, that was challenging


to say the least. Back then, foreign correspondents were not allowed to


travel more than a few kilometres out of Moscow without special


permission. They had little choice in where they wanted to live and


getting to know ordinary Russians was incredibly difficult with the


KGB breathing down your neck. Coverage was not all cold war. My


wife and I will be watching the show together. They seem to have produced


extremely well-designed clothes Some excellent men's clothes also.


At the microphone, Erik de Mauny was always calm and cool, sometimes very


cool. Off-camera though, his life in Moscow was as thrilling as John


McCarry novel. One of the many adventures he had took place right


here. This is the residence of the British ambassador in Moscow. It


used to be the British embassy building and this is where he came


one morning after he had landed a giant scoop. He had managed to track


down the former British intelligence officer turned spy who defected to


the USSR. The two men spent six hours drinking together the night


before. Erik de Mauny decides not to put his story in London. He comes


here, scribbled down on a piece of paper, I just met him and I thought


you might like to know about it He spirited away to speak to the


ambassador. A couple of days later, Erik de Mauny is at home when


suddenly someone hands him a note. It is from the British ambassador


about Kim Philby. London advises, brick of contact. 50 years on,


Moscow correspondence are still chasing spies. Espionage did not end


when the Cold War did. When I read his memoirs, what struck me most is


what has not changed here in 50 years. It is still at times


incredibly hard to do with officialdom and many Russian


officials still are suspicious of Western journalists. As we try to do


our job, reporting on Russia. That's all from the programme. Next,


the weather. From me and the rest of the team, goodbye.


There was plenty of rain across the country today and there is much more


to come this week. A classic October week with spells of rain often


accompanied by a strong and gusty wind. These weather fronts will


continue to throw rain across the UK. A wet start in most areas.


Perhaps a dry in the East. Brighter for Northern Ireland by the


afternoon but for much of northern England, it will be great with


further outbreaks of rain. A wet start probally for the South West of


England but as you can see, the


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