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This is BBC World News. One month after that deadly siege in Nairobi


shopping mall, detectives discovered two more bodies, believed to be


gunmen responsible for the attack. One of the men suspected of carrying


out last month's attack on a shopping centre in Kenya has been


identified as a Norwegian national. Protection from police. A group of


leading British Muslims are threatened for attacking a video by


Al-Shabab. We hear from one of those targeted. Also, the battle to


contain one of the worst wildfires in a decade in the Australian state


of New South Wales. And the ancient skull found in Georgia that is


prompting a rethink on our early evolution.


Four weeks after gunmen stormed the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi,


new details are emerging as to who was behind the attack which killed


at least 65 people. The BBC has learned that one of the suspect has


been identified as Hassan Dhuhulow, a Norwegian National of Somali


origin. He was recognised in CCTV images, which show him, along with


three other gunmen, roaming the shopping centre with guns. As the


investigation continues in Nairobi, another three bodies were pulled


from a burnt out section of the shopping centre. We've been told it


is highly likely they are the remains of two attackers, while the


third is a Kenyan soldier. The moment of sheer terror, when the


gunmen strolled into the Westgate Maule, firing at shoppers. Men,


women and children running for their lives down the aisles of this


supermarket, hiding wherever they thought they'd be safe. Here, one of


the gunmen calmly shoots a man. Another gunman returns to fire a


second shot. Traces of bullets can be seen as shoppers cower for


safety. Intense fear can be seen on the face is caught up in the havoc.


Even injure children are taken away at gunpoint to be held hostage. As


they meted out their terror, the gunman appeared totally composed.


They also took time to lay down their guns, when it was time for


Moslem prayers. Part of the building collapsed during the siege, in which


at least 67 people were killed. Even now, almost four weeks on, charred


bodies are still being found will stop the BBC has learned that during


the past 24 hours, three bodies have been pulled out from under the


rubble. The MP who heads the committee investigating the Westgate


attack told me that two of the bodies were highly likely to be


those of the gunmen. The third, he said, was probably that of a Kenyan


soldier. Investigators believe that one of the gunman was Hassan Abdi


Dhuhulow, a 23 a-macro man whose family fled Somalia's conflict in


1999 and settled in Norway. A BBC investigation found out that after


becoming radicalised, like other jihadiss, he returned to Africa to


join the Somali militant group, Al-Shabab. It is not surprising that


someone who lived in the West took part in the Nairobi attack. Now you


are seeing that people from different nationalities are joining


Al-Shabab. These are migrants, people who have left Somalia, going


to the west, some going to America. But now you see them coming back and


joining Al-Shabab, to wage their war against Kenya and other nations The


Kenyan government said between ten to 15 government were inside the


Westgate shopping mall when it was under siege. TV footage so far has


only shown four men. It's still not clear how many were killed and how


many escaped. We are joined on the line by an officer with Norway's


Security Service. Can you confirm for us that one of those suspects in


that Nairobi attack was indeed a Norwegian of Somali origin? Yes


that is correct, based on information we had about a week


ago. That is the reason for opening up an investigation. Are you


actively involved in an investigation that is going on now


in Nairobi? We have our own investigation case, trying to find


out if there was a Norwegian involved in the attack. But during


the investigation, we also cooperate with several police and security


services in other countries. What would be the implications of all of


this, the fact that one of the suspects is a Norwegian of Somali


origin, for your counterterrorism strategy in Norway? That is a little


hard to line out right now. As far as I know, it will be the first


major terror attack with a Norwegian involved ever. It will open up a new


era for us. What kind of reaction has there been to this news in


Norway, both in the security forces and just in the wider public? This


is a top story in Norway. It has been for about a week now. Regarding


the Security Service, it is hard to say that we are surprised. We have


seen a development now for the past two or three years, with more and


more people leaving Norway to join different groups in different


conflict areas around the world That is one of our great concerns


for the moment. It has been for the past couple of years. But you must


also be concerned in the Norwegian authorities that you don't want to


in any way see a backlash against the Norwegians Somali community


Terrorism is a crime. I don't believe that this will affect the


quite big Somali population in Norway. I think the majority of


Somalis and other immigrant groups in Norway consider terrorism to be a


crime, just as we do. In the UK a number of British Muslims who spoken


out against extremism are being protected by the police come amid


concerns about their safety. They've been warned they could be targeted


by members of the Somali group, Al-Shabab, after they were named in


a video which encourages others to carry out attacks against them in


a video which encourages others to the UK will stop in a moment, we


will hearing from one of those targeted. First, June Kelly has


more. Those who'd been at Friday prayers at one central London mosque


today heard the message that terrorism has no place in Islam The


Imam here preached that as a direct response to the news that he has


criticised in the video -based - juiced by the Somali-based terrorist


group, Al-Shabab. He's been visited by the police because of concerns


for his safety, but he is defiant. I'm not worried about this death


threat. I'm going to continue with my work, speaking against extremism


and terrorism. I will speak for justice and fairness for everybody


in the world. The Al-Shabab video focuses on Islamist attacks and the


people who have spoken out against them. The Imam, here on the left, is


one of a number of leaders criticised. Also depicted as a


traitor to Islam is Mohammed Ansar, a film-maker and journalist.


Mohammed Ansar has recently been filming this BBC documentary with


the now former leader of the far-right English Defence League,


Tommy Robinson. Tommy Robinson also appears in the Al-Shabab video. And


now both these men have been told there is a threat to their safety.


So what precautions has the film-maker put in place? We have had


security people round, we've had lots of briefings. We've had to


change locks, reinforced the security, we've had a police car


stationed at our premises and have regular patrols checking in on us.


We do take it seriously. In the propaganda video, a masked man


speaks about jihadiss who have trouble from the UK to Somalia to


fight with Al-Shabab. They were accompanied by many from London


Liverpool, Cardiff, Bristol and Birmingham. Al-Shabab have not


brought their fight to the UK. But the individuals he seen as targets,


the threat they pose is being felt by some in this country. As you


heard and just saw in the report, one of those targeted is an imam who


is a Bangladeshi born Briton, who, as well as being an imam in London,


is broadcast on TV channels across the UK, including the Islam Channel.


He gave us his reaction to being named as a target by Al-Shabab. I


don't know whether I was angry, upset or frightened. I wasn't


frightened, for sure. I was worried about how Al-Shabab had brought down


its fight to the streets of London. In other words, they were targeting


individuals as well as they were making people like me a legitimate


target for the hate propaganda. I was angry at the fact that such


lunatics were hijacking Islam, maligning the face and putting all


of us at risk. Most importantly destroying any prospect for


stability and peace in the future for Somalia. I was very upset that a


young Muslim from Britain was actually in Somalia doing that nasty


work. It sounds like this threat to you is in no way going to act as a


deterrent to prevent you from speaking out against extremism in


the future. It's going to keep me constantly busy. Louder and clearer.


I will be more vociferous in my condemnation, in my articulation of


saying that Islam is about peace, stability, moderation. Either you


are in it or out, there is no halfway house. Those who have done


or perpetrate such terrible crimes, threats or attacks against people,


they attack Islam and the Muslims as well as the civilised world. I will


keep at it. It is not going to frighten me or silence me. It is


going to make me more vigorous in my work. Have the police said they will


give you any protection? They did ask but I said I don't want any


personal protection at this stage. I don't see why I should change my


life. One choices you hide after a threat and hope for the best, all


you go and take it on. I wish to fight on. What about your family,


are you putting them at risk? No, my family is very supportive of me We


believe there is a message here I'm British, I Muslim, we are all


together in this and we have to fight it together. I believe British


people, as well as Muslims and non-Muslims altogether, I've been


receiving endorsement and support from all walks of life throughout


the day. Most members of the Dyas broke Muslim communities condemn any


kind of islands or any acts of terror. However, give us an outline


of how jihad -- had as defined sympathisers all over the world I


think they do feed on the double standard from the government when it


comes to foreign policies. On one hand they sleep with dictators, on


the other hand they preach to the wild democracy. They orchestrate war


in countries. Young people do find frustration and anger in it, but


that's not a licence for people to carry out violence and extreme


activities. There are lots of issues, but grievances don't give


licence for anybody to break the law or take the law into their own


hands, as well as perpetrate crimes. I gave a sermon today at my mosque.


100% of the people who came were in support of what I said. They've all


said, you know what, enough is enough, no more in our name. We


would like to tell the terrorists that this is not Islamic. We will


fight on until terrorism and any extremism that is in our communities


is completely eradicated. Let's bring you some news now that is


breaking from the United States President Obama has nominated Jay


Johnson as the new head of the US Homeland Security Department. If


confirmed, J Johnson will replace the former secretary, Janet


polytunnel, who stepped down in September. During his time at the


Pentagon, J Johnson worked with the defence Department. A leading member


of the African-American community will be the new homeland security


secretary. Police in India have arrested the crew of US owned ship


on charges of illegally transporting and ammunition. The seamen guard


Ohio was intercepted last Saturday. Officials say eight crew members and


75 security guards, including six British national, have been


detained. On land and under arrest. Indian police take almost three


dozen men into custody in the southeastern state of Tamil Nadu.


Eight crew members and 25 security guards were arrested. They were all


on board a US owned ship, and now they face charges of illegally


transporting weapons and ammunition in India's coastal waters. The


vessel was stopped by a coastguard, relating to the presence of arms,


ammunition and armed guards on board, without the necessary


authorisation. The ship was intercepted by Indian authorities at


the weekend. On board, as well as the security guards, police found


weapons and ammunition. The ship's owner said it was an armed escort


for merchant ships against pirates in the Indian Ocean, and that it


only entered Indian waters to shelter from a recent cyclone. The


arrests reflect India's sensitivity of armed merchant vessels.


Leicester, Italian marines protecting a cargo ship shot dead


two fishermen. They facing trial. In France, schoolchildren have again


turned out in the streets in protest over the expulsion of an immigrant


teenager and her family. Police used tear gas to disperse the protesters.


It follows the deportation of a 15-year-old girl, taken by police


from her school field trip and deported to Kosovo with her family.


The second day of a growing student revolt against a Socialist


government. Last year, young people flocked to the square to celebrate


the President's election, today before battles with police,


demanding the resignation of his Interior Minister. They accuse him


of betraying Socialist values. At the centre of it is 15-year-old


Leonarda Dibrani, of Roma dissent. Last week while on a school trip she


was arrested on the bus in front of classmates and returned the same


date to her father's native Kosovo. This is not my home, she said. My


home is France. That is where we family live, where my teachers


live. I do not have anything in Kosovo. Those who irritated some 45


schools in Paris today say it is not the law they oppose, it is the blunt


manner in which it is being applied. To stop her in the middle of her


studies, she is 15, she is in our country. In mind of the student


demonstrations in the 19 sixes, this kind of protest is hugely symbolic.


If you look at the service, 70% of French people side with the hardline


approach of the Interior Minister. It calls for the upcoming municipal


elections, it is the far right party who lead the way. Which perhaps


explains why it is Manuel Valls out in front, taking fire from his own


party, while Francois Hollande is conspicuously absent from the


debate. The debate has called for a review of Leonarda's case. The


outcome is unlikely to heal the splits.


Protests in Paris. Now, they are the worst bushfires for ten years in


Australia's state of New South Wales. Firefighters have witnessed


flames ready to 30 metres high, the smoke was even seen over the


landmark of Sydney Harbour Bridge. It blanketed the city skyline.


Nearly 100 wildfires have raged in the country's most populous state,


and many are still burning. Many of the worst affected areas are in the


Blue Mountains, 70 kilometres west of Sydney. From there, our


correspondent reports. For a second day, much of New South


Wales continued to burn. These are being called the worst of fires the


state has seen for a decade. -- bushfires. Over 2000 firefighters


battling to bring them under control for stop some, the damage has


already been done. This is all that is left of some of the homes in a


small community of Springwood in the Blue Mountains. This is one of the


worst affected areas for fire, swept up through the bush which surrounds


this small committee in probably a matter of minutes. -- small


community. For the families who live here, they have been left with


pretty much nothing. I heard my next-door neighbour get out, get the


dog and a few items. Two doors down, and expulsion, a gas cylinder,


possibly. -- an explosion. It came up pretty quick. My neighbour told


me to get out. I had the cats in the car and I couldn't find my keys I


left my front door open. It is a bit devastating, but it is all insured.


We are all here, that is the main thing. Is still a pretty major


operation going on here to try and put out the fires. We have relays of


helicopters, coming in, sucking up water, they are going to dump that


on the fires a few kilometres to the right of where I am standing. The


firefighters have a bit of a window today, Ted Rogers have dropped, the


winds are less strong and they're trying to get as many of these fires


out before the weekend, when the temperatures are forecast to rise


again. -- temperatures have dropped. I still has seen bigger fires than


these, but the fact they have come so early this year, it is still


spring here, means there are fears of a difficult and dangerous summer


to come. Saudi Arabia has refused to take up


its seat on the UN Security Council, despite being elected as one of the


council's ten nonpermanent members. Saudi Arabia says the body as double


standards and is incapable of resolving world conflicts.


Let's take you back a bit in time, 1.8 million years ago, in fact.


Scientists are saying that the skull discovered in Georgia suggests that


early humans were a single species. And that would mean rethinking our


understanding of human evolution. Researchers say the skull shares


characteristics with early human fossils found in Africa, like a


small brain case, large teeth and a long face. Other scientists say


there is insufficient evidence to abandon the theory that at least


three distinct species of human coexisted at that time. I have been


joined by evolutionary biologist Fred Spoor. Someone who knows a


great deal about this kind of thing. Long face, big teeth, anyway, you


have come in with these three specimens, please tell me they are


not real. They are not. They are replicas. I am guessing you do not


believe in this one... These are the three skulls that represent the


three species that we think left in Eastern Africa at the same time


more or less in that area. -- we think left. -- lived. You are


sticking to what you believe. The discovery of this skull is not


impressing new coup the discovery is extremely impressive, it is the most


complete specimen found from that area. The indication that they make


from some analysis that these skulls should all be included in one single


species, I think that is certainly not proven yet. The evidence is


weak. These three skulls are the kind of free stands of how humans


evolve and developed. -- three strands. They are slightly different


sizes. This is the ugliest one, that was probably ancestral to this one.


This is the same home practice, the seams PCs as the ones you get in


Georgia. So the one like this is the one that was found. You can see the


well-developed brow ridges. And it is a longer skull. Not so round at


the back. Completely opposite is this skull, a very famous one, found


in the 1970s. We know it by the name 1470. It has this very flat,


distinctly flat face. It is the opposite. We do not think this is an


ancestor of humans, it is a sideline. She went ancestor is often


behave like any other mammal, not species developed, side-by-side So


this is the ancestor of humans. Homo sapiens eventually evolved from home


or directors. So it does not overturn our theory of how we


evolved. I am afraid not. No to some research on some of the


youngest humans on our planet currently. Researchers at the


University of London launched a survey of what makes babies laugh


and smile. He is not even four months old, but


Dominic cannot help but laugh at his dad, who's tearing up uses of paper.


So, what did Dominic's chuckles tell us about the infant brain?


Researchers at the Babylab at Birkbeck College are studying the


laughter of babies to learn more about how our understanding of the


world develops during those first few months. Dr Caspar Addyman


launched an online survey, which has so far been completed by more than


600 people all around the world He thinks what babies laugh at can tell


us a lot about what we understand. Laughter and smiles start incredibly


early in life, which makes us think that laughter is a form of


communication for stop that it is a way a mother and baby can


communicate with each other well before the language of years.


Christina and Will are some of the parents who filled in the survey.


Charlie and Lois are seven months old. Even though they are twins


they laugh at different things. The first time lowest smile, there were


five weeks old. We put them together in the Moses basket and they saw


each other. And they really had a big smile on their faces. Lois is


very smiley, she smiles with her eyes as well. Charlie is a bit more


serious, but he will get there. He will have a little chuckle. They


also laugh when you play peek-a boo. They really giggle. Across all ages


and in all countries surveyed, people are amused by the most


favourite games. The best, nation of all the best things about laughter.


It is the surprise, it is a nice surprise, mummy has gone away, now


she has come back. Suddenly, -- certainly, it is very sociable. The


doctor is still analysing the results, but it is clear that


developing a sense of humour is part of growing up.


Those babies, especially those twins, were so cute. Let's remind


you of the main news. One of the men suspected of carrying


out last month's attack on a shopping centre in Kenya has been


identified as a Norwegian national. In a separate element, two new


bodies pulled from the rubble are believed to be those of attackers.


That's all from World News Today. Next it is the weather. From the,


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weekend. Good evening. There will be some


sunshine this weekend, but you might have to look hard for it. There will


also be some lustre and showers even some longer spells of rain If


you dodge the downpours, there is some warm sunshine to come. Low


pressure in charge at the moment. Do not expect that to change very much.


An active set of weather funds and in some pretty heavy rain. That


rainbow push north, setting him across Scotland. Then slowly moving


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