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This is BBC World News Today with me, Philippa Thomas.


And exclusive investigation into the British link to Al-Shabab. The BBC


uncovers the identity of around 50 Britons with links to the Al


Qaeda-affiliated group. What threat do these people post here and


abroad? The hunt goes on for the real


parents of the Roma girl named Maria, as it's revealed another girl


in Ireland does belong to her parents.


Also coming up - the Pope takes the shine out of the man dubbed the


Bishop of Bling. The German Catholic is suspended over allegations of


excessive spending. And christening for a future King - of private


services held in London for the three-month-old Prince George.


Hello and welcome. The BBC has established the


identities of 47 people from Britain who have links to the militant


organisation Al-Shabab. The group, based in Somalia, has claimed


responsibility for the Westgate massacre in neighbouring Kenya last


month. Lawyers for the family of one British member are investigating


claims he was killed in a raid involving British military


personnel. Al-Shabab is a militant organisation


with links to Al-Qaeda. In a propaganda video released last


week, there was praise Roger had is said to have travelled from the UK


to Somalia to fight and die Al-Shabab. Jihadistss. Among them,


this man. He talks about his roots in Tower Hamlets. The people of


Tower Hamlets, I call on you to come for jihad. The BBC has established


this man's real name. In 2008, he left the UK to travel to Somalia. He


fought with Al-Shabab for four years. In 2012 he was killed. His


death has been confirmed by the foreign office. In Tower Hamlets we


have spoken to a former schoolmates of the man. He was aware of his


transition from teenage gang member to political extremist. He does not


want to be identified. In gang culture, street cred is what gives


you self-worth. So for someone who has got lots of releases --


religious zeal and passion, to go and fight on a battlefield that


would be the ultimate street cared. -- street cred. There are Somalia by


witnesses who identified those involved as British personnel. For


those reasons we think that further enquiries need to be made, the


family has lived omitted -- legitimate questions that need to be


answered. His former schoolmates as reflecting on his death. Many think


he wasted his life. What did he achieve? What did he get out of it


at the end of the day? Some of us think he was used. Many Britons who


go abroad as to how deeply Mac are never heard of again. -- as


jihadistss. Richard Barrett is a former head of


counterterrorism at MI6 and the UK. He is now senior vice president of


the Soufan private security group and joins me from New York. Welcome


to World News Today. We are looking at perhaps around 50 Somalis here in


Britain or British Somalis. We should not assume this is a network


or an organisation of course. Yes, I think people will go to Somalia


because they are in contact with someone else. Just to turn up would


be difficult, although theoretically you could go to Kenya and across the


border. Other areas like Syria, it would be more likely that people go


as individuals. When the security services are trying to uncover these


identities, how extensive is that surveillance likely to be? I think


the concern is what I these people going to do if they come back.


People going to Somalia, if they get involved in something like the


Westgate shopping centre should elect last month, that is serious.


There have been few examples of foreign fighters going to Somalia


and engaging in terrorism. In Westgate, I do not know they were


foreigners. In Syria there is more of a risk that those who have gone


there are -- may come back and cause problems in the UK. You have


extensive experience as the former coordinator of the UN's Al-Qaeda and


Taliban monitoring group. Either lessons from that work that can be


drawn or can be useful now as you look at the young men going to fight


in Syria? I think certainly, yes. Syria and Somalia are not the only


two fronts. There are other areas that attracts people from Europe and


the UK. The things that we learned is that if you can keep sharing


information with your colleagues, you can make an assessment if they


will be a problem when they come back. It is quite time-consuming and


difficult, I have to say. I wanted to ask you how much further it goes


than online surveillance. Our families, educational institutions,


mosques, IV tractors wealth West remark -- are the tract as well


There is a lot lot of online surveillance that can be done.


Ultimately, I think any successful counterterrorism policy has engaged


the local community. It is the people in the local community in --


that'll know if someone has gone off to fight somewhere. And if they will


pursue a political agenda in their home country. Goods relations and


good interaction with the schools and mosques, that is the way


forward. Thank you for joining us. We are going to bring you some


breaking news, the German authorities say the suspect that US


intelligence agencies may have been spying on Chancellor


Anglo-American's mobile phone calls. She has spoken to President Obama


asking for immediate clarification about what has happened or what


could still be happening. Let's get some more from our correspondent who


is in Washington. We are just getting this news through. What more


can you tell us? The news has come from Merlin, the German Chancellor


rang President Obama to complain about these reports, that her mobile


phone has been eavesdropped upon by the National Security Agency. It is


not sure where these allegations have come from, there is a strong


suspicion that it has come from a German magazine that has been


publishing a lot of these revelations. She told President


Obama that she wanted immediate clarification. That news broke as


the White House was holding its daily briefing. Mr Carney was asked


why -- what the response was. He -- she said that President Obama


assured them that they are not monitoring her mobile phone. When


asked if some of her communications had been intercepted as part of a


broader sweep, he did not answer that question. This comes on the


back of some French anger about diplomats communications being


intercepted. There is some European touchiness now about the NSA or


other US authorities playing fast and loose with their privacy? There


is. There is some Latin American touchiness as well. Germany adds to


this that started with France. President Obama had a conversation


with the French pack -- president. He spoke about this allegation that


was published on the front page of a local newspaper. It included not


only people involved in terrorist activities as. By the NSA, but those


in the political community. There have been angry complaints as well


from Mexico and Brazil, the former Mexican president was believed to


have been eavesdropped upon. So too was the Brazilian president. She


actually cancelled a trip to Washington as a result and lectured


America. There really is a very serious diplomatic backlash now


emerging because of these revelations. Thank you very much.


Italy is to push for an overhaul of Europe's asylum laws when a meeting


of the European Council gets underway tomorrow. Italy is a key


destination for migrants crossing the Mediterranean and all this week


we have been telling some of their stories. Reports of trace the path


through North Africa and the danger is generally across the


Mediterranean to ports such as Lampedusa and then further north


will stop but where do they end up? In 2012 most asylum applications


were received in Germany and France was reading just behind. The BBC's


Chris Morris has been to Stockholm to find out why.


At the end of a long journey, new arrivals in Sweden from Syria. This


is a migrant reception centre where fingerprints taken and asylum claims


are assessed. Numbers having creased dramatically since Sweden announced


last month Syrians seeking asylum would be given permanent rights of


residence. No other EU country offers that. We are just looking for


somewhere safe and the only safe place in Sweden. I decided to leave


Syria because it is becoming more dangerous. This man got here on


Sunday after a two-week journey from Syria via Turkey and Greece. It was


not cheap. He wants to remain anonymous as he waits for a news


about his family. After two months they will give me a presidential --


residential permit. After that I can apply for my family full top after


two months they will be here. And then you start a whole new life in


Sweden? Yes, hopefully. We are looking for peace and this is a


peaceful country full. Anyone getting here and gaining permanent


residents can bring their dependents officially from Syria, making Sweden


Europe's most sought-after destination. For us when we take the


decision it is legal. It is easy if you want children to reunite with


their parents, it is a moral question, so I think there is a


great need for European solidarity as well. At the Swedish parliament


there is strong backing for this generous policy. But from a far


right party, there is criticism We think it is Riddick jewellers. No


conflict is permanent. -- ridiculous. This is totally crazy.


But Syrians are starting to put down Swedish roots. Here in learning the


language at a local community centre. There are still huge


concerns about family back home Understandably only few are willing


to be filmed. This man is worried about is the own sake, hoping soon


to bring her to safety. If we get married, I think she will come here.


That is your plan? Yes. Sweden has a long tradition of offering asylum


and it has already taken in more Syrian refugees than any other


country in the EU full up when you look at the total numbers that have


reached Europe, it is little more than a drop in the ocean. There will


be many more to come and Europe needs a policy to deal with them.


We can speak to EU home affairs spokesman Michele Cercone who joins


us now from Brussels. Thank you for being with us. It is the eve of an


important summit and do you think we will see the start of a change in


policy towards illegal migrants and asylum seekers? We hope that from


the council we will see a clear signal for EU solidarity and


support. Of course the European Council is the gathering of EU


leaders and they are usually there for giving political input. So I do


not think it will be expected, concrete or detailed measure


decisions. But we hope that the political input would be to words


direction that would be commissioned has already pointed out, especially


the more surveillance to save lives in the Mediterranean. And more


dialogue and cooperation with countries of origin and transit of


the migrants and silence seekers that would on one hand better fight


the smugglers behind these deadly journeys and to also open up more


channels for regular migrations -- asylum seekers. You talk about the


Borders agency, Frontex, it has seen its budget slashed in the last two


years. Is that technology is being our mistake? We have been very clear


in the fact that there were more and more requests for Frontex to help


and support member states. This means that if the EU is asking the


European commission to do more, we will reiterate our request to all


member states at the next council in the beginning of December to make


resources available for this big operation that could prevent deaths


and the Mediterranean and could save many lives. There has been a


powerful statement from the Italian prime ministers this week, saying


that the European Union's immigration policies are not


adequate. Do you think that among all the leaders, there is a


recognition that there should be more of a share of the burden,


taking the burden from countries like Italy, Greece and Malta to ?


Southern countries are under the pressure of immigration. They need


to take management of their borders. If they talk about EU policies, we


can say that as for asylum, we have the just defined and agreed a new


common European system that aims at giving refuge -- refugees and asylum


a uniform approach. At the same time, we certainly have to do more


to try and define a common migration Odyssey, which is the area where


more is to be done. Thank you. Almost inevitably, he has been named


the Bishop of Bling. The leading Catholic Church men who racked up a


bill in Germany. Franz-Peter Tebartz van Elst spent $20,000 on a bust of


and $34,000 on a conference table. In Germany, they call him the Bishop


of Bling or sometimes the Bishop of luxury. Franz-Peter Tebartz van Elst


is accused of spending more than 31 million euros on renovating his


official residence. Now Pope Francis has stepped in. The tone of the new


papacy is humility and reaching out to the poor and the German bishop


has fallen foul of that. The Vatican spokesman says in the dioceses at


the present time, a situation has been created web Bishop Franz-Peter


Tebartz van Elst is not able to carry out his Episcopal Ministry.


The length of the suspension has not been made public. In Germany, many


Catholics issue that the issue of Limburg will not return to his post


will stop outside the cathedral people expect some sad is action


that he had been suspended. -- some satisfaction. This man said that he


is glad there was a decision and some calm had returned. He said the


bishop cannot return, too much damage had been done. He said that


he has done too much damage here, everyone agreed.


The Catholic Church has been rocked by scandal before, due to


allegations of sexual abuse. Franz-Peter Tebartz van Elst has


denied any wrongdoing but his spending does not fit in under the


austerity of the new Pope and of the world as is a whole.


DNA results have confirmed that a girl taken from a Roma couple in


Dublin is their daughter, whereas the girl named Maria taken from


another couple in Greece is not This has raised issues of missing


children but also of anti-Roma prejudice. What is your view of what


is happening in Europe? At the European Roma Rights Centre,


we are concerned at the way this is being reported. We are concerned


that one individual case, we don't even know the facts yet is being


used to tarnish the entire Roma community. What assumptions are


being wrongly or prematurely made? These are age-old assumptions about


the way Roma families work, about the fact that... The idea that Roma


children trafficked their own Jordan -- their own children but there is


never a direct link between ethnicity and criminality. When you


look at the idea that a child is found with people who make made up


not be their own parents, is it contrary to the case that children


go and stay with friends and extended family? Are the


explanations that are more forthcoming to you? This is true in


any society. In all societies. But they Roma society can be more


mobile. That may be the case will stop but there is nothing specific


about how the Roma treat their Jordan. They are the same as


everyone else and they find solutions for looking after


children. It is true that in Roma society there is a very strong


importance placed on the family Family is key. Certainly, a lot of


Roma people in Europe are in dire conditions and family is what helped


keep them going. It is the same for any community. When a child needs to


be looked after, the community steps in. We have heard about Roma in


Greece and Ireland in recent days but you are in touch with


communities across Europe. Is there a sense of fear now? There is. What


we are hearing frightening stories. We have heard about one case in


Serbia where there were skinheads threatening a family, saying they


have a child that did not look like them. They would take them away We


have heard of a right-wing group in Germany, saying that the children


should be taken away. It is not necessary. This taking one case and


generalising seems to be something that is quite specific to the Roma


community. It is unfair and puts people in fear that they will not be


able to continue to lead their family lives. Thank you.


Let us take a look at another news story. Russian news agency have


reported that parity judges have been dropped against 30 Greenpeace


activists arrested after protesting against oil drilling in the Arctic.


The group will instead face the less serious charge of hooliganism.


He is set to spend a lot of his life attending official ceremonies and


today he attended his first. It was the christening of Prince George at


St James's Palace in London. He is three months and one-day-old.


It was his big day. He first so many. Not that will remember


anything. Around the third in line to the throne were the second in


line to the throne, his father Prince William. The first in line to


the throne, Prince Charles. And the Queen. A proud great-grandmother


dressed in blue. Catherine's family were also there, Michael and Karen


Middleton and Pippa Middleton and James Middleton. There were seven


godparents, only one from William's family, Zara Tindall. Two


significant choices, the man on the right here, a former SAS officer who


became William's private secondary in 2005 and two has been a source of


valuable advice. And the patron of a child breathe and charity and a


friend of Princess Diana, a key choice for William.


It was here that Diana's Coffin rested before her burial. The


service is taking place behind those windows and is now entirely private.


There will be no visual record of it at all.


After the service, the Queen led the principal guests to another room so


photographs could be taken. They will be released tomorrow night As


for George, he seems to be taking it all very calmly, dressed in a


replica of a christening gown using the reign of Queen Victoria, a young


prince who will take the monarchy on towards the 22nd century.


Just remind you of our breaking news. The White House says President


Obama has told the German Chancellor Angela Merkel that the Americans are


not monitoring her communications. The German government had earlier


said it suspected US intelligence agencies could have been spying on


her mobile phone calls. Mrs Merkel spoke to President Obama today and


amounted an explosion. That is all from us. Next, the weather. Goodbye.


Hello there. A lot calmer tonight, compared to last night. Clear spells


for most places, the winds continuing to die down. That means


there will be one or two mist and fog patches. The stormy conditions


from last night caused by an area of low pressure - that is now clearing


away. But there is another load looking to the south-west, which


will bring more wet and windy weather for Friday. But for


Thursday, most places are dry and bright. Still blustery through the


night and during the morning in the north of Scotland with the odd


scattered shower. More cloud in the South and the West and we could see


a few showers here and there. But for most places, it will be a dry


and bright day. A little bit of early mist and fog but that should


clear away. And then with lightish winds, temperatures by the afternoon


up to a pleasant 13 to 15 degrees. There


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