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She told him fronts who should is write on fronts and allies and


partners need to be able to trust one another. I have repeatedly told


the US president is buying on friends is not acceptable. I told


him that July and again yesterday. The hunt for the real parents, could


this family in Bulgaria be the missing link?


A special report on sexual violence against women in Egypt. We discover


vigilantes stepping in with the authorities have failed.


They say they are doing the job the authorities should be doing, but for


the most part the police are looking the other way.


We will be discussing women in the Arab Spring throughout the Middle


East as part of our 100 Women series, we have a guest editor.


Wellcome. The Americans seem to be upsetting a lot of their allies


these days with allegations about their surveillance programmes. This


week it is the turn of the Germans to protest to the claims that Angela


Merkel has had her mobile phone calls intercepted by US


intelligence. The Americans have said they are not want to drink her


calls but the didn't mention whether they had done so in the past --


monitoring. The issue is bound to feature heavily at the summit in


Brussels. Europe's most powerful leader


arrived here not clutching her mobile phone, and still wanting and


this from one of her closest allies. TRANSLATION: I have made it clear to


the US president spying on friends is not acceptable. I told him that


July and I told him that yesterday for stop I did this in the interest


of the German people. This is not about myself but all citizens, trust


between partners and allies and such trust has to be renewed. In Germany


they know her as the mobile chancellor, sheep to be governed by


smartphones -- she practically governs. In Berlin they have


summoned the US ambassador to the Foreign Ministry and asked for an


immediate and comprehensive explanation. Instead from the White


House came simply a denial about the present and future but not the past.


As I mentioned yesterday the president spoke with her and


reassured her United States will not and is not monitoring her


communications. We have also said we are reviewing the way we gather


intelligence to ensure we properly balance security concerns of our


citizens. It has left many here in Brussels


wondering who else is being monitored. There had been reports


this very building, the place where the summit is being held, had also


been spied on, and the French suspect millions of their telephone


calls have been listening to. Enough is enough, between friends,


allies. We need trust, confidence. The confidence has been shaken.


David Cameron could yet get dragged into this. Report the intelligence


service GCHQ helped US spying programme had already angered many


in Europe. Downing Street stresses the revelations are a matter for


Berlin and Washington to sort out. At the European Parliament where


they are investing all the claims of British MEP is going to Washington


next week to question senior officials. There is genuine anger,


and people in Germany and France want real answers. The worry is


going on in the European Parliament have got genuine depth and need


answers. Chancellor and President have a


close elation ship. He took the whole family to burning recently.


Allegedly and economically the US and Germany need one another. -


politically. I have been joined by the London


respondent for the German newspaper. It seems as though she is


awfully annoyed. She has met the American president


several times and has been assured nothing untoward had happened or is


happening and she believed it, the German populace were suspicious why


don't they probe more? Suddenly she finds herself being eavesdropped on.


For a woman who is normally relaxed to put on a public show she has come


out all guns blazing and shows her anger.


They are quite good friends. They speak in interest to each other She


speaks too much on her mobile phone, maybe she should be a bit more


careful. She would be advised to cut it back little bit. She calls he


regularly, it does she? I wouldn't admit to it, I have to


protect my sources. She does use the telephone a lot,


she has been seen using a pretty old personal handset but she will have


to be more careful. You would wonder why German intelligence hasn't given


her a more secure handset. She has been given an absolute


secure company by one -- secure one by a company in Dusseldorf. The


people who she talks to might not have the same encryption. That is


probably where this has happened. Do you think, she is a bit of an


enigma, even Germans who hear her speaking German say that. For global


public opinion, her English is getting better but she doesn't speak


in English in public, does that to some extent increase the area of


mystery around her? She has no problem communicating


both in German and English. She is known for somebody who holds back on


what she believes in she lets public discussions go on before she herself


engages in the same subject matter. She is a riddle inside an enigma


wrapped in a mystery as Churchill famously said about the old soviet


union. She has worked well with this particular appeal. She is a woman,


they trust her to hold the reins of power.


Will this cause any real fallout? It will because it catches up on the


very relationship with America, which used to be called our second


constitution. We are falling out with the Americans across the


board, this comes at an unfortunate time where distrust is spreading


like wildfire. The Americans have not said they


have done this, but... They haven't ruled out whether they have done it


in the past. The Borg are in government has


confirmed to the BBC that a couple claiming to be the parents of Maria,


the blonde girl found in that Roma community in Greece, have been


questioned by Bulgarian police. They have provided DNA samples which will


be compared with those from Maria Hugh remains under the protection of


children's charity in Greece -- who. Could they be the missing link to


Maria? Family in the tiny Bulgarian town claiming the little girl in


Greece could be theirs. The woman and her husband have provided DNA


samples for analysis, one of their daughters seems certain.


Do you know Maria, she is asked by a journalist? Yes, she is my sister.


The mother is posed the same question. I don't know if she is


mine or not, I saw her pictures yesterday, now I am sick, I haven't


eaten. I do have a child in Greece, I gave her away because I couldn't


care for her. Some of their children seem to bear a striking resemblance


to little Maria found in a Roma community in central Greece last


week. She is in the care of a charity which has had thousands of


calls in an international appeal. Reports say the couple gave birth to


a girl in Greece in 2009 close to where Maria was found last week


They sold the child before returning to Bulgaria. There have been


previous allegations of the sale of babies between the two countries


with a large trafficking network exposed two years ago. This couple


who had Maria in their home in Greece have been charged with


abduction. They remain in custody awaiting trial. The DNA results will


be known in the coming hours as the wait goes on to solve the mystery of


Maria. Now police in Portugal have reopened


their enquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann who went missing


more than six years ago in Portugal. The public prosecutor 's office said


there was new evidence that justified the continuation of the


investigation but they have not said what that is.


Five years ago 18 months after Madeleine McCann disappeared


Portuguese police announced they have done although possibly could to


find her. The case was officially closed. Tonight they are back on


board Europe's most high-profile missing persons investigation.


Detectives say a review of events has produced new lines of enquiry


which they will now pursue. As I opened it a bit I looked into


the room. I guess I was looking at her bed and I couldn't make her out.


It is understood the new information is in linked to the fresh evidence


being gathered by Scotland Yard The recent reconstruction of her


disappearance has led to more than 3000 calls from the public. Several


have given a name to the e-fit photos of a man the police have


identified as a potential suspect. However, it is being made clear that


the two forces will work closely together and share all information


they gather. We have got very good collaboration between the Met and


the Portuguese police and that is starting to bear fruit. I hope it


will enable a resolution of this terrible thing that happened to the


family. It has emerged Kate and Gerry McCann


met Portuguese to get last week In a statement they welcomed the


decision to reopen the enquiry. More than six years after she went


missing the efforts to find out what happened to Madeleine McCann appear


more extensive now than when she first disappeared.


The latest development there. Let's bring you some other news from


around the world. A plain fighting bushfires in the


stringy and say of New South Wales has crashed killing its passengers


-- Australian state. The worst hit areas of the Blue Mountains west of


Sydney where many homes have been destroyed.


A court in the Libyan told to believe has charged the son of


Colonel Gaddafi with a raft of luminal offences. The former


military intelligence chief is among 20 other senior officials who have


also charged. The alleged offences relate to the killing of


demonstrators in the uprising in 2011.


Now to the BBC's 100 Women series. The role of women in the Arab


uprising and whether this will have an impact? We start with Egypt where


women have been involved in many protests that have gripped the


country since the fall of Hosni Mubarak.


One disturbing aspect is the sexual violence and harassment women have


been subjected to while out on demonstrations for top more


generally violence against women has been increasing. A recent UN study


suggest nine out of ten Egyptian women have been sexually harassed.


Civilians are taking matters into their own hands to end the


violence. Handing out the Taser 's, volunteers


get ready to patrol the streets of Cairo, and dispense vigilante


justice. TRANSLATION: If he resists, we know


how we will deal with him. Rejoined his group. A hunt for attackers


during busy holiday periods. These volunteers say they are on the


streets patrolling because they have no choice. They say they are doing


the job the authorities should be doing. For the most part, the police


are looking the other way. They say they are ready for violence if


necessary. Minutes later, they surround an alleged attacker and


restrain him in a headlock. Guilty or innocent, he is humiliated. I am


a harasser is stencilled on his back. But most of the worst attacks


have happened over -- under cover of darkness during political protests.


This was in June. Two terrified women were rescued here. Activists


say there were 46 mob assault that night. And there was no one to


rescue this freelance journalist. All of a sudden, I've found myself


in a massive circle of men who were touching every inch of my body. I


thought I was going to die. I thought that because they were so


aggressive and actually at a certain point, I think I fainted because one


of them was trying to strangle me with a scarf that was around my


neck. What is fuelling these cases? Is there a climate of impunity? It


is there and it is encouraging molesters. Molesters may feel


encouraged by ultra-conservative clerics.


This TV channel has now been shut down, but plenty here are ready to


blame the victim. Janus discovered that at a police station. She works


with another group who try to protect women. She herself has been


brutally assaulted, twice, so violently that she had a


miscarriage. TRANSLATION: When I went into the station, I was wearing


a badge saying no to harassment The officers' response was that the


attacker might have read it without the word know as if I was inviting


people to harass me. The police are presenting a more concerned face.


Parading officers from a new unit set up to tackle violence against


women. But with next to no prosecutions, victims fear it is a


token gesture. Well, today on World News Today we


have a special guest editor. Nadia Al-Sakkaf who is editor in chief of


the Yemen Times, the country's first independent English-language


newspaper, which has been running since 2005. She's in the studio with


me now. We're also joined by Fatima Said, who is a British-Egyptian


pro-democracy activist. Fatima, I know you go back to Egypt regularly


and see your family affair and sadly you, like so many Egyptian women,


have exceeded -- experienced sexual harassment. Why is it so endemic?


The biggest reason is the impunity against the perpetrators. There is


no justice system in Egypt, there's no retribution for those who commit


sexual harassment in these brutal acts we are seeing and unfortunately


since the military coup in Egypt, we have seen an erosion of that justice


system. Nobody is able to... It has made it more difficult forwarding to


get their rights and justice. What we are seeing now is the dignity and


honour of women being used as a weapon against them. You say after


the military coup, but this kind of harassment predates the removal of


Mohamed Morsi and it is happening in has the -- Hosni Marek's time.


Absolutely. Now, there is a... I don't think attacks have increased,


I think people have become more outspoken. What we are seeing now is


not just people on the street committing sexual harassment, but


the police and military also doing it. Can I ask something? Is it only


happening in the urban centres or in the rural areas? What we are seeing


is that it is mainly concentrated around Cairo. Certain areas in Cairo


is, especially where protests are taking place, and it is basically


being used as a weapon against these women's honour. As I was saying


before, not just by men on the streets, but we are also seeing a


very dangerous precedent where the military and some members of the


security forces are participating in that. They are arresting women and


then subjected to harassment and rape. Nadia, it is interesting what


you asking, because Egyptian women play an active role in society,


particularly in the countryside Nadia, I want to ask you, because


women in Yemen played an active role in the protests that led to the


removal of Ali Abdullah Saleh. Your experience is different, you didn't


suffer from this kind of harassment? Not really. In fact, women were


encouraged to be in the streets by the political parties and they were


sort of protected. In fact, I would say that the 2011 events were the


single most important event in recent history that promoted Yemeni


women's public and political activism. Really? You think it has


helped emancipate Yemeni women. When we talk about 1918, women in the UK


got the vote. Yemeni women have had their share of activism and


political work before, but it was not this massive and it was only for


a if you powerful women. Now, it has become everybody's business. One


Yemeni woman won the Nobel Peace Prize. I want to ask you and you


also, has it have -- had an impact on Arab women in general? Did she


help the role of women? Definitely. We are very proud of her. She is a


role model. She is also a leader for both men and women. She when she


left the demonstrations, there are men and women behind her. It broke a


stereotype that women cannot lead men in public and political events.


Did that act as a boost in any way to Arab women in the Arab Spring,


the fact that this celebrated Yemeni woman? Definitely. It has resonated


in Egypt, too. We have seen groups in Egypt, activist groups, coming


out and speaking out against the sexual harassment as a result of


people like her being given the Nobel Prize. There have been many


projects, civilian -based project, that have come to counteract sexual


harassment. A friend of mine actually, she is an artist, and she


draws comics against sexual harassment and one of her


superheroes is a lady, a veiled lady, and she is fighting. In a


sentence, you don't agree then with Nadia that the Arab Spring has been


good for women in Egypt? It's definitely has. -- it's definitely


has. Thank you both very much. Now, to a collection of photos which


shows some of America's biggest music stars in a new light. Don


Hunstein worked as Columbia Records' in-house photographer and a new book


of his work includes a treasure trove of unseen and intimate shots


of jazz, rock, soul and classical greats. Music critic Jon Pareles


collaborated on the book and spoke to the BBC about how Hunstein made


the most of his extraordinary access.


A lot of the book is stuff you wouldn't see as it was behind closed


doors. It is rehearsals, frame after frame, people just hanging around


being musicians. I collaborated on a book of photographs by Don Hunstein


who is not a household name, but who was a wonderful photographer. Don


Hunstein was the staff photographer for Columbia records from the early


50s through to the 80s. What gave him -- that gave him access to


everyone that recorded for Columbia. He managed to put these


people at ease. By contrast, you can see how much rock stars have their


guard up now. Whereas, Hunstein could get Bob Dylan in his most


famous photo to put on a coat and go step out on a Greenwich streets He


was shooting Bob Dylan in his apartment and didn't like it. He


rushed Bob Dylan and his girlfriend outdoors and Dylan put on a light


jacket, seeking seeing out cakes -- at stake that he is freezing. But


you got that cover that so many people have imitated.


Aretha Franklin was one of the many peoples assigned -- signed to


Columbia. She had to go to Atlantic Records with someone else. Hunstein


caught this astonishing woman. You see both a young woman and an


artist unfolding before your eyes. The photographs of Glen are


fascinating as he was an unusual guy. He withdrew from public view.


He stopped giving concerts, a stopped... Year after year, he had


Hunstein, and take photos. Hunstein must have gotten him to be a


co-conspirator in these pictures, rather than someone who was camera


shy. When you look at this body of work, you see a history of American


music and you see a very telling eye. It is not Polaroids, it is not


snapshots, it is not the random shots you or I would get. He was


just a guy doing his job and luckily he did it so well. The remarkable


photographs of Don Hunstein. Let's remind you of our main news. The


German Chancellor has said that spying amongst friends is not done.


She was speaking as she arrived at a European Union summit that is likely


to be overshadowed by these allegations that US intelligence


agencies have been intercepting her mobile phone calls. That is all from


us today. Next, it is the weather. From me and the team, goodbye.


Hello. I suppose you could say that today was


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