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This is BBC World News Today, with me Zeinab Badawi.


He had a $5 million bounty on his head and was one of the world's most


wanted men. Now, the leader of the Pakistan Taliban is said to be dead.


Reports say Hakimullah Mehsud was killed in a US drone strike on his


home and car in north-west Pakistan. Around six also died with him and


many others were wounded. Several people have been injured


following a shooting incident at Los Angeles International Airport.


Flights in and out of the airport are suspended.


Also coming up... We hear from a survivor from the


Sahara Desert tragedy, who buried her sisters and mother and said


passing truck drivers refused to stop and help.


And forget about hammering out scripts and letters. One artist has


found a new use for the humble typewriter.


Hello and welcome. Let us take you straight to California, to Los


Angeles International airport. Several people are reported to be


injured after a shooting in terminal three. Authorities are holding a


press conference right now. We will next year from the FBI agent in


charge, who will talk a little about about the investigation. Good


afternoon. Firstly, we are working hand-in-hand with our partners, the


Los Angeles Police apartment, the airport police in respect of these


investigation. It is ongoing. We have got very few facts. We are


working with the US attorney 's office, as well, but I am not going


to talk about the victims as yet. We will bring our resources to be in


conjunction with our teams here which includes a response teams and


any other resources. At this point, we do not see any additional threats


at the airport. Thank you. The last speaker to speak to you, before I


take questions, I want to thank the officers from the Los Angeles Police


Department here, whose quick action saved many more lives today. Good


morning. I just want to reiterate what has been said and to thank the


first responders here, the airport police, the fire department, the FBI


and the Los Angeles police department. There is a natural


inclination when you hear gunfire to fully and duck and in this instance,


the people who hear them ran towards the incident to save lives. To see


the command working together here today seamlessly was awe-inspiring.


I also want to thank the public for their patients and their cooperation


and ask that that continues throughout the day. We have heard


there are two fatalities and one critical? Can you confirm that? I


cannot confirm that at this moment. This is an airport that has very


little jurisdiction. We have FBI as it is on board and the investigative


lead has been taken by the FBI. Is there any indication as to why he


was doing this? Not I am that I am aware of. Any dynamic situation we


have things unfold so rapidly, and many people come forward, there is


always some bit of chaos at times like this. People are always putting


forward the theory that there could be additional suspects. As we stand


at the moment, there is only one individual responsible for the


shooting. I want to follow up what the mere had said regarding the


officers who went on after this individual. This individual was


shooting as he went into the terminal. The officers, ADP, they


did not hesitate. They went after this individual when confronted them


in our airport. Unfortunately, it involved a shooting, but that is


what needed to be done at that time. We practice for this. Not three


weeks ago, we took every one of our officers and a couple of hundred


officers from the Los Angeles Police department and we practised an exact


scenario to that which played out today. I was talking to the officers


involved in this a few minutes ago and he said that training was


critical to how they responded to this. They are well trained


officers. All of the agency 's acumen, for there is from the Los


Angeles police department or those who work at the airport hand-in hand


with them, everyone with them came to help us get through this


particular incident and we appreciate the help. Why are you not


addressing the information I was asking about? I do not know that


information. We are trying to develop information on the suspect.


That is the responsibility of the FBI. That will be determined. If you


are asking me whether that information is clear at this point,


it is not. That is the official response. I'd using you do not know


who the shooter is? The suspect got back into the terminal, near a


burger king, and was able to get back there. I appreciate all the


questions and we will have more information shortly. You are


listening to a live press conference from Los Angeles International


airport, because there was a shooting their earlier today. One


gunman has been shot by police and taken into custody. The suspect had


been carrying a high-powered rifle. The police believe only one is


involved. The policy someplace are arriving at the airport now. In the


past few hours it has been reported that the leader of the Pakistani


Taliban was one of three people killed in a suspected US drone


strike. Intelligence officials in Pakistan


say agents sent to the site of the attack in the North Waziristan


tribal area Friday confirmed the death of militant leader Hakimullah


Mehsud. If this is confirmed, it would


represent a major blow at the heart of the Pakistan Taliban.


In a recent BBC interview, Mehsud had indicated that he was willing to


hold talks with the Pakistani authorities and, indeed, today, the


Government was planning to send a peace delegation to hold talks with


the Taliban, to try to get it to end its violence.


In a moment we talk to a former official in Waziristan. First, this


is what Mehsud told the BBC in an exclusive interview just last month.


We believe in having talks. The government has taken no serious step


two approaches. The government needs to set weathers and then we will


present our conditions. That was talking to the BBC last month.


Joining us now from Washington is Professor Akbar Ahmed, who served as


Pakistan's High Commissioner here in London and was also an official in


South Waziristan. This is a big catch for the United States? It is.


It is a very big deal. By all accounts, this man was the head of


the most deadly fire day of the Caliban and we do not want to


glamorise a massmurderer like him, but he had the skill, and I for


military skill and tactics, causing hail across Pakistan and really


causing chaos to the law and order the and has death is wonderful for


Pakistan and the United States. Of course, it may create many other


problems. What now for the Pakistan Taliban?


Hakimullah Mehsud had asked for talks with the Government there Is


this a reflection of his organisation's growing


marginalisation or may it even be a shot in the arm for the Taliban


there? He will be very quickly replaced, but the question is


whether the new man wants to continue a question of dialogue or


whether he wants to follow the path of revenge for the dead leader and


to campaign -- continually campaign of terror. What is your guests to


that big question? It does not just involve the tribal leaders, but also


Islam a bad, it involves Washington and the president of the United


States and the president of Pakistan. It was assumed that the


drone attacks would be suspended, but on his return, the Prime


Minister sought to drone strikes. The tradesmen say, who do we talk


to? Who can we trust in this campaign if we want to have dialogue


and we want peace? Above all, they must be peace and stability, that is


the priority. Will the Pakistan authorities come out against the use


of drone strikes, particularly if this images that innocent civilians


died in this? That is another good question. On the one hand, there is


no doubt that the will be released and happiness that this man has been


taken out, but there is the official position on the Domino Pakistan that


we do not want any more drone strikes, which we view as a


violation of all types of treaties. It is a delicate balance that the


gunmen of Pakistan will have do maintain. Many people in the Army


will be real weaved he is dead, but once again, Pakistani air space has


been violated. The United States also has the sure some delicacy


handling this crisis. Thank you very much for talking to his. We have got


some other breaking news. This time, from Greece. Police say two men have


been shot dead in what they say was a drive-by shooting outside the


office of the far right Golden Dawn Harty. It is not known who the


attack -- the victims where or whether it was a politically


motivated attack. We will bring you more geeky news on that as soon as


we get it. The identities not yet known. .


The German government says it wants to talk to fugitive US intelligence


contractor Edward Snowden, to find out more about the reports of the


bugging of Chancellor Angela Merkel's telephone.


This comes on the day that an MP from the German Green Party,


Hans-Christian Stroebele, has been talking about his meeting with


Edward Snowden in Moscow this week. He says Mr Snowden told him that he


is willing to help a German investigation. The German NPD


skaters see our meeting with Eduard Snowden and Moscow. He said the


fugitive seemed happy and healthy. He wants to explain how the United


States intelligence agencies broke a law. Eduard Snowden is how he may


look move from Russia to Germany. He can imagine travelling to Germany,


providing there is a guarantee he could stay the or another country


where he could be saved. He is seeking safe passage following


asylum. Eduard Snowden 's fees to stay in Russia expires next June and


if it does not be extended, he will face a problem. In BLM, the American


ambassador said as embassy is not a nest to end espionage, as it has


been labelled by some. We add in the communication business. We


communicate with other embassies around the world, back to


Washington. We have satellite dishes and received telecommunications and


other types of communication. I would not get too excited about


these articles that they are all sorts of electronics in the


embassy. Some MPs are treating Edward Snowden like a hero and the


Government says it is interested in what information he has. It is clear


that in this country, he is not public enemy number one as he may be


in parts of the United States. The Government of new share has


declared three days of mourning after 92 days were found in the


Sahara desert -- in Niger. Most of them were women and children. Their


vehicles had broken down as they were trying to cross the desert and


they died of thirst. Migrants are usually men and the authorities in


Niger say they are puzzled about what this group was doing there


Still, Northern Niger lies on a major corridor for irregular Mike


Gration -- irregular migration. The movements of this particular group


are shown on the map. They travelled north from the city of Agadez in


central Niger and headed towards Algeria, they broke down about ten


kilometres from the border. 19 of the group managed to reach the


Algerian city of Tamanrasset but were caught and sent back to Niger.


This route is often used by migrants heading towards the Mediterranean


coast cities of Algiers and Tripoli in Libya, trying to cross the sea to


Europe. One of those who survived this arduous journey has been


talking to the BBC. 14-year-old Shafa from Niger told us her


ordeal. TRANSLATION: We waited for four days in the desert with no


water before we started walking Some vehicles passed us by and we


try to stop them but nobody would stop. We sat under a tree and that


was where one of my sisters died. We buried her there. Then we continued


walking and after a day, our second sister died. And then on the third


day, my mother died. I buried all of them myself. I am living with my


aunt. I heard that only myself and a little girl and 18 men survived the


journey out of more than 100 of us. The voice that of Shafa who survived


that tragic journey across the desert. Germany has become the first


country in Europe to allow newborn babies with physical characteristics


of both sexes to be registered as neither male nor female. From today,


the parents of such children will be allowed to leave the gender bank on


birth certificates. The move is aimed at removing pressure on


parents to make quick decisions about sex assignment surgery for


newborn babies. It is thought that up to one in every 2000 people


worldwide have characteristics of both sexes. They are known as


intersex because they have a mixture of male and female chromosomes or


even genitalia which have characteristics of both genders


German passports which currently list the holder's sex as M or F will


have a third for intersex holders, X. I have been joined here in the


studio by Professor Faisal Ahmed from the University of Glasgow


conducting research into this area of medicine and also by Holly


Greenberry, the founder of Intersex UK. Holly, first of all, tell us


what you think about this move. Not just your own personal opinion but


everybody involved in your work at Intersex UK. Initially it has been a


great move to bring this to the attention of the Government. There


are some concerns over this, potentially giving a child and X


identifier could give them an unusual circumstance, there may be a


concern over children who may be identified with an X. Faisal Ahmed,


what do you think about this? Does it make sense from a medical board


of you to give doctors and parents a bit of reading space? Before they


decide whether to carry out reassignment surgery? Yes, I guess


the reassignment surgery is a small part of that. From a clinical


perspective, I think the issue has been very much that in Germany there


has been lots of pressure on the professionals as well as parents to


come up with decisions on sexual reassignment on 14 days of the


birth. These are other true deadlines and in England, Northern


Ireland, Wales, our deadline is about 42 days. That is not much


longer though, is it? That is naturally quite a long time mummy


are looking at the time needed to do tests -- that is actually quite a


long time when you look at the time needed to do tests. A period when


they are deciding for themselves what they would like as far as what


the gender should be. It is a long period and adults are not completely


sure what gender they may be so that is another issue. As they get older,


they are maybe not sure. Holly, when a child is born and then perhaps has


no surgery but doctors are forced to put down male or female, later on in


life, that person grows up and thinks they have got the wrong


gender, they cannot change their birth certificate then, can they?


Because that would amount to falsifying a public document so they


may be lumbered with a document that says female when they are really


living as a male. There are a number of conditions where that can occur


and for some people, that is the case certainly. What is important in


the UK is we recognise that what is vital is the support of parents when


a child with an intersex condition is born or as a child grows and the


condition is discovered. We have to stop medicalising it and feel that


these are irreversible changes and do them -- and put these children


through irreversible changes. There is a loss of body autonomy,


significant damage that it can create and it is irreversible.


Doctors do not know how a child will develop by inference. And parents


need that support. Professor, is the surgery irreversible? Is an IDM


medically. There are a number of conditions. We are trying to move


away from the phrase "intersex" and try to describe it as differences in


sex development and so on, to give the impression and it is an image


that there is a spectrum so there are children born who have... Boys


who have a he is and it is not in the right place -- who have male


genitalia. Or a female with an ovary and they won but perhaps more like


male genitalia. -- an ovary and a womb. The surgery itself would be


irreversible but there is a trend nowadays that there is less surgery


going on compared to what it was before but absolutely, there are


different standards of care across the country and the world and we


have to appreciate that and try to educate people. Thank you very


much, both of you. Sorry to rush you on this rather delicate matter.


Thank you very much. In a world of computers, iPods and smartphones,


the humble typewriter has found itself on the shelf but one woman


has found a new way of using those forgotten Remingtons, Olivettis and


Adlers. Keira Rathbone uses them to create artworks like those behind


me. She found inspiration after sitting behind a typewriter with a


desire to type something that found she had nothing to say. I have the


typewriter in front of me, and a desire to type but nothing to say. I


started pressing the same keys and looking at the marks to try to make


something visual. Rather than actually making words.


I started around ten years ago. I thought everybody would want to do


this. But as I noticed it was my art form and tried to contextualise it


at university, I quickly discovered nobody was doing it now. The little


figures can be just a few seconds and then something like the


Hammersmith Bridge, I would go down there and type things which would


take about two or three hours over ten or 12 sessions like that.


The last event I did was an art fair in London and for the first time, I


had an open typewriter so I was just typing anything and then I would


type the people. There is one. This skirt has got a


jazzy pattern on it and good shoes as well. It is more like the essence


of what you see rather than the detail which I enjoyed. If they


move, you just get like the arm they don't get a head. Some people


are very sentimental about them and they want to tell me about how their


dad used to repair them but for me it is just when the kids come along


and they have never seen a typewriter before. They say, "what


is it?" I think they will all outlive us,


typewriters! I do not think we will run out of them unless everybody


puts them in landfill. Keira Rathbone and her amazing


typewriter art. That is all from the programme, next the weather, no


storms in Europe I hope this weekend. Goodbye.


Strong winds will feature in the weather for some of us this weekend


as yet another


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