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This is BBC World News Today. The trial of four suspects in the


assassination of the Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in 2005


begins. He was killed in a bombing explosion in Beirut. The defendants


linked to Hezbollah are being tried in absentia.


We never seek vengeance. Hopefully by the end of this trial we will


find out the truth and we will get the justice for Lebanon.


One of the most senior officials at the Vatican is questioned strongly


by a special UN panel on its failure to protect children from abuse by


East 's. Also coming up, three films top the


nominations for the Oscars and we look at their chances of winning


those prized trophies. And depression and how to survive


it. That advice was offered by the late comedian Spike Milligan. Now it


seems he wasn't alone as new research links comic genius to


mental illness. Hello and welcome. It has taken


nearly a decade is to get to this stage. Mine lay a special UN


tribunal in the Hague has begun the trial in absentia of four defendants


linked to Hezbollah or the assassination of Lebanese Prime


Minister Rafiq Hariri nine years ago. He did love with 21 others when


his convoy was blown in Beirut. Each of the four suspects have been


identified but not apprehended. We ask what chances there are of them


ever being brought to justice. A long-awaited trial has begun but


none of the accused are in sight. The special tribunal is the first


international court since the Nuremberg trials to try suspects in


absentia. For individuals associated with the Lebanese party Hezbollah.


The prosecution says it is confident they are responsible for the killing


of the former Prime Minister of Lebanon, Rafiq Hariri, and 21 other


people. The attackers used an extraordinary


quantity of explosives, far more than was needed to kill their


target. Clearly the intention was to spread a message and panic among the


people. Among those present in court was the son of the former Prime


Minister. He told journalists that he came to


seek justice, not revenge. We never seek vengeance and


hopefully by the end of this trial we will find out the truth and we


will get the justice that we called for an Lebanon.


This is only the start of what is expected to be a long trial. The


onus is on the prosecution to prove the guilt of the suspects in the


first international tribunal ever to try individuals on charges of


terrorism. The defence team seems ready to hit back.


TRANSLATION: The first unexpected thing will be the words of the


defence lawyers on Monday because you can imagine they have lots to


answer for. Since the killing of Rafiq Hariri


many others have been killed in Lebanon. Many hope this tribunal


will put an end to the trouble. But others fear it has become and others


-- another source of political turmoil.


Let us discuss this more. Faysal Itani is a fellow with the Atlantic


Council's Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East. If these four men


have been identified and people know who they are, we not been


apprehended? Simply put, the Lebanese


institutions are too politically weak to have the will to go after


them. Going after them would most likely require a violent


confrontation and they have no appetite for that or possibly even


the capabilities. Could the forces could actually go


into the Hezbollah-run areas and arrest these men?


Probably not given the balance of power between the security forces


and Hezbollah. They're in mind also that the security forces are


multi-sectarian, made up of some Hezbollah members.


It sounds like you don't really think that these suspects will ever


be brought to justice. I think whether or not they are


brought to justice depends very much on Hezbollah's security situation


within Lebanon and the situation of its allies abroad, the Syrian regime


and Iran. I don't see a scenario where they will be brought to


justice by force. Is there an element of perhaps if


they ever were arrested, it would cause such instability between


Hezbollah and the central authorities that these interests


have two trump the ideas of justice?


I wouldn't quite put it that way because you have to remember that


Hezbollah is a significant influence on the political goings-on in


Lebanon. Opposition to Hezbollah would have to come from a political


rival in Lebanon itself. I think it is the impossibility of the task


rather than the resulting literal instability.


So when Rafiq Hariri's Sun says that they will find out the truth, that


is wishful thinking on his part? Not necessarily. If the accusations


are accurate and there are bindings of guilt.


How important is all this to the wider population in Lebanon?


I think it is quite important. A significant proportion of the


Lebanese have rejected its legitimacy outright, mostly


supporters Hezbollah. A political assassination which happens often


and never gets this level of trial is receiving an unprecedented level


of trial so it is an improvement. We have heard John Kerry calling on


the Syrian opposition to vote in favour of attending the Geneva peace


conference. We know there is a great deal of opposition. Sorry to put you


on the spot but just give us your reaction to that.


Given how much emphasis on US policy has placed on the talks, I can


understand why they would take that position. But from the perspective


of the opposition, they have two problems. Firstly, they don't have


significant support in Syria itself and are not seen as having the power


to negotiate on the behalf of Syrians. Secondly, rebel forces who


do have influence have a great rejected these talks. They are in an


impossible position. If they do refuse to go, on the other hand they


will lose whatever US support which they have had so far, which isn't


much. Thank you for that.


A suicide bomber in northern Lebanon has killed self and three other


people in Hermel near the Bekaa Valley. More than 20 people were


injured. It is the latest attack in Hezbollah -dominated areas.


After years of allegations of child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church,


the Vatican has been given strong public questioning. Senior officials


are facing robust questions by a special UN committee in Geneva to


try to find out why the charge won't release its full data on the abuse.


Victims and their families accused the Church of a culture of secrecy.


For years, victims of clerical sexual abuse struggle to be heard.


No campaigners are pleased that at last the Vatican is being


investigated by a UN committee. At the hearing in Geneva, the


Vatican's seemed contrite. There is no use for violence or


exploitation of children. Such crimes cannot be justified, whether


permitted in the home, schools, sports programmes, religious


institutions. In a brutal session, it was said


they were only responsible for abuse inside Vatican City, a much


criticised assertion. The Catholic Church has 1 billion


followers and his influence over a lot more children's lives than just


these few that the mentioned. This man has had to fight hard for


justice. He was abused as a teenager I and Italian priest, he claims.


I think it is time to stop the secrecy.


There has been mounting evidence of abuse in different countries. In


2009, the report found that sexual and psychological abuse was endemic


in Ireland. In 2010, the Bishop of Bruges resigned after a sex scandal.


In Germany there were 280 counts of sexual abuse.


Laws have been strengthened and Vatican -- victims offered help.


Let us bring you some of the other news.


Early indications about Egypt's new constitution are that it will get


overwhelming backing. The Muslim Brotherhood boycotted it in protest


at the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi. Tonight was reported at just more


than 50%. The actress linked with President


Francois Hollande has taken legal action against Closer magazine over


the allegations. It is alleged that Francois Hollande spent the night at


her flat. The Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone is to go on trial charged


with bribery. It is to do with payments made to


German banker Gerhard Gribowsky. Bernie Ecclestone is stepping down


from the Formula 1 board of directors.


Let us update you on an exclusive story we brought you this time


yesterday. Organised paedophiles in Western countries are paying for


children to be abused in the Philippines and then watching that


abuse live via webcam. Some of those were based in the UK and five people


have already been jailed for the activity.


This is Operation Endeavour in action. Philippine police raid a


house and rescue 12 children. The youngest was just six years old. He


had been sexually abused by their own parents in front of the webcam,


directed from thousands of miles away in Britain. The raid was


launched after the arrest of this man, Timothy Ford. He offered other


paedophiles the chance to watch the abuse, men like Thomas Owen. Records


released today show that he was offering live shows and described


some children as really cute. Police arrested 29 people in 12 countries


and have identified many more suspects.


There are over 700 suspects around the world, over 100 of which are in


the UK. That's shocking, isn't it?


Very shocking. It will need to realise. Let's call this what this


is. This is not an Internet crime, this is a crime facilitated by the


Internet, this is child sexual abuse.


This is a new crime could by rising demand in the West and is a growing


problem, especially in the Philippines.


In some of the poorest areas, whole communities have been taken over by


this trade. Amylase are forced to perform sex acts in front of


children -- on children in front of cameras for paying Westerners.


This girl was 15 when she was forced by her own hand to work on what she


calls a cybersex then. The operation has been a success but charities say


that the police must do much more to protect the tens of thousands of


children who remain at risk. A special report there.


It is movie awards season. Today we found out who is in the running for


the Oscars. Gravity, American muscle, and 12 Years A Slave lead


the pack. -- American Hustle. You will have seen all of them?


I have. It is quite exciting. Let's start with the Gravity and


American Hustle. I love to Gravity. And American


Hustle is a disco era film. Gravity, Sandra Bullock and George


Clooney, adrift in space. A spectacular movie that did so well


at the box office globally. Critically lauded also. And a


British film, strangely enough. Yes, they had to shoot it in


Pinewood and Shepperton. Special effects, of all the magical


experiences, this here is like a Michelangelo ceiling!


And American Hustle, about a con artist?


Nobody is quite sure what it is about, but it is a real story about


the left early episode. Amy Adams and Christian Bale, almost


unrecognisable. An FBI episode. And 12 Years A Slave, I think that is


the best picture. The one that is kind of capturing the conversation


going on at the moment. Slavery, never really been addressed by


cinema. And Chiwetel Ejiofor, nominated for


best director, -- actor, with Steve McQueen nominated for best director.


Yes, to go from some austere arthouse pieces to one of the big


directors in the world, only his third film. Alongside Martin


Scorsese. John Singleton was nominated that -- nominated but did


not win, Steve McQueen would be the first black director to win. And


Bruce Sterling is a big favourite, Leonardo DiCaprio, a fourth


nomination, never one, playing a terrible character, but a brilliant


performance. Bruce Dern, in the film Nebraska, he has a lots of love from


the Academy. There he is, playing a deluded pensioner who believes the


trash mail he gets to his letterbox telling him he has won $1 million. I


would love Chiwetel Ejiofor to win. But Matthew McConaghy, playing an


AIDS victim, he is the hot favourite.


The woman, Kate Blanchette, danger to Dench. -- Dame Judi.


Yes, Philomena was brilliant, but as good as she was in that film, a


lovely, clerical anger of a film, but I cannot see anybody beating


Kate Blanchette. A deluded woman who cannot believe her world has fallen


apart. That will be the Oscar. We will see who wins and Mark you


out of ten. A new treatment for blindness offers


hope to millions of evil with sight problems across the world. It


involves injecting genes into the eye. -- millions of people. Wine has


a rare genetic condition. -- Wayne. He was told he would lose his sight


in ten years. But he had a pioneering operation, which we


reported two years ago. It has improved his vision.


I looked at the night sky and saw stars for the first time in 15


years. That is something for me. Because of a faulty genetic issue,


cells die, but doctors found a way to inject new working copies. And


some of the cells they thought were dead have since revitalised,


improving his vision. Doctors have been amazed at the improvement. It


shows the therapy is safe and effective. They believe it could


potentially be used to treat more common forms of likeness. --


blindness. He was initially told he would not see his doctor grow up. --


daughter. Following this therapy, he hopes to see his grandchildren.


Spike Milligan was renowned for his wit, humour, and style. He was also


very candid about his battle with mental illness. He helped make big


show one of the most popular the last century. -- the Goon Show. But


he grappled with depression. Now a new study based on comics from


around the world has suggested many may suffer from mental illnesses and


psychotic or smell to trade. -- personality traits. Susan Murray,


comedian, joins me now. Mental illness is no laughing matter, but


this link between psychotic disorders and comedians, doesn't


strike a chord? It does not take a genius to work


out that it is not normal to stand on stage seeking love for telling


jokes. If you ask any stand-up comedian, a UN little bit unhinged,


they will answer, of course I am! I don't know quite why they even did


the study. Because it is so obvious? Absolutely. Because comedians are


both introverted and extroverted? Yes. It is quite a hard thing to do,


but it is a creative outlet. I get to moan for a living. Then you get


somebody who works in an office for 50 years, hating their job, that is


more insane than what I do. But do you think people with the


personality traits we are talking about might be drawn to the world of


comedy because it offers self-medication almost? There is a


bit of that. But the study is a bit misleading. Psychotic traits? From


500 comedians I know, two have had a psychotic episode. The figure would


be smaller than the general population. So I think this is


sensationalist, really. But there has always been a widely held view


linking instability with creativity. You know, Vincent van Gogh off.


Absolutely. But I would make the point that to do the job I do, you


must be balanced, mentally tough, physically tough, it is 24/7,


driving everywhere, writing jokes, it is nonstop, and you must love


what you do. You don't have to be mentally ill to work here, blah,


blah, but I work for the News quiz and once wrote 80 jokes in two days.


Just from thoughts that come into my head, you might be in conversation,


generally that. Do you have a short, favourite joke? That is acceptable!


Broadcast quality? Maybe not! When I first got the call I thought this


was about psychopathic tendencies, and I wrote a joke about it, but it


is not the same as psychosis. We are a little bit twisted, it is the most


childish job in the world, apart from being an actual child. Children


are brilliantly bonkers! I have four of my own and agree with you on


that! Thank you very much indeed. That is all from this edition. Next,


the weather. Good evening. Hello. A day of sunny spells and


scattered showers. Heaviest to the West. Similar tomorrow. Some subtle


differences, perhaps showers easing in eastern areas. But low never far


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