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This is BBC World News Today with me, Kassia Madera. Russia has said


it's willing to work with the West to resolve the crisis in Ukraine.


Military movement within Ukraine is raising tension. The new interim


prime minister says they don't want ANY foreign intervention.


No boots on the ground. Ukrainian Department of defence and Ukrainian


Department of home security is capable of doing their job.


The German Chancellor addresses the British Parliament saying she wants


a strong UK with a strong voice in Europe.


Also coming up: returning to scene of the crime - The Italian captain


of the Costa Concordia cruise ship visits the wreck as part of his


manslaughter trial. And we'll take you to the world's


oldest art - Caves in Northern Spain open for a select few to visit place


called the prehistoric Sistine Chapel.


Hello and welcome. Western nations have called on Russia to ease


tensions in Ukraine's Crimea region. The US Secretary of State has said


everyone needs to take a step back and avoid provocation. The Russian


Government has said it's willing to work with the west on averting a


crisis in Ukraine, but it has warned NATO against taking decisions on


behalf of the Ukrainian people. All the tension comes as armed


pro-Russia supporters stormed the regional parliament in Simferopol.


This idiot in Ukraine but the crowds were shouting Russia today as they


celebrated the storming of the local parliament by men with guns. The


building was barricaded so that MPs could not come and go and nobody


knows who the occupiers are. It shows how little control the


Ukrainian Government has in Crimea, a peninsular in the south-east of


the country. The heavily armed men took over the parliament at about


four o'clock this morning. Witnesses say they were carrying rifles and


grenades and forced their way and throughout the police who been


guarding the building. This morning's actions by an armed


group is dangerous and irresponsible. I urge Russia not to


take any action that could escalate tension.


But along the border with Ukraine, Russia is conducting what it calls


military preparedness exercises. It involves thousands of men. Given the


interest in Crimea which was historically Russian, it has only


exacerbated concerns in the West. We expect other nations to respect


Ukraine sovereignty and avoid provocative action. That is why I am


closely watching Russia's military exercise.


The alarm increased when seven armoured personnel carriers, thought


to be Russian, briefly turned up on the outskirts of the city. They've


probably part of a legitimate between bases. Ukraine's new prime


Minister begged other countries not to get involved militarily.


My first message is no boots on the ground. The Ukrainian Department of


defence and the Ukrainian Department of home security is capable of doing


their job. We believe that we will definitely find a political


solution. Ukraine's deposed president, Viktor


Yanukovych, has not been scenes on Sunday night. But tomorrow, he will


give a press conference in Russia. 70 miles from the Ukrainian border.


Following developments from Kiev is Duncan Crawford. Duncan, we heard


there from the new interim prime minister, saying they don't want


foreign boots on the ground. Is the new Government trying to play down


all the sabre rattling? I think there is concern about the


situation but clearly they do not want it to escalate. The new leaders


coming into power have seen difficult times before with Russia.


There is no surprise that Ukraine and Russia can get into arguments


over matters like this. There have indeed been separatist goals in the


past from Crimea as well. Earlier today, the interim prime minister


told the BBC that he does not expect Russia to interfere in Ukraine. He


believes that Russia will refrain from trying to take any action which


would see Ukraine split in two. Tonight, the US Secretary of State,


John Kerry, said the military manoeuvres which have been taking


place in the West of Russia, right along the Ukrainian border, they


were preplanned. He spoke to Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Foreign


Minister. There is a sense that the key players involved in orders are


trying to downplay the tensions. Thank you.


With me is the political risk analyst Natasha Grand. She's


Director of Research at the think tank INSTID.


We heard Duncan say that there is hope that Russia will not get


involved militarily. We have seen these exercises on the border. What


you make of this? Is there an appetite and Russia to do anything


further? I agree that Russia would not be


willing to be seen as the country who is rocking the boat. We have had


enough bad publicity. Also, the Russian foreign policy has been very


much underlying the stress on international law. Russia would want


to be seen as an important international player. One of the


great powers who sits at the table together with Europe, together with


United States and see how they can resolve this together. Ukraine is


not likely to make it on its own. There needs to be international


agreement. It is fair to say that Russia will be willing to be part of


a legitimate agreement. Having said that, it is important to understand


that this city is an important location because it is unable base.


For centuries, Russia has been fighting words to get access to the


Black Sea. The previous Government leased the military base to Russia.


The majority of the population in the Crimea is Russian. It is very


different from the rest of Ukraine. This particular region needs to be


regulated separately and Russia will be paying a lot of attention to


that. It is crucially important for


Russia, this particular region. Who do you think these people are who


have taken control in Crimea? Probably local people. Crimea only


became part of Ukraine in 1964. There is a long history of Russian


tradition in that area. It would most likely be local residents,


being very weary of what is happening in Ukraine.


In terms of what you think the next situation is going to be, or the


next steps are going to be, we have the referendum and of course we have


the former president Yanukovych making a statement on Friday, what


you expect to happen? We should expect further


negotiations, very intense to gushy Asians happening both publicly and


behind the scenes between the Ukrainian Government and


international players. Nobody is willing to put boots on the ground


now. Everyone wants the situation resolved peacefully and it is just


about flexing some muscles, perhaps, to show what each side is capable


of, the stakes are very high, but as I say, it would be better for all if


the result is peacefully. We will continue to monitor that


situation. Thank you. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has


said she will work with Britain to reform Europe saying she wants it to


remain a strong voice inside the EU. Chancellor Merkel was given the rare


honour of addressing both houses of the British parliament. While she


did not speak about Britain's possible re-negotiation of its


relationship with the European Union, as many had expected, she did


urge Britain to remain within the EU. Our political correspondent Rob


Watson reports. She is the most powerful politician in Europe and


only the second German leader to address parliament since the war.


Her message to the Eurosceptics is that the EU had helped to bring


peace and prosperity to the continent. She had not come to


London to promise a radical shake-up.


Some expect my speech to pave the way for a fundamental reform of the


European architecture, which will satisfy all kinds of alleged or


actual British wishes. I am afraid they are in for a disappointment.


She insisted that Europe does need to change and move with the times.


That would be easier with Britain still a member.


We need a strong united kingdom with a strong voice inside the European


Union. If we have that, we will be able to make the necessary changes


for the benefit of all. The two leaders clearly are not


entirely in step over the future of Europe but David Cameron insists


they are at least on the same side and that change can and must happen.


We had excellent discussions at lunch time. Angela Merkel and I both


want to see change in Europe. We both believe that is possible. I


believe that what I am setting out, sort of changes that Britain wants


to see, to build confidence in membership this organisation, and we


will hold the referendum before 2017 and give the public a choice.


Angela Merkel has been treated like what the Mac royalty, enjoying tea


with the Queen. She does not have a lack of love here, it is the lack of


detail that matters. Britain is pushing for reform of the EU but it


will not see just what changes it wants. It may be that the Queen will


have to provide a whole host of European leaders very great deal of


tea between now and the prime Minister's planned referendum in


2017. Getting some any countries to agree reforms clearly will not be a


piece of cake. The captain of the Costa Concordia


returned to the stricken cruise ship, more than two years after it


sank in a tragedy that claimed 32 lives. Francesco Schetino stands


accused of abandoning the ship and went on the visit as part of a


court-ordered inspection of the vessel, which still lies in the


shallows off the Italian island of Giglio. From there, Alan Johnston


sent this report. Returning to the scene of the disaster, Captain


Schettino is heading for the Concordia. Going back for the first


time, since that night. He joined 18 appointed by a court to examine


evidence on board. We cannot know what was going through his mind as


he moved about the wreck of his ship. Surely, there are memories of


the moment of his downfall. The shocking collision, the slow


realisation that the ship was lost. The deaths. Images from the


nightmare more than two years ago. The captain is accused of abandoning


his ship while hundreds of passengers were still aboard. They


were struggling to reach lifeboats. A furious Coast Guard commander


ordered Sketty knock again and again to get back on board. -- they


ordered Captain Schettino to get back on board. After his visit to


the wreck, he confronted his accusers. He refused to discuss his


emotions, wanting to stick instead to technical detail surrounding the


evidence gathering inspection that had just been completed. The


captain's trial is continuing and he faces the possibility of spending 20


years in jail. Meanwhile, plans are unfolding to refloat the wreck of


his ship and remove at the summer. But for the families of the victims


of the disaster, the memory of all that they lost in this place will


always remain. Let's catch up with some of the day 's other news, in


its latest report on files leaked by US whistle-blower Edward Snowden,


the Guardian newspaper in London says GCHQ with the help of the


American national a security agency intercepted and stored still images


of your whole webcam chats. A suicide car bomb has exploded in the


Somali capital Mogadishu killing at least 12 people and wounding eight


others. The explosion occurred outside the headquarters of the


security services. The al-Qaeda-linked al-Shabab group has


claimed responsibility. The explosion comes just days after an


attack on the presidential palace. A second member of the "Cuban Five"


spy ring has been released from an American prison after spending more


than 15 years behind bars. It's not clear where Fernando Gonzalez is now


being held or when he will return to Cuba. The five were convicted in


2001 of conspiracy, but they are hailed as heroes in Havana.


Don't leave it too late to have children, it's a warning that women


hear all too often, myself included. Now a major new study suggests that


the male biological clock may be ticking just as loudly. Research


involving millions of people shows that children, whose fathers are


over 45 years old, are more likely to suffer from a wide range of


disorders and problems. The investigation has been conducted


jointly by Sweden's Karolinska Institute and Indiana University, in


the United States. Brian D'Onofrio is the lead


researcher on this and he joins us now from Indiana University in


Bloomington in Indiana. This is a huge study. Just talk us


through what are the key findings. The key finding is that as father 's


age, we found that was associated with greater risk of children's


problems, psychiatric and academic and what was most important and most


surprising was that the association was much larger than previous


studies. Are you suggesting that male sperm actually has a sell by


date? That is one of the hypotheses that can explain the findings but


there are other explanations that can account for the increased risk


in the offspring as well. There are some suggestions that older fathers


parent their children in different ways than younger fathers. Perhaps


they provide less supervision, less emotional support, that is one of


the hypotheses. There could be a genetic explanation. How concerned


should we be? We have so many different studies and it is mainly


women actually whose ear about this biological clock. How concerned


should men be? That is a great question and let me be clear, we are


not saying that every child will have a psychiatric problem, in fact


our study shows that the overwhelming majority of children


will not have these problems. But we are saying that is fathers get


older, it increases the likelihood that their children will have


tricked and academic problems. -- psychiatric. Older fathers have a


lock themselves to offer that could counteract these kind of problems


that you are suggesting. Yes, that is a great point. There are many


advantages to delaying child-bearing. They are all very


protective factors for kids but answered these -- our study suggest


there are greater risks. Couples will have to make decisions,


weighing up the pros and cons. Very good to talk to you. I am very


pleased to hear that the men can hear that biological clock as well.


Thank you very much for your time. In Los Angeles, excitement is


building in advance of this weekend's Academy Award ceremony.


While there seems to be consensus selections when it comes to some of


the trophies there's little agreement over who will triumph in


the best foreign film category. Tom Brook reports now on who's in the


race. This film from Belgium is the only


foreign language nominee with a strong musical theme. It brings


together American bluegrass with the Flemish language drama. A


relationship unravels after the death of this couple 's daughter.


The Academy has nominated Cambodia for the first time this year. It is


a documentary chronicling how the Camaro Rouge 's rain of terror


affected families. Italy is any race with the great beauty, it follows a


journalist in Rome as he ponders his life. Some of the world is bigger


film markets, the US in the digger, are resistant to movies with


subtitle is that subtitles. Palestinian film director has been


meeting the press. The nomination will help you as a


foreign-language movie. It will help you win United States but also in


the world. It is the second time this director has been nominated. It


is a love story set on the West Bank. It tells of a Palestinian who


gets involved in the shooting of an Israeli soldier. I think it is tough


for Israelis to watch. I am also encouraged by the Israeli


crewmembers that we had working with us. They felt that this was a very


powerful story that needed to be told. Also in the running for a foul


-- foreign-language film Oscar is denatured film the hunt. It


chronicles a close community when a teacher is falsely accused of child


molestation and everyone turns against him. A new open voting


system has made it difficult to predict the winner. But when pushed,


many forecasters believe the prize will go to the Belgian tear-jerker.


Next month, the Internet will turn 25 at years old. That is the day it


was first introduced as a concept. A lot has happened in the past two


decades. A research data in the US have compiled data on how Americans


have used this data through the decades.


Happy birthday World Wide Web. You are almost 25 years young. On March


12, 1989, the paper was written that would lead to the creation of the


web. The Internet had been around for years but the web is what


allowed regular folks to take advantage of the technology. How did


Americans respond as the web grew up? Let's head down memory lane.


Almost half said it would not be all that great to use computers for


sending messages. We seemed pretty naive in 1983. They predicted the


pitfalls of online shopping when Amazon was still just a river.


Fast forward to 1995, according to the reaches Centre, 42% of Americans


had still never heard of the Internet. But they were already


getting attached to technology. A majority said it would be hard to


give up their computer. Time marched on, long with use of the Internet.


One in ten people still are not online. But today the web is the


number one technology people are loathed to give up. We all know that


the World Wide Web can be a wild West of behaviour. But a majority of


those survey to say the Internet is good for strengthening


relationships. This positively women crew positivity expands across all


demographics. Mostly it has been a good ride on the information


superhighway. A few lucky people in Spain have been given the


opportunity to see some of the oldest art on the planet. The


colourful cave paintings on the ceilings of the Altamira caves,


which show bison, deer and horses, date back 22,000 years. Five people


have been selected through a lottery to see the site, which has been


called the Sistine Chapel ceiling of cave art.


You as a young child actually visited the originals. That is


extraordinary. Yes, on a camping holiday in Spain. We visited the


cave. And I think probably it had such an impression on me, it was


what started me into archaeology. And you are probably one of the last


few to see it. Since then, it has been decided that humans should not


be anywhere near it. Humans enlarged members. Yes, it became such a


popular attraction that it was necessary to close it so that all of


the breathing and perspiring and taking in seeds and things on your


shoes had to stop. Such a shame. We are looking at some of the images.


Talk as to what we can see on these incredible drawings. It is an


extraordinary cave. The ceiling is not very high. It is a little bit


misleading to refer to the Sistine Chapel because as you go in, it is


about two metres high and then it slopes down to very low. Only part


of it is high above you. As you look up, around the formations in the


ceiling of the cave, you can see this wonderful group of bison, which


the artists have used the humps and bumps to create the shoulders and


the big hindquarters of these animals. Very impressively into


colours. Often the outline is black and then they will fill with this


red. Of course, when it was first done, this was all done in the


flickering light of lamp is and burning torches, without moving


light, these animals would have almost breathed from the ceiling.


Amazing. Just to think that these are 22,000 years old. Very briefly,


how important are these drawings, historically? Enormously important.


Both historically and in terms of the art itself. It is the first case


to be discovered with art and still over 100 years later, one of the


best. I could talk to you all night but unfortunately, we are out of


time. Thank you so much. Good night. A wintry night ahead. In the north,


the warnings are out for ice. Further south, we could well have


some snow won the hills. It is all tied in with this area


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