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This is BBC World News. Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is lost.


Presumed it ditched in the Southern Indian Ocean. Relatives are told


there is no hope as the Malaysia and Prime Minister announces the flight


's last known position as many hours from land.


It is therefore with deep sadness and regret that I must inform you


that according to this new data, the live image, it ended in the Southern


Indian Ocean -- one ended. We have the track on the British


firm that got the most definitive reading of the location. Over 100


people are now missing after a massive mudslide in the United


States. And protests in Egypt as it caught


sentences more than 500 supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood to death.


Hello and welcome. Waiting families were told by text message that it


has to be assumed "beyond reasonable doubt" that the Malaysia Airlines


flight which took off 16 days ago and vanished is lost. An


international search is still scouring the waters far south-west


of Perth, Australia, where it is believed the aircraft went down. We


have more on the search for evidence, and on the data that


finally led investigators to this conclusion. But first, Alistair


Leithead reports from the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur.


It was a moment the world was expecting, but the families of those


on board Flight MH370 were hoping would never come. The Malaysia Prime


Minister 's announcement was based on new information from the British


communications company at the heart of this investigation. The UK


company that provided the satellite data using a type of analysis never


before used in an investigation of this sort, they have been able to


shed more light on Flight MH370 's Pap.


Inmarsat Jese data sent from the plane to the satellite to establish


corridors of light could have troubled -- sense data. They used


computer modelling to discount the northern corridor so the plane 's


last signal must have come from here in the Southern Indian Ocean. This


is a remote location. Far from any possible landing sites. It is


therefore with deep sadness and regret that I must inform you that


according to this new data, Flight MH370 ended in the Southern Indian


Ocean. This was the reaction in Beijing


when the families heard the terrible news.


Anger replaced this sudden and brutal loss of hope. The Malaysians


are talking nonsense, shouts this man, until the wreckage is found,


the truth will be hard to accept. Chinese aircraft joined the search


for wreckage today, 1,500 miles off the coast of Western Australia. They


photographed unidentified floating objects, as did an Australian


aircraft crew. Ships are also on the way to the search area. This is just


the first step in trying to solve one of the world 's great aviation


mysteries, a wreckage linked to the flight has not been positively


identified so the search must go on for remains of the plane, its


black-box, flight recorder, to piece together the last hours of the


passion Joe -- the passengers and crew on board. Why it went down


thousands of miles off-course deep in the Southern Indian Ocean may


never be known. Well, the Malaysian Prime Minister's


announcement followed new analysis by experts at the UK's Air Accidents


Investigation Branch and by Inmarsat, that is the British


company which provided the satellite data. Our transport correspondent,


Richard Westcott, has been talking to the team behind the breakthrough.


This is the room where they would have been receiving the data from


Flight MH370 and this is where they have put together a new analysis to


confirm the aircraft definitely flew South and is definitely somewhere


down here. How have you finally concluded it


flew South? We took aircraft data, and modelled that and put that


against the northern and Southern parts and what we discovered was


that the path to the South is undoubtedly the one taken. Why has


it taken so long? We have been dealing with a totally new area. We


have been trying to help an investigation based on a signal


signal once an hour from an aircraft without GPS data, any time and


distance information. This was a bit of a shot in the dark and it is to


the credit of our scientific team that they could model this. Are you


happy with the way the Malaysians have processed this data? The


emphasis must have been on cutting back the data they were getting, I


would have been dealing with neighbours they might not get on


with, they would have been trying to get through a series of data to


eliminate so it is hard to criticise them. It will frighten people that


an aircraft can just disappear. Is there anything to stop it happening


in the future? If you look at ships at sea, long-range tracking and


identification is a requirement as part of safety arrangements.


Aircraft could have their positions reported now with existing


technology, it would cost less than $1 an hour.


The search for the wreckage of Flight MH370 is continuing, and


continuing to focus on a stretch of the Southern Indian Ocean. An


Australian naval ship has been looking for four objects in the sea


which were spotted by a surveillance aircraft. Jon Donnison has been


following the search from the centre of the operation, the Australian


city of Perth. The five days, the vast Southern


Indian Ocean has yielded few clues. Today, that changed. An Australian


search plane fired flares to mark the spot after four pieces of


possible debris from the missing Malaysians get was spotted. -- jet.


They tracked shift in position caused by the objects. -- ships. It


was rectangular, slightly below the ocean. The second object was


circular and slightly below the ocean, we came across a cylindrical


object, and a couple of items in the area. It was also cylindrical in


shape. Dozens of flights this week have spotted virtually nothing. But


today, a Chinese plane also reported seeing suspicious objects among the


waves. But from the Australian Prime Minister, a word of caution. Planes


and ships continue to search the area for any sign of the missing


aircraft. I caution again that we do not know whether any of these


objects from Flight MH370. An Australian Navy ship is one of


several vessels trying to find that out. It could then take days to


transport anything they do find the 1,500 miles back to dry land. And


unless the plane 's crucial lockbox is found, we may know what happened


but we will not know why -- black box.


David Gleave is an aviation safety investigator from Loughborough


University. He joins us from Leicester, in the English Midlands.


Still, a very difficult search for any evidence, what does the priority


have to be? The priority has to be to call for as many naval assets as


we can get hold of and search and rescue aeroplanes to carry out the


search, to try to identify anything on the surface. And also, to start


the subsea search, to see if we can hear the units which are


broadcasting radio signals from the black-box. Provided they have not


been interfered with and they work, we could detect them for about the


next three weeks. What it is a bust area to search for. After three


weeks, that signal fades? And presumably, it you have the issue of


currents carrying debris further from the stretch of water? -- you


have. Yes, but most of the aircraft if it


is in the Southern Indian Ocean will have sunk, then it will be settled


on the ocean floor. It will be sufficiently dense and it should not


move too far, but there could be ocean currents on the surface that


build-up silt. It is probably reasonably stable, the area, but


anything that is floating that we find would be very useful. But it is


now a long way from where the aircraft wreckage would be and we


need to rely on the oceanographers to give an indication as to where


the aircraft could be, but that search pattern gets wider every day.


Do you think we will ever know why the plane went down? There are


several credible theories still around. If we get hold of the


black-box, Ben Maher been deliberate interference with those on board,


they should have survived reasonably well -- there may have been. The


question is whether it has been interfered with. We may need to get


a cockpit section back to see who was on the flight deck. What theory


has seemed most edible so far? Statistically, that aircraft would


appear to have been taken deliberately. -- credible. Given


that we have no political or religious claims for any form of


terrorism, we are starting to look towards intentional taking the


aeroplane and crashing it for some form of personal financial reason is


the most likely explanation. Statistically, that is the most


likely cause at this moment. From the limited evidence we have, you


think it is unlikely something catastrophic happens suddenly,


taking everyone by surprise? -- happened. It is relatively


unlikely, the aeroplane disappeared at the point of maximum confusion


when you are handing over between two traffic control centres, it is


tracked between Malaysia and Thailand, splitting the border, and


the wine of maximum confusion. And to head intentionally into the


Indian Ocean, there would be no reason for the navigation system to


disappear into that direction so it looks as if the aircraft has, from


somebody on board and we do not know who, anybody could be trained given


sufficient time and with the right technical team behind them, the


aircraft appears to have been crashed a long way from Australia.


In order to hide the wreckage or make it as difficult as possible to


find. There appears to be a degree of likelihood it has been done


intentionally rather than on intentionally, mechanical failure


for example. Thank you for your insight.


Eight people are confirmed dead and 108 are still missing after a huge


mudslide on Saturday in the north-western US state of


Washington. Eyewitnesses have spoken about a massive wall of mud sweeping


near the town of Oso, about 55 miles North of Seattle, and leaving behind


a square mile of "total devastation". Akiko Fujita, from our


colleagues at ABC News, sent this report from rescue headquarters in


nearby Arlington. Another day of searching, no signs


of life, rescue crews coming through mud 15 feet deep and neighbourhoods


flattened. There may be people in cars and on houses, we are trying to


track that down the best we can. Half a mountain slid through this


community, a full square mile, enough to cover 484 fields. Shaun


Wright ran towards the screens to find a baby and mother buried under


their home, he used chainsaws to get out alive. You could not tell


anything, it was debris. With no rain expected today, crews are


scrambling to find survivors, searching from the air, braving


quicksand on the ground. Heavy rainfall is expected later in the


week, the hope for any light is dimming with every hour. We hope


every hour they find people alive and cant get them to help. This is


after the wettest march in years, more than seven inches of rain fell,


twice the average, and there is more expected tomorrow.


A court in Egypt has sentenced to death 528 supporters of ousted


Islamist President Mohamed Morsi in a case which only began two days ago


and which centred on the killing of a single police officer. The Muslim


Brotherhood's spokesman in London told the BBC the sentences show that


Egypt is now a dictatorship. It's expected the defendants will appeal.


Here in Carol, there has been an angry reaction from human rights


campaigners. One said of the judiciary has become a tool for


taking revenge. Another said the verdict was a scandal and a disaster


for Egypt. In the southern province outside the courthouse, some


relatives were screaming and shouting after the verdict,


protesting against the decision. One said the judge had not listened to


the lawyers, the accused or the witnesses before reaching a verdict.


A spokesman for the band Muslim Brotherhood said the ruling had come


from a kangaroo court. We are expecting an appeal in this case and


several legal experts are addicting a retrial. This was a case involving


the death of one police officer and more than 520 defendants were


sentenced to death at breathtaking speed. The case opened on Saturday


and at first hearing was quickly adjourned and the verdict came today


in what was only the second session of the case. The judgement has been


passed and the sentences can be rejected or accepted. While death


sentences have been handed down regularly in Egypt, in recent years,


few have been carried out. We are expecting another hearing tomorrow,


another mass trial of a large group of Brotherhood defendants and are


expected in the dark, facing charges.


I'm joined now by a webcam from Cairo by Dr Hisham Hellyer. He is an


associate fellow of the Royal United Services Institute. How unusual is


it to hand out so many death sentences so quickly? It is


incredibly unusual, there is no precedent in this in any judiciary


around the world. The fact that so many people were on trial at the


same time, the fact that the case went through so quickly, the fact


that so many of them were not even in the court, let alone having their


lawyers listening will stop many will appeal but I want it to you,


one could from a human rights group that accused the judges of handing


down political revenge. Is that fair? It could very well be. We will


have two wait and see what will happen with the next hearing. There


will be an appeal, that is scheduled for the end of April. I am cautious


about talking about political motivations for the case and the


verdict. It implies there is some singular line whereas in reality,


what we have seen over the last couple of months is that


institutions within the state are not as organised as that. I am sure


there are parts of the state that would prefer not to see these sorts


of cases go forward and others that are happy to drum the war drums in


the context of this war on terror. The statement not be acting with one


voice but three years on from the overthrow of President Mubarak, do


you have the sense of political ties in Egypt coming full circle? Full


circle may be simplistic in that you do have forces that are linked to


the former regime in certain parts of the state. New forces ticking


over instead. This is not as simple or correct to say the regime has


been reinvented. There is something new that has been fought. It is not


quite the same and you will see different calculation is over the


coming months and different fighter taking place between different parts


of that new regime as it begins to form but it is a different regime.


Tell us about the reaction within Egypt to these 528 death sentences


being passed down. A lot of talk? Not that much talk, to be honest.


You do see the human rights organisations coming out against it


and rightly so on the basis of everything that has happened. The


public reaction thus far has not been as strong as people might


think, keeping in mind that at the moment, there is this presentation


of a war on terror throughout the media in Egypt and many people do


believe that and as a result, they are willing to allow the state to


get away with quite a lot in pursuance of that goal of defeating


terrorism. . Ukraine has ordered the withdrawal


of its forces from Crimea after the third attack on a military base by


Russian troops in 48 hours, although it appears many of those forces may


have defected already. As for the international response, leaders of


what is now the G-7 group of industrialised nations are meeting


in the Netherlands. President Obama has said Europe and the US are


united in imposing a cost for Russia's actions.


In the Crimea, every Ukrainian military base is now under Russian


control. Many of the Ukrainian soldiers without their uniforms are


being pulled out of the region took an resistance has ended. In Moscow,


in the parliament, the flags of Crimea and Sebastopol were added to


the flags of Russiapos-mac regions. Images intended to demonstrate that


from the Russian perspective, Crimeapos-mac future has been


settled. In the Netherlands, President Obama arrived for a summit


on nuclear security but it was completely overshadowed by the


crisis in Ukraine. The American president who was shown in restored


museum for Dutch Masters was determined to keep pressure on


Russia and the signal it could not expect a place at the worldpos-mac


top table for the time being. Europe and America are united in our


support of the Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian people. We are


united in imposing a cost on Russia for its actions so far. As the


motorcade swept into the Hague, President Putin was not among them.


The leaders of the worlds most powerful economies, the G8, were


said to discuss what to do Russia. It is now time to exclude Russia


from the G8 and make it a G7? There is not going to be a G8 summit this


year in Russia, that is absolutely clear. We will meet tonight, the


seven other countries, to determine the way forward but frankly, it is


Russia that needs to change course. The White House indicated that


Russia would not be formally kicked out of the grip of it. More a cold


shoulder. The President Obama a thriving here, the primary -- the


priority is to demonstrate how isolated Russia is within the


international community and also to try and show that the United States


and Europe are united when it comes to dealing with Russia over the


crisis in Ukraine. On the sidelines of this meeting there was one more


positive sign, there are reports the Russian foreign minister is expected


to meet his Ukrainian counterpart for the first time.


The French Prime Minister has urged voters to back whichever candidate


is best placed to beat the far right front National in the second round


of Francepos-mac Ochil elections on Sunday. The party led by Marine Le


Penn said better-than-expected in the first round, winning an outright


majority in the northern former coal-mining town of Helen Beaumont.


It led the polls in some southern cities as well.


The jury at the Oscar Pistorius murder trial has been told about


text messages exchanged between the athlete and his girlfriend Reeva


Steenkamp. In one message she tells him, I am scared of you sometimes.


Oscar Pistorius admits shooting Ms Steenkamp on Valentine's Day last


year but says he mistook her for an intruder.


A bruising day ahead for Oscar Pistorius, the athletepos-mac


relationship with Reeva Steenkamp under scrutiny for the first time.


Prosecution revealing evidence from a couple mobile phones. In


particular, a series of bitter text messages. I know you are not happy


and I am very sad. In public, they were South Africapos-mac new


glamorous couple but today we heard evidence of public fights and


private tears in the weeks before Reeva Steenkamppos-mac death. I do


everything to make you happy, she wrote.


Oscar Pistorius appeared to weep and there was worse to come. Reeva


Steenkamp saying she felt threatened. I am scared by you


sometimes and how you will react to me. The police expert acknowledged


that 90% of the messages between the couple were nothing but the damage


had already been done. In court today, Oscar Pistorius was revealed


as a jealous and at times domineering boyfriend. That does not


prove he killed Reeva Steenkamp deliberately but the athlete has his


work cut out as he prepares to take to the witness stand himself perhaps


later this week. Malaysia's Prime Minister, Najib


Razak, says the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 crashed in the


southern Indian Ocean. Mr Razak said satellite data showed the aircraft


had ended its journey in the remote seas west of Australia, far from any


possible landing site. He appealed to the media to respect the privacy


of the families of the 239 passengers and crew. Most of the


people on board were Chinese. Officials in Beijing have demanded


Malaysia provide all evidence and information about the incident. The


plane vanished from radar screens more than two weeks ago. A fleet of


ships and aircraft are investigating a flurry of sightings of possible


wreckage. If you are following this story, you


can find more background on the complexity for the hunt for MH370 on


our website. You can look at the latest, the search, the high-tech


methods that have been used in tracking it down.


That's all from the programme. The weather is next. From me and the


rest of the team, goodbye.


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