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This is BBC World News Today with me Philippa Thomas.


The Russian flag flies over and other city in Ukraine. Pro-Russian


activists storm buildings in the city of Luhansk.


The worst he's ever seen - preparations for the 2016 Rio


Olympics are hammered by the IOC's Vice President.


Our Middle East Editor asks what remains of the peace initiative now


the US deadline for talks between Israel and the Palestinians has


passed without agreement. Perhaps the time has come to accept


that the two state solution is not going to happen.


Inside Tutankhamun's tomb or is it? A replica is revealed in Egypt and


we'll tell you why. Hello and welcome. Another day,


another opportunity for pro-Russian activists to flex their muscles in


eastern Ukraine. Today they've stormed several official buildings


in the city of Luhansk. They seized the regional government's


headquarters and the prosecutor's office. Armed men later attacked the


main police station. Ukraine's acting President has criticised


local police for what he calls their inaction and criminal treachery. Our


correspondent has just sent us this report.


With each day the city of here that seems to lose more and more control


in eastern Ukraine. This is Luhansk. Pro-Russian activists smashed their


way into the regional administration building. The windows are broken and


the crowd climbs in. They've made no secret of their political


sympathies. These sub fought Moscow. They reject the Ukrainian government


which they see as illegitimate. They are demanding a referendum on


breaking away from the city of Kiev. It was not long before this office


had a new receptionist. The intruders are determined to stay


here. The police did nothing to stop this. They left the building without


fighting back. Four days pro-Russian groups, some of them heavily armed,


have been seizing government buildings and police stations across


the region. The West has accused Russia of stoking separatists


centred -- sentiment here. Today the EU announced new sanctions against


Moscow. These are banned some asset freezes against 15 individuals. They


include the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak. It also


includes the head of military intelligence and the chief of the


General staff of the Russian armed forces. Tonight in Luhansk, the


crowd moved on to police headquarters to try and take over


here as well. They are seeking complete control over this town and


for now, it seems that Kiev is powerless to stop them.


The US Secretary of State John Kerry has spoken in the last few minutes


about what is happening. He said events there were a wake-up call for


NATO and Russia is playing by a different set of rules.


Most importantly, it together we must make it clear to the Kremlin


that NATO territory is not intended to be violated. We will defend every


single bit of that. The NATO treaty must mean something. Our allies on


the front line need and deserve no less.


Let's get the latest on the situation in eastern Ukraine with


Sarah Rainsford who is in Donetsk. We have just heard from our


correspondent that the Ukrainian authorities appear to be powerless.


They do not seem to have control. That is absolutely correct. We have


seen the takeover of several key buildings and official holdings.


First of all, the administrative headquarters were taken over without


any resistance. Then the prosecutors office was overrun by a crowd of


pro-Russian activists. Then the police headquarters was taken over


by as well. A large crowd shouted at officials inside. Troops inside were


ordered to come out. People inside -- in charge of the storming of the


building had in trying to negotiate a handover of weapons. There is a


large crowd outside and it has been reported that some shots were fired.


We understand that some stun grenades were thrown as well but as


far as we know no one has been reported as hurt. The key buildings


have fallen to pro-Russian separatist groups. These are


dramatic moments. Is it possible to say how much support these groups


have in the city? Are they getting hundreds and thousands of people


watching them? Not in those numbers, but there is a sizeable crowd here


nonetheless. There have been big crowds at a number of events.


Certainly, there is a lot of support and anger in Kiev. We had spoken to


a number of people today. They say they do not feel represented by Kiev


but they do not necessarily support the armed takeover of holdings. A


lot of people are extremely unhappy with the situation here but they are


not supporting armed action and they are extremely worried about it. That


is the main concern from some people we have spoken to. They do not want


to see significant balance. That is the last thing that they want. --


significant violence. Some people even support becoming a part of


Russia but there is no great support in this Russia -- this region for


the violence that has been exhibited. We can go to Libya now.


There have been reports that gun had stormed the parliament in Surrey --


the parliament in Tripoli. Our correspondent joins us. What can you


tell us? We know that gunman forced their way into the parliament in


Tripoli. -- several gunman. Pictures have just come into worse. Witnesses


have told us that a lot of shots were fired but these were fired in


the air. When the shots were fired, most of those inside left the


building. We understand that there is no one inside the building at the


moment. It is not entirely clear whether the gunman have still left.


This episode the back of a special session to date which was intended


to put in a new Prime Minister for the country. They were in the middle


of voting and it is understood the voting was in deadlock. A number of


matters are being discussed on how to move forward and actually select


a Prime Minister between the top two candidates that were it to date. --


that were picked today. Thank you. ?NEWLINE The International Olympic


Committee Vice President says that preparations for the 2016 Rio


Olympics are the "worst" he's ever seen. John Coates described the


situation as "critical", and warned that there is no plan B to find


another host city. 18 of the federations said they were not


ready. This is in the case of some of the Olympic Parks. Construction


has not even commenced in some areas. Water quality is a


significant concern for the watersports events. There is little


progress in those areas. The Olympic village seems to be on track. A lot


of the connect ding is significantly delayed. -- connecting areas.


Let's go now to the BBC's Katy Watson who is in Sao Paulo. The


organisers have responded and said the time has now has to win the


general discussion about progress contributes to the progress of the


games. They also go on to say that the Olympic Games will be delivered


within the agreed time frame. That is a defiant statement. But it is


having to accept outside help now. The IOC are sending in experts to


help them. That is correct. It is an unprecedented step. The more


pressing issue, and it is a battle on several fronts, is the issue of


the World Cup which is just under a month away. Brazil is really


suffering from seeing protests in Rio. There are headlines coming out


every day about infrastructure projects. That is the most pressing


battle. Perhaps when the World Cup has finished, then the issue of the


Olympics will come to the forefront. For now, the World Cup is more


pressing. Thank you. A US deadline on peace talks between


Israel and the Palestinians has passed without any agreement being


reached. Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu suspended the talks last


week, after his Palestinian talks partner Fatah agreed a unity deal


with the more militant Hamas. Talks have been happening, on and off, for


more than 20 years. The negotiations have failed, time and again. Our


Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen is in Jerusalem, wondering if the two


state solution just isn't going to happen. Jerusalem has been fought


over since people settled here more than 6000 years ago.


For more than 20 years off and on Palestinians and Israelis have


negotiated peace. Hope has given way to despair and then cynicism. Now it


is hard to find Palestinians or Israelis who care much about the


latest negotiating failure. There have been too many of them. The last


round of peace talks collapsed with Palestinians and Israelis blaming


each other and President Obama blaming both of them. Since the


peace process started more than 20 years ago it has been about trying


to create a Palestinian state alongside Israel so they divide the


land that they fought over. More than two decades on peace seems as


far away as ever. Perhaps the time has come to accept that the two


state solution is not going to happen. Israel has occupied the West


bank including East Jerusalem since the 1967 war. After Jerusalem, the


most contested city is Hebron, the burial city of the Prophet Abraham.


Behind heavy security a small number of Jewish settlers live right next


to more than 150,000 Palestinians. This man's father led the first


Jewish settlers back to Hebron in 1967. He believes God wants Jews to


live in Hebron and is raising seven children here.


Talks are at best an irritant. I do not think talks will go anywhere.


For close to 20 years the state of Israel has been giving and giving. I


do not believe in it. I think the reality for Jews in Hebron is like


the reality for Israel in the Middle East. The Arabs would be more


comfortable if we did not exist. Palestinians and Israelis say they


want peace but when you cross the line from one side to another you


realise that their views of what peace should look like very


different. And in the absence of peace mutual hatred is never far


below the surface and is boiling up again. This house in Jerusalem was


bulldozed last summer after the Israeli authorities said it was


built illegally. For a while its Palestinian owner lived with his


family in this cave. He stayed on to protest. Now he has been served


papers saying that the lean-to he built must be demolished.


TRANSLATION: The negotiations are a big illusion. They didn't achieve


anything and they won't because the Israelis are using the negotiations


as a cover to establish more settlements and to confiscate more


land from Palestinians. The negotiations are a waste of time.


They don't want any Arabs or Muslims here. Peace talks started because


two peoples went to war over the same piece of land. They have helped


manage the conflict but not stop it. Tension is rising. Another perfect


sunset over the holy city cannot disguise a stormy future.


In Washington is Aaron David Miller. He's advised both Republican and


Democratic Secretaries of State and is now with the Middle East


Programme at the Wilson Centre. Do you think these talks can be


revived? Maybe. But revival is one thing. Continuation of the peace


process is one thing. Reaching a conflict ending agreement which


addresses the underlying concerns and requirements of both sides is


another. The process is failing, not for any magical reason, but because


neither Netanyahu or managed a bass -- mannered a bass -- the


Palestinian president are willing to talk. If neither side truly owns it


then the process cannot have traction. There is really


Palestinian peace process suffers from many things. When you strip it


all away, it suffers from one fundamental problem. Neither side,


and I include the Americans, are prepared to pay the price of what it


will cost to produce a conflict ending agreement. John Kerry has


tried to get the Israelis and Palestinians to take ownership. He


has made it his mission and it has failed. What does he do now? I


worked for some secretaries of State, some of whom succeeded and


some didn't. John Kerry is to be given great credit for his


relentlessness and pursuit of this process but it is not the John Kerry


Administration. This is the president Obama administration. It


seems that the President has come to a different conclusion. He is more


focused on his legacy with the middle class than the Middle East.


On this point, I think he is right. F Netanyahu and Abbas aren't


prepared to make these decisions, why would any president wants to


risk what remains of a second term to spend the political capital and


time required when in fact there is insufficient ownership? I am not one


of those who argue that somehow we can create that ownership. We


cannot. Every breakthrough in this region since the early 70s was


driven by pain and gain which appeared in a localised form. Once


it did appear, the US, whether it was Henry Kissinger, Jimmy Carter,


George Bush, were able to take advantage of those openings.


Ownership is local and unless we are similarly to that fact we will


continue to pursue a process that is in essence a key to an empty room.


As divers continue to recover bodies from the sunken South Korean ferry,


President Park Geun-Hye has apologised for failing to prevent


the disaster that has left more than 300 people dead or missing. At a


memorial for the 250 schoolchildren who were on board, she apologised


for the slow response to the tragedy. The BBC's Emily Buchanan


has more. The vast new memorial brings home


the sheer scale of the disaster. Hundreds of young faces stare out


from it. For their families, their grief was overwhelming. TRANSLATION:


I was crying so much I couldn't even look at the faces of the children.


It hurt so much. South Korea's president came to pay her respects.


Her government is under enormous pressure over the slow response and


lax regulation of the shipping industry. She has promised a new


department to deal with major catastrophes. TRANSLATION: I should


apologise for being unable to prevent the accident and for the


insufficiency in taking initial action. I wonder if this apology


will be able to comfort those hurt and ease their pain, as it breaks my


heart. What made the ferry capsize is still not clear but gaping


failures in the rescue operation have provoked outrage. Many of the


teenagers on board were told to stay seated while members of the crew


scrambled to safety. There are still dozens of bodies missing and the


grim search for them goes on. Divers have been hampered by strong


currents. Most of the dead and missing are children from one high


school. A whole community has been devastated. The emotional and


political fallout has only just begun.


We have breaking news. The NBA has banned Donald Sterling for life. He


has been fined $2.5 million and banned from games and associating


with players because he is alleged to have made racist comments. That


is breaking news out of the United States of America. The NBA has


banned Donald Sterling for life. There's been another spike in


violence in Syria, where mortar attacks in the capital Damascus have


killed at least 14 people and wounded more than 80. Most of the


casualties are students of a college hit by two of the shells. These


pictures show the aftermath of that attack, which Syria's government is


blaming on rebel fighters. In a separate incident, officials say a


car bomb in the city of Homs has killed at least 37 and wounded more


than 80. A replica of one of the world's most


famous antiquities - the tomb of Tutankhamun - is to be unveiled near


the site of the original in Egypt. It's been commissioned to save the


real tomb from the wear and tear that tourists inflict. But will they


be happy with a copy? Rajan Datar reports.


The Valley of the Kings in Luxor contains some of the most famous and


most visited ancient burial chambers in the world. But the most


celebrated is the tomb of the boy king Tutankhamun, discovered by a


team led by the British archaeologist Howard Carter in 1922.


For more than 3000 years, this tomb survived intact in almost pristine


condition. But after only nine decades of tourism, with up to 1000


visitors every day, the conditions deteriorated rapidly. And the main


reason for that was this. Human breath. Since the tomb was opened


up, the constant changes of humidity, moisture levels and


airborne pollutants which come in with people have an effect on it.


Previous restoration attempts have added to the problem so it was


agreed a replica would be created with the long-term aim of severely


restricting public access to the original. Laser scanners and 3-D


printing were used to make the copy. The backdrop to all this has been


the continuing political crisis in Egypt over the past three years.


Tourism in many areas of the country has collapsed. Luxor town centre is


deserted and local traders are desperate. As you see yourself,


temples empty, market empty, most of the place empty, every part is


empty. We need tourism more than anything else. Replacing Luxor's


star attraction Tutankhamun's tomb with a facsimile may well be seen as


commercial suicide for a town already on its knees. Initial


reaction was rather sceptical from a guide there. It will be negative for


tourism because I'm sure that every country could have replicas of other


tombs back home. One in Japan, one in America. There is no need to come


anymore to see the tomb. The public will be given, for a period of time


at least, a chance to see both the original and the facsimile and judge


for themselves. The Travel Show was allowed a sneak preview and we took


an Egyptologist as well. Well, I'm sorry but I have to say it's


marvellous. This is just the start of a reappraisal of many of the


world's ailing antiquities. It looks like tourists may now have to get


used to visiting replicas instead. Let me just remind you of our


breaking news. The NBA has banned Donald Sterling for life. He is the


owner of the LA Clippers. He is alleged to have made racist remarks.


He was fined $2.5 million and banned for life and even from associating


with players. Pro-Russian protesters have stormed


various buildings in Luhansk. John Kerry has blamed Russia.


The IOC has said the preparations for the Olympics are the worst it


has ever seen. Good evening. It looks as though


Wednesday. Tough with grey skies. There will be dense fog


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