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This is BBC World News Today with me Philippa Thomas.


How much more will be destroyed in Syria?


who's just announced he's stepping down.


Lakhdar Brahimi announced his decision at the UN,


where the Security Council must now consider what to do next


A senior Nigerian minister has called for dialogue with Boko Haram,


the Islamist militant group that kidnapped more than 200 schoolgirls,


Nigeria says "all options are open" to secure the girls' release.


As Ukraine's eastern rebels insist on their right to independence,


the BBC has an exclusive interview with the Ukraine's Prime Minister,


who says Russia is trying to build a new Berlin Wall.


A victory for privacy or a failure for freedom of information?


Why a court's decision on Google is dividing opinion.


And the man behind the monster. We'll hear about


the creator of the Alien in Ridley Scott's epic horror film,


The international Syria mediator, Lakhdar Brahimi, has confirmed that


he'll step down from the role at the end of this month.


His decision was announced at the UN in New York.


Mr Brahimi was thanked by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon


for his work chairing two rounds of talks between the Syrian government


But his announcement came as a sharp reminder that the process


has failed to yield any agreement on a transitional government,


Everybody who has a responsibility and inflation has to remember that


the question is how many more dead? How much more destruction there will


be before Syria becomes again this area we have known? The new city are


different from the one of the past, -- new Syria, the one we have loved


and admired for many years. With with his experience,


I thought and we thought, and it was a natural expectation


that he would be able to deliver and we would have


been able to deliver altogether. But somehow,


because of the division, because of the divided world, here


and there, and within the United Nations and


the region, we have not been able to make any progress


in the course of these three years. and many people have been displaced


internally. The Nigerian government says it's


prepared to talk to the extremist group that has


kidnapped over 200 schoolgirls. Some of the schoolgirls have been


identified by relatives from a video released by their captors,


the Islamist militants Boko Haram. The government had earlier


refused to negotiate with those Our World Affairs editor, John


Simpson, has been to the extreme North-east of Nigeria and sent this


report. These pictures have been


scanned with immense care by the families


of the missing girls. And there has been just


a little movement After the scornful message yesterday


by Boko Haram's leader, that they would


only give the girls back in exchange for captured Boko Haram militants,


a government minister has said they are trying to get talks


underway. It hasn't worked in the past,


but it could now. In the skies above us here


in north-east Nigeria, American surveillance planes have


started operating, hunting for any sign of the girls.


But there is still no indication the Nigerian government is stepping


up its efforts. This is Maiduguri Airport, which


serves the capital of a state which You might expect the aprons here to


be packed with military aircraft. I asked a local senator why


so little was being done. The international community must


put pressure on the government. Because on their own, left to them,


they don't care, because it is not Hence the fury in places


like the town of Gamboru, The governor came here to


offer help and money. But


the survivors are working themselves up into a frenzy of anger that the


Nigerian government should be doing The governor was lucky


to get away unhurt. The governor and all of the rest


of us are being thrown out So we are having to get back to


our cars pretty quickly. And they can't understand why


a world which cares so much


about the missing schoolgirls seems to care so little about


the destruction of an entire town. Germany's Foreign Minister has


held talks with Ukraine's He says it is now crucial that


the two sides, government The minister's visit comes


a day after separatists in eastern Ukraine declared independence after


an unofficial referendum at the weekend, which Russia has recognised


but which the West rejects. The BBC's Ben Wright


in Brussels has this exclusive interview with the Ukrainian prime


minister Arseny Yatsenyuk. What is happening today in Ukraine


is not only a threat to Ukraine. This is a threat to


the entire Europe. And trying to build up a new Berlin


wall. Do you think now is the moment


for the European Union to increase significantly the sanctions they are


applying to Russia? They finance and support Russian-led


terrorists and separatists They are doing everything they can


to disrupt presidential elections in Ukraine not to have


a legitimate president. It seems the ultimate goal


of the Russian President and regime Russia will fail


in making Ukraine a failed state. But my question to you therefore is


at what moment do you want talk of tougher sanctions within the


European Union to turn into action? It is high time to have


tougher sanctions on Russia. How do you describe


the current situation in Ukraine? There was the referendum


at the weekend that we do not have There was the referendum


at the weekend that you do not But pro-Russian separatists


in that part of your country have no still don't have control over many


government buildings. They are occupied


by heavily armed people. It is a chaotic situation over


which you do not have any control, We do understand that the majority


of Ukrainians, including those who live in eastern and southern


Ukraine, supported Ukraine as one united. On the other hand,


we do understand and acknowledge And the best way to resolve these


problems is to have a nationwide dialogue that we launched two months


cannot have dialogue with terrorists who are holding and possessing live


ammunition and machine guns. We are willing to talk to


the Ukrainian people, How do you ensure that these


elections are legitimate? We are doing everything that is


needed to have free We do understand that we have


a number of hotspots And my government will do


everything, and will undertake all And we acknowledge that, in some


areas, it will be difficult. To hold elections and allow everyone


freely to cast the ballot. And it is difficult to cast a ballot


having the barrel at your hand. Mainly pointed


by these Russian-led terrorists. But we are absolutely sure that we


will pass these elections and we Let's talk to the BBC's David Stern


in the Ukrainian capital Kiev. We have gathered German Foreign


Minister talk of dialogue, but just there the acting Prime Minster say


you cannot hide dialogue with Terrell is -- with terrorists as he


sees it. That is a bit of an impasse?


It is, and difficult to get the sites to talk to each other. And


clashes are ongoing. Part of the German's Foreign Minister's job was


to get both sides to stop using force, but a few hours ago, we have


that the pro-Russian separatists attacked a group of Ukrainian


government forces, and armed personnel carrier, dealing seven and


wounding seven, the worst single day loss for the Army so far. It is


difficult to see if they can come together to talk at the very moment.


But that the moment, this will make the job more difficult in the


upcoming days for the European Union to bring some kind of reduction in


the escalation of this crisis. Other voices in Kiev, in Parliament,


saying they do have to talk to stop this getting worse? There are many


voices saying there needs to be a dialogue. You heard the prime


ministers saying there needs to be a nationwide dialogue. They are going


to hold a round table tomorrow in Parliament. But neither side wants


to talk to the other. The government says it will not talk to terrorists


and the pro-Russian separatists say they will not talk to the


government. They say they have declared their independence. It is


an impasse to overcome. But perhaps, if the situation escalates further,


maybe cool heads will prevail and managed to bring them to the table,


or at least some proxies to the table to speak for them. Thank you.


A top European Court has ruled that people have the


right to ask Google to delete personal data. The


European Union Court of Justice says some


individuals have the right to "be forgotten" when information about


them is irrelevant or outdated. The European Justice Commissioner


Viviane Reding says this is a "clear victory for the protection of


personal data of European". Google says it's disappointed and has


argued that forcing it to remove data amounts to censorship.


Viktor Mayer-Schonberger is Professor of Internet Governance


and Regulation at the University of Oxford.


The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age.


He joins me via webcam from Frankfurt in Germany.


Welcome to the programme. This is quite a blow to Google? I think so,


but Google must have expected it, losing some court cases in France,


Germany, and Spain, though this is just another blow. Does it set a


precedent for other Internet companies? I think other search


engines will certainly take notice. But we must also put this in


perspective. In this case, an individual went to the national data


protection authority in Spain, with a complaint, and that authority


agreed, asking Google to take down a link to a particular web page. No


web page was taken down, just the link.


link to a particular web page. No web And Google did not comply, that


is the basis of this court case, which will require people to go to


local authorities to force Google to take links down. You can imagine,


with their being millions of Internet users, there could be many


requests which could clog up law courts at the least? Very unlikely,


because the fact is the European Court of Justice did today, in a


relatively balanced decision, was not to invent a new right, but


reaffirm and we state the right on the books or 20 years. And in these


20 years, very few individuals have exercised that right, so I do not


perceive thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people exercising


their right and going to authorities, because that takes time


and money. In fact, Google already is inundated, not with requests for


more privacy, requests to remove links from -- pointing to


intellectual priority by lesions. It raises the conceptual idea of can be


re-right past? -- intellectual priority violations. The challenge


is that human forgetting performs an important function, allowing us to


evolve and grow, to go beyond what we wear ten or 15 years ago. And as


the digital tools link us to this past, to this comprehensive memory,


we have difficulties evolving and growing, which may have


repercussions on how we as a society and individuals forgive. Very good


to speak to you. Thank you. Let us go back to our lead story. The


special envoy to Syria is about to stand down from his role. I suppose


this is an admission of failure? Yes, and not a surprising one. We


have known that he wanted to step down. He tried to bring the talks


together in Geneva. The parties came together, but there wasn't any


significant headway made at the talks. After that he signalled that


his time in the job was numbered. The diplomatic track had come to a


halt. When President Assad announced elections, there was talk of him


stepping down. When he indicated he wanted to stand for election, there


was no point in carrying on. We know that he will be meeting members of


the UN council, but whether we go from here? It is all about the


dynamic. There are divisions that exist on the Security Council that


don't help. That dynamic has made meaningful diplomacy so difficult


over the last three years and the Syrian envoy's job has been occupied


by two senior UN officials. They are experienced diplomats and they are


well known troubleshooters. They have helped in situations before


like Iraq and Afghanistan, that Syria has been beyond both of their


skills and whoever takes over faces one of the most thankless and


difficult jobs in world diplomacy. Thank you. Let as have we've looked


at some of today's other news. Let us


go back to our lead story. The special envoy to Syria is about to


stand down from his role. I suppose Jordan's ambassador to Libya has


returned home after being The Envoy, Fawaz al-ltan,


was released unharmed and was flown Meanwhile, Jordan has freed a Libyan


militant whose release was reportedly demanded by the


kidnappers, though it denies there The International Criminal Court


in the Hague says it will launch a preliminary investigation


into claims of abuse by It will be the first time Britain


has been the subject of an ICC This follows a submission by lawyers


alleging more than 400 cases of More than 200 miners in Turkey have


been trapped underground after an explosion and fire at a coal mine


in the west of the country. It's believed


at least four men have died and the fire may still be burning.


Our correspondence is there. Please bring us up to date. We are getting


our information from the Turkish energy minister. He said he did not


want to speculate over how many miners were killed and how many arch


wrapped. One local MP says that three people have been killed, but I


should stress he has change those figures throughout the day. Local


officials and union officials say that perhaps between two and 300


people, miners that is, may be trapped. They may be several


kilometres underground and they made the trapped because the elevator is


they use to get to the service are out of action because there is no


electricity. Oxygen is being pumped down to the miners.


Turkey does not have a very good record on mine safety.


It hasn't. 19 miners were previously killed in various accidents across


the country. In the last few years they have tried to get more coal


mines going to limit the importation of gas. Some of the opposition


parties actually got together to ask Rushton is about safety concerns and


they say the government did not answer those questions. They will


certainly be asked again tonight. It is suspected that a local politician


in Spain was killed in a revenge attack. All European election


campaigning has been suspended. United in grief after the murder of


one of the Spanish's -- this Spanish's city leading politician.


Although this solution has -- although this problem has no


immediate solution, we are united in our grief. Woman-macro was shot


several times in broad daylight near her home. Spanish politics is


normally a polarised sometimes tribal affair. Today there is unity


on all sides. All main political parties have suspended campaigning


for the European elections due in less than two weeks time. A mother


and daughter have been arrested. Both suspects reportedly had links


to the popular party in Lyon. According to one report, just days


ago the younger woman was denied compensation for losing her job at


the local authority. The artist responsible for designing the


monsters on the film Alien has died. Person-macro was also known for his


sculptures. Whitney is Ian Nathan, the executive editor of Empire


magazine. We have never seen anything quite like this monster on


our screens, have we? We haven't. I think Ridley Scott liked him because


he was getting frustrated with science fiction conventions. When he


came on board, there was a clean cut sci-fi universe. He was told to go


against that. He was frustrated with the tentacle beasts that he had been


shown in diagrams. One day the screenwriter sat him down and handed


him a collection of person-macro's art. Ridley Scott said, this is the


guy. What he difficult to work with? He was a complicated man. He had


amazing ideas, although the studio were wary of him and were horrified


when they saw his designs. When Ridley Scott came on board, he loved


what HR Giger was doing. And this film changed the nature of the


genre. It was transformative. Whether it is science fiction horror


is always questionable. But HR Giger's contribution was more than


just the monster. He designed the planet that the aliens came from.


Scott thought it was wonderful that you could never tell quite where the


mechanism stopped and the biology began. That is exactly what he


wanted, a thing of nightmares. It truly represented the idea of Alien.


The hairs are standing up on the back of my neck as you talk about


it. It was something that stayed with you. It not into your psyche,


just watching it. That is right. There are Freudian undertones and it


is very for luck, but HR Giger said the arts came from his own


nightmares. He lived in a house with very few windows when he was a


child. He used to dream about pipes and mechanisms covered in human


skin. At that awful point, we have to leave it.


skin. At that awful point, we have to leave Thank you for joining us.


Some of us will be experiencing the warmest weather of the year so far


later this week. High pressure is building up and the changes will be


noticed from tomorrow. Here comes the high-pressure, but there will be


these weather


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