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This is BBC World News Today with me, Zeinab Badawi.


King Juan Carlos of Spain announces he will abdicate, after


The King says a new generation has to be at the forefront.


His son, Crown Prince Felipe, is to become the new king.


Spain's ambassador in London tells us there is much to


It's a challenge for the future, and for the splendid new king,


Felipe VI. He has been the key figure


The White House unveils new plans to curb greenhouse emissions,


aiming to cut emissions from power plants by 30% by 2030.


Qatar's winning bid to hold the 2022 World Cup comes under investigation


by FIFA, as allegations emerge of corruption in their campaign.


And how one Cuban changed his life by making the treacherous


ocean crossing to Florida on just his wind-surfing board.


King Juan Carlos is to abdicate in favour of his son Prince Felipe


King Juan Carlos' reign ushered democracy into Spain but


in recent years the monarchy has been battered by


royal scandals, including corruption allegations against his son-in-law.


The King has spoken to the Spanish people saying it's time


for a younger, energised generation to take the country forward.


A message from the King to the people of Spain.


King Juan Carlos telling them he was abdicating to make way for his son.


TRANSLATION: Today, a new generation must lead.


Younger people with more energy, determined to push through with


the reforms we need and to face our future challenges.


I've only ever wanted to contribute to the welfare


This was the key moment of Juan Carlos's reign.


1981, and members of the Spanish armed forces seize control


They're hoping to revive the authoritarianism of the late


But the young King spoke up for democracy and they were defeated.


I wasn't afraid for Spain, because I knew what the rest,


and what the whole majority of the armed forces and the people


in general wanted, and really needed for me to do that night.


After the 2004 Madrid bombings, the Royal family visited survivors


in hospital. He was seen as a man for the people.


His youngest daughter, Princess Cristina,


caught up in a corruption scandal and the King himself criticised


in 2012 after a lavish elephant hunt in Botswana as Spaniards faced the


All that damage, as much as failing health, may have played


a role in Juan Carlos's decision to hand the crown to his son Felipe.


And the new royal generation now under pressure to restore


Well, demonstrations have begun in parts of Spain.


Partly organised by Spain's left-wing parties,


who are calling for a referendum on whether Spain should continue


What are we expecting on that demonstration front? I think it will


be interesting to see whether we see really in large numbers on the


streets and night. I predict not, but I might be wrong. I think we


will see tens of thousands of people turn out, particularly from the left


or supported by the political left. Parties here in the elections


recently picked up 20% of the vote, so it is a significant section of


the population in that -- in Spain that would support a republic.


Republicanism is much more mainstream and potent than it was in


Britain. I don't think we will see hundreds of thousands on the


streets, that would be a game changer, that would show that people


are pushing for some kind of change against the institutions want


themselves. What are people saying in the dread about this news? A


short time ago, I was -- in the Madrid? I was at the ambassadors


palace, he said the announcement can completely by surprise. I think


there is a lot of surprise here. I do not think there is shock. If you


go back to the beginning of the year to that corruption scandal, Princess


Cristina, the youngest daughter of the King, had to appear in court in


a long-running corruption investigation, back then we met with


royal officials and they were keen to point out that application was


not an option. Why has it happened six months on? Possibly because


there is less speculation in the media, there has been a lull in


whether the King might abdicate. There has been less media pressure,


maybe the Royal family and the King himself think it is a better moment.


As the King has pointed to himself and royal officials have said this,


he has become less popular, his son, Prince Felipe, has become more


popular. There is no doubt that the Royal household hope that Felipe can


turn things around and stem the tide, especially of young people,


moving away and sporting the monarchy less in the country. --


supporting the monarchy. A short time ago, I sat down with the


ambassador from Spain and he told us more about what's King Juan


Carlos's abdication would mean for his country. Yes, perhaps only a few


people around the King himself, and the Royal family, new the decision


of the King. But, perhaps, we should think that, the King was allowed


this decision in the last six months. He said this morning, his


last birthday, which I think is the 5th of January, he perhaps took the


decision and after that, perhaps was reflecting on that. Did the news


come as a shock to you personally? Yes, because in our country, Juan


Carlos has been a key figure in the last 40 years. In politics. Our


history, of recent history, he took over the power from Franco, and was


able to give it back to the people. And he managed to democracy, the


freedom, the piece, everything. I put it to you that King Juan Carlos


has left the monarchy in slightly less robust shape that when he came


to the throne in 1975. He has been able to understand, the political


realities are changing all over Europe and all over the world. And


then he was always a very wise man. I think it is the wisdom and the


experience, he decided to put on the front line, he decided to go out


because the Prince, Prince Felipe is a very well-prepared man. He is


young man, I think he took that decision. How far did his low


approval ratings, particularly compared to his son, Crown Prince


Felipe come influence his decision to abdicate? I think nowadays, we


will see, nowadays, you can take account of the main political


forces, the People's party and the Socialist party, they are 84% in the


last general election, they are supporting the King and the Crown


and the monarchy as the system. I think not, I think the King is


regulating his figure with the decision. In this time of austerity


for Spain, can meet country afford a monarchy? Of course, I think the


monarchy is a symbol of stability. And the young King, the new king, is


linked with the same feeling of the young of the country. I remember,


Prince Felipe was always asking the defence secretary about the salary


of the troops, the family of the military people, visiting them


abroad, the missions in Afghanistan or Bosnia, etc. He is a man with a


new feeling for the new realities. That was Spain's ambassador to


London talking to me short time ago. The US government has announced


a sweeping plan to curb climate change by cutting carbon dioxide


emissions from power plants It's a key part of President Obama's


climate change initiative and the environmental protection


agency says it will improve people's But many


in the coal industry accuse Mr Obama of waging a war on coal, and say


they'll fight the regulations. Aleem Maqbool reports


from coal country in West Virginia. The world's carbon emissions are


at record levels. America is one


of the chief culprits, burning vast amounts of coal, producing more than


double the amount of greenhouse gas But announced today,


the most significant environmental All told, in 2030, when the States


meet their final goals, our proposal will result in 30% less


carbon pollution from the power sector across the United States,


in comparison to 2005 levels. That is... Thank you.


APPLAUSE But here's the thing,


when they talk about cutting carbon dioxide emissions from power plants


like this one, there is really only one effective way to do that,


and that's to burn less coal. It's why many in the industry here


in America accuse President Obama The hills of West Virginia sit


on massive coal reserves, Executives from the industry here


say the new rules are going to have a major impact on America's


competitiveness on the world stage. It comes on the heels of a number


of initiatives and programmes from this president and from this


administration that has already We're dealing with


a very radical environmental community that would like to see


coal eradicated completely. In spite of America's massive


power needs, many environmentalists They're happy President Obama


is pushing through these ground-breaking rules bypassing


Congress, but the challenge is Now a look at some of the day's


other news. Hundreds of separatists in Ukraine


have launched an attack on a border guard camp at Luhansk,


in the east of the country. The border agency says five


militants were killed. There has also been an explosion at


the headquarters of the self styled Four people have been arrested in


France on suspicion of involvement The Interior minister,


Bernard Cazaneuve, said the arrests took place in the Paris


region and in the south of France. The announcement follows


the detention of a man on Sunday in connection with the killing


of three people at a Jewish museum Mehdi Nemmouche was said


by prosecutors to have spent a year in Syria,


apparently with jihadist fighters. At least 16 people have been killed


in heavy fighting in the Libyan city of Benghazi between militias and


forces loyal to a renegade general. A number of soldiers were killed


in the clashes at an army base holding troops loyal


to general, Khalifa Haftar. The general has been behind


a number of attacks on militant A new Palestinian unity government


has been sworn in marking a key step towards ending


a nine-year long rift between the mainstream Fatah Party that governs


the West Bank and Hamas in Gaza. Israel says it will not deal with


a Palestinian government backed by Hamas and the US has expressed


concern over the role Hamas will The new government is made up


of 17 independent ministers led by the current prime minister


Rami Hamdallah. Joining me from Washington is


the former foreign minister He's now with The Carnegie Endowment


for International Peace where he overseas research on the


Middle East. What will the international community want to see


from this new government before they give it its endorsement? I think


first of all it is a much-needed step to end the seven year rift.


Also to satisfy public opinion, which has been calling for such a


government for some time. We need to understand that this government is


not going to be entrusted with continuing negotiations. That is


part of the mandate given to President Abass. In real terms, this


is not going to affect the negotiations with Israel, which have


stopped anyway, or the recognition of Israel. I do not expect


international communities to do much. I think they will judge the


Government by actions and I think they will continue to deal with


that. In fact, President Abass is coming to Washington soon,


accompanied by the Prime Minister. You do not think that there will be


sanctioned by the American Congress against this new government? Because


if Hamas is there, either in the back-seat seat or FriendFeed, then


that would automatically trigger those sanctions. Sanctions is a


strong word. Congress is likely to withhold current aid to


Palestinians, or attempt to do so. Such an attempt would be lobbied


against by the administration, which has already indicated that they will


not prejudge the Government and we are going to see whether its


actions, you know, contradict the positions taken in earlier by the


Palestinian authority. We also, I think, need to recognise that there


are no real negotiations going on at the current time between


Palestinians and Israelis. And in my own view I think the administration


is more concerned with the Israeli position than stopping these


negotiations because of settlement activity than with the formation of


a government that in the end everybody recognises. No peace is


going to be possible without that. They will need to have some kind of


signal, will be not, from this government? In a phone call on that


Sunday, -- on Sunday, John Kerry said that they must commit to the


principles of nonviolence, recognition of the state of Israel


and acceptance with previous agreements. Will they do that? That


is something President Abass already commented on in his conversation


with John Kerry. The Palestinian authority has made it clear on a


number of occasions that there is no going back on agreements previously


signed. They recognised each other in 1993. That recognition still


holds, in my view. Thank you very much indeed for giving us that


analysis. Thank you. Five members of the Taliban,


including one former security adviser to its chief, have been set


free from Guanatanmao Bay by the US, Sergeant Bergdahl was, according


to the US, critically ill. Afghan President Hamid Karzai is


said to be furious for being left out of the loop


on the prisoner exchange. Republicans


in the US are also highly critical From a pro-Taliban news website,


images, it seems, of the welcoming party


for the Taliban detainees from and the Taliban leaders' assertion


that this is a victory are sure to stir the controversy in


the United States These are the hardest


of the hard-core. These are


the highest high risk people. And others that we have released


have gone back into the fight. Among the five who have been


in the prison since 2002 It has been pledged that they


won't return to the battlefield. But in Afghanistan, too, there has


been anger from the Government, which was not told about


the prisoner exchange in advance. The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,


from the beginning, has been against the detention of its citizens and


limiting them in Guantanamo Bay, or But the recent release


of five Afghan citizens in exchange for an American army


sergeant goes against the agreement And their transfer to the


Qatar government was not agreed


upon by the Afghan government. continues to defend what it has


done. For some reason we took


a position in the 21st century, when some of her adversaries may not


be traditional state actors, that we would not do our utmost to


bring our prisoners of war home. That would break faith with


the American people and the men and women


who serve in uniform. So regardless


of who may be holding an American prisoner of war, we must do


our best to bring him or her back. As for the soldier's parents,


emotion is now tinged with the knowledge that they must now


wait before they can see I am so looking forward to seeing


your face after these last five


and a half years. And to giving you a great big hug


and holding you in my arms again, For now, the sergeant is at this


US medical facility in Germany, just starting what will be a long


and difficult rehabilitation. World football's governing body,


FIFA, says an investigation into allegations of corruption over


Qatar's bid to host the 2022 World Cup will be


complete by next week. The publication of the report


by chief investigator Michael Garcia comes amid fresh claims that


payments were made to officials who Those involved in


the bid have denied any wrongdoing. Our sports editor, David Bond,


reports. It is a decision that has been


haunting FIFA Is it going to overshadow the


Brazil World Cup? In Sao Paulo today,


the FIFA General Secretary evading questions about how Qatar won the


right to stage the 2022 World Cup. Please could we have one question,


just for the BBC. It was the same in Doha,


where Qatar's Finance Minister was But World Cup officials might not be


able to avoid FIFA's chief investigator, who is conducting


interviews in the region this week. Newspaper claims that Qatar's former


FIFA vice president paid ?3 million in alleged bribes to football


officials to build support Qatar deny any wrongdoing but


at a question and answer session today, the Prime Minister reflected


growing concerns. There is an inquiry underway, quite


rightly, into what happened in terms I think we should let that inquiry


take place, rather than prejudge it. My memories of that bidding process


are, as I have said, not happy memories, in terms of the


way the whole thing was arranged and But let's let


the inquiry take place. So what now for FIFA's


investigation? American lawyer Michael Garcia today


announced he would finish interviews next week and produce his report


by late July. He is only investigating


whether individual politicians He cannot look into those who have


resigned or been expelled already. Therefore the chances of a revote


remain unlikely, unless the weight


of allegations continues to grow. One former FIFA adviser is


pessimistic. FIFA has weathered a


lot of scandals before now. So I think we need to work


on the assumption that FIFA will hunker down and delay


and that the chances of another vote But with the Sunday Times promising


more revelations in the weeks ahead, the feeling is that the doubts over


the 2022 World Cup An Egyptian satirist is ending his


programme. He has been dubbed Egypt's answer to John Stewart but


says the atmosphere in the country no longer allows for political


satire. He had come under mounting pressure for taking aim at the


Muslim Brotherhood and military. He says he has declined offers to


broadcast on non-Arab challenge channels because he said that he was


concerned he would be branded a traitor.


For years, Cubans have been risking their lives


Many make the journey across the shark-infested Florida strait.


One intrepid Cuban, Jorge Armando Martinez,


decided to make the dangerous crossing on his windsurfing board.


He's been telling the BBC how he managed to survive on just a bag


I am 28 years old and I came to the US on a surf board, from Cuba.


There was a lot of hardship there and I had to find


So I started to train as a windsurfer


I had to sell almost all my belongings.


I only kept my bed, my fan and windsurfing kit.


It was a group of us with the same idea.


All we had to do was train hard and get ready for the unknown.


We did not really know what to expect on the Florida Straits.


I was only carrying a bottle of water and around ten sweets.


The trip was supposed to take just six hours.


I knew I could reach speeds of up to 50 or 60kmph


I did not expect to have so many problems.


After four days at sea, I began to get used to it.


I rationed my water and had a sip everyday.


I was quite confident about my route,


thanks to a compass I had on my wrist.


I got to Marquesas Keys, which was on my right.


There was a beach and that was where someone found me.


Some fishermen were passing by very close to me.


They saw me and asked me if I was a rafter.


I said, "No, I am just very thirsty.


They took me by boat to an ambulance that was waiting for me in Key West


I was in very bad shape, dehydrated.


But I think everything will go well for me here


I like the challenge of being in a developed country.


It gives you the opportunity to work honestly and


The story of one very brave Cuban air.


King Juan Carlos of Spain has announced his intention to abdicate,


In a televised address he said "A new generation must be at the


His son Crown Prince Felipe will take over the throne.


For much of his reign, Juan Carlos was seen as one of


the world's most popular monarchs, but recently many Spaniards have


But for now, from me and the rest of the team, goodbye.


Hello. It looks like this week will be a mixture of everything. Some


sunny spells, some showers, some of which could be heavy. Particularly


on Tuesday. Midweek


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