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This is BBC World News, with me Zeinab Badawi.


The number of irregular migrants into Europe rises sharply.


As many as 60,000 have already arrived this year,


after making treacherous journeys across continents and seas in


We have a special report from Libya, where tens of thousands wait in


cramped and filthy conditions, hoping for a better life in Europe.


As many as 60,000 have already arrived this year, This is an open


door from the continent to Europe. But the worry is that the people are


coming from further afield. Brutal killings in India. After two


teenage girls were gang-raped then hanged, the father of one victim


says the police ridiculed him Also coming up - history deleted?


Google begins to allow EU citizens to remove personal information from


internet searches, after a landmark Was Richard the Third really the


hunchback in Shakespeare's play? New research casts doubt on the extent


of his deformity. Could Tudor propagandists be behind his


much-maligned image? Good evening. The success of


anti-immigration parties in the European elections comes against a


background on the rise against irregular migrants reaching Europe.


It is bound to add to the current debate. In the first four months of


this year, more than 60,000 years migrants tried to enter Europe from


North Africa. We followed one group being smuggled out of Libya. In an


isolated room, a door opens to: Anshuman misery.


Nearly 400 million, illegal immigrants from across Africa, are


held here. There was barely room to sit and


certainly not sleep. They are sick and Hungary. Most are trying to get


to Europe. Our smugglers trying to get you to Europe? Did you pay them?


We give them 1600 euros. We find a man on the floor with bullet wounds.


This is the moment when some of those are captured. The armed Coast


Guard finds them. They were heading for Italy, but the engine cut out


after four hours may have been drifting for two days. The water and


food had run and it is pure luck that the Coast Guard found them. The


commander of the rescue said this is Europe's problem is much as that of


Libya. We need the European Union to buy boats and helicopters for search


operations. Countries such as Italy are not serious about fighting this.


On the cause, it is the people smugglers, and not the authorities,


who have the advantage. The Navy see the need much more in the way of


boats and helicopters. They also need a lot more body bags, for the


amount of dead migrants they are picking up in boats and from the


water. We are taken on board. It is so full of bodies of migrants, he


simply has too jammed the door closed. Once, there were only three


a year, no it is eight journeys a week. The men are crossing into


Libya know they are not welcome. They are promised jobs in Newark.


They say it is better than what they could leave behind. Here, a truck is


found with a false compartment. Inside, barely able to believe, to


dozen men. One is carrying a Bible. They have risked everything to get


this far. Libya warns that more and more will follow.


Elizabeth Collett is the Director of the Migration Policy Institute


Europe and she joins us live from Brussels.


How far as this rise in numbers due to the fact that the immigration


policy in New York is not working? We have seen the rise this year, but


they have been fluctuating for the past decade. It is not a new


problem. The problem shifts in the southern border every time and


again. One of the problems is actually putting together a policy.


The Italian coastguard have been very active over the past six


months, but there has not been an easy solution. You end up with a


compromise. You get the likes of Italy and Malta scene, we need more


funds and better sources and more coordination at European Union level


because we are the ones bearing the brunt of this influx. As the


European Union doing enough to attend to those demands? I think the


difference between the European Union and the member states, the


European Union has used all its funding possible to pursue these


operations in the Mediterranean. However, it is a drop in the ocean,


forgive the pun. Action needs to be done and a lot has to be applied to


a proper search and rescue operation. There has to be a lot


more partnerships with the third world countries, not simply just


North Africa, for the beyond. We need to understand how these


networks are moving. There are enormous resources that could be


applied. This applies to member states and the European Union coming


together and admitting that they will need to put money at this


problem. Are we going to see a shift when it comes to migration policy in


the European Union as a result of some of the successors of the


anti-immigration parties, such as the National front in France? I


think you will see a drop in political coverage from the


mainstream parties in Europe. In the Italian election, extremist groups


did not do well. It suggests, there is a need to address the problem in


the Mediterranean. It obviously resonates with the electorate. Many


mainstream parties could actually be at the forefront of finding the


solution, if they have the confidence to speak up about it.


The government in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh where


two teenage girls were gang-raped and then hanged from a tree has


pledged to set up a special fasttrack court to try the suspects.


The announcement comes after criticism by the victims'


families that it took more than 12 hours for police to respond after


The brutal killings took place in a remote village in Budaun district,


It was a heart-wrenching scene. Two girls, just 14 and 16, were found


dead. Their bodies were found hanging from this mango tree. They


had also been gang raped. We were ready to go to the police station. A


police officer came to me and said even the girls were hanging from a


tree. Relatives of claimed the police have refused to help, because


they were from a law passed. One police officer has been suspended


and another sacked. Whatever happened, this is wrong. It is a


very serious issue and we will take the strictest action against the


culprits. The gang rape of a student on a bus in barely two years ago


brought the issue to the front of the agenda in the country. The


number of reported rapes since has almost doubled. Today, students took


to the streets in protest at the gruesome murder of the women. The


bodies of the women have been brought down, but the brutal


violence that unfolded here has again brought forward the issue of


violent crimes against women in India. The villagers are hoping the


global media attention will help them in the fight for justice. A


terrible case the pain India. The internet giant Google is


starting to accept requests from people in Europe who want personal


information about them removed from online search results. The move


comes after a landmark European Union court ruling earlier this


month, which gave people the "right If you Google yourself and do not


like what you find, you can contact the search engine and do something


about it. You can have a relevant data erased. You simply have to


inform them as to why this should be removed. This came after a ruling at


the European Court. He said they noticed about his repossessed home


infringed his privacy. Google is responsible for nearly 90% of


Internet searches in Europe. They say they will be looking at the


public interest in the future. Requests will be considered on a


case-by-case basis, so the time frame for the remit is unclear. The


chief executive of the company warned that the change could have


serious consequences. He says: He is also warning that resources


spent complying could do damage the technical and narration of the


company going forward. A lot of people will welcome this,


they will say there has been an invasion on my privacy, thank


goodness we have this. We have privacy laws and libel laws. This is


for truthful information which people may or may not have forgotten


about. As a result, we will get effectively, a two tier Internet


system. If you happen to be within the European Union, you will get one


set of returns, but a you are inside the European Union, you will not. If


you are in India, Australia, South Africa, you will get completely


uncensored information. That is one disadvantage, in your view. Is not


perhaps a good idea for some people, if they feel there is on their


bridge has been there for many years? Maybe a picture of the Trail,


watch the want removed? I do not think so. There is a universal


covenant on children's rights. To give you an example, Mr Nick Clegg,


the deputy prime minister, he was convicted of arson in Germany when


he was a student. He was doing something he was not proud of. If


you look on his biography, it is on page 48. You're not going to find


unless you are looking for it. After this result, you will find that will


not be available to people in the United Kingdom. Is that the case?


Google say they are the individual can make the request, but they will


say that if they decide it is not in the public interest to remove it, it


will remain. But the case in point was about a Spanish man who was


found bankrupt any Spanish court and when you Google his name on the


Internet, that came up. The trouble is, if we wanted to go into business


with them, we would want an easy way to find out financial information


about him. That is a critical piece of information that you would be


entitled to and that is why it is a retrograde step. There will be some


unnecessarily gratuitously embarrassing facts about individuals


and as soon as you put that name and, it will dog them for the rest


of their life. This is that information about Oliver is only. We


have all done something we are slightly ashamed of. I certainly


have! That is what makes us human beings. We embrace the fallibility


of our fellow human beings. We mature. People accept that. What we


do not like is the airbrushing of history. One of the problems here is


that 50% of the applications have been from criminals, people who have


been trying to fleece members of the public. It was not for the purpose


it was intended. Thank you very much for joining us.


Now a look at some of the days other news:


A Syrian activist group says barrel bombs and other air raids


on rebel-held parts of Aleppo, have killed nearly 2,000 people


this year, more than a quarter of them children.


Barrel bombs are pushed out of the back of helicopters; packed


with explosives as well as scraps of metal, causing massive


The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said their use


seems to have intensified, despite international calls for a halt.


The organisation for Security in Europe says it has lost contact with


monitors in Ukraine. It says another team that have been detained by


pro-Russian separatists are still missing.


Poland's last communist leader has been buried in Warsaw's historic


cemetery despite widespread opposition. In 1981 he imposed


martial law in Poland to crush the pro-democracy union, causing dozens


of deaths. It was a state organised funeral, albeit low-key one for this


most decisive of -- divisive figures. He was awarded -- veteran


and former president so there was a minute regard of order. For previous


presidents attended including one that had been imprisoned during


martial war. They paid their respects to a man who in 1989 per


side it over the peaceful transition from communism to democracy. Outside


there was little respect. For these people he was a Kremlin stooge with


blood on his hands. I am ashamed for the military today who saluted


traitor, a true traitor. It is a disgrace for the Polish nation for


the military to take part in such a circus because this is a circus.


Protesters also gathered outside the country's most prestigious cemetery.


They were angry that the general's ashes were buried beside heroes. For


others he was a tragic figure, caught between the might of the


Soviet Union and the Solidarity democracy movement. As the years


have gone by more and more Polish people say he was right to impose


martial law because, as the general always said, it prevented the Soviet


invasion. People are now living longer than


ever before, and with that comes new challenges in improving the


quality of life for the elderly. AgeLab, at Massachusetts Institute


of Technology, has developed a suit they say


simulates the ageing process, giving younger people a better idea of the


challenges that come later in life. Rajini Vaidyanathan has been finding


out what it's like to go from the This is Agnes, it stands and gives


the user empathy. It allows the user to work in a person's shoes. It


gives them and the thief. Shall I have a go? We will move you from 20


until 80 in 20 minutes. This serves as the frame of the suit, where we


can put the buckles and the straps that will impair different parts of


your body. Women will have a dowager hump because their entire frame is


being weighed down by weakening bone structure as well as muscle


structure. This is adding weight and also restriction. One of the issues


around ageing the physical body is not just what you cannot do but the


amount of energy that you out to expend to be able to do the simple


things that you used to do, from opening a jar to reaching to things


on a shelf. This adds the wait. It is like carrying a dumbbell. Now you


will feel the strain of your hamstrings pulling but take a few


steps and your date has changed. You often see older adults are slow and


they take short steps, it is muscle tone and weight. These are the


latest fashion in shoes. We tend to lose the fat at the bottom of our


feet so your feet begin to hurt and you blame your shoes but it is not


your shoes, it is the feet. We have a variety of goggles that can


simulate low vision and natural ageing. It just looks a bit more


blurred. You will need corrective lenses. We will put the helmet on


and this will pull down the back of your neck and your head, to give you


that dowager hump. As an older adults, if we do not change the


environment around us we find it is about turning inward and truly


retiring. What we want to do at the AgeLab is open up the world and make


it useful even if all of us are not necessarily useful. My feet are


hurting, particular my soul is my knees are really starting to feel


pain and my lower back. And my head. I feel like I direct you want to sit


down. What a difference 20 minutes makes. It is not easy. What will the


future look like in 50 years for me? It will be a lot better and


easier for you than it was for your parents. An ageing society as a


reason to reinvent society live longer and better.


She was looking a little bit older than when I last saw her!


A bunch-backed toad was how Shakespeare immortalised the late


And for centuries he has been depicted as an evil cripple


The king's body was discovered in a sensational find under


a car park in the English city of Leicester last year.


But now scientists who've examined Richard's skeleton say that


although he was troubled by some degree of spinal curvurture, or


scoliosis, any deformity would have been barely noticeable to others.


The research published in the Lancet medical journal suggests


a good tailor and armourer could have disguised the condition.


The latest findings add more weight to the arguments


of those who believe the caricature of an evil hunchback was part of


a campaign by Richard's successors to boost their own legitimacy.


I'm joined from Edinburgh now by Philippa Langley who initiated


the search for King Richard's lost grave as part of her ongoing


research into history's most controversial monarch.


What did the Lancet actually say about his disfigurement? Much more


minor than we thought? The specialists had said it was just a


scoliosis and it was not when the head was pushed forward and onto the


chest. Does that mean he would have looked like anybody else when people


saw him? Yes, absolutely. That fits with the contemporary descriptions


of Richard by people who saw in and new Inn. Nobody mentioned anything


out of the ordinary. I think if you put it in to context today it is


like our Queen, the Queen of Britain. She has once shoulder


higher than the other but we do not notice it. It is not something we


talk about. History tells us he was quite a great warrior himself,


wasn't he? He was. He fought in three battles and he took a big part


in those battles, fighting right in the middle of the men. In his final


battle he was at the front, leading the army. We know that he was


incredibly physically active and physically able. Why has he been


such a maligned character? History is always written by the victors.


Henry Tudor, who became the king after him, Henry VII, had no blood


claim to the throne. He needed to really make himself look like the


good choice, the current choice, in order to confirm his legitimacy on


the throne to everyone around him because he had taken over the


Plantagenet dynasty that was on the throne before. The Tudors, Henry VII


was the first Tudor, waged a sort of a propaganda campaign against


Richard III? I think that was passed of it. When you look at the research


into Richard and you look at the historical documentation and the


accounts and letters that we have, the Tudor Shakespearian portrayal


does not fit with what you get from his contemporary time. Do you think


that as a result of these findings that accidents, present and future,


are going to have to depict Richard III in a different way, that will be


quite tricky if they carry on doing Shakespeare's Richard III which


really does portray him as this sort of evil character. Yes, I think we


are beginning to see this already because I know here in England, in


Nottingham, they did Richard -- recent Richard III where they took


away the limping Gate and the withered arm and all of that. I


think maybe it is beginning already. Thank you very much indeed for


talking to us about the need to revise our idea of what Richard III


looks like. The largest private collection of


drawings, poems and prose by John Lennon is due to go up for sale at


auction. It was created for use in his books. It has been owned by


those books British publisher for half a century. A nine page


manuscript is estimated to fetch up to $70,000 while another sketch has


a presale value of $15,000. The auction takes place in New York next


month. That is it and next we have the


weather but from me and the rest of the team, goodbye and enjoy your


weekend. Good evening. It was a quiet end to


the week. There was quite a lot of cloud but despite it it was dry


everywhere and it is to write tomorrow for the most part with many


places seeing sunshine. It is quiet and it will be quiet


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