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This is BBC World News Today, with me Philippa Thomas.


One of its biggest cities is now under the


control of Islamists, hundreds of prisoners are on the run, and there


The jihadist fighters took over Mosul as police and army officers


fled, and thousands of civilians are now trying to get


TRANSLATION: All of the people have fled, they have left their homes,


and people are lying dead on the streets.


The Taliban strike Pakistan's largest airport again -


security forces in Karachi come under attack a day after militants


Trapped deep beneath the surface of the earth - 200 rescuers race to


save an injured man stranded inside one of Europe's most


TRANSLATION: It is quite interesting, though difficult. They


speak differently. And schooling through soccer -


how Brazil's children are learning about new countries,


thanks to the World Cup. Images like these remind us


of the Iraq war at its peak - thousands of families fleeing their


homes for safety, with barely enough But these are images taken today,


two and a half years These are civilians leaving


their homes because of the Islamic takeover of one


of Iraq's biggest cities, Mosul, Those responsible belong to


the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, or ISIS, an offshoot


of Al Qaeda that has already seized But this is their boldest move yet,


one that has given them control After four days of this, the jihadi


's are effectively in control of Iraq's second largest city. DCs


control of the port and the jails. 1000 prisoners escaped, it is said.


The government broadcast an appeal for the men to resist the militants.


Police and soldiers abandoned the posts as well. Many refugees


followed them. TRANSLATION: The army dissolved. They were terrified. They


fled, so we left as well. TRANSLATION: The commanders were the


first to flee, leaving the soldiers alone. The commanders are to blame.


TRANSLATION: All of the people have fled, they have left their homes and


many people were lying dead on the streets. Will Iraq except this? Wrap


Carmack Iraq will not accept this -- Iraq will not accept this, says the


Prime Minister. Plumes of smoke hanging over the city from abandoned


and looted police stations. The Islamic world have fresh weapons


even if they lose most of them now -- the Islamic state.


Laith Kubba is a former spokesman for the Iraqi


government, now a senior director with the National Endowment


Welcome. What does this say about the state that Iraq is in? They have


passed the new threshold. Those who attacked the city are a few hundred


of ISIS, but this was an army that was allowed to grow over the last


few years. They are very well equipped, they have, and structure,


and infrastructure of communication. They have managed to run a number of


operations against three or four cities in Iraq, many multiple fronts


at the same time effectively and successfully. The fact that the


Iraqi army cannot defend the second largest city, it is most alarming.


Of course, the Prime Minister, as commander-in-chief of all of the


Armed Forces and the Prime Minister, he bears the responsibility for


this. But it is an indication of much serious these -- much more


serious fears that Iraq is going through. Do you think that Iraq can


cope alone, or do you think there has to be reading answer? There is


no question that ISIS is not exclusively and Iraq problem. It now


has solid supply lines of arms and men and recruits, not only from


Syria but from all over the region. I think their recent successes are


going to become a magnet where more people will join an anti-war just


get stronger. -- and they will just get stronger. The whole thing can


start unfolding internally, perhaps with more tensions and breakdown of


authority. If the Iraqi army cannot defend cities then why should


anybody go back to Baghdad? But for the rest of the region, if this


force is allowed to grow beyond this, now that the control vast


territories with white numbers of soldiers with successes, I think


that Jardine should be worried, other countries should be worried in


the region. -- Jordan. It is no longer a great throwing skirmishes


and a great throwing skirmishes and attacks here and more serious threat


that will take months, if not longer, to confront. I understand


that you have family roots in Mosul. Put Kurdish forces join with those


in Baghdad? Regrettably those issues are being politicised in a very


petty, silly way, while the Titanic is sinking. I think that politicians


are just scrambling about, dividing power. They have come out of the


elections and are squabbling about Bashir of elections and positions.


-- about oil and positions. The Kurds do not feel immediately


threatened by this. It is somebody else's territory. So I think that


the leaders of Iraq bear the first and full responsibility for the


deterioration. They can do more. Bear in mind, Iraq had an army that


kept Iran in check for eight years in the 1980s and now it cannot even


stand an attack of a few hundreds from this new force. This says a lot


about how far Iraq has deteriorated as a state and other government.


Thank you for your time and your insight.


A day after security forces regained control of Karachi's airport


from militants, gunmen on motorbikes have fired shots at a training camp


used by security forces just outside the airport's perimeter.


The Taliban says it was responsible and a hunt is under way


From Islamabad, the BBC's Mike Wooldridge has more.


A new gunfight today, at the end of Pakistan's busiest airport. The


target was a balding close to the airport perimeter used by the


specialist security forces for training and weapons storage. The


greatest clash erupted, according to officials, when two gunmen tried to


enter the security building firing shots. They then fled. The army and


police bring in reinforcements. At the moment, the situation is 100%


under control. No terrorist is present in the area. No one has


penetrated security. Flights are operating normally. Pakistan's Prime


Minister called for the attackers to be eliminated. Today, the bodies of


seven more victims of Sunday's attack were recovered. They had


taken refuge in a cold storage building and died a day before they


could be rescued. In all of this, there are tragic echoes of the cycle


of violence that accompanied Taliban militancy at its peak year only


months after peace negotiations made a halting start.


Now a look at some of the day?s other news.


At least six people have been killed by violent storms


Most of the victims were killed by falling trees.


Trains were cancelled and flights diverted in Dusseldorf


and Cologne, as gusts of wind reached more than 150km an hour.


Weather forecasters are now issuing storm warnings for Hannover


US military sources have confirmed that five American soldiers have


been killed accidentally by their own side in southern Afghanistan.


Two Afghans were also killed in the incident, which happened on Monday


during a joint operation by Afghan and US troops in Zabul province.


In South Korea the trial has begun of the captain


They're on trial for murder, for their actions in the Sewol


Divers are still searching for victims at the site


of the sinking which left more than 300 people dead.


A further 11 crew members are facing lesser charges.


An international four-day summit on how to end sexual violence during


The event, hosted by the British foreign secretary William Hague


and the actress and UN special envoy Angelina Jolie,


is the culmination of a two-year campaign to raise awareness.


It produced a Declaration of Commitment to End Sexual Violence


in Conflict and that's been endorsed by 148 countries.


Let's listen to some of what Angelina Jolie had to say.


We really do need your help. This whole subject has been taboo for far


too long. War zone rape is a crime that thrives on silence. And on


denial. The stigma Himes survivors and it causes feelings of shame and


worthlessness, it feeds ignorance, such as the notion that rape has


anything to do with normal sexual impulses. But most of all, it allows


the rapist to get away with it. FIFA President Sepp Blatter is


facing growing calls to step The head of the


Dutch Football Association said Blatter should not stand


because FIFA had been too badly Blatter was also challenged over


his claims that critics of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar were motivated


by racism and discrimination. The calls were made


as football officials met in Sao Paulo to discuss


the allegations of corruption just two days before the start of this


year's tournament in Brazil. Well, as those officials gather,


football fans across Brazil are counting down the


hours until the World Cup opening But while excitement is growing,


there's still also a great deal of anger over the billions spent


on the tournament - with protests across the country


showing little sign of dying down. The BBC's Julia Carneiro is in Rio


with the latest. Are there are still threats to


disrupt the tournament itself? There are several protest planned for


during the tournament, also for the day of the opening match, in several


cities, in Rio, Sao Paulo. But whether they will be large and have


the capacity to disrupt the match or things that are going on in the


country, that is still very unclear. The skill that we saw last year and


the demonstrations was very large -- the scale. Everything that has been


happening recently has been much smaller. There has been nothing in


that scale of hundreds of thousands of people in the street as we saw


last year. What is new is that joining the protest movement is that


joining the protest movements there have been lots of strokes, Sao Paulo


for instance, something which could disrupt the opening match of the


Strait of underground workers. They have decided to have an assembly


rate before the opening match on Wednesday evening to decide whether


they will strike on the Thursday or not. So these movements, the


underground workers for instance, and other classes of workers, from


these industrial actions, it could lead to destruction during the World


Cup. -- disruption. 200 rescuers from Germany, Italy,


Switzerland and Austria are working to bring out an injured man stuck


inside one of the most complicated The 52-year-old researcher was one


of the first to discover the Riesending cave,


which is near the town of He was exploring it further


when he was injured by falling rocks Let's talk more about the challenges


of this rescue operation. I'm joined from Sheffield by


Bill Whitehouse, chairman What do you think is the most


difficult thing about this operation? The size of the


operation. It is an enormous cave. The deepest and longest in Germany


and goes down to about 1100 metres deep. There are a total of 19


kilometres of passages. He is about 1000 metres from the entrance and


about six kilometres horizontally. I think the biggest shaft is about 300


metres deep. You must get down all these shafts. You must go down on


single rope is and come back up the same ropes. After about 900 metres,


it gets more horizontal. There are a lot of constricted passages and it


is very cold, about three degrees at this time of year. It is damp and


completely dark all the time. It sounds terrifying. Something that


strikes me is how can the people at the top know what is happening


underground? Can make communicate? -- can they communicate? Radios and


mobiles don't work through solid rock so you can either lay a phone


line or use special radios which allow you to send text messages


about 1000 metres maximum. It is like being able to send messages


from one point to another but you can't communicate between -- if you


are between those points. How will they look after the medical


condition of this man as they bring him out? How do they supply him with


drugs or check his condition? It depends on his condition. I have


heard he is not as bad as first thought. I think he is able to stand


and walk a little bit. What condition he is an will depend on


what they have to do. The first-team will reach and 24 hours after his


accident so they will be interested in attending him medically and


stabilising him and keeping him warm and fed and getting into the


condition before evacuation. How the evacuation goes will depend on


whether he can move himself or whether he must be in a stretcher.


If that is the case it will be a very long exercise. If he can walk


through some of the parts and perhaps only goal in a stretcher to


go up the egg shafts then it will be quicker.


The British government has admitted that royal pardons were secretly


given to paramilitaries in Northern Ireland in return for information


But the current Northern Ireland Secretary has told the BBC details


of who received the pardons should not be published because it could


Our Ireland correspondent Chris Buckler has the details.


In cemeteries across Northern Ireland there are headstones that


remember the murdered, loved ones killed in acts of terrorism. In many


cases, there have never been convictions. This man was shot dead


by the IRA as he left work in 1982. His family learned during a review


of the case that the main suspect had been given a so-called On The


Run letter. It is so wrong. I can't understand why a government would do


this to people, to innocent victims. The On The Run scheme was made


public recently. The man was the main suspect in the Hyde Park


bombing and although he always denied involvement. The letters are


the focus of a judge led inquiry and a House of Commons committee. To


deal with some cases, the government used the Royal prerogative of mercy


which is more usually known as a royal pardon. Documents relating to


some of these are missing. The government has admitted that royal


pardons were used in some terrorist related incidents as far back as the


1980s. Yes, there were some. It was used in relation to cases where


people may be released early on compassionate grounds if they had


terminal illnesses and also in some instances, I understand, in exchange


for information provided to assist the police in prosecuting other


people. It is believed the pardons involved people who gave evidence in


support grass trials. -- super grass. People will begin to ask what


else can we not know about and what other deals have been done. In


Northern Ireland, people are still hurting as a result of years of


violence and politics remains chained to the past.


And now the latest in our Living Online series.


One year ago, photography was just a hobby for Daniel Arnold.


Dissatisfied with his corporate job, he walked the streets of New York


taking pictures of the unusual sights of the city.


My name is Daniel Arnold and I am a photographer living in Brooklyn New


York. I have been photographing New York for 11 years. I always had a


camera in my hand. I try to capture things as they happen, not


interrupted or asking for permission or opposing anything. There were two


ladies on a bench and they were not paying attention to their dog and


another dog came past with a horrible ferocious beast face.


Sometimes I just feel moved by something, a quirk or oddity about


something. I think there is something about timelessness where


people can't be placed that really draws me to that. I started putting


photographs on Instagram two years ago and I got a really good


response. The fact I press a button and what ever I saw goes to 52,000


people is incredible. It's unheard of and bizarre. An April Fools' Day


last year, I quit a job at Nickelodeon. My occupation at this


point is to go and wonder. -- wander. I asked people to send me a


shot on Instagram and I would give them money. Instead of having to


figure out how to eat tomorrow, Ali sold -- I sold lots of pictures.


Once people start paying attention to my work, they see things


differently. That is so cool. I have been able to translate those first


more personal successes into some traditional work. I have got several


editorial jobs and done commercial work. The assignment is go and do


your thing, do what you do. Back to the World Cup now,


and some schools in Brazil are using the upcoming tournament to motivate


pupils to learn more geography. In several Brazilian cities


which are hosting national football teams, classes are now focusing on


those countries - some of which were completely


unknown to the students before now. TRANSLATION: I had never heard of


Bosnia but I decided to research its government to learn more. They have


three presidents, representatives from Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia.


TRANSLATION: So I started to learn about Mexico here at the


storytelling room. We learned about Frieda Callow -- Frida Kahlo.


TRANSLATION: Yesterday I learned about their language. Football and


their lives overall. It is quite interesting, though difficult. They


speak a bit differently. But it is really interesting. I even learned a


little word. Welcome in Algerian. It is Algerian, right?


Iraq's Prime Minister has put the country on maximum alert


and urged parliament to declare a state of emergency after Islamist


militants effectively took control of the city of Mosul.


Nouri Maliki acknowledged "vital areas" of the country's second


Today, with sunshine in East Anglia, we nearly got to


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