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This is BBC World News Today with me Zeinab Badawi.


Brazil's moment to shine as host of the World Cup is eclipsed by public


sector strikes just three days before the first match kicks off.


Protests on the streets of Sao Paulo - police use tear gas to disperse


I live in Rio de Janeiro where here, at least they are getting ready to


party. Police in Pakistan are back


in control of the country's largest airport after Taliban fighters storm


a terminal leaving 31 dead The row over infiltration of schools


in England by militant Islamists. The Government places six schools in


Birmingham under special measures. And Rik Mayall, one of Britain's


most popular and talented comedy We start in Brazil where riot police


in the country's biggest city Sao Paulo have fired tear gas


at protesters who are demanding The subway strike has unleashed


transport chaos in the city which hosts the opening match


of the football World Cup Not quite the suspicious start to


the World Cup that the authorities might have been hoping for?


Everywhere else in Brazil it seems they are getting ready to celebrate


the start of the World Cup, but that is still one outstanding industrial


dispute. For supporters lucky enough to go to that first match on


Thursday evening, there is a fair chance that they are going to


struggle to get to the ground, unless they leave a very long time.


Maybe this is just brinksmanship on the part of the unions. They know


that this is their moment of maximum leverage over the governments, over


a strike that has been declared illegal. There where clashes today.


Gridlock in Brazil's biggest city just three days before the World Cup


Striking Metro workers continuing to demand pay rises in excess of 10%.


Military police again try to break up the protests and yesterday


But these workers voted overwhelmingly to stay out


until their demands are met and say they don't care


It's a new stage for the Brazilian situation since the last year


and the World Cup is just the beginning of a new wave


The Government insists that these strikes and protests will not be


allowed to disrupt the World Cup and will use whatever force they deem


necessary, but if the riot police, as in the past, move in too hard, it


may exacerbate tensions even further and lead to more delays


for fans trying to get to World Cup games across Brazil.


Sao Paulo's chronic transport problems are notoriously bad


at the best of times and if these protests continue


the impact for World Cup schedules and fans could be enormous.


The protesters? mood is upbeat for now but things could turn ugly


if there is no last-minute deal or the Government tries to resolve


Here in Rio de Janeiro one of the principal concerns for the parties


has been the security situation. There have been attempts at what is


called pacification. I went to one of the first places to be pacified.


This favela used to be a place where drug dealers openly carried guns.


That has changed. There are no streets, just steps. This policeman


is now in charge of that favela. He told me of the dramatic difference


that the pacification unit had made. When was the last homicide in the


favela? For more than five years there has not been a homicide.


Pacification is relative. We ran into this police squad, guns drawn,


looking tense. One of duty officer told us about an encounter he had


had in a nearby favela. How many shots did the drug dealer fire? It


was very difficult to count. Lots. Very dangerous. The drug dealers


shot from all directions. Before this favela was pacified over three


murders per month in the community of just 7000 people. The figures


speak for themselves. And the scars of the battles are everywhere. For


all the problems and frustrations of daily life this favela is getting


ready to party. Yellow, blue and Green paint must surely be in short


supply. The World Cup is very important to us. Everybody is


excited about the games. Regardless of everything that is happening, the


important thing is that we participate and celebrate.


Everything is going to be all right. The beautiful game has never been


played more beautifully done by Brazilians. These favela children


dream that one day it will be them representing the national side. On


the question of who will when they speak with one voice. Brazil.


Brazil. Brazil. I think we will hear people chanting Brazil quite a lot


over the next few weeks. The weight of expectation is high on the


national side. Just beyond where we are broadcasting, just down there,


that is the supporters all that is still under construction. They will


be welcoming tens of thousands of supporters. There will be a huge


screen. Their workers are tried to get everything in place for the


opening match of which takes place on Thursday, less than three days


from now. You really do see that football is


in the DNA of Brazil. It is a leveller and an equaliser. It is a


country that is not equal in many ways.


Yes, a flippant point first. One of the coaches said, if you watch a


Brazilian dance their feet move at an incredible pace. That is what


these young kids bring to the football. It is dazzling. It is


Samba football. But it is a great leveller. It is the source of


peoples dreams. The national side, with the exception of one player, is


drawn from favelas. It is the kids who kick around on a dirt track


outside shantytowns tuning that one day they will be picked up by one of


the big teams and then eventually gets picked up by a big European


team and then shine on the national stage. Football is something where


everyone is equal. Except maybe that in the favelas they are better


footballers than they are in the wealthy suburbs.


Nice to see you so animated. Clearly a big football supporter yourself.


Pakistan's largest airport has reopened


after an overnight battle between Taliban gunmen and police that left


Witnesses living nearby said it sounded like war had broken


On Sunday evening ten attackers stormed Jinnah International


They entered an area used mainly for cargo and private flights,


hurling grenades, firing automatic weapons and rocket launchers.


Pakistan's Taliban has claimed responsibility,


Turned into a virtual war zone, Pakistan's biggest airport,


in a battle that lasted all night until Government troops finally


As the wounded were evacuated, burning cargo buildings lit up


the night sky, an eerie site in what is normally


Just how heavily armed the ten attackers were is clear


Grenades, rocket launchers and suicide belts.


Also food and water, suggesting they were planning a siege, or to hijack


Pakistan's Government praised its troops for their swift response.


Our forces have done a tremendous job.


We saw how quickly they controlled the situation.


Our army and police tackled the situation nicely and killed all


the terrorists involved in the incidents.


In claiming responsibility a spokesman for the Pakistan


Taliban said the attack was in revenge for the death of this leader


But he also warned more attacks were planned.


They are not the same as Afghanistan's Taliban, but there


are links. The Islamic insurgency is against Pakistan's Government.


Recent attempts at peace talks by Pakistan's prime minister caused


a split in their ranks and it is possible this attack was to try to


It would have caused a lot of material damage


if they had hit commercial airliners and it would have provided them with


the iconic images that they need in their campaign.


The attack was less devastating than it might have been,


but it still raises questions about Pakistan's security.


In the UK, a political row has broken out over schools in England's


England's education watchdog says six schools in Birmingham have been


Those schools have now been placed under what's been described


as special measures, and the Prime Minister David Cameron


is calling for snap inspections of all schools in the country.


Birmingham schools have endured months of leaks and rumours


Today, a damning verdict for five of them, with Ofsted condemning


a culture of fear and intimidation that was quite shocking.


Some headteachers, including those with a proud record of raising


standards, have been marginalised or forced out of their jobs.


This has left a vacuum in which schools previously rated good or


outstanding have suffered enormous staff turbulence, a collapse


in morale, and a rapid decline in their overall effectiveness.


Ofsted said there had been a deliberate attempt to change


the ethos of the schools, with the curriculum being narrowed,


and an exclusively Muslim culture in non-faith schools.


Outside one of them today, Park View, opinions were sharply


In 2001, people achieving A* to C was any five to 7%.


Now, it's 76%, it is a huge achievement.


So, the haters, the people who are against the school, don't want us


We do have Islamic assemblies but they just teach lessons like,


being nice to one another, being nice to your parents.


It's not like we have courses on how to make bombs.


You can, you can, but you can't have a girlfriend or boyfriend,


And in Islam, you can't have an girlfriend or boyfriend either.


Yeah, but it's not an Islamic school.


Yeah, it does feel like an Islamic school, but it's not supposed to be.


There is something wrong that two years ago, a school that has been


rated as outstanding in all the different sections


of the report, 18 months later, has been classed as inadequate.


There is a failing in the process of Ofsted or,


they have come back here with a political agenda to look for certain


Earlier, their teachers expressed anger that


their school, which was found to be outstanding by inspectors two years


Ofsted inspectors came to our schools looking for extremism,


looking for segregation, looking proof that our children


have religion forced upon them as part of an Islamic plot.


Excuse me. The Ofsted reports found absolutely


because this is categorically not what is happening in our schools.


At this school, Oldknow, Ofsted says a small group


of governors has been promoting a narrow faith-based ideology,


But the school principal, curently on sick leave,


said she had been targeted by a hostile governing body.


I'm upset, because I am the principal of Oldview academy and


I have been treated in this manner. It's disgraceful.


The Education Secretary today said he would take decisive action.


Schools that are proven to have failed will be taken over,


put under new leadership and taken in a fresh new direction.


On today's evidence, schools in Birmingham have been


subject to an organised attempt in some cases to entrench


But whether or not that amounts to extremism will be hotly debated.


Now a look at some of the day's other news.


Syria's President, Bashar al-Assad, has announced a general amnesty for


prisoners in the country, but it's not clear if opposition activists or


The announcement comes just days after Assad won a third term


in elections that the opposition and Western nations


India's new government has set out its plans for rapid economic reform.


President Pranab Mukherjee says the government will provide water,


power and a toilet to every home within the next eight years.


He's also promised a zero tolerance approach to violence against women.


And Egypt's Interior Ministry says seven men have been arrested


on suspicion of sexually assaulting women at celebrations for


President Abdul Fattah al Sisi's inauguration on Sunday.


The arrests come amid growing outrage over a graphic


video that shows a woman being sexually assaulted, allegedly during


Japan says it intends to resume its international whale hunt. The Prime


Minister told a Parliamentary hearing that his government is


committed to the eventual resumption of commercial whaling.


In just over 100 days, Scotland will decide whether to stay part of the


Opinion polls suggest the No campaign is maintaining


its lead with 58% of voters wanting to stay in the union.


But Scotland's First Minister says the credibility of its Yes


For more on this, let's go to the BBC's Rob Watson who


First of all, give us a brief assessment of the two campaigns.


I think there is no doubt that the yes campaign has been very vibrant,


they are after all campaigning for their lifetime ideal. The no


campaign, if you like, has been set by some of the problems that you


would get from parties that are often at odds with each other, the


political party that favour union. Overall it has become rather


distilled. We know what the yes campaign stands for, they believe


that there is a logical proposition that Scotland would be best


governed, purely, from this building behind here in Edinburgh. The no


campaign is founded on this fundamental idea that the union has


been incredibly successful for 300 years, why would you risk damaging


it? You get those in the no camp we


say, we might end up sleepwalking into independence because their


voters are less inclined to go out and vote in that referendum. The


pro-independence voters armour motivated. -- are more motivated. I


do not think there is any doubt that there is a lot of gaming and has


been going on about how you interpret the polls, harmony people


are really undecided to come and what about turnout. The yes campaign


is try to put out the line that this will be so momentous that when


Scottish people have been given this chance on September 18, they are


going to think, I do not want to throw away this industry --


opportunity to go independent. I think the no campaign are basing


their hopes on this idea that the Scottish people are inherently quite


conservative with a small fee, and while they might be tempted into the


idea of independence, the majority will say at the last minute, not


sure about this, too much uncertainty. How much influence does


outside in -- opinion have? For example, President Obama saying last


week he thinks the UK would be better off staying united. Well, far


be it from me to downplay the influence of President Obama, but I


think the sense is here in Scotland that intervention such as that, they


very much make a splash on the day that they are made, but I think to


try and give some context to those outside of Scotland, the people here


have been listening to the arguments for and against since 2011, since


the Scottish National party won the parliamentary elections here. So


people are really steeped in this stuff. I think interventions from


outside the United Kingdom probably don't have much effect. Have some of


the interventions from London had an effect, such as the government


saying, we are not keen to have you using the pound? There may be other


convocations? I suspect they will have. Even amongst voters who do not


like that sort of message, it leaves an impression somewhere. Thank you


very much indeed. The referendum is 100 days away.


The post of President of the European Commission is


the most high profile job in the European Union and there is


The British Prime Minister David Cameron is in the thick


of the behind the scenes negotiations to try to


prevent an arch federalist like the front runner Jean-Claude Juncker


In the next few hours, Mr Cameron will be meeting


his counterparts from Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden in


Stockholm to try to influence the race for the Commission President.


Joining me from Brussels is the Europe analyst


and senior adviser to the European Policy Centre, Jacki Davis.


Commission president, not officially on the agenda on these talks, but


hard to imagine it is not going to be discussed. Absolutely, as you


say, responsibly what they are there to talk about is not the


personalities for the next five years, who will run the EU, but the


programme. This is a group of economic liberals, they want to


focus on the reform agenda for Europe, from measures to boost


economic growth, job creation, make Europe more competitive. They are


discussing the programme but given the battle royal that is developing


over who should be the next commission president, personalities


are important. It is an imaginable that they will not discuss this in


the margins. And John Claude Junker seems to be the man that the man


that a lot of people want to stop, an arch federalist. There have been


a lot of fluid allegations about him, it has become quite personal


and nasty according to his own aides. Absolutely, it is not just


about his views on Europe, there is a sense that he is part of the


European old guard. The former Luxembourg Prime Minister, chair of


the Euro group, the Eurozone finance ministers. Seen as a traditional


European integrationist. There are those like the four who are meeting


tonight and tomorrow who really wants to focus on a new agenda and


say we need fresh faces and thinking. That is the personality


element of it. There is also a process argument. There is a battle


between EU leaders, governments, and the newly elected European


Parliament. They say Jean-Claude Juncker was the candidate of the


biggest group in the Parliament, that emerged with the most votes,


and therefore he should get the job. Government leaders are saying,


that is not your job. We choose who we would like to run the UV #


executive and you get to approve it. This is being played out on so many


different levels. Some object to the man, some object to his approach on


policies, and many object to the process. Some predicting this


argument will be resolved by June but it could run into autumn. Where


is the all-powerful Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany on this? She


has supported him but it seems a bit tepid now. She has got a nightmare


problem. She is not that enthusiastic about him but she went


along with the process of him being the candidate of the party that her


group belongs to in the European Parliament. She is now being told to


honour that and has come under huge pressure in the German media from


her coalition partners, and also people saying, do not back David


Cameron, he is bullying the rest of Europe in his refusal to accept John


called Junker. But she will want consensus, she is caught between a


rock and a hard place. One of Britain's best known


comedy actors Rik Mayall has He starred in some


of the most successful comedy series of the Eighties and Nineties,


like The Young Ones and Blackadder. Police and paramedics were called to


Rik Mayall's house in South West London at lunchtime


but he died at the scene. His death is not thought


to be suspicious. Here's our arts correspondent


David Sillito. Will you stop making that


revolting noise, Vyvyan? You know I'm ill!


Stop shouting, Neil! Desperately right on,


more than a little tragic. If you want to hear shouting, matey,


this is it. Aaargh! Rick in The Young Ones wasn't just


a funny character. If you were a student in the 80s,


you probably met someone a bit Oh, now, how ruddy considerate,


Vyvyan, thank you very much! Alternative comedy had landed


on television. Over the next 15 years,


Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson took that template...


Aargh! And just turned up the volume, with


a hyperactive cartoon violence. They had met university


in Manchester in the 70s, and became part of the new world


of the comedy club. Shut up!


But it was his idea for a sitcom about four students


that made his name. You haven't got an MP, Rick,


you're an anarchist. Oh, well,


then I shall write to the lead If you needed comic swagger,


he was your man. Hooray!


Hooray! Where haven't I been?


Woof! But in 1998, Rik Mayall suffered


very serious injuries Copy that, Sergeant,


I can report the Batnet has just He did, though,


return to our screens. Last year, he appeared on Jonathan


Creek. David Walliams, Bob Mortimer,


Helen Lederer, Eric Idle, have all this afternoon spoken of their


sadness, the loss of a great talent, whose place in comedy history will


always be that moment back in the early 80s when a Cliff loving


anarchist led the charge of a new generation of comedians and a new


way of making us laugh. Who's been tampering with


my question cards? Three days before the start


of football World Cup in Brazil, protests are continuing


in the country's largest city, Sao Paulo, despite riot police


earlier firing tear gas to force one The demonstration began as a show


of support for metro workers, who've been on strike since last


Thursday demanding higher pay. Hello. Whilst the sun it has been


hot and humid today, others have had some torrential downpours. Through


the night we will keep some showers around and still


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