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This is BBC World News Today with me Zeinab Badawi.


The 2014 World Cup in Brazil kicks off in just two hours.


But protests, although small, have not abated.


Ugly scenes in Sao Paolo mar the beautiful game


But the football fans gather regardless.


Just outside the stadium here, it is noisy, it is boisterous and the


Brazilian fans cannot wait for this World Cup to get underway.


Iraq's ministry of defence releases footage of government


air-strikes against jihadists who are now 25km outside Baghdad.


President Obama says he's considering what needs to


Our national security team is looking at all the options,


but there should also be a wake up call for the Iraqi Government.


There has to be a political component to this.


We hear about a festival in London component where music is being


prescribed and as therapy for anxiety sufferers.


The countdown to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil is almost over.


Let's go straight to the BBC's Jon Sopel who's in Sao Paulo.


Welcome to bright sunshine, huge crowds on the street, and it seems


that everyone and everything has been painted yellow and green in the


colours of the Brazilian flag and the colours that the team will be


wearing on the pitch to face Croatia in two hours time. The journey has


been long and tortuous to this point, and it has been marred by


protests and complaints over in efficiency in the building and money


being wasted. Those protests have carried on the day, but in two


hours, the focus will switch to the football. We can hear from Archie


football correspondent. -- our chief football correspondent.


With the wait over and the world watching, this was


Just hours before the start of the World Cup year, further


clashes in Sao Paulo between authorities and a small group


Riot police using stun grenades and firing rubber bullets.


They treated a teacher like an animal, this man says,


they ignored his civil rights, they dragged him like an animal.


Here at the stadium preparing to host tonight's glittering


Opening Ceremony and the curtain raiser between


the hosts and Croatia, the heavy security presence amid concerns that


the protest may approach here as kick-off approaches.


What was billed as the dream World Cup has become


But now, the action is finally about to start here in Sao Paulo, the


authorities would be desperately hoping that this football mad


In a country where football is religion, these were the scenes


outside the stadium today, a full six hours before kick-off.


We have to think about all the good things that the World Cup


So, we are very excited about having the World Cup in Brazil.


We are really happy to be here and to make part of this party.


Last minute work on tonight's venue, just one of the stadia that FIFA


These temporary stands have never been tested at full capacity.


We had hard times in the planning process, but we are sure that we


infrastructure needed to guarantee World Cup preparation and all of the


the world with a very festive atmosphere,


Meanwhile, the Brazilian team hope to carry the hopes of a nation.


To say expectation was high was would be an understatement.


For them, it would only be winning it.


And then after, they have to win it well, because you'll always be


but a World Cup marred in problems and unrivalled in passion is here.


Ready or not, Brazil's moment in the sun has arrived.


It could be Tokyo, it is actually Sao Paulo. The biggest community of


Japanese come together to enjoy football and to share. In Sao Paulo,


little-known fact coming up, it has the biggest community of Japanese


people outside of Japan. It is like a little Japan in certain areas of


the city, as I found out. It could be Tokyo. It is


the city, as I found out. Sao Paulo. The biggest community of


Japanese outside of Japan, around Sao Paulo. The biggest community of


biggest city. There has Sao Paulo. The biggest community of


attracted other communities from the Koreans and the Chinese, and even


the stop and go signs have a familiar ring to them. And the local


community is laying out the red carpet for football fans like these,


that have journeyed from Japan to support their team in the World Cup.


This group is being put up for free in the local community centre. We


can be united with all of the Japanese here, because I came to


Brazil this morning and I feel very lonely, but to be here, I can feel


safe and be excited with every Japanese. So, I am really happy to


stay here. Who will win the World Cup? Japan! I am sure! You are 100%


sure? Yes! This noodle bar is helping to preserve some of the


traditions and culture in danger of being lost as third and fourth


generation immigrants become less and less interested in their Eastern


routes. My concern for the next generation is that the culture, the


tradition, the food, the way of life, this kind of single things


that is losing, because now, we are more Brazilian than Japanese. In the


World Cup, it is Brazil against Japan, who will you support? Oh!


Brazil! But these people that have just arrived from northern Japan,


they most decidedly will not be! That is the Japanese community, but


all of the nations are coming together at these fan those that


have been set up in key places. Let's go to be a aero. -- let us go


to Rio de Janeiro. What is the atmosphere like? With the amount of


people arriving here, it is a success. It is very crowded, lots of


people queueing behind me. It was orderly, but suddenly, an extra date


has been opened and people were charging through and now there are


masses of people trying to go in. It is a very festive atmosphere with


music booming inside. Concerts entertaining these fans before the


match kicks off. It is very loud here. Instruments may have been


prohibited inside the stadium, but people here have brought a horns and


whistles. It is very festive. Very festive. A couple of days ago, in


Rio, it didn't feel like the refuge numbers of football fans, has that


changed? Is there more of a foot maul atmosphere? -- football


atmosphere? , people bringing the Brazilian flags, bringing the


colours of Purcell, the people that are here, they seem to be very


excited for the World Cup. It varies from one part of the city to the


next. Earlier today I was at a demonstration in the city centre.


2000 people gathered to demonstrate against the World Cup and complain


about the cost of hosting. People are still divided. Maybe after this


match, maybe the excitement will take over after all. Julia, thank


you very much. Here, it is the noise of whistles, firecrackers,


helicopters overhead. Where ever I looked, but of traffic getting


everyone into the ground, because it is five minutes to the Opening


Ceremony. Get in touch with us on Twitter. You can comment on the


World Cup. From here, in Sao Paulo, in the bright sunshine, with all of


the excitement, back to the studio in London.


Thank you. The first match in the World Cup will start in just under a


couple of hours time. Let's bring you the latest now


on the crisis in Iraq, where insurgents from the hardline


jihadist group ISIS are pressing They're just 25 kilometres outside


the capital Baghdad, but now government forces are using


air raids to strike at them. The jihadists had captured Fallujah


earlier this year, but this week they seized Iraq's second biggest


city Mosul in the north and Tikrit - Meanwhile Kurdish fighters have


taken advantage of the power vacuum to seize


the important oil city of Kirkuk. President Obama has


in the past couple of hours said his national security team are exploring


all options, but he's urged the Shia-led government to address the


political aspects of the crisis. In the Kurdish countryside, a safe


haven for the latest displaced population. They left the city with


little, so all of the familiar machinery of an aid operation cranks


into gear. Many fled because they are afraid of the counterattack that


the Iraqi government has threatened to recapture the city. But many are


here also because they fear that the jihadis will arrive. The family of


murdered policeman. Three rolled Amira's father was shot and killed a


year ago. They were terrified even before the jihadis swept into the


city. The guns were growing louder. They left their bread baking in the


oven and ran away. This woman describes a harrowing escape.


TRANSLATION: The Army discarded their uniforms because of the


everyone. Soldiers and civilians. everyone. Soldiers and civilians.


has abated somewhat, everyone. Soldiers and civilians.


still a steady everyone. Soldiers and civilians.


encountered. Behind them, everyone. Soldiers and civilians.


the beginnings of what they are everyone. Soldiers and civilians.


calling the Islamic emirate. The jihadis want nothing but to redraw


the map of the Middle East. The faithful are rallied in the city. We


have vanquished the Americans and their allies, it occurs. God


willing, we will establish a state ruled under the Koran. Your soldiers


of Islam. The camera phone of one of the guard shows the Iraqi army's


captured soldiers. They are humiliated in defeat. The government


fightback has begun. This is cockpit video from Iraqi aircraft bombing


the city of Mozilla as the prime Minister promised they would. In the


capital, government loyalists rushed to join up. Baghdad is majority


Shi'ite macro, it is possible it could fall. -- majority Shi'ite.


Iraq ceases to be a single country. President Obama has been commenting


on the worsening security situation in Iraq. He said he isn't ruling


anything out when it comes to making sure the insurgents are not able to


get a permanent foothold. our consultations with the Iraqis,


there would be some short-term, immediate things that need to be


done militarily. The national security team is looking at all of


the options, but this should also be a wake-up call for the Iraqi


government. There has to be a political components to this,


government. There has to be a that Sunni and Shia people that care


about a functioning state, they can bring back security and prosperity


to all people inside of Iraq and they can come together and worked


diligently against these extremists and that is going to require


concessions on the part of both the Shia and Sunni that we have not seen


so far. Let us cross to Washington. Nothing is being rolled out, but


American troops on the ground in Iraq are being rolled out? Yes, they


are. A spokesman from the White House said they are not talking


about sending in combat troops. It is not absolutely everything on the


table. It's what is to be expected. America will not announce any plans.


The Iraqis say they cannot do it on their own. I spoke to the Iraqi


ambassador in Washington and he said they needed help. He said the help


was needed yesterday. President Obama says there is a political


component to this crisis that needs to be addressed. Yes. This was


diplomatic language for saying that they feel the government has been


too favourable towards the Shia majority and has not been


welcoming, has not allowed for representation and inclusion for the


Sony my jollity -- for the minorities in the country. As we


know, the use of air power alone does not win wars, so they have to


be some kind of political process. It is also possible that America are


saying we are willing to assist you, but on these conditions. It is not


going to be a blank cheque. We know the Iraqis have been asking for some


time. There was a report in the New York Times that the government had


asked specifically for air strikes previously and that that request had


been turned down by the White House. I did put that to the Iraqi


ambassador, but he did not want to comment. There needs to be a


comprehensive solution though, even if air strikes are a component of


it. Thank you. Russia has dismissed claims that three tanks crossed into


Ukraine from the Russian border. It is said the tanks entered Ukraine


via a checkpoint on the border. Arsen Avakov said that the tanks


engaged with Ukrainian army personnel. Let us bring you some


news in brief. It is claimed that the fourth woman


found hanged in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh was not raped.


A court in Pakistan has approved a request by the former president


General Pervez Musharraf to leave the country, subject to a possible


Mr Musharraf is currently on trial for treason.


He denies the charges and has described the accusations


The British comedian and actor Rik Mayall, who died suddenly


earlier this week, suffered "an acute cardiac event" after a


A post mortem examination had proved inconclusive, the West London


Rik Mayall, star of comedy shows like The Young Ones died on Monday.


Spain's King Juan Carlos will not attend the swearing in of his son


as monarch to avoid drawing attention away from him,


King Juan Carlos announced his abdication two weeks ago after


His son Felipe will take over from him next Thursday.


Jean Claude Juncker's campaign to become the next president


of the European Commission has taken a hit, following the decision


by his campaign manager to accept a job with


Huge divisions are developing among the countries that make up the


EU over who should be offered one of the EU's most important jobs.


The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has publicly backed Mr Juncker, the


Here's our Europe Correspondent Matthew Price with more.


This is the EU's civil servants. It's the European commission. This


place runs the union under the direction of the EU's 28 member


states and the European Parliament and on the 13th floor is where the


commission president chose his meetings. The current Portuguese


politician in charge of these office soon, so enter a former prime


minister of Luxembourg as the main contender. Why? Jean Claude Juncker


was the main candidate and at the Parliament they are saying he is the


automatic choice. Not necessarily so, said the member states who want


to nominate their favourite candidate. For now, Mr Juncker is


the choice of the German chancellor Angela Merkel, but David Cameron


does not want him holding the rains. It usually takes weeks to find a


candidate they can all agree on, but this time round it is arguably more


important. The next European commission president will have two


deal with growing anti-EU sentiment right across the union, especially


in Britain, which may in the coming years old a referendum on whether to


leave altogether. Now, anxiety is the most common form


of mental illness with millions suffering from it worthwhile. It is


now at the heart of a London Festival of music, film and visual


arts. Anxiety Fanfare is being showcased and it is the work of


composer Jocelyn Pook. In a moment I will be speaking to him, but first,


here is an excerpt from the rehearsal this morning. Anxiety.


Hustle and bustle. Not to -- flutter and flurry, the worry, the pain.


Anxiety. That was very nice music, a taste of what to expect. I have made


the composer Jocelyn Pook what inspired you to write such music?


Well, the deadline of the peace. I was under a lot of pressure with the


deadline. I mean, actually, this was about everyday anxiety. There was


plenty of inspiration around me. The people I work with and I was


exploring it in terms of what everyone experiences. Insomnia when


stressed, for example. At one point or the musicians were complaining


they had not or the musicians were complaining


and bustle of city life. I started the peace with the


and bustle of city life. I started and traffic and


and bustle of city life. I started from anxiety? I think there is


plenty of knowledge about music therapy, which is used in


plenty of knowledge about music years. Music is very therapeutic in


plenty of knowledge about music singing is then repeat it. Again, in


physiological ways as well as allsorts of


physiological ways as well as there is the enjoyment of singing


together with other people. I felt that very strongly with the choir.


together with other people. I felt It is a kind of release, but when we


together with other people. I felt about the kind of anxiety that


everyone gets if they are anxious about a dental appointment, for


example. You are talking about something


example. You are talking about Absolutely. About mental illness --


it is about mental illness, compulsive worrying. I feel as if I


am borderline in terms of the things I write about. What do people who


suffer from anxiety say to you about the effectiveness of music as


therapy? I have had lovely feedback from the choir. They were very high


on the whole experience. It is fantastic for them to be performing


at the Wigmore Hall. It is an amazing opportunity. You have had


good feedback? Yes. They were expecting it to be gloomy and dark.


It did not sound cacophonous at all. I shall have a listen. Thank you for


coming in to talk to us The football World Cup will soon be


kicking off in Sao Paulo, but Brazilian police have used tear


gas to disperse a small crowd The protesters have been trying to


march as close as they could to the Arena Corinthians, where


the opening ceremony and the first We have seen a lot of sunshine in


the South today, but that


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