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This is BBC World News Today with me, Zeinab Badawi.


the country's most senior Shia cleric issues a call to arms to


As insurgents seize more towns, Iraq's most senior Shia cleric calls


We will not be sending US troops act into combat in Iraq, that we are


arranging other options. Ukrainian government forces regain


control of the eastern city of Mariupol


from pro-Russian separatists. Five insurgents were reported


killed and at least four And attention on day two


of the World Cup is turning to the much anticipated repeat of the


2010 final - the reigning champions The final stage in the presidential


election in Afghanistan on Saturday Abdullah Abdullah is


the front-runner. Thousands of civilian volunteers,


mostly Shias are seeking to take up arms against the militants


from the extremist ISIS group - raising the spectre


of all out sectarian war between after taking Fallujah in January


and they've advanced rapidly seizing Mosul and Saddam Hussein's


home town of Tikrit this week. The city of Samarra is surrounded


by ISIS forces and fighting between Shia militias and jihadists


has broken out in Diyala. They are now just 80 miles from the


Iraqi capital in Diyala Province. Our Defence correspondent


Jonathan Beale is in Baghdad. This was the US military


headquarters in Tikrit, Saddam Hussein's hometown, now taken over


why ISIS. This unverified video shows the Islamist celebrating as


they continued their advance. They are also strengthening their grip on


Mosul, Iraq's second largest city. No sign yet of a government


fightback. It is religious leaders who URL in the charge. Today, a


representative of the most senior Shia Derek spoke out. People need to


volunteer and join the security forces. And in the south of Iraq,


young men have in signing up to fight the militants linked to


Al-Qaeda. And the cost is not just the human misery of refugees fleeing


their homes. It is hard to see how this cycle of the Aryan violence


will end. ISIS propaganda videos worn they will show no mercy. We


have received reports of the execution of Iraqi soldiers during


the capture of Mosul and 17 civilians in one street. In Baghdad


there is some security and order, but people aren't relying on


government forces to protect them. Militias as well are making their


mark. Even though there are soldiers from the Iraqi army, these militia


have arrived. It shows there is little confidence in the government


and they are taking control of the own security. The Iraqi prime


minister faces his toughest challenge yet to keep this fractured


nation together. The US secretary of state John Kerry says that they are


considering all options. American combat troops on the ground has been


ruled out. Frank Gardner has this report.


Life under ISIS. The show of strength by the Sunni group who are


threatening Baghdad. Washington is considering its response. We will


not be sending US troops back into combat in Iraq, but I have asked by


national security team to arrange other options and I will be


reviewing those options in the days ahead. Iraq is no longer home to US


combat troops, but the Pentagon still has a string of military bases


across the region. It also has the use of airfields in nearby


countries. The fighter jets in Bahrain. There are also undermanned


drones that can loiter for hours over a target. They can carry out


reconnaissance of fire missiles. But it is fast jets like these that Iraq


are requesting. If deployed, they could have a big impact on the


militia's advance. There could be a strikes or the movement of drones.


This would be a disaster. The United States would not know who they are


bombing. They will be driving popular alienation which is that you


read of this problem. The dynamic of the war would also change, putting


America on the side of Iraq's Shia dominated government and potentially


making the West a target for ISIS fighters. In other news the


Ukrainian crisis continues. Tell us more about the fighting today in


Mariupol. It is a significant victory for the government forces if


it holds. Mariupol has changed hands several times. The Ukrainian flag


has been raised over several times. The Ukrainian flag


so many setbacks. The Russians have a hold of the eastern parts of


Ukraine. This could be a turning point, but that is not clear. There


is fighting and tension and tension with Russia as well on the


diplomatic front. You said Mariupol is a strategic city. Why is it


important and where does it fit in relation to other significant places


in the pro-Russian separatist areas? Mariupol is a port. It is the


second-largest city in the Donetsk region. As we know, in the capital


the process but is movement began when they took over the main


government building. Mariupol is seen as an important city as it does


revive the base seen as an important city as it does


separatists. Now that the government has taken back control and move


their operations back to marry Paul, it significant that a back to


Mariupol, it is significant. How much difference will this make?


There is a great deal of tension and there is fighting. We are seeing


tensions with Moscow. The Ukrainians are preparing for the Russians


possibly turning the gas off on Monday. That will escalate tensions


between Moscow and Kiev. There is also ongoing tensions between Kiev


and the separatist. Time now for some of the day 's other news. The


US soldier held captive by the Taliban for five years has arrived


back in the US. He is at an army Taliban for five years has arrived


hospital where he will continue his next phase of recovery. Thailand's


military government has lifted the curfew imposed last month, but


political road tests and criticism of the queue remained banned by the


raging. The committee has voted to retain a constitutional clause that


prevents the poet Laureate from becoming president. The mere of


Venice has designed after allegations of corruption.


held with other officials over bribery claims regarding


construction of barriers to protect the city. The second game of the


World Cup has just finished. The defending champions Spain will take


on the Netherlands in just a few hours. Let us go to a man in the


midst of that exciting action, although it looks pretty calm behind


you. Peter is on Copacabana Beach. That must be some hardship.


Camarillo is a strong African team, but they were defeated by Mexico.


That is right. Cameroon used to be one of the biggest African teams,


but in recent years they have not been performing well and in the


run-up to this World Cup they have had their problems. I do think the


scoreline will be much of a surprise to African fans back home. Some more


dodgy officiating situations. Cameroon had two goals ruled


offside, but replays showed they should have stood. Luckily for


Mexico they scored that goal and they did win by 1-0. The party is


starting here at poke about Hannah -- is starting here at poke her --


Copacabana beach. -- is starting here at poke her --


Tension and passion finally released. This World Cup means so


much to the players. The home team were stunned into silence after an


own goal after ten minutes. There were some fine work in midfield that


followed. Brazil were sluggish were some fine work in midfield that


they were awarded a seemingly fortunate penalty. Neymar scored,


just. Croatia felt aggrieved at half-time and Brazil were relieved.


They will be hoping that fortune continues to favour them.


That game ending 3-1 in favour of the host. Thousands of Brazilian


fans packed the stadium in Sao Paulo for that game, but spare a thought


for the thousands more who have come from all over the world. I mean,


Ozil is not a cheap country to come to an full many fans, it is quite a


distance. My colleague has been looking at the cost to attend this


World Cup. tiring and also expensive. The cost


of flights, hotels would put off many, but not the hardened football


fan. Supporters from all over the world had begged, script and


borrowed to get to this World Cup. They have gone online to check the


cheapest hotels and flights and even though it is set to cost on average


$16,000, they simply don't care about the money. Every penny, it is


worth it, we have been planning this trip for two years. We had feared


Arab money and it is definitely worth it. We got everything last


winter, that is when we went online and booked everything up. We checked


now and some of the flights to get to a city three hours away our


$1500, so we are glad we got in early. At the moment, we had snow on


the grounds in New Zealand so coming here, it is wonderful. You cannot


put a price on having a good time. If your team does well, that is just


a bonus. You pay your money to be able to say, I was there.


A few hours ago, I was on the beach and I saw fans from Argentina, from


Spain, from the Netherlands. My colleagues have seen fans from all


over the world here in Brazil as well. Some of them, spending their


life savings to get here. What we are waiting for now is the next


game, it is a repeat of the final from 40 black years ago, the world


champions Spain against Catalans. That game will be remembered for how


rough the Dutch way, but we hope that this time around, we will see


some good for football because both countries do play some beautiful


football. That game is about to kick off in a few minutes. Back now to


the studio in London. The long drawn out presidential


election in Afghanistan reaches its climax on Saturday - a run-off


vote between the two remaining The front-runner Abdullah Abdullah


survived what appeared to be an assassination attempt a week ago,


but there is hope that this election will mark a major milestone in


the stabilisation of Afghanistan. Donkeys under armed guard, this is


how elections look in Afghanistan. Here in the mountainous north-east


of the country, Here in the mountainous north-east


materials are being delivered by any means possible. Not everyone is


happy to have been hired for their job but with rough tracks instead of


tarmac roads, it is the only way people can exercise their democratic


rights. We are working for one year for the whole election in Monday. On


this issue, we are ready to consult these problems and we have good


plans. This may look like a scene from redeemed times but many here


hope these polls will put the country on a firm footing for


generations to come. About a quarter of all provinces in Afghanistan


generations to come. About a quarter relying on donkeys to get allotment


yield to the right places. This problems have hired 300 donkeys and


they are moving under heavily armed escort. The men with guns here as


much to protect against ambush as to reduce the risk of election fraud.


After three decades of war, this is considered one of the superpowers --


safest parts of Afghanistan. In the capital, security is tighter than


ever. Elite police units are on high alert. They are among the 26,000


Afghan security forces alert. They are among the 26,000


city where life is now overshadowed by the very real risk of suicide


attacks. They were out on patrol today in a robust show of force. The


Taliban, threatening to disrupt the second round of this landmark


presidential race. How much more safe is Afghanistan but this round


of elections, compared to the previous round? TRANSLATION: ahead


of the second round of polling, we have had more threat than before


because the weather is warmer and it is the traditional fighting season


for the Taliban. My men are better prepared. The numbers of checkpoints


have rapidly increased. Weapons, grenades and a suicide vests seized


have rapidly increased. Weapons, night. Afghanistan's security forces


are under orders to deliver a safe presidential race. The world is


hungry for a successful story of transition.


Older people should be encouraged to stay in work longer to boost


their own pensions and to help the economy, according to new guidelines


The number of older workers will increase substantially


in the next decade, and the Pensions Minister says they're an untapped


There is a sea change on their way in the workforce. In the coming


decade, there will be 3.7 million more people between 50 and the state


pension age. Many will be either employed or looking for work, a huge


rise with big indications. We are moving to a world where retiring


early with a big pension is something of the past so we will


need to work longer but it is in business's benefit to retain


productive workers. More of us are living longer, healthier lives but


the government knows that this potentially a bigger burden on the


state in terms of pensions and benefits. It wants as many of us as


possible to expand our working lives too. That includes getting people


back into work. At this job centre in Birmingham, they are piloting


killer provision for job-seekers as those who lose their jobs in their


50s and 60s tend to be an android longer. I have an adviser who looks


after the over 50s and I find that beneficial because I have built a


relationship with her and she understands my needs. There is a job


out there for me, it is just getting to it first, there are so many going


for it. I do get the feeling that when I apply for a job, the look of


my age and thing, he is good for another three for years. To help


encourage more of this, companies who value more advanced stuff, the


government plans to appoint an older workers Champion and firms will be


encouraged to allow flexible working, allowing staff to change


work patterns or find alternative roles but some warn that working


longer will not be suitable for all. Working longer is fine for people


with is a genuine choice and where they are physically and mentally


able but people should not be forced to carry on working simply because


they cannot afford to retire. Working in our 60s and beyond looks


set to become the new norm but that will create challenges when


businesses, workers and the government like.


More now on the developments today in Iraq that we have been reporting


on. The advance by jihadists fighters from the ISIS cine


extremist group are now about 80 miles outside Baghdad and today


there have been clashes between them and Shia fighters. I have been


joined by a professor of international relations at the


London School of economic. Iraq already is in all other sectarian


war, isn't it? The truth is, nobody talks about it. ISIS will not have


done as well as it has by exploiting the sectarian side. Three years ago,


ISIS was basically dying, on the verge of collapse. Now, there are is


a surge. This is because of a deep sectarian fault line has emerged.


The minority community that feels marginalised and excluded, and the


Prime Minister who is accused of being a sectarian lead Prime


Minister. A lot of finger-pointing at Newry malarkey, is there any


possibility that he may just remove himself, seeing to be in the best


interests of the unity of the government? One would hope so, he


has been in power for too long. This is a personal defeat for him. A huge


defeat. He made the fight against ISIS and he's betrayed himself as


the one and only leader. It was under his watch that ISIS has


surged. Under his watch that deep sectarian fault lines have emerged.


It is his personal failure will stop he has mismanaged the economy and


political system on it is broken. Do you think people behind the scenes


like the Americans will quietly put pressure on him to do that,


step-down? Absolutely. The Americans, they are sending messages


differently, they did not even tell President Mubarak to go in Egypt.


One development that might come out of this particular dark moment in


Iraq's history is for the political past to rise up and to find an


inclusive government, new leadership. What about the


mainstream Sunni Arabs, not the Kurds who are obviously sunny but


they are not Arab. Who do they dislike more, ISIS, these extreme


jihadists to go around executing people, or this year led government?


Where are the cine Arab moderates now? They are pressed between the


Iraq of ISIS and a significant segment of cine opinion. That is


deeply polarised and feels marginalised and excluded. The


policies of the Prime Minister did not count. Some tribal leaders,


members of Parliament who basically call on the Americans and said in a


public conference and asked the Americans to come back. This tells


you how desperate they are. ISIS is a very tiny fringe group, it would


not have done as well but the support of the community. We have


seen them cheering ISIS in other places despite the fact they are


still extremist. We know what they are going to do, they did it in


2003. The likelihood of the militias coming out and being armed again? It


was suggested to being a peace brigade rather than a militia. The


aunt -- the most important element is to come and fight ISIS and the


extremists. But for now from me


and the rest of the team, goodbye. There will be some reasonable


weather around for most of us. Generally


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