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This is BBC World News Today with me Zeinab Badawi.


News that's been confirmed within the last half hour... The bodies of


three Israeli teenagers who went missing more than two weeks ago have


been found in a pit near the West Bank city of Hebron.


The teenagers had been hitch-hiking in the occupied West Bank.


The Israeli army has now sealed off the Palestinian town of Halhul.


Iraqi forces say they are gaining ground in their efforts continue to


retake the northern city of Tikrit from the ISIS-led rebels.


Battles rage on in Iraq as government forces try to push


back Jihadi militants - who've declared their own Islamic state


The veteran television presenter Rolf Harris has been found guilty


And Oscar Pistorius leaves court after the resumption


A report concluded he didn?t have a mental disorder when he killed


And France are through to the quarter finals of the World Cup


Hello and welcome. We start with some breaking news.


A spokesman for the Israeli Defence Forces has confirmed reports in the


past hour that the bodies of three Israeli teenagers who went missing


more than two weeks ago have been found in a pit near the West Bank


city of Hebron. The Israeli Cabinet has been meeting in emergency


session and the army has sealed off the Palestinian town of Halhul.


Tensions are high and there've already been reports of clashes


between Israeli forces and Palestinians.


The Israeli military has set up blockades and closed down whole


areas around Halhul, a Palestinian town next to Hebron, just a few


miles from where the missing teenagers were last seen. The


turnoff for Halhul is off Route 60, the busy road used by settlers where


the young Israelis were hitch-hiking.


These are live pictures that we have got coming in now. This is the


scene, lots of security out in force after the Israeli defence forces


have confirmed that in the last 30 minutes, the bodies of those three


Israeli teenagers have been found in a pit in that West Bank city of


Hebron. This has been a huge matter that the Israeli police have been


keeping a great healer focus and attention on. The Israeli


government, the official view from them is that it is how mass that are


responsible for this, but they have denied any involvement in this


kidnapping, and it would now seem, the subsequent deaths of the three


Israeli teenagers. We will bring you more on this story live from the


region as soon as we can, but in the meantime, letters continued with


another major story today. That's the message from Iraqi forces


as they battle Jihadist-led Sunni Tikrit,


the hometown of Saddam Hussein, it's only 200km from the capital


Baghdad and the Iraqi military is trying to regain ground it has lost


to the militant group ISIS. The latest bout of clashes come


as ISIS declares the creation of an Islamic state, in the territory


it says it controls, stretching from Diyala Province in eastern Iraq


to Aleppo in northern Syria. We have the latest now from Baghdad.


The start of Ramadan, and for the Sunni militants, a gesture of


defiance, a decoration for independence, rebranding themselves


as a new Islamic State. This is the promise of God, a spokesperson says,


from the mouth of the profit, orders are being replaced by a caliphate,


God willing. Wild celebrations in this Syrian town under ISIS control


for the past year. And close to Aleppo, the fighters pledge


allegiance to the new Caliph, the elusive ISIS leader. They believe


they have upset the entire order of the modern Middle East. 11 years ago


in this very square, Saddam Hussein?s statue was knocked off


that pedestal by an invading army. ISIS believes that they have done


something just as dramatic, and needless to say, there has been no


mention on Iraqi state television, but thanks to Iraqi state TV, it is


reverberating across the Middle East. It has served them very well


in recruiting people to support their jihad drive. Where are they in


Iraq? They are gradually increasing their grip on northern and western


areas. They have already taking control of the Lodz, and recently,


Mosul and Tikrit, the government is trying take back. Their Islamic


State now travels across to Aleppo and across to an Iraqi province.


They are old orders in their path. In this video, a fighter, apparently


from Chile, he takes viewers on a guided tour of a border post


abandoned by the Iraqi army. The message is clear. This is the map of


the border, this is a sham. It is now one country. All around the


edges of the new Celtic did Islamic State, refugees do all that they can


to survive in the brutal height of summer. -- around the edges of the


newly setup Islamic State. Tensions are rising the time.


We will return to that story a little bit later on. In the


meantime, let us return to the top story, News in the last half hour


that the Israeli defence forces say the bodies of three teenagers,


Israeli teenagers that have been missing, they have been found in a


pit near Hebron. Our correspondent as injuries along, tell us what we


know about this so far? Just a brief statement has come through from the


Israeli military, they have said that three bodies were located, its


name is the three missing Israeli teenagers that they have been


searching for over the last two weeks, and it says that they were


found in an area to the north-west of Hebron. Earlier, we heard the


crash is between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians in the village of


Halhul, that is right next to Hebron. It is just a few amateurs


from the Israelis were seen. While the military surge has gone into


towns and cities, Palestinian areas across the West Bank, really, the


search has still been concentrated very much on this large city in the


southern West Bank, the city of Hebron. We know that the Israeli


security cabinet is meeting very soon, so we're expecting further


details after that. In the meantime, we're being told by the Israeli


military that they are carrying out frantic examinations of these bodies


and that indeed, the families of these three teenagers have been


notified that they are dead. Since the teenagers went missing, Israel,


the authorities, they have conducted intensive searches for them,


door-to-door searches, that kind of thing, and they had accused others


of being behind the kidnappings and their death. They had consistently


accused Hamas of being behind these kidnappings, a sworn enemy of


Israel, and they have carried out kidnappings before, but leaders of


Hamas said they had no information on this, but they did praise whoever


was behind the teenagers disappearance. There were two


suspects that were named by the Israelis as being their main


suspects. To this operation, it is happening in the West Bank, this


military surge, it had huge political imprecations. More than


400 Palestinians have been arrested during this operation. Many of them


are members of Hamas, and there had been five young Palestinians that


had been shot and killed by Israeli troops. The consequences of the


deaths of these three teenagers, both in terms of the political


impact that it may have on that issue between Hamas and the Fatah


amongst the Palestinians, but also the attitude of the Israeli


government to this Palestinian garment of national unity, it would


be quite, quite significant? , you are right. It comes two monster


stuck to the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians broke


down. -- it comes two months. There has been a reconciliation agreement


that was signed between the two main Palestinian factions, Hamas and


fatter, that is headed by Mahmud Abbas Khan and in the last few


weeks, since the new unity, a technocrat government was set up,


and the Israeli prime minister has called for Mr Urbas to get rid of


the new unity cabinet and really, too, and say that this was an


obstacle to war as any renewal of talks with the Israelis, and we have


had no developments on that. The Palestinians have continued with the


unity cabinet saying that they will not give in to pressure, but there


has been lots of personal pressure on the president. He condemned what


he called the kidnapping of the young Israelis, but there have


actually been protests by Palestinians against him, because


his security forces have been trying to help with the search operations


to try and find the missing teenagers. Thank you. Our


correspondent injuries and unfair. Let us return to our other story,


the battles between the ISIS led rebels in Iraq, and the Iraqi


army?s attempt to try and regain ground that the jihad as have gained


in this past couple of weeks. Can you tell us what we know about that


battle by Iraqi forces to try and regain the Creed, the hometown of


the late Saddam Hussein? -- regain the town of Tikrit. It is the first


major counteroffensive by the Iraqi troops to retake a major city, the


city of Tikrit, the hometown of the former Iraqi president, Saddam


Hussein. They are hoping that this might be the launch pad for them to


push back against the fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and


Syria, who of course, made significant advantages and


advantages and advances and occupied major cities in the last week. There


has been no significant advance for the Iraqi troops so far into the


town of Tikrit, the reports from anti-government, local sources,


saying that the insurgents are pushing back while the government


statement saying that they are actually in control, and this is


actually a multi-faith operation. So, as we have said, the second day


is over in this ongoing operation in the town of Tikrit. Meanwhile, ISIS


have declared an Islamic state in parts of Iraq and Syria that they


say that they are controlling and have made their leader the new


Caliph? That is correct. This was condemned, hobbies he condemned by


the Iraqi government which is now saying that ISIS is clearly a threat


to Iraq and other countries. -- this is no condemned. They want to see


how the local Sunni communities in Iraq and Syria will deal with this


declaration, will they recognise that it will not be easy? Well other


Sunni organisations recognise that ISIS is the ultimate ruler of those


areas? Thank you very much indeed. Amid the uncertainty of those


battles, one thing is clear, there will be death and suffering during


this conflict. Apart from the loss of life, archaeologists and


historians are also worried that the historical monuments and artefacts


in Iraq are in danger of becoming a casualty of this conflict. To talk


about this, live from Leeds in the North of England, the executive


director and founder of Iraq Heritage, firstly, what is there of


historical significance in these areas of conflict? Hello, firstly,


ISIS have taken over Mosul and the antiquities Ridge province in the


area. At the moment, ISIS have declared that they will destroy a


the monuments, they will destroy graves, shrines, any thing that will


go in place or in front of their extremist Islamic beliefs. Secondly,


we have the museum in Mosul that has been locked up by themselves, and


they are still awaiting the ruling from the Islamic leaders to see if


they will destroy or allowed these statues and monuments to stay in


existence. We have seen this before with Islamist militants in Mali. Is


he thinking that they do not want to see any remnants of Iraq's


idolatrous past? It is the fact that it is finance for them. Groups are


aiming to prevent, by working together with organisations and the


Iraqi people, to prevent our heritage and monuments from being


exported to tacky, Iran and other countries -- Turkey. UNESCO, from


its headquarters in Paris, has condemned any such move and has


appealed for steps to ensure the safety of what is a UNESCO world


Heritage site. Two sites have been taken and are now under the power of


ISIS. All that can happen now is for organisations to work together


regardless of belief and get the cradle of civilisation a better


future. Thank you for speaking to us about fears about the loss of


Iraq's Heritage sites, and in fact the United States has said the


declaration by the militants of an Islamic caliphate has no meaning.


That is the State Department spokesperson.


The veteran entertainer Rolf Harris has been found guilty of 12 charges


of indecent assault against four girls between the 1960s and 1980s.


The jury at a court in London had been deliberating


One of the victims was a childhood friend of his daughter.


During Rolf Harris's seven-week trial, prosecutors portrayed


the 84-year-old as a Jekyll and Hyde character with


Amidst the bedlam as a Rolf Harris left court, it was hard to fathom.


Part of our childhood for 60 years and now this. Predatory,


opportunistic, not the cuddly grandfather type that people


thought. I do not know how he lives his life day-to-day and I do not


know how he sleeps at night. His gaze was fixed, the only sign of a


motion a slight reddening and a hint of a tremble as the verdicts were


read out. A children's and 13 are found guilty of sexually abusing


children in the heart of this case goes back to the 1970s. At the time


he lived in South London, years later, a woman came forward saying


during those years Rolf Harris sexually assaulted her repeatedly.


She had been a friend of his daughter and he had known her ever


since she was a little girl and the abuse began when she was 13 years


old. It was back in the late 1960s when his daughter became friends


with the girl. It was this letter written to her father that was proof


of our relationship. He said she was -- he was sickened by his behaviour


towards her. She was told the BBC she was just glad it was over. This


was a man who fronted the campaign about child abuse, about what was


and what was not acceptable. He went on television to promote the


campaign but just weeks before that he had met a 15-year-old girl in a


pub. 20 years later she spoke out on Australian television. I was


absolutely petrified and I wanted to scream but I did not. I knew that


what he had done was wrong and I was embarrassed, but I thought, I did


not want to tell anybody that he touched me. There was a pattern.


Women have come forward across Britain and the world. One woman


said she was seven when she was assaulted asking for an autograph.


In Cambridge, a TV show in the 1970s, he denied even setting foot


in Cambridge and then this footage emerged. The list goes on, Malta,


New Zealand, Australia, one person said they had a name for him, the


octopus. Others are now coming forward. This, a BBC reporter. He


grabbed my face in his hands like that and told my face towards them


and forced his tongue into my mouth. Fame insulated him from suspicion.


Each victim described a similar pattern of behaviour unbeknown to


the others, that the man acting without fear the consequences. A TV


star since the 1950s but it seems we only saw the public Rolf Harris. A


little bit of childhood sheared innocence is gone. This is the


police mugshot of a man tonight facing prison. Let's go back to our


top story and the news in the past though from Israeli defence forces


that the bodies of three Israeli teenagers missing for a week have


been found in a pet near Hebron. -- pit. We can see the scene behind


you. As you can imagine, there is a huge security operation underway and


the security forces have it sealed off and then the darkness, and


special, delicate search is going on far evidence not just us to Foley


died but when they died, the cause may have been missing for more than


two weeks. We are still piecing together what we can of what


happened today from the limited amount we're being told the moment.


It is a pretty tense scene and across is people will be united in


grief as they had been united in hope. This just ahead of me in the


darkness, there's a small protest by right-wing Israelis beginning to


gather because they will be huge anger as well as grief at this


outcome. Indeed, and apart from the operation to find out more about the


circumstances, there will also be security operations to try to ensure


the tension does not get out of hand. Of course. The last two and a


half weeks have been very tense and defence forces have mounted huge


security suites in Palestinian areas looking for evidence, looking of


course for the three boys. There have been hundreds of arrests and


deaths or palate is that Palestinians who came to protest.


Tensions have been ratcheting up and this is the news of the Israeli


government, what they feared. It was never likely there would be a good


outcome and Israel was facing either the hostage crisis or the better


news on the three boys had met their death. Tonight, they have, but that


is really for now all we know for sure.


The disgraced Uruguay striker Luis Suarez has apologised for the bike


that saw him expelled from the World Cup. In a statement he said, I


apologise to him and the entire football family. He goes on to admit


the Italian had suffered the physical result of the bike and


finishes by saying, I voted the public they will never again be


another incident like it. It seems to be Europe versus Africa


in the World Cup today. It is France versus Nigeria


and Germany versus Algeria. Something of a grudge match later


on. The man following all developments


for us is Peter Okwoche. Tell us what the results are, in


case you do not want to spoil the fun for anyone not watching! The


Nigerian team have been knocked out of this tournament, beaten 2-0 by


the French national team. A great game to watch, end to end stuff. The


Nigerians came strongly in the first-half but fizzled out and


conceded late goal in the second half and then won a minute before


the end, an own goal was scored by the Nigerian captain. One of


Africa's two remaining sides in the World Cup has been knocked out. A


lot of the Brazilians got behind the Nigerian squad and unfortunately


they could not do it. If you just look down on the beach at


Copacabana, loads of French fans chanting for the team. We can call


down and talk to my colleague on the beach with some French fans. The


atmosphere was even more festive at the group stages, but in the


knockout stage everyone is very concentrated. Unfortunately for the


Nigerian cities the French celebrating. This father and son


have been travelling together. The match was great but very hard. We


are going to celebrate and we'll get into the water now. What has been


your highlight? The stadium, amazing. France will keep on


fighting to play that World Cup final in the iconic stadium and


later on we will see who they will play, Germany or Algeria. Like she


said, they will be waiting to find out who the play between Algeria and


Germany, that kicks off in just over an hour. That's it from the


programme, goodbye. For some of us it is warmer but for


others, when they are. Most will see a dry day. -- when they are. Cloud


and patchy rain and low pressure to the


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