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This is BBC World News Today with me, Zeinab Badawi.


EU leaders choose the next president of the European Commission,


but Britain still insists they've chosen the wrong person for the job.


Looks on the former Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker is the nominee


for the new European Commission president. It is seen as a


diplomatic humiliation for Britain. This is a bad day for written. It


will undermine the position of national parliaments and it hands


new power to the European Parliament.


Has the EU set itself on a collision course with Moscow


after three of Russia's neighbours - including Ukraine - sign landmark


Moscow say there will be grave consequences.


Freed from a Sudanese prison - the mother who was sentenced to


death for renouncing Islam talks exclusively to the BBC.


And the Glastonbury Music Festival kicks off under cloudy skies


EU leaders have approved the nomination of Jean-Claude Juncker


as the President of the European Commission, in spite of objections


He had just one ally in the vote - Hungary - which means


the decision was approved by 26 leaders and opposed by only two.


Let's go now to the BBC's Lucy Hockings in Brussels.


This was not an unexpected outcome. Nevertheless, a snub for David


Cameron. It is difficult to see it any other


way. After months of talks and deals, the decision that Jean-Claude


Juncker will be denomination fought the new president felt inevitable.


But David Cameron it did take a stand. He had one ally, as you said.


David Cameron insisted on a vote, but the final result was 26 votes to


two. It is difficult to see it as anything else than a diplomatic


humiliation. David Cameron was not happy about how this process worked,


but also not happy about what he believes Jean-Claude Juncker


represents, an old style federalist who wants more power in Brussels. He


said that this was a sad day for Europe.


This is a bad day for Europe. It risks undermining the position of


national governments, the power of national parliaments, and it hands


new power to the European Parliament. It is therefore


important that the European Council has agreed today to review what has


happened and to consider how we handle the next appointment of the


Presidents next time around. The man at the centre of the


controversy is Jean-Claude Juncker. He is the former Prime Minister of


Luxembourg and one of the architects of the euro. Now that he has been


nominated for the top job, how will the European Union work under him


Chris Mark how will you work with him?


Even as the leaders were having dinner last night, the judgement had


started. One newspaper described David Cameron as the loneliest man


in your report. Others were said to be accused of going to regret their


decision, but they were unmoved. I think that the decision for


Jean-Claude Juncker will allow us to have a president who has got


experience and he will allow the feelings of the individual states as


well as the European Parliament. Throughout the summer, the German


Chancellor has appeared to reach out to the UK. She specifically said


that she shares some of Britain's concerns about what a modern Europe


should look like. The message that Mr Juncker is open to reform is


being pressed. He is saying that he is open to


proposals about how to reform, how to cut red tape, how to make the


European Union more efficient. None of these can disguise the


bitter divide over Jean-Claude Juncker. David Cameron sees someone


who undermines the parliament, but the German Chancellor sees a


committed European. There was anxiety that this defeat


could hasten the accident of the UK from the youth. There was a note of


frustration from the French president who said that Britain has


two play by the same rules. -- the X said of the UK from the European


Union. We need to learn to live together in


a framework of rules and treaties. There is no other way out.


There is a lot of talk here about a humiliated David Cameron. But the


leaders added a paragraph to the final communication, that Britain's


concerns need to be addressed. We will return to Lucy. Britain's


objections to Jean-Claude Juncker are because he is seen as a


federalist by London. To what extent is his appointment to giving an idea


of what direction the European Union is heading?


What's David Cameron will be hoping when he addresses the House of


Commons is that he can convince people that those concerns of these


are not as real as he thought. That he will be able to renegotiate


Britain's relationship with the European Union and that we will see


a Brussels that is not as changed as people fear. David Cameron has


promised that the fight will continue, but he has to convince the


voters if they re-elect him. There will be a referendum about whether


written will be part of the European Union in 2017. -- Britain.


Well, there was another big development


at the EU summit, which provoked an angry reaction from Russia.


Moscow says there would be grave consequences for three


of its neighbours - Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia - after they


signed trade and political agreements with the European Union.


Particularly important is the deal with Ukraine - it's the


biggest pact of its kind the EU has ever agreed with any other country.


It is the deal which Ukraine's former President Viktor Yanukovych


refused to sign late last year , which led to the current crisis.


It was first business at the summit today. The signing of the trade and


economic deals, with nonmember countries Ukraine, and Moldova.


Ukraine's president was unrestrained when he talked about what this deal


could mean for his country. What a great day. Most important day


for my country after the Independence Day. A moment that is


historical and future orientated. It shows how dramatically things can


change in a short time if the people 's will is strong enough.


Moscow's warnings about the European Union doing business with Ukraine


were supported by a personal attack on the president.


This government is the largest region of Ukraine.


You saying that he is a Nazi? He supported the Nazis. He supported


the right sector. And in Kiev after the signing,


people gathered to celebrate the event.


It was all so different here last winter when the very deals signed


today was the trigger for deadly protests. The pro-Russian leader at


the time, Viktor Yanukovych, had decided not to go ahead with the


deal. That led to his ousting and the conflict between the Ukrainian


government and the pro-Russian separatists. One of Ukraine's most


experienced politicians has now called for the introduction of


martial law in parts of the Donetsk and the eastern regions.


As she did so, thousands of Ukrainians were lining up to cross


into Russia to escape an uncertain future. President Vladimir Putin


called for a long-term cease-fire, but he also said that Ukrainian


society was splits, after being forced to choose between Europe and


Russia. The president said that it was a


great day for Ukraine. How is the deal going?


As you say, a historic day and a momentous day for many Ukrainians in


the capital, because this is where the revolution took place. This is


where the street protests broke out at the original cancellation of the


signing of the agreements. And then ultimately Viktor Yanukovych was


driven from power. You can believe that many people here are satisfied


at the turn of events with the successor signing this deal. But


there are a number of other emotions mixed with that, one of them concern


about what will happen in the east, especially with the cease-fire and


if that is not extended. And also concerns about what Russia's next


move might be, as they say that they could take action against Ukraine,


at least economically. Georgia is one of those countries


that has signed one of those agreements.


With me here in the studio is the former Georgian


Are you concerned about the serious consequences that Russia is


threatening? We have been living with these


consequences for years. There was the Rose Revolution, we raised the


European flag. Then a Brussels started to pay attention. They were


lukewarm, then they warmed up. After Russia acted, there was the


response. Yes, there was a rush it -- a war in


2008. We tried to live differently, change the system. We ran into


problems with Russia. It was also connected.


We are also looking at where we are today. Are you worried that Russia


could threaten serious consequences? These three countries


have strong trade ties with Russia. We are lucky that we managed to get


energy independence. We managed to get the independents. Ukraine is


still strongly dependent, but Georgia is a good example. Moldova


is very vulnerable and Russia will act, but President Putin was going


to do it anyway. I was about to ask you, you said


that Russia cannot touch you, but all three of you have some kind of


land dispute with Russia. You have the breakaway republics. The


international communities say that they are part of Georgia, Russia say


that they are independent, they have Russian troops there. Why you not


concerned about these territories? The idea is that Russia is now only


ten or 15,000 people living there. It is the neighbour, it is a very


bad job. As well as it is very similar situation to Crimea. It is


what they had in Donetsk. Are you concerned? We are very


worried. The West and Russia is quite weak, but there is a strong


will. The West is much stronger, but it lacks the will to come forward.


Eventually, Europeans can stop Russia. It is in their hands now.


There can be sanctions. This is not going away. Things will get worse


before they get better. At a certain moment, the Europeans will have two


act. They will pay a higher price. There are already sanctions.


Yes, but we have the experience. If it takes those politicians to bring


about the action. You are a university friend of the


President of Ukraine. Won't this deal make the resolve of the


separatists more strong? Right now, there are directed by


President Putin. But some of them are pro-Russian?


We are ending a risk. We will get millions of internally displaced


people who will go to Europe, because Ukraine cannot receive them.


There will be the traffic to Europe because that is where the money is.


I am not of the opinion that Europe will do something just for the sake


of Ukraine and Georgia, but it should do something for its own


interest. President Putin is talking about peace cos he wants to fight


away, but the more that he talks about this, that is our experience.


There is the communication, he is a liar.


I am sure that he sees himself as having a valid case. Can I asked


your -- you about your position? There was talk of criminal


misreading is being launched against you for a whole host of


allegations. You have denied them. You are not going back to Georgia


because you might be apprehended. According to the European Union,


Georgia was the least corrupt country in Europe. Nobody can accuse


my government of corruption. There were allegations put forward but


because the European union and Brussels knew there were not true,


they warned them not to go that way. I stayed away because I did not


want to spoil it until it is done. Of course I am going to go to


Georgia at a certain point. When? Sooner than people think. I stayed


away because I did not want to spoil this. You can go back now, you are


not worried about being arrested and put on trial? We have created a


modern state which few politicians can do. We are proud of it. Our


people have progressed. The reality is we are under tremendous strain


from Russia, both the government and opposition should unite to fight


away. It is not time for internal fighting, when facing the bear


knocking on the door with one leg inside your house. Thank you very


much for coming in to talk to us. Now the other news in brief.


The most senior Shia cleric in Iraq has urged the country's leaders to


agree on the appointment of a prime minister, president and


parliamentary speaker before the first session of the newly-elected


The intervention by Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani


suggests that both he and perhaps Iran believe the level of threat


requires immediate action and probably the removal of the current


Serbs in Bosnia have unveiled a statue to Gavrilo Princip,


a Serbian nationalist whose assassination of Archduke Franz


Ferdinand led to the outbreak of the First World War 100 years ago.


The local Serb mayor in eastern Sarajevo described Princip


The Italian defender who was bitten by the Uruguayan footballer Luis


Suarez in a World Cup match has criticised FIFA's subsequent


punishment of the striker. Giorgio Chiellini said the ban imposed -


four months and nine international games - was excessive. There have


been no games at the World Cup today, but tomorrow the first of the


At least 15 people have died after a gas pipeline exploded


in the southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, destroying homes


and forcing the evacuation of neighbouring villages.


Residents of the village of Nagaram said they had complained that


the pipelines had become rusty and were not being properly maintained.


A massive fire, after a state-owned gas pipeline exploded near the


village. It happened at dawn. The blast was powerful. The fire it


calls so ferocious that nearby villages had to be evacuated. It


took three hours to get the flames under control. In a local hospital,


doctors treated people that had been injured. 15 died in the explosion.


In the afternoon, local men gathered in the village, angry it took so


long for rescue teams to arrive. Everyone wanted to know why the


explosion happened and what was being done to prevent another. So


far, there are not many answers. Authorities in Andhra Pradesh say


they are investigating the blast. The Sudanese Christian woman whose


death sentence was quashed this week, but then found herself


detained by police, has now been freed and given sanctuary in the US


Embassy in the capital Khartoum. Meriam Ibrahim, who gave birth in


prison, was convicted of renouncing The Glastonbury festival has long


been one of the main fixtures in She has been talking exclusively to


the BBC. Philippa Thomas has the From detention to a place of


temporary safety. Meriam Ibrahim held onto the baby bore -- the baby


girl she had borne in jail. Her husband with the baby boy. The baby


boy. 27-year-old gave this world exclusive interview to the BBC.


TRANSLATION: I would like to thank the Sudanese


people and the Sudanese police. I am really grateful to all of them. I


would like to thank all those who stood beside me. Do you consider


yourself a Christian? TRANSLATION:


Not only was it me, but also the court that released me. What is your


plan now? TRANSLATION:


I will leave it to God. I didn't have the chance to see my family


after I got out of prison. Their ordeal began when Meriam worried


Daniel Wani, a Christian from South Sudan and a US citizen. She was


jailed because some Muslim members of her family were outraged,


accusing her of apostasy, which a court sentenced her to hang after


receiving 100 lashes for adultery. After widespread opposition, the


Sudanese Supreme Court in Khartoum let Meriam go free, but on Tuesday


she was detained at the airport, refused permission to travel on


papers issued by South Sudan. She has gone to the embassy of the


United States, which is ready to welcome her, but she is not yet


allowed to leave. There may have been no World Cup


action today but the Queen's grandson, Prince Harry, has been


in action in Brazil - he visited There he learned


about a government project to cut His visit to a neighbourhood known


as crackle and attracted a lot of attention and needed heavy security.


-- crack land. It is not often a member of the Royal family drops in


on a no-go part of Sao Paulo, when product -- Greg Dyke -- drug addicts


and dealers converge. He was here to learn about a new government


project, where addicts are given food, health care and shelter and


don't insist they give up the drug either. Harry was mobbed as he


walked through the neighbourhood and met crack addicts employed as street


sweepers. The prince wanted to see for himself how authorities are


dealing with the problem of crack cocaine and it has thrown the


spotlight on an issue that some experts have called an epidemic.


Brazil has more than 1 million crack cocaine users. Meters from the


Prince, people were using the drug in the open air. One person


threatened us when we tried to film openly, despite the heavy police


presence. I met one of the people on the government programme. The Clown


used to work in the circus, but he has been an addict for 20 years.


When the World Cup is over, he told me, he wants to rebuild his


relationship with his family and children. When I smoke I feel


relaxed and good, he tells me, but crack is like AIDS, it has no cure


he says. The problem is that the broadest cheap. One gram can cost


just 20 cents. A rock, little over four dollars. Rising wealth has seen


the problems saw in the past few decades. It used to be homeless


people but now the drug has spread to all social classes, middle-class


people, high-class people. It is a problem for the whole society now. A


scene that was clear as Prince Harry walked the streets, not an average


day in cracolandia, or for the Prince.


The Glastonbury festival has long been one of the main fixtures in


But it's also become a huge international event,


attracting performers as diverse as Dolly Parton, Metallica


Despite a gloomy and wet forecast, the start of the festival turned out


unexpectedly sunny, with thousands flocking to acts across the site.


Glastonbury's continuing success depends on fans trusting that


the line-up, particularly the headliners, play the kind of


music they expect to see and hear, especially as they spend more than


?200 on a ticket before it's even announced who is playing. And many


expressed their unhappiness when Glastonbury's choice for Saturday


Metallica are the first big metal band to be given


Their reputation as one of music's most spectacular acts is one reason


Glastonbury's founder thinks the pessimists will be proved wrong.


I think they're going to go down really well because


the enthusiasm to play this event has been second to none, you know.


There is no other band in the world that was


To many, the festival's image is one of


One of Glastonbury's biggest performers disagrees.


She never goes anywhere that doesn't have a seat, and she's here.


If my mum can go here, it is for everyone.


You think it is an inclusive festival?


Yes, if you ignore the mud and focus on the music it's good.


Blondie were having hits long before Ed Sheeran was even born.


They believe their inclusion on one of the main stages is recognition


Music is what I do and what I love to do.


I think I do it better than I did before, so why shouldn't we


And the thousands in an audience of all age groups gave every


impression that this was exactly the kind of start to


What is it, goodbye, enjoy your weekend.


More thunderstorms tomorrow, but they should not be as widespread.


Further south, rather than through Wales and Midlands. That is because


at times this activity is moving


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