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This is BBC World News Today with me, Zeinab Badawi.


Its star player Luis Suarez is banned


from nine international matches and all football for four months.


Uruguay is to appeal against the ban imposed by FIFA on Suarez


for biting an Italy defender in a World Cup group match on Tuesday.


I'm Peter Okwoche, live in Rio with all the latest


I will also have the latest update on the pitch.


Iraq's Prime Minister confirms Syrian warplanes targeted ISIS


jihadist forces on the border with his country.


He tells the BBC he welcomes the attack.


The radical preacher, Abu Qatada, is found not guilty of terrorism


offences by a court in Jordan, but he's not a free man yet.


And, nearly a century after Europe went to war, its leaders unite to


But fresh battles lie ahead as they begin to decide who will lead


He was one of the major attractions of the World Cup, but now Luis


Suarez finds himself and from playing at the tournament in Brazil


after receiving the biggest penalty in World Cup history. Uruguay's star


striker is to be suspended for nine international matches, starting with


Uruguay's Matt later this week against Colombia. It has sparked a


huge upset in Uruguay, where the country's Football Association says


it will oppose the ruling. My colleague joins us now live from


Rio. A lot of upset fans, I should imagine. Yes, a lot of upset


Uruguayan fans. It is that third time Luis Suarez has done this and I


think the punishment tries to take that into consideration. Nine


matches, he has been banned from playing for the Uruguayan team, and


he has been banned from all the falling activity for the next four


months, meaning he cannot play for his club side, Liverpool, or the


next four months. This is how the spokesperson, Delia Fisher, made the


announcement. The player Luis Suarez is to be


suspended for nine official matches. The first match of the suspension is


to be served in the upcoming FIFA World Cup fixture between Colombia


and Uruguay on 28th June 2014. The remaining match suspensions will


be served in Uruguay's next FIFA World Cup matches, as long as


the team qualifies, and/or in the representative team's subsequent


official matches in accordance with article 38 paragraph 2A of the FIFA


disciplinary code. The player Luis Suarez is banned


from taking part in any kind of football-related activity,


administrative, sport or any other for a period of four months


in accordance with article 22 Peter, so that is the fate of Luis


Suarez for the moment, but just tell us about some of the other matches


going on and I am thinking in particular of the United States


versus Germany. That game ended one nail in favour of the Germans. Both


side needed a draw to make it through, but luckily for the


Americans, they also go through simply because in the other game,


Garnett needed to win if they were going to progress -- it ended one


nail. Our gives you a shot of opposite us on the Copacabana beach,


American fans celebrating the fact they have made it through to round


16. Thomas Muller scored for the Germans in the first half of their


game, he has now scored a total of nine goals at the World Cup, and in


the other game, Donna considered a first-half own goal -- Danner. They


equalised to become the highest scorning African at the World Cup


with six goals, but Cristiani Ronaldo put Portugal ahead as that


game ended 2-1. Ghana have been hit with a lot of problems at this World


Cup. This morning it was announced two of their star players had been


expelled from the team, suspended indefinitely from what began a


Football Association is calling gross abuse of behove -- behaviour.


They had problems coming into this game and unfortunately it is their


last game at this World Cup. Tell us, who are the fancied teams for


those who have gone through to the next age? Quite a few good teams


have gone through to the next round. Brazil are still in there, Argentina


are in, Holland or by their as are France, so people will look to see


which of those teams, who are the big teams left in this competition


you are still in with a chance to win the World Cup, but my colleague


now takes a look at the action on the pitch today. Many would agree


with this sentiment, although not perhaps Portugal after their defeat


to Germany, organic, who suspended two players. -- or Danner. Portugal


had most to do. Rinaldo fought the early pace, nearly scoring one of


the best goals of the tournament. His powerful header produced one of


the best saves. Portugal took the lead on the half-hour. John boy was


the unlucky gamma defender slicing into his own net. Both teams needed


more goals to have a chance of progression, and although Ronaldo


scored his 50th international goal and secured the win, it was not


enough. Portugal and Ghana are both out. Meanwhile, Germany secured top


spot with a narrow win over the US. Juergen Klinsmann, a World Cup


winner with Germany in 1990, was powerless as Tomas Mejias scored the


winner. But the Americans do qualify. I was telling you earlier


about the American fans celebrating on the beach. We can now talk to my


colleague who was out there. Julia, what is the atmosphere like? I think


we had, but I can tell you that looking at it from up here it is a


great atmosphere down there, with the Americans really celebrating


their passage through to round 16. Later I will be talking about this


apparent football fever that seems to affect people in the US. For the


moment, Peter, thank you. Don't forget you can also keep up to


date with all the news on our website, including all the


latest on Suarez and those bans. And don't forget


the actual football - we have all The Iraqi Prime Minister,


Nouri al-Maliki, has confirmed to the BBC that Syrian


fighter jets bombed Sunni rebel The attack on the insurgents, who


are linked to the jihadist group ISIS, was carried out on Tuesday


in the border town of al-Qaim. Mr al-Maliki says Iraq did not


request the raid but welcomed He added that Iraq and Syria are now


co-operating over border security. The aftermath of a Syrian attack


from the air on a building in the border area between Iraq and


Syria, according to the commentary Now Iraq's prime Minister,


Nouri al-Maliki, has confirmed there were some strikes, saying they were


on the Syrian side of the border. There was no coordination involved


but we welcome this action, we welcome any serious strike


against ISIS, because this group They carry out their strikes


and we carry out ours, and the And against the background of this


development, Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hague visiting


Baghdad, stressing the importance of political unity in Iraq and offering


British diplomatic, counterterrorism We urge all Iraq's leaders


and communities to unite. The Iraqi state faces an existential


threat in the growth and expansion of the area controlled by ISIS with


huge implications for the future stability and freedom of this


country and many other countries. Batches


of recruits have been turning up at this military camp north


of Baghdad, declaring themselves Today we brought about 1000 men,


says their chief, we have more than 20,000 people


willing to join the Army and some They are recruiting


and training down in the southern city of Basra too - not, they say,


solely in defence of the Shi'ites but in defence of all Iraqis,


Shi'ite, Sunni and Christian. Arriving on foot as well as by car,


these are among the latest Iraqis to flee their homes in the face


of the Sunni insurgent attacks, Christian families seeking sanctuary


in Kurdish controlled territory. The checkpoint queues reveal


the growing tide of the displaced, as the conflict continues with


the new element of the Syrian involvement, the region's conflicts


overlapping through ISIS and now Now a look at some


of the day's other news. The World Health Organisation says


drastic action is needed to fight the outbreak of the deadly Ebola


virus in Guinea, The WHO says 399 people have died


since the start of the outbreak and more than 600 cases have been


reported, making it An investigation into the former BBC


radio and TV presenter Jimmy Savile has revealed that he sexually abused


patients at hospitals around Britain, with victims ranging


from five to 75 years old. Reports covering nearly 30 hospitals


found that attacks took place over five decades in wards,


corridors and offices. Allegations that Savile was


a prolific sex offender only came to light after his death in 2011,


at the age of 84. Experts advising the British


government on nutrition have recommended halving the daily limit


for added sugar in our diets. They say sugar should make up no


more than 5% of the daily calories consumed - that's equivalent to


one can of fizzy drink. They suggest children should drink


water with meals rather than juice. It looks increasingly likely that


the former Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Jean-Claude Juncker,


will be given the post of president of the EU commission.


That's despite the best efforts of Britain's Prime Minister,


David Cameron, to try and block the appointment.


He believes that Mr Juncker might oppose fundamental reform of the EU.


Today, Mr Cameron and other EU leaders are in the Belgian city


of Ypres, where earlier they paid tribute to those who died in World


Europe's leaders came here to remember at the start of World War I


100 years ago. The leaders arrive in a town that once had been totally


destroyed by artillery fire. For David Cameron, today's solemn


ceremony marks the start of a critical summit where he will almost


certainly be defeated in his opposition to Jean-Claude Juncker


taking the top job in the U. I am unapologetic about standing up for


an important principle, which is that elect and heads of government


should make these choices, and also about the need for people that will


carry forward badly needed reform in Europe. The German Chancellor Angela


Merkel knows the focus of the summit will be a split with David Cameron,


but she was conscious that this date was about the heavyweight of


Europe's history. A van lead Europe's leaders along the main


road, which so many troops had marched upon, heading for battle. --


a ban -- a band led them. The leaders were determined that


argument to date over who should run Europe would not overshadow this day


of remembering, but tomorrow David Cameron faces a vote that he is


expected to lose heavily. Earlier, Jean-Claude Juncker had appeared


optimistic of victory. Is your job a done deal? Angela Merkel signals


that after tomorrow's vote she would extend her hand and good compromises


could be found with Great Britain. Joining me


from Brussels is the Europe analyst and senior adviser to the European


Policy Centre, Jacki Davis. Is this snub for David Cameron, or


does this tell us more about the direction of the European Union?


David Cameron has described this as a first step in a long campaign. He


is making it part of the re-negotiation of our membership of


the European union and the referendum. There are two battles


going on. One is the principal of who gets to choose who runs the


European Commission, the EU's executive arm that proposes


legislation. Is it EU leaders are the European Parliament? That is an


issue that many people are concerned about, but they feel that the


bandwagon is rolling so fast bind John Claudette Eurocar, they could


not backtrack. -- Jean-Claude Juncker. Now that the conditions


attached, does that mean that any federalist ambitions he might have


would be contained or limited? I think it is more where you put the


focus. The focus for many of these European leaders is on the economic


situation, the need to restore competitive notes --


competitiveness, jobs. So it is not so much putting a ring fence aren't.


This is an important and powerful job, but the commission president is


not decide anything. Decisions are taken by the European leaders and


the European Parliament. But it does set the direction and tone. It does


matter, but the reason this is important is what it tells us about


written's relationship with the European and what might happen


afterwards. David Cameron is telling us that everything in life has


consequences, he is not playing down speculation that this will be linked


to be negotiation and referendum. Is the UK going to get a plum job at


the commission? David Cameron says this is not about deals and


sweeteners, but they will be looking for some way to save some face in


the long run. Thank you. That vote expected tomorrow on the new


president of the European Commission.


The radical Muslim cleric Abu Qatada has been found not guilty


of terrorism offences by a court in Jordan.


But he'll stay in custody until September


when the court delivers verdicts on further terrorism charges.


His trial follows a decade-long legal battle


Our security correspondent Gordon Correra is in Amman.


Abu Qatada walked into an iron cage in Jordan's state


security court with a wave and a smile to his family and supporters.


As the verdict on a charge of being linked to an 1988 bomb plot


When news came of his acquittal, there were chaotic scenes and Abu


Qatada himself could be glimpsed through the bars clearly emotional.


After nearly a decade of legal battles, first in Britain


are now in Jordan, the controversial preacher Abu Qatada is now one step


Abu Qatada had been linked to at bomb plot in 1988. For family and


friends, today's decision shows the evidence was not strong. He is an


Islamist, but he does not support violence and terror. Abu Qatada fled


Jordan and received asylum in Britain. He developed a reputation


as a controversial and radical preacher. That eventually led to an


eight year legal battle to send him back to Jordan. He was deported last


July. His family today said they were disappointed that he remained


in detention. That is because one further charge against him remains.


For now, this influential preacher remains in custody. But within


months, he could be free. But officials in London say he will not


be allowed to return to Britain. It's nearly four months since the


Malaysian plane MH370 vanished en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing


with 239 passengers on board. The Australian government has now


announced that the search will no -- now move to an area 1,800km


off the west coast of Australia. With the details here's


our Transport correspondent It is the biggest search


operation in history. Covering millions


of square kilometres and using Hypersensitive microphones to


fish for sound, sonar submarines Investigators thought they had heard


pings from the plane's black boxes, So now there is


a new underwater search area, hundreds of miles further south,


but still huge, the size of Norway. This site is the best available


and most likely place where The search will still be


painstaking, of course, we could be fortunate and find it in


the first hour or the first day, but Experts are working


on the thinnest of clues. Basic satellite pings that were


never meant for finding aeroplanes and educated


guesswork on how quickly the Just look at where they think


the airliner flew. The data suggests that


for five or more hours, flight MH370 was being flown,


not by a pilot, but by a computer. It is highly likely that


the aircraft was on autopilot, otherwise it could not have


followed the orderly path that has been identified through


the satellite sightings. That could mean everyone


on board was unconscious. Even if it is true, it does not rule


out an accident or a deliberate act. Ships are now mapping


the seabed before they begin a In the United States, more people


than ever before were expected to have watched the match which has


just ended. In fact, so large was the TV


audience last Sunday that viewing figures were more than for the NBA


finals or the World Series. So has America finally welcomed


the so-called beautiful game? One man who should know the answer


is Chris Harris, the editor and He writes about TV ratings


and the growth of soccer He joins us via webcam from


West Palm Beach in Florida. Football mad Americans? A bit of a


contradiction? Yes, you would think so, but that is the stereotype of


yesteryear. This support is growing exponentially. For people under the


age of 24, it is the second most popular sport in the United States.


For the Hispanic population, it is the most popular sport. It is the


coming together of several different things. Demographics, age groups, as


well. Is it different from the figures we had for the World Cup


four years ago? It is. Four years ago, the United States played Ghana


and the TV figures were about 19 million. For the game against


Portugal last Sunday, it was almost 25 million. With this game coming up


next Tuesday against Belgium or all of Julia, that promises to break


that number. -- or Algeria. It is going to be absolutely huge. Is it


going up across the United States fairly evenly across age groups,


across the demography? I would say so except for middle America. The


West Coast of the United States and the east coast, that is really


taking off. Middle America is still rapidly growing, but not at the rate


of the Coasts. But we have had other games involving Mexico with


recognised is as well. It is not just United States focused, it is


across the board. People are watching all the games in recognised


's. It is interesting because the US Germany match, their coach is


German. How far is this popularity growing? No matter where people come


from in the United States, they have ancestors from other countries


whether it is Latin America or Europe or beyond. There is that


emotional tie in terms of ancestry. But there is that excitement in


terms of these matches. It is just one of the most exciting World Cups


we have seen in many years. There is a combination of factors but it is


on the way up. And one big factor is it is being held in Brazil which is


relatively easy for them to get to from the United States? Very much


so. And it is better TV times. The TV coverage has been better. But for


those US fans going to Brazil, the supporters groups sent down three


planes, record numbers. Thank you. Goodbye.


After seeing a lot of fine and sunny weather across England and Wales so


far this week, Friday will bring a very different story, heavy,


thundery rain. Scotland and Northern Ireland will be the driest and


brightest prospects. But Northern Ireland could get some rain on


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