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This is BBC World News Today, with me Dan?iela Ritorto.


Fighting in the Middle East intensifies - Hamas demands revenge


after Israeli airstrikes on their forces, while Israel warns


it is preparing to escalate operations on the border with Gaza.


And the man leading the race to become a scanner stand's vice


president. And Pope Francis begs forgiveness from the victims of


child abuse in the church. Brazil get set to play Germany in the first


semifinal of the World Cup tomorrow. Unrest continues in the Gaza Strip,


with Hamas warning that Israel will pay after eight Palestinian


militants were killed overnight. Israel launched airstrikes


after a wave of rocket fire Five Hamas fighters died in a tunnel


near Rafah in the south of Gaza. Israel says explosives they had


planted blew up as they inspected Tensions have been heightened


since three Israeli teenagers were murdered near the West Bank city


of Hebron. Soon after that a Palestinian


teenager was killed near East Jerusalem, in what is widely


seen as a revenge attack. The BBC's James Reynolds has


the latest. Overnight Israel's your force struck


targets in Gaza. A piece of land ruled by her masts. Israel says that


it went after rocket launcher sites and warehouses. This afternoon and


armed men killed in the strikes were buried. This was the deadliest night


in Gaza since 2012. This morning a rocket fired by her masts landed in


the Israeli village here, next to Gazza. Armas has -- how Mass has


fired several of its rockets. What may more is the atmosphere here


injuries will and nearby areas. Palestinians who live under Israeli


rule have protested and have fought against the police. This morning the


chief Palestinian negotiator to diplomats to see this village. It is


surrounded by Jewish settlements built on land the Palestinians want


for a state. What we are witnessing is a systematic approach by the


Israeli government to throw us into the path of Watchet and violence and


key loss -- chaos which we have seen in 2012. Israel's Justice Minister


has led stocks with representatives of the Arab minority. Sick and tired


of this on both sides. We need be more responsible. This is what I am


trying to do in Israel and I expect the same message to be sent in


Palestine. The army says that it is preparing for a possible escalation.


Preliminary results from Afghanistan's Presidential


election run-off show Ashraf Ghani has a big lead.


The former World Bank official took 56% of the ballots.


His rival, Abdullah Abdullah, has claimed the voting was rigged.


A final result won't be declared until the Election Commission


That's due to happen by July the 22nd.


The eventual winner is to take over from Hamid Karzai,


who has been president since the fall of the Taliban in 2001.


Professor Michael Semple is a former EU special representative


He spent more than two decades living in the country.


These allegations of fraud and vote rigging, do the surprise you? We are


very consistent with the way that elections have played out over the


past decade in Afghanistan, so it is not very surprising. Abdullah


Abdullah was the frontrunner and now it looks like Ashraf Ghani has got


the lead. That took me by surprise. It certainly took Abdullah Abdullah


by surprise and that is why they are disputing the results. Whoever wins,


do you think that they will accept and respect the result? That is what


we are going to see playing out over the next to the -- the next two


weeks. Whether there will be a political deal which will get both


teams to accept the results. I know that the US and its allies will be


very keen to see that and to give a certain amount of legitimacy to the


person that takes over from President Karzai. In terms of


inheriting the country from President Karzai, what sort of


country I the inheriting? One of the most difficult jobs in the world.


The economy has been highly dependent upon the wire. Money which


has come in around the US troop presence. That is rapidly dwindling


and 95% of security expenditure has been coming from the US. Now they


have a very limited revenue base, they have to find some way of paying


their own. All the while they are having to fight an insurgency which


is very far from over. Security is very much at the forefront whenever


we talk about Afghanistan, but I just wonder, for the average Afghan


who is trying to get by, make a living, improve life in their


family, what is either of these men offer them? I suspect that a lot of


Afghans, perhaps even the majority, are a little bit indifferent about


who takes over. They won the war to end, they want a chance to get on


with their lives. -- they want the war to end. The worst outcome for


most Afghans would be if this dragged on for a long time in a


disputed results. That is why there will be a lot of pressure to patch


up some kind of reconciliation between these two teams over the


next two weeks. Is the Afghan electoral commission up to the job?


They are certainly under tremendous pressure. We have seen the spectacle


of the chief officer, the man charged with running the election,


he was pressured to resign after the takes came out which supposedly


world hen instructing people to rig. He fled the country, he has


been brought back to the country. The gentleman who is the chairperson


of the commission is not really a hands-on technocrat kind of person.


He is a nice old man. That is why people are looking to political


understanding these two teams, rather than just trusting on the


process of what you call auditing the boats. Going through


spreadsheets, trying to work out whether votes are genuine or not.


The commission has put its hand up and said, we would far rather that


someone helped broker report: Understanding between the two teams


rather than just relying on us getting everybody to rely on audit


results. Pope Francis has made


an unprecedented apology to people who have been sexually abuse


by Roman Catholic priests. He met a group of victims


at the Vatican, where he begged for their forgiveness for not only


what he described as grave crimes, but also for the failure


of the Church to deal with them. He also promised action to


ensure this was never repeated. Let?s talk to our Rome


correspondent, Alan Johnston. What did the Pope have to say to


these victims? This group of six victims, two from Britain, two from


Ireland, two from Germany, were invited to stay at the Vatican


guesthouse, which was also the home of the Pope. They attended Mass with


him this morning and his private chapel and after that he met each of


them individually for half an hour, a series of encounters that went on


for some three others. But it was during mass, during his homily, when


he delivered his message to his visitors and all those around the


world who have suffered in the same way, he said that the church had two


-- had to weep and to beg for forgiveness. He acknowledged that


there is additional suffering because church members had not acted


on information. At one point he made enormous personal reference to some


kind of personal feeling. -- failing. He talked about a personal


pain, he talked about complicity. He talked about abuse victims turning


to alcohol addiction, even to suicide. And he appealed to those


victims who had come to visit him to help him shape policy so that that's


sort of thing no longer happened. The victims themselves have been


speaking, I be satisfied, are they happy since this meeting? We have


heard from one of those in the meetings, a British man who was


abused by a priest when he was still at school. He was satisfied with the


way that things had gone. He said he had a full chance to see everything


that he wanted to say to the Pope. He said that the church did not only


need to atone for what happened but they needed to make sure that there


could be no more cover-ups, that there needed to be complete


cooperation with the civil authorities. He said he felt that he


could see the pain that the Pope fell on his face as this unfolded --


felt. He said it had been a life changing experience, having missed


chance to come to the Vatican and explain himself to the Pope himself.


Let us have a look at some of the day's other stories.


16 people have died and five others are receiving


treatment for burns in Vietnam, after a military helicopter crashed


State-run media are saying the Russian-made helicopter was


on a parachute training mission when it came down in


the early morning in the Thach That district, a sparsely populated rural


No civilians were injured in the crash, which has been blamed


The murder trial of the athlete Oscar Pistorius has resumed with the


cross-examination of the defence's final witness. Mr Pistorius' lawyers


have condemned the leaking of a video showing him re-enacting events


of the night he shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. He


insists he mistook her for an intruder.


The Ukrainian Government says its forces have retaken two more


They announced on Sunday they'd regained Sloviansk - which had been


The rebels have re-grouped in other areas - including


Ukraine has ordered a complete blockade of that city


The former President of Georgia, Eduard Shevardnadze, has died at


He was also the last foreign minister


of the Soviet Union under Mikhail Gorbachev, who called him a talented


It is almost a month since ISIS began its advance. The country's


security is now dependent on Shia militias whose ranks have swelled


volunteers. It seems that one group in particular are holding fort.


Drive 40 miles north of Baghdad and you will see the stronghold of Isis.


Now another group of militia have stepped in after the Iraqi army


collapsed under ISIS attack. The League Of The Righteous. The men on


this front line position said that ISIS fighters were only 300 yards


away. This is where the war is being fought on hot, empty roads in the


heart of Iraq. And what is going on here has repercussions, not just


across this country but right across the Middle East. It is changing the


political dynamic. It is deepening sectarian divides. And eventually it


may well be felt a long way from here, in Europe, or in the United


States. At the Field HQ their commanders say that they would


protect any Iraqi against invaders but have warned local Sunnis that


anyone helping ISIS will be killed. TRANSLATION: We have had phone calls


from villagers offering to surrender in exchange for the safety. This


shows how terrified the militants are of us. This is because of our


expertise in urban and gorilla warfare and experience we gained


fighting against the Americans and the British. These either one


pictures, they say, of their men in action recently against ISIS. They


also fought in Syria on the resume's side. The group's leader


says Syria and Iran are in the same war. TRANSLATION: I think that


sending our men to fight in Syria was the right decision. Al-Qaeda has


had a lot of practice in street fighting. If our guys had not got


the experience in Syria then ISIS could have taken Baghdad and we


would not be sitting here now. At local checkpoints the police defer


to the militias. Most people here are she -- Shia Muslims and believe


that ISIS would kill them if they could. ISIS will attack anybody,


policeman, army soldiers, civilians. The local population here has been


mobilised, soldiers coming to pick up food from this mosque. A fighter


from a smaller Shia militia had spent years in American prisons in


Iraq for fighting the western occupation. TRANSLATION: We will


win, God willing. ISIS has been established by a dirty hand. They


took the food out to another position on the edge of town. It has


become a hit and run guerrilla war. TRANSLATION: No one likes war,


unfortunately Iraq was targeted by foreign conspiracy. I blame Saudi


Arabia, Turkey and Qatar. Back in Baghdad the paramilitary federal


police handle much of the security. Guns dominate this country. Talk


about a political deal today route the Shia ascendancy in the capital


is getting nowhere. Iraq's ethnic fractures deepened by the day.


He's a Consultant Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute


here in London, he's a counter-insurgency expert


and has worked as an advisor to the Iraqi government on security.


Thank you very much for coming in. We heard Jeremy's report, Iraq's


religious and ethnic fractures getting deeper, and they are armed


to the back teeth as well. What is happening on the ground? As far as


we can tell, the militias are being split into different areas, one


militia is doing the road between Baghdad and another town. Another


militia is looking after the road between Baghdad and another town. I


am also picking up report that ethnic cleansing is going on. There


is this fear of something called zero over. That is a fear that when


ISIS coming to the new areas of Baghdad and so on, the Sunni Muslims


will split into sleeper cells and start undermining the defences.


Based on that, they are trying to drive people out. Which is not very


helpful situation. The people we saw in the report, these are the same


men who used to fight and kill and maim US and British forces during


the occupation. That's right. All they know being tolerated because


they are fighting ISIS? Indeed. They were tolerated when the forces were


there in August of 2004. There was major conflict between them and the


coalition forces. They have always had a bit of animosity against the


West. But now there is a bigger enemy. In terms of the Iraqi army,


Shia militias are acting as a defector Iraqi army, would that be


fair to say? They are doing the job the Iraqi army should have done.


Many soldiers have deserted, particularly in the North. He's


militias are now coming into play. Who is the loyalty to with these


militias? The loyalty is to the head of the militia. That is what makes


them very strong, that strong bond of loyalty to their commander. It


depends on who the commander... Who the commanders loyal to? One of them


is very much loyal to the idea of Iraq as an entity. And the Shia


identity you logically. -- feel logically. The commanders are


working towards getting rid of this threat which threatens them as a


country. That is what is galvanising them. We need to leave it there.


Thank you very much. Hamas has claimed responsibility for firing a


barrage of rockets fired at Israel. The claim came shortly after the


Israeli military confirmed that several rockets were fired across


the border without seeing how many had actually struck the Israeli


territory. Hamas seems to have claimed responsibility for firing


rockets into southern Israel. Here in the UK, the Home Secretary


has announced an independent inquiry into how allegations of widespread


child sex abuse were handled by the government and other public


bodies in the 1980s and 1990s. They will also be an investigation


into the handling of child abuse by seat -- senior politicians. How will


these new investigations operate? I want to apologise on behalf of the


government... Last month, the Health Secretary published what he called


an overarching public enquiry into Jimmy Savile's sex crimes inside the


NHS. A second enquiry into the lessons that can be learned in the


health service is already underway. The BBC has commissioned to Mac


enquiries into the activities of Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall. Those


independent reports are considering the lessons to be learned. As for


allegations of possible child sex abuse involving senior politicians,


there are investigations at the Home Office. Will this overarching


enquiry be a political figleaf? There are a number of cases that


need to be investigated, it is right to do this. The main reason it is


right is because it is right for the victims. People need to know the


truth. The enquiry panel is expected to draw the work of investigations


into alleged cover-ups of abuse at children's homes in Northern


Ireland, Wales and the Channel Islands. At schools, and at the


police response to gangs grooming young girls in a number of towns


across the country. This former policeman who investigated


allegations against Cyril Smith says his evidence was taken away from


them. That was it, we never heard anything, so anything, heard


anything about the file, it simply disappeared. The man whose


allegations inspired the police enquiry into an alleged paedophile


ring involving senior politicians today told the BBC he believes there


was a cover-up in Westminster. The Lords, the Commons, all


institutions, they will be a small percentage of paedophiles and a


slightly larger percentage of people who have known about it but felt in


terms of their own self and self-preservation and her politic or


party reasons it has been safer to cover it up.


Any of us who fly will want to take a look at this story.


you're looking forward to getting off the plane, stretching your feet.


When, unknown to you but definitely in view of the pilot,


a plane is on the runway ahead of you.


Thankfully the Argentinean Airbus pulled back up into the sky


as a Russian airliner rolled across the runway in front of it.


The near miss took place at a Barcelona airport


as the pilot avoided what could have been a catastrophic disaster.


None of the passengers were hurt and an investigation is taking place.


To the World Cup and Brazil continues preparations


for the World Cup semi-final against Germany.


The team will be without key player, Neymar, after his tournament


ended in injury in the quarter final win over Colombia.


about who will replace him in Belo Horizonte.


Let's go to Peter Okwoche in Rio de Janeiro.


Peter, in terms of that terrible injury that Neymar sustained,


fractured vertebra, FIFA has made a decision on what is going to happen


to the Colombian player who inflicted it. That's right. FIFA


have said they are not going to take any action against the Colombian


defender over the incident. They said that he had witnessed the


incident, so there is no way they can take any active action against


the defender. Viewers might remember that Neymar was injured in the small


of the back during the quarterfinal win over Colombia. Neymar has been


ruled out of the World Cup completely. The biggest star in this


Brazilian squad. That incident caused a lot of pain and


consternation here because they felt, they feel rather, but without


Neymar it might be difficult for their team to go all the way. FIFA


have said that they cannot take the stature and popularity of the player


into consideration when they are dealing with these incidents. FIFA


also rejected Brazil's request that the ban on the ago Silver be lifted.


He earned two yellow cards. He is suspended for the semifinal against


Germany tomorrow. FIFA said there is no legal basis for them to rescind


that yellow card. I am going to put you on the spot. Our Brazil going to


win? Against Germany, it will be tough. I like the way the Germans


have been playing so far. They were not as good against Algeria are


friends, but I think the Germans... We have got to leave it there. That


is all from the programme we will see you on Wednesday.


Monday turned out to be a wet day, especially across Wales and into the


south west of England. Tomorrow offers the prospect of sunny


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