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At least 15 people are killed including United Nations staff.


The Secretary General condemns the attack, but falls short of laying


Hamas leader, Khaled Meshaal, tells the BBC what it would take for


We want a cease-fire as soon as possible.


An Algerian passenger plane with more than 100 passengers and crew


on board is believed to have crashed in the Sahara desert.


A week since flight MH17 was shot down, the


site in Ukraine is still not secure because of fighting in the area.


And the epic journey from the middle of the Atlantic to Scotland.


We follow the team of St Helena who are competing


Officials in Gaza say 15 people have been killed, more than 200 injured,


after a strike on a school which had been turned into a


It was being used by Gazans forced by


The head of the UN Relief Agency on the ground said it was


the fourth time in four days that Israel had hit a UN compound and UN


So far at least 736 Palestinians have died since the start


During that time, 34 Israelis have been killed - among


The Gaza Strip is 30 miles long and just seven miles wide.


The UN says Israel's military has designated nearly half


of it a "no-go zone" and told residents to leave.


Today's strike on the compound happened in Beit Hanoun.


In a moment, we will hear from one of the Hamas leaders and a spokesman


for the Israeli government, but first our correspondent sent


Angry, distraught and beyond consolation. These women and the


little children had fled the fighting from their homes in


northern Gaza and taking shelter in a UN school. It's too was caught up


in the bloody violence. TRANSLATION: The Israelis hit us in the school.


The dead and wounded were brought here to hospital. 100 are entered.


Many people have been killed. They are children, young children. Then,


while we are filming, an Israeli tank shell explodes just outside the


hospital gates. Once again, that is panic. The front line of the


conflict reaches even hear. Nearby, this school is deserted. As


conflict reaches even hear. Nearby, away, people left their belongings


behind. There are bloodstains and pieces of shrapnel. This was


supposed to be a place of safety. But nowhere in Gaza is safe


nowadays. The school took a direct hit. This is how the same school


that when the BBC visited a few days hit. This is how the same school


ago. It was full of families. Know hit. This is how the same school


to be fired upon. That was a designated emergency shelter. It was


well-known. It is outrageous and shocking. Survivors of the school


explosion now find themselves displaced yet to get on. We find


many here in a corridor in the hospital. They are small fraction of


the tens of thousands left homeless by the ongoing conflict.


What would it take for how Mars to sign onto a cease-fire now?


TRANSLATION: We want a cease-fire as soon as possible. That includes a


listing of the siege on Gaza. I call on the United Nations to go to Gaza


and ask them what they want. I am prepared to accept 100% the answer


of the people in Gaza. What the Americans seem to be working on is a


two stage deal, where there will be a close and the violence will stop.


Then there will be a serious negotiation about how to boost the


garrison economy -- the economy of Gaza. Are you prepared to accept


that? TRANSLATION: Irrespective of the mechanism, we must lift the


siege on Gaza. We have had promises in the past, but nothing was done.


Gaza is a part of the Palestinian land. 1.8 million people live there.


They need to live without a blockade. They need a port and an


airport. The need to open up to the world. This is the biggest prison in


the world. They cannot get medical treatment. Why are the people being


punished? This is a crime. We want an end to this siege. We will accept


clear up clause is about a cease-fire. We are eager that the


bloodshed should stop. You talk of resistance. How can any idea of


resistance justify putting rockets in a school building? TRANSLATION:


This is a lie, frankly. With respect, this is not something which


has come from Israel. This is the UN aid relief agency who are saying


that up to 20 rockets were deposited in a school building inside Gaza.


They are furious. The Secretary-General of the United


Nations has expressed his outrage. He has said those responsible are


turning schools into potential military targets and endangering the


lives of innocent children. TRANSLATION: This is not true.


Rocket launches belong to the resistance. They are underground.


Israel is hitting hospitals, mosques, towers and buildings. It


committed massacre. The world has witnessed another massacre. This is


a butchery in Gaza. The world is sitting idle and it blames how Mars.


-- Hamas. More now on the deaths of


at least 15 people after One of the UN's spokesman in Gaza


said the Israeli military were aware that civilians were sheltering


in the UN run school that was hit. The Israelis were formally passed


the precise coordinates of the school, just as they have the


precise coordinates of all of our installations in Gaza. We have spent


the day trying to arrange a window of opportunity so that civilians,


women and children, men who are not part of the conflict, could be


evacuated. We're joined now from Jerusalem


by the Israeli government Thank you for joining us. Firstly,


the question must be, would you accept or perhaps deny that this


strike was an Israeli strike? Well, to be brutally honest, we don't know


yet. Their investigation is still ongoing. We will get to the bottom


of it. It is a difficult conflict situation. Earlier on Twitter it


said that Hamas rockets were following in that area, so we cannot


rule that out, but we also cannot rule out that it was errant Israeli


fire. Given the degree to which you can talk about precision targeting,


you must surely know where your rockets are following? Yes, but in a


conflict situation the make the -- there might be an exchange of fire.


Original reports are saying that there was an exchange of fire. We


have been urging people to leave. There was a special humanitarian


corridor established to allow people to leave. We have information to


suggest that Hamas forced people to stay. It is possible there was a


situation of some sort of firefight with our forces. It could have been


Israeli fire. It would be a grave mistake and something which we do


not want to see. Robert Turner is saying four Israeli hits on four UN


site in four days. One is bound to come to the suspicion that you know


what you're doing and you know what you're getting. The head of Hamas


was denying that rockets were being placed on these buildings, would you


consider that a legitimate military target if they were using rocket


launchers on those sites? The Secretary-General himself says, when


they put rockets and their war machine inside UN facilities, they


are endangering the lives of innocent civilians. That has to be


condemned. It has been condemned by the Secretary-General and he has


ordered an investigation as to how it is that UN institutions are being


turned into war zones. You would accept those as military targets?


That is not correct. In this situation, we ask people to leave.


It could have been errant fire, we are not sure. We do not target


civilians, I want to be clear on that. There is a public message that


Hamas wants to accuse us of terrible things. If the UN had not itself


said there was Hamas fire falling on that area, I would be accused of


issuing propaganda. But when the UN says there is Hamas fire following


on this area, let's be clear. Points taken. Thank you.


Aviation officials in Algeria say an Air Algeria flight has crashed.


150 people were on board, 50 of them French citizens.


The plane was flying from Ouagadougou Airport in Burkina Faso


But the French Government said the plane disappeared from radar


over eastern Mali, in an area to the north of the city of Gao.


Our correspondent Alex Duval Smith joins us from the capital Bamako.


Do we have any clear indication of precisely through this plane is? For


the first time, we have reports of wreckage having been spotted. What


is confusing is that they are coming from different sources and giving


different locations. The president of Mali has called for a minutes


silence. A group of editors were informed that wreckage had been


found near the town of Gao. There are reports that wreckage has been


found much further north. So not possible that it could be the same


explosion. Very far north. So, yes, I think it is beginning to look like


wreckage has been found, it is just that we need to know where the


location is. Thank you. More than 50 French citizens were


on board the Algerian Plane. French jet fighters are helping


to search for the plane. Hugh Schofield joins us now


from Paris. Obviously, traumatic for France,


given the numbers of passengers involved. Do we have a clear idea of


who these people were? Well, we know there were 51 French nationals on


board. there were 51 French nationals on


They could be nationals with relatives from Burkina Faso. They


could be people who are working out there. People on holiday. We really


don't know. Many other people who were not French nationals but were


coming to France as this flight was to connect in Algiers with other


flights on to France. Was here in Paris and in other French cities,


there are psychological units to help and comfort worried families.


Connecting flights were to have arrived this afternoon. Thank you.


The European Union has agreed to increase its sanctions


against Russia in response to the crisis in Ukraine.


The EU says it will now hit people and companies that support


Two more military aircraft carrying the remains of victims of


Malaysia Airlines flight 17 have landed in the Netherlands.


The Australian and Dutch planes arrived in Eindhoven.


298 people were killed in last week's crash, 194 of them Dutch.


Meanwhile, it's emerged that the crash site of


Flight MH17 has yet to be secured a week after the plane was shot down.


Tim Willcox is in Kharkiv in eastern Ukraine for us.


A week to the day since the flight was shot out of the sky and still


the crash site has not been sealed. Anyone can walk through there and


wreckage could be tampered with. Growing international concerns about


that. 50 Australian police officers have been dispatched to London, with


they hope an international force can be created.


When we arrived, there were no guards, no workers, the wreckage


still spread from miles. The smell of human remains. These left behind


by emergency workers, civilian volunteers


of human remains. These left behind by emergency and the militia. A


place open to any who passed by. For all the outrage expressed by the


international community, it has seemed powerless to ensure this site


is properly detected or due respect is shown to the remains of the dead.


With the war escalating, it becomes ever more difficult to ensure that


as a credible investigation. Australia has offered to send police


to protect investigators, who are waiting


in government-held territory. And then, at mid-morning,


a sight so familiar in war zones, those who will cross any front line


for the sake of humanity. The International Red Cross


arrived with a clear mission. Our role here is to just,


as I mentioned, to ensure the dignity of


the dead, the dignified management of the dead and the fulfilment


of the rights of the families. But fighting is still going


on nearby. Just 35 kilometres away,


rebels used missiles to bring down All talk of investigations


and recovery efforts must be seen A major challenge for European


observers who have been the most Is anybody in control?


I can't comment on this. It speaks for itself, doesn't it?


It looks like that, doesn't it? In the capital, Donetsk,


where observers are based, Here, looking for help from rebel


officials to escape the fighting. We heard a whistling noise


and then someone said get down, I lay on my child to protect him,


and the blast lifted us In the hands pressed to windows


of buses taking refugees to Russia Tim, as if all this isn't chaotic


enough, the government in Kiev is resigning, what impact will this


have? It will create even more uncertainty. The prime minister


resigned today, there have been scuffles in Parliament, brawls over


the last few weeks and months, but he resigned because he asked the


parliament to approve certain green laws to improve energy supplies to


try and fix this financial mess the country is in, and you wanted extra


funding for the Army, given the fighting in the east of the country.


Parliament refused to do this, the coalition fell apart and it means


that there would have to be a new election. It could be a ploy to get


rid of some of the people in the parliament, the people he does not


ready what on his side, but it is a risk for the country and for the


president also, and it adds to the chaos here. Thank you.


Now a look at some of the days other news.


The Sudanese woman sentenced to death on contested charges


of renouncing Islam has arrived in Rome with her family.


Meriam Yahia Ibrahim has since met Pope Francis,


who said her perseverance had been a testimony of her Christian faith.


A Taiwanese airline, TransAsia Airways, has said bad weather caused


the crash of a domestic flight on Wednesday, despite claims by the


48 people died when the plane crashed


as it tried to land for the second time in heavy rain on the island of


A Liberian man in his 40s is being tested for


the deadly Ebola virus in Nigeria's commercial capital of Lagos.


Ebola has killed 632 people across Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone


since an outbreak began in February, straining a string of weak health


The European Court of Human Rights has ruled that Poland violated


the human rights of two Al Qaeda suspects by allowing


the CIA to detain, interrogate and torture them on Polish territory.


The Saudi-born Palestinian and Saudi national, who are now being held


in Guantanamo Bay, will each get 135,000 dollars in compensation.


The Commonwealth Games in the Scottish city


of Glasgow are well underway now, with some 4,000 sportsmen


and women from 71 countries and territories competing.


BBC Sport's Nick Marshall McCormack is in Glasgow, he joins us now,


what are the highlights of day one?


The sunshine is shining for another day in Glasgow and those medals are


glimmering around the neck of those victorious. It started a Strathclyde


park this morning with the women's triathlon and that was won by Jodie


Stimpson. She beat the Canadian athlete. Vicky Holland from England


took bronze. In the men's triathlon, it was the Bramley brothers and


their battle from the 2012 Olympics. It was the Alistair Brownlee and


Jonny Brownlee battle. He beat Johnny who took silver. In the


velodrome, all of the action on Thursday afternoon, it has been loud


and raucous and Anna Mears, the Australian, she broke the


Commonwealth records to take the gold medal. She has won that event


at the last Commonwealth Games. Stefanie Morton from Australia took


silver, Jessica Boenisch from England took the bronze. -- Jessica


varnish. In the women's para sport, Sophie Thornhill took the gold medal


from Scotland. Brandy O'Connor took the bronze model. That is the medal


tally so far today on Thursday, David. The bad news for the


organisers is that Mo Farah, the Olympic and world champion in the


5000 metres and 10,000 metres, he pulled out because of injury. That


was bad news for the organisers who were touting him as one of the big


draws in these games. But there are so many more inspiring stories that


will bring us highlights during these games, including the team from


St Helena, whose journey to get to Glasgow is like no other, as Alex


South reports. Getting from St Helena to Glasgow


isn't simple. We leave the island on the 11th


of July, we get to Cape Town on the 16th and then from there we


fly from Cape Town to Amsterdam, A Royal Mail ship, two flights,


8,500 miles An incredible journey


and one not for the faint of heart. It's the only way to fulfil


the team's Commonwealth Games dream, will not be completed for another


two years. Is this your first trip away from


St Helena? No, I've been away a few times,


two previous games The party of eight did all


they could to stave off the boredom by


making a video documentary, playing games and even having a night out,


or should that be a night in?! Not the best preparation


for a major sporting event, In a few hours time, we will dock in


Cape Town, so we will see you all in Finally, on dry land,


and a typical Scottish welcome It is horrible to think it,


but in less than two week's time, they will have to start that


lengthy journey all over again. The team are now safely inside the


athletes village, it is the sixth time that St Helena have actually


been to the Commonwealth Games and they haven't yet won a medal, but


surely, everyone agrees, after their epic journey,


they definitely deserve one now. One of so many lovely stories to


bring from the Commonwealth Games, but it helps when the host nation


has a moment to savour, what are they got to look forward to? Michael


Jamieson, he is about to dive off the blocks into the water for the


200 meter breaststroke final, he wasn't the fastest in the heats this


morning, and in the semifinals, he was beaten by Ross Murdock, its


compatriots. He is worried about him. Michael Jamieson has been


second to him a few times, and murder occurs been faster. Alan Tate


came third. It is a big night for the Scottish tonight, it would be


raucous and loud. Some breaking news, Hannah Miley from Scotland,


she has won the gold medal in the 400 metres individual medley and she


just came ahead of Amy Wilmott England in that race. Back the


studio. Thank you. That is it from us this evening, the weather coming


up shortly, but from me and the team, goodbye.


Hello, from the heat of the new Forest to the mountains of


Sutherland, temperatures reaching the high 20s once again today. It


will happen again tomorrow. Similar areas with similar temperatures.


Nothing much to shift the pattern at the moment. Low pressure in the


Atlantic will have


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