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This is BBC World News Today with me Kasia Madeira.


The humanitarian situation in northern Iraq is still


in deep crisis according to the United Nations.


But President Barack Obama says US air strikes has broken the siege


of Mount Sinjar and alllow thousands of refugees to escape.


We broke the siege of Mount Sinjar and help vulnerable people to safety


and help to save innocent lives. Heavy shelling has hit


the rebel-held Ukrainian city of Donetsk, amid a continuing row over


a controversial Russian aid convoy. Police search musician Sir Cliff


Richard's home in connection with If you are enjoying your binge-watch


- stay with as we keep you hyper-connected with new additions


to the Oxford Online dictionary - definitions available later -


but will these new words last? Obama says the siege of the Yazidis


on Mount Sinjar has been broken. But that does not mean that


the humanitarian crisis in Iraq caused by the advance of Islamic


State militants has lessened. In fact, it has acquired


a new official urgency, with the United Nations declaring it to


be its highest level of emergency. It estimates that 1.2


million Iraqis have been It HAD thought tens


of thousands Yazidis were besieged on Mount Sinjar without food or


water after fleeing the nearby town But the US says a rescue mission


there is now unlikely to be needed, as there are fewer people than


thought still on the mountain. The US military conducted airdrops


every night over the last week, delivering 114,000 meals, and 35,000


gallons of water. They were joined in the effort by the UK and other


allies. The military was able to successfully strike targets around


the mountain which improved conditions for civilians to evacuate


the mountain safely. Our World Affairs Correspondent Paul


Wood has also been to Mount Sinjar This is the one road from


Mount Sinjar not controlled This harsh and barren terrain,


the only way of escape for tens A few are still making


their way out on foot. This family hid for days, silent and


terrified, before sneaking away. There were bodies in the streets


of the town of Sinjar, he says. A few people remain scattered


across the mountain. They have cobbled together a camp


with supplies dropped by the RAF. They have next to nothing but they


say they have no choice but to flee. One man tells me had had a gun put


to his head and was told to convert or die. Like everyone here, he says


he will never abandon his faith. Sheltered courtesy of the British


taxpayer, they are profoundly grateful for the aid they have


received by they are also desperate First they came for the Christians,


and then us, the Yazidis. They have struck all


of the minorities. If the international community does


not step in, The only soldiers confronting


Islamic State in this part of Iraq The US and Britain are


determined not to send troops. Even with US air support, there is


not much these armed Kurds can do. They are stuck here


along with those who fled. By one count, more than 100,000


terrified Yazidis fled over this mountain, many of them at risk


of dying from heat or thirst. The humanitarian catastrophe has


been averted The question remains,


how are these people and 1 million other displaced Iraqis going to get


home when the Islamic State controls Most of those Yazidis are now


in the Dohuk governate, where Kurdish officials say


the situation is critical - it's being overwhelmed by the arrival


of 300,000 displaced people. Our World Affairs correspondent


Caroline Wyatt has spent the day at a hospital where the doctors


have been treating Yazidi refugees. at a hospital where the doctors


Volunteer Kurdish medical teams have been risking


their lives to reach Mount Sinjar to These are


the images they brought back. Over the past few days,


the number still stranded there Many


of the most vulnerable survivors are still arriving in Iraqi Kurdistan


in urgent need of treatment. In one day alone, hospitals


treated up to 800 casualties. In the exodus, even


the old had to walk to survive. He told me he had to go on foot down


the mountain for over 50 kilometres. The real focus is on how to look


after the survivors and to treat the sick and injured from the mountains,


and how to prevent any outbreak of disease, thanks to the conditions


that many refugees are living in. The Yazidi families who made it to


safety remain Maybe in a few days we may


see some endemic diseases. We may have cholera


because the places where they live Existing refugee camps


are already full. The province is now home to 400,000


people fleeing Islamic State fighters,


doubling the population here. Support from outside is what they


need here and some of that was visible last night in the form of


another RAF airdrop of aid to Mount The centre of the rebel-held


Ukrainian city if Donetsk has come under heavy shelling,


leaving at least two people dead. The city has been surrounded for


several weeks by Ukrainian forces, Eyewitnesses say shells landed


on shopping centres and a university, as well as city-centre


buildings occupied by the rebels. The latest violence comes


as a Russian convoy, said by Moscow to be carrying aid,


makes its way towards a rebel-held The government in Kiev says


the convoy is a cover to send Our correspondent Steve Rosenberg


is travelling with the convoy. Those who saw it today


could only stop and stare. It is one


of the largest humanitarian convoys Nearly 300 lorries packed, Moscow


says, with aid for eastern Ukraine. All day it snaked its way to


southern Russia before stopping in But Ukraine is reluctant to let


the lorries in. It fears it may be a cover


for a Russian military operation. The border with Ukraine is just


a short drive away from here. If Russia decides to take this


convoy across that border without the permission of Kiev,


then the Ukrainian government will We asked to see what was in


the lorries so they opened one up. No secret weapons shipments here,


just sleeping bags. One of the drivers told me that


Russia was trying to help Ukrainians and that it was the West who was


the aggressor. America, he says,


wants to grab Ukraine for itself. Today, Ukraine dispatched


a rival humanitarian convoy to The Red Cross is warning that


the humanitarian situation Thousands are lacking water


and medicine, and with no sign In Donetsk,


they were sifting through the rubble I don't have anywhere


else to run to. Ukraine accuses Russia


of starting this war. That is why when Russia says it


wants to help by distributing aid, Joining me now from St Helier in


Jersey is Sir Andrew Wood, former Do you trust President Putin when he


says this is purely humanitarian? I think he has lost trust by lying


about other things. This is a group of 280 lorries, military lorries,


painted white, they have stopped at military bases along the way and


they are clearly following an order to prevaricate about what is in the


lorries. I am not surprised that Ukraine is suspicious. Our


correspondent got access into one of the lorries, and there were just


sleeping bags there. I am sorry? One of the lorries, which are


correspondent saw inside, only had sleeping bags. Surely we can have


some kind of trust in this? Why would they not cooperate properly


with the Red Cross in explaining what was in the lorries? Why did


they stop at the bases and why are they military lorries? All I am


saying is that Ukraine has every reason to be distrustful of the way


the Russians have turned to humanitarian aid, as opposed to


military aides and military personnel. If this convoy crosses at


a point that is controlled by pro-Russian separatists, what can


Ukraine do? They originally said they would cross further to the


north in Ukrainian held territory. They must have a reason for not


doing that and the obvious supposition is sat they are


concealing something. A Trojan horse? I did not hear. I apologise,


the line is not good. You believe that this is a Trojan horse? How


damaging is this for Russia's reputation? Russia's reputation has


been severely damaged by what it has done so far. The fact that the


president and authorities have continuously misled everybody.


President Putin said he would cooperate instantly and fully into


the investigation of the destruction of the Malaysian aircraft. No such


thing happened. The rebel separatists made absolutely sure


that no investigation was possible. I do not see any reason to see that


they have changed their general attitude. We saw President Putin had


been to Crimea. Does that mean Ukraine will never get Crimea back?


In a paradoxical way, there is some reason to be relatively short that


the president is just manoeuvring rather than making a definite


decision. He said that Crimea is now Russian, and this is his desire and


fate. -- its desire and fate. He did not go on to say that eastern


Ukraine is also part of the proper Russian sphere. He did not describe


it as new Russia. So, maybe, but there has been so much manoeuvring


and so much changing, that it is quite hard to know what it is that


he wants, and easy to suspect that he is not sure what he can get. We


have to leave it there. Thank you for joining us.


The British singer Sir Cliff Richard has had his home in Berkshire


searched by South Yorkshire Police, in connection with an allegation


of sexual assault involving a boy who was under 16 at the time.


The allegation, which Sir Cliff strongly denies, was made recently


The BBC understands the alleged sexual assault is said to have taken


place at an event by the Christian evangelist Billy Graham at Bramall


Our correspondent David Sillito reports.


A small convoy of unmarked police cars arrived quietly this morning at


this complex of apartments. From the air, we saw


this complex of apartments. From the penthouse flat. Inside,


this complex of apartments. From the the search. The trigger for this: An


allegation that he the search. The trigger for this: An


16. It was at a rally in 1985. Today I can confirm that South Yorkshire


Police have gained entry to a property. Officers are currently


searching the property, a search warrant was granted after the


receipt of an allegation relating to a sexual nature. The allegation


relates to a young boy under the age of 16 years. The owner of the


property is not present. Sir Cliff Richard, one of Britain's most


successful and popular performers. A committed Christian. There was a


hint of rock and roll rebellion, but since then he


hint of rock and roll rebellion, but clean cut family friendly music. He


is clean cut family friendly music. He


Wimbledon. She has clean cut family friendly music. He


recently pledging his recordings. It is going back to grass roots, the


album is full of iconic rock is going back to grass roots, the


roll songs. He released a statement today.


. It is understood about Sir Cliff is in Portugal at the moment,


. It is understood about Sir Cliff however there was no sight of him at


this address. Meanwhile, back at his Berkshire home, we watched as the


police began to leave the apartment. This venture is a joint operation


between South Yorkshire Police and Thames Valley Police, as you can


see, the first of the vehicles are leaving. They have been in there for


more than five hours, we have already seen items taken from the


flat packed up in already seen items taken from the


taken away for examination. It is just a search full stop never rest,


no charge, one allegation that he has strenuously denied.


President Barack Obama has called for peace and calm on the streets


of Ferguson, Missouri, after four nights of violence that followed


the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager by police there.


The President urged all sides to take a step back,


and called for a transparent enquiry into the shooting last Saturday.


When something like this happens, the local authorities, including


the police, have the responsibility to be open and transparent


about how they are investigating it, and how they are protecting people


There is never an excuse for violence against police or for


those who would use this tragedy as a cover for vandalism or looting.


There is also no excuse for police to use excessive force


Or to throw protesters in jail for lawfully exercising


Here in the United States of America, police should not be


bullying or arresting journalists who are just trying to do their jobs


and report to the American people about what they see on the ground.


We all need to hold ourselves to a high standard.


BBC's Aleem Maqbool is in Ferguson, Missouri for us with the latest.


Aleem, the President has noted the criticisms over the way the


He did say that a couple of days as well. The last 204I was haven't been


calm. Most protests have been like this. There have been occasions


where looting has taken place, vandals came in last night as police


tried to move people off the streets of Ferguson. There was


confrontation, tear gas was fired. These people here by the side of the


road, there are two main slogans. The first is hands up, don't shoot,


that refers to what happened to Michael Brown, who was shot dead by


police on Saturday morning. The police say he was involved in a


scuffle, eyewitnesses say he approached them with his hand up.


The other slogan is very telling, no justice no peace. They will


continue, they say, until they see justice not in this case but in


society as a whole. Tell us a little bit about how the community is


broken up? When they say they want justice, it is about a full


investigation into what happened to 18-year-old Michael Brown and


punishment for the police officer who shot him. The other things they


are talking about is the fact that while they are in a predominantly


black community here in Ferguson, two thirds of the community is


African American, they have very low representation in the government


here, there are very few black police officers. They want that to


change, they say they are being harassed and feel like second-class


citizens. It has opened up an issue which is very uncomfortable, not


just here, but in many parts of America. For the time being, thank


you very much. A new, extended ceasefire is holding


in Gaza after both sides briefly breached it


soon after it began early Thursday. Israeli


and Palestinian negotiators are expected to resume talks on Monday


after consulting on the terms. They are seeking agreement


on a lasting truce in Gaza Kenya's national airline will


continue to fly to west African nations hit by the Ebola virus,


despite the World Health Organisation's warning that the East


African nation is "at high risk." British Airways has already


suspended some services. More than a thousand people


have now died in four countries. The Uruguay captain Luis Suarez has


lost his appeal against a four-month game ban after biting an Italian


defender during the World Cup. But the Court of Arbitration


for Sport in Switzerland has given him permission to train with


his new club, Barcelona. If you've no idea what any of that


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who today added all of these words It's not the


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University Press, that focuses on current English and includes


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of the new words or phrases that First, Amazeballs, meaning very


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to make an ostensibly modest or self-deprecating statement, whose


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a mobile device used while watching And YOLO, which is simply


an acronym for You only live once. Joining me from New York is


Katherine Connor Martin. She's an editor with


Oxford University Press. Thank you for joining us, these


words, they won't reach the final version, the printed version will


they? They may someday, it is quite possible. Right now, both the


historical dictionary and the online dictionary are publishing words


there first. It is faster to get information out that way and it is


the way that most readers want to get to the information we have.


These words added now may well be added in a year or two. Some of


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expressive. I imagine some people are cringing listening to these new


words. I am sure that is true, I must say that when we did the


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each other and thought it was get a response. We don't advocate that


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Well that's all from the programme. Next the weather. But for now from


me and the rest of the team goodbye.


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