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This is BBC World News Today with me Kasia Madera.


Sunni tribal leaders in Iraq say they are ready to work


with the new prime minister Haider al-Abadi and fight against


Islamic State jihadists IF his government restores Sunni rights.


The development comes as foreign ministers meet


in Brussels to discuss the situation in Iraq, but they've stopped short


of an EU-wide decision to provide military aid to Kurdish forces.


The Ebola outbreak in west Africa has been vastly underestimated


according to the World Health Organisation.


They say it may take six months to bring it under control.


Ukraine says its forces have destroyed most of a Russian armoured


column, after it crossed the border last night under cover of darkness.


CCTV footage is released by Ferguson police of an incident at a


convenience store on the day unarmed black teenager Michael Brown was


Sunni tribal leaders say they're ready to work with Iraq's new


Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, as long as the government protects


It comes as ministers from across Europe have been in emergency talks


trying to work out a coordinated response to the Iraq crisis.


The British government said it would consider favourably any request


from the Kurds for arms to push back Islamic State fighters who've


Britain would join France and the United States in supplying arms to


the Kurds, who are also struggling with a massive influx of refugees.


It's thought 200,000 people are now in refugee camps


in Kurdish-controlled Iraq and in parts of Syria.


Our Correspondent Paul Wood has travelled to Syria


This camp in Syria is the first place of century for thousands of


years ED refugees. People walked 40 miles in 50 degrees heat to get


here, across mountain and desert. -- Yazidis refugees. This camp has


swollen to 15,000 people. Patriotic music drifts across the camp. We


have heard our women screaming, says the song. Do not be afraid, we will


defend this land and for get -- defend our honour. The song is an


attempt to recruit among the Yazidis refugees. I know


attempt to recruit among the Yazidis because I grew up in the mountains.


I will go to my village and where ever I find the Islamic state I will


kill them. They have captured our women and they are selling them, I


will go to free my people, I will go to protect my land. The Kurdish


forces will find a lot of volunteers in refugee camps like this. Any new


recruits will be going up against battle hardened veterans and the jet


had these are very well equipped and they have weapons and ammunition


they captured from the Iraqi forces. Even with air support from


the West the Kurdish forces will have a long and difficult task to


recapture the towns and villages that these people came from. The


Kurdish military have begun a training programme to get a army


capable of defeating the jet had these. We did not choose this war,


he says, but we have no choice to fight. The Yazidis people our our


people and if we had not confronted the Islamic State there would have


been a genocide. Just over the border into Iran a brand-new camp is


being built for displaced Yazidis. The camp is better than what greeted


them when they first fled into Syria but it is another depressing sign


that there will be no quick end to this crisis. Thank you very much for


I am joined by Dr Salah Al-Shaikhly, coming to speak to us.


the former Iraqi ambassador to Britain.


What are these people calling for? For a couple of years they have been


demanding to be part of a decision-making process. Their


complaint was that a decision was taken in Baghdad totally separate


from the community. We have just had an election and all communities have


elected their own representative to Parliament. I think number one with


the new Prime Minister is a very intelligent and pragmatic person and


he needs to consult the people who have been elected to Parliament and


who have good representation in parliament of Sunni blocks and I am


sure he will consult with the appropriate tribal leaders, but I


must sound a word of caution. We need to be very careful about this,


the Prime Minister needs to widen his advisories beyond the close


circles that he is at present dealing with. Put it into context


for us, how significant is it for these Sunni tribal leaders to say


they are considering working with Haider al-Abadi. It is significant.


They are not shying away from participating in the process. They


are saying they want to participate and unfortunately previously they


were barred from participating and accused of all sorts of things such


as harbouring terrorists and being incubators for terrorism. They


cannot except that because these people had been tried and proven to


be good nationalists. During the Al-Qaeda surge, they did help in


restraining Al-Qaeda until they diminished to nothing. These are


patriots who actually want to work with the government for the national


interest. Why did Haider al-Abadi when the previous man was in power,


why did he not try to influence them to be more inclusive? If you follow


the news you will find that the previous Prime Minister had a close


circle of people on whom he depended for advice. This is really one of


the problem is why everybody wanted a change of leadership. Hyder al


Mahdi was a chairman for another parliamentary committee and


consequently he was concentrating on his work. -- Haider al-Abadi. I


think the situation is now very different and the country is facing


a huge problem with ISIS and then the occupation of one third of


Iraq. We now have the U repair in union saying that member states can


help to arm the Kurds. -- the European Union. Are you happy with


that and the arrival of an autonomous Kurdish military? This is


good news. I have no fear of an autonomous Kurdish region because


the Kurds have been good Iraqis. They willing in 2003 came to Baghdad


and they wanted to participate in the political process. They want to


be autonomous? Eventually perhaps they do. If we had managed to solve


the problem in 1918 we would not have this problem now. The problem


is every single Iraqi government that came to power in Baghdad


decided to put them down. These are a proud people. Of course they want


their own national aspirations but nothing to do with whether or not


they want to acquire arms from the European Union. They want to acquire


arms to defend the borders that extend from Syria to Iran where


there are pressuring -- where they are facing huge pressure from ISIS.


Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. A lot more on our website


as always. Now let us move on. Ukrainian officials are saying their


artillery destroyed a significant part of a Russian armored column


that is reported to have crossed Nato has condemned what it said was


an incursion and Britain has summoned the Russian


envoy over the reports. Meanwhile Ukrainian border guards


have begun inspecting a convoy of more than 200 Russian trucks


carrying aid to eastern Ukraine. The convoy is currently parked south


of the city of Kamensk-Shakhtinski. David, a discrepancy over this


armoured column. What is happening there? Well, the armoured column


apparently moved into Ukraine from Russian territory late on Thursday


night and this is not the first time we have heard from Western


officials, from Ukrainian officials, saying that armoured vehicles are


entering from Russia with Russian troops. It is the first time that


Western journalists have witnessed and there were two Western


journalists that saw armed personnel vehicles moving into Ukraine. The


Ukrainians say they destroyed a significant portion of this column


and this convoy. The Ukrainian president said this. The Russians


deny that any column went into Ukraine and as a result they are


denying that any column was destroyed but in return they are


saying that the Ukrainians are trying to derail the humanitarian


effort on purpose by escalating the fighting and this is causing a great


deal of concern. We are expecting that the Foreign Minister is of


Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France will be meeting in Berlin on Sunday


to try and de-escalate this situation that seems to be rising in


another upsurge, as we have seen before. Meanwhile the actual aid


convoy is still on the border? That is absolutely right. There is some


progress. The Ukrainian officials have come onto Russian territory,


border guards and customs officials and they are supposed to start


looking at the cargo and ultimately giving it approval. This does not


necessarily mean that when the approval comes the trucks will be


moving immediately onto Ukrainian territory. It should be said that


Russian trucks will be moving into Ukraine, this is apparently the


agreement. This cargo will be taken over by the Red Cross but the Red


Cross say they need security guarantees for their own people


before they give the green light. This is a very critical situation,


the populations in eastern Ukraine are facing a humanitarian crisis and


we are also seeing humanitarian aid coming from the Ukrainian side which


will hopefully reach the civilian population soon. Thank you very


much. The World Health Organisation says


the scale of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa could be vastly


underestimated. The official death toll has now


risen to 1,145, however the real WHO says extraordinary measures


are needed to tackle the epidemic. Our Health Correspondent Branwen


Jeffreys has more details. Dealing with a health crisis in a


popular situation like this is a huge challenge for the authorities.


In bowl is deadly and contagious and there are fears it could spread


easily from busy hubs like this, especially since that redbrick


building is a hospital where the first victim was diagnosed and then


died. The authorities have since introduced stringent measures to


prevent the pirates from spreading. We have some of our officers who are


screening and dedicated to reviewing the forms, already completed on


board. We have somebody doing the observation and walking through the


passengers and holding a hand-held digital infrared monitor to read the


temperature. Anything beyond 30 Celsius is maybe indicative of the


Ebola virus. The government is educating the public as it tries to


contain the virus and keep it from spreading. One of Nigeria's


favourite delicacies is this spicy roast meat. Normally this place


would be teeming with customers but the government is watching the


public -- warning the public to watch what they touch and eat. Much


of this is beef and they are concerned it may have come into


contact with bush meat that could be contaminated with the bowler virus.


The lack of customers here could mean that the message is getting


through to some. Nigerians are now changing their habits as the fear of


the Ebola by risky than alert. I am a pharmacist and previously I did


not use to work with gloves but in recent times I have had to do that


because I have two protect myself. I come into contact with all sorts of


people every day. The main concern is that such a deadly virus if not


contained could spread easily and lead to a crisis in this densely


populated city. Police in the US state of Missouri


have named Darren Wilson as the police officer who shot dead an


unarmed black teenager last weekend. The shooting of Michael Brown


triggered several nights Ferguson police chief Thomas Jackson


earlier refused to name the officer, By naming officer Wilson


the authorities have met demands by protesters and civil liberty


campaigners to identify him. They have released a surveillance


video which shows Michael Brown and another man coming into


confrontation with a man over a box of cigars. He is the prime suspect


in an alleged robbery that occurred minutes before the shooting,


describing him as being dressed in khaki shorts and a white T-shirt and


a red baseball hat. The police have named the officer involved as Darren


Wilson. Shayan Elahi is


a civil rights attorney in Dallas. He is a Pakistani American


and he joins me now through Skype. The release of this that each will


inflame the situation which is already highly volatile. It may but


the focus will remain the same, that another black teenager who was


unarmed was shot by a police officer in broad daylight. It doesn't matter


what this gentleman was doing beforehand. The whole idea that he


was on armed and killed in his own neighbourhood. There is a systemic


problem. A lot of people will distract from the issue to put the


focus on this young man, just like they tried to do with another young


man who was killed. But is where America goes wrong. Any to focus on


the problem itself. What is the problem in your understanding? The


problem is illustrated by the response in Missouri. Right after


the death of Michael Brown, of course people will be upset and come


out onto the street. The paramilitary response is completely


symbolic of what has happened to the American police force and how it


overreacts to every given situation. This is a problem that


President Obama is ignoring in his second term in office. Is this an


issue that the police are armed? A race issue? What is your


understanding of it? There is a huge racial undertone to the way the


police department behave with young black men in America. There is no


question about that. The statistics back it up completely. Just this


week, there was an on armed death in Dallas by the hand of a police


officer, another black man. These things keep happening. Why? There


was a problem. President Obama has a great opportunity to tie any help he


gives and we know a lot of paramilitary equipment is given to


the police by defence and... We have seen some of the problems, we have


seen some of the riots and the amount of teargas and we have seen


the situation dissolves somewhat with the way that the state police


have come in. Is that the way forward? That is a Band-Aid. They


have brought in this African-American race officer and


put him in charge. That is really putting a Band-Aid on a deep wound.


It is essentially even pandering, some would say. Even


African-American police officers behaved badly with young


African-American men and that is as distant Mick issue. You don't have


to believe... Numbers don't lie. There are more on armed black males


being killed in America by police officers than anyone else. Thank


you. Clashes have broken out


in the Pakistani city of Gujranwala after shots were fired


at the car of Pakistani opposition His spokeswoman says his car was


hit but Mr Khan was not injured. He was on his way to the capital


Islamabad with a group of supporters to try and put pressure on Prime


Minister Nawaz Sharif to resign. We can talk to our correspondent


Shahzeb Jillani in Islamabad. The last thing on the details, the


circumstances of this attack. I am currently in is a bad on the road


where Imran Khan is expected next couple of hours. He said off from


the eastern city of Lahore yesterday for is bad. Earlier today, his


convoy was passing through the city of Gujurat and did came under attack


from a mob. There was panic. His supporters sought cover, baby Kelly


aided and in the clashes, quite a few Biba were injured. -- and in the


clashes, quite a few people were injured. We have talked to be blunt


the ground, there was no evidence yet of shots being fired at him but


after that incident, Imran Khan essentially switched. His convoy had


been moving slowly, he moved into a bullet-proof vehicle and has been


speeding his way to Islamabad. He is approaching the outskirts of


Islamabad. He is expected in the next few hours. The plan is, when he


gets here, they plan to hold a sit in an demand resignation from the


Prime Minister Nass was Sheriff. -- as was Sharif. -- the Prime


Minister. There is a lot of nervousness and uncertainty of what


might happen in Islamabad today and tomorrow. Thank you.


The drugs watchdog for the NHS in England is being criticised


for rejecting a treatment for men with prostate cancer.


Abiraterone is available after chemotherapy, but


the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence says it's too


Our health correspondent Dominic Hughes reports.


For this man, a prostate cancer diagnosis was a shock but the drug


abiraterone has kept healthy and well enough to continue working.


Life has not gone dramatically down. I have been able to keep things


stable, enjoy family and working life and to carry on the way I have


done before. This drug is already prescribed to some men as an end of


life treatment when they are dying from prostate cancer treatment. --


from prostate cancer. Last week, with the breast cancer drug, the NHS


watchdog says this treatment fails to offer value for money. The


company is asking for, it simply doesn't match that additional


benefits that it brings. This is a general problem for mice macro at


the moment with new cancer treatment. Every year, laboratories


like this one diagnosed around 40,000 cases of prostate cancer


across the UK. It is the most common form of the disease in men. As


tested has improved, the disease has been spotted quicker so survival


rates have soared in recent decades. But campaign groups say men deserve


access to the best treatment. This is a fiasco. We have blame giving to


each other for why this isn't happening. They all say they are


disappointed but disappointed is not good enough. These are difficult


judgements, balancing the gift of precious time with families against


an NHS drugs bill that could soar out of control.


It seems like these days you can rent just about anything,


In Germany, a scheme that roughly translates as 'adopt a grandparent'


This girl goes for a cycle ride with her grandparents, well, sort of.


Paul and Charlotte are her adopted grandparents, part of a scheme to


link young families with older couples who want grandchildren. If


you look at other older people, they are just sitting in front of the


television. I have this lively relationship. It gives me something


to do. And when she is drawing a picture and she draws three Hearts


and my name is on one of them, that really touches me. Paul and his wife


have helped raise to raise said she was three, as well as psycho, they


have taught her to swim and taken her on holiday. -- as well as


cycling. Every Monday, Charlotte meets me after school and we go


swimming. Then, we go home and have food. After, I can go home or stay


the night with Charlotte and Paul. The older people who get involved in


the scheme are often driven by a desire to have in their lives. This


scheme is allows German pensioners to remain active, contribute and


feel valued, as well as providing essential support to the young


families they help. Relationships have broken down and to paedophiles


have got past the check-in procedures over the 25 year history


of the scheme. But the project remains popular with good feedback.


A lot of the grandparents say they feel better, they have something to


do, it helps them that their health and it helps them understand young


people. Back at the cycle park, the mother is there. She says they help


is invaluable. I wanted to have an older couple for to raise because to


have parents and grandparents and my parents are far away from Berlin. A


true Bond has developed between these one-time strangers, providing


both young and old with much-needed friendship and support.


Shrien Dewani, the British man accused of murdering his wife


while on honeymoon, has been found fit to stand trial in South Africa


The 34 year old Bristol businessman is accused of ordering the murder


of his 28-year-old wife Anni, who was shot in Cape Town in 2010.


Mr Dewani, who denies murder, was extradited from Britain in April.


Let's end the programme on the southern coast of France


where President Hollande has joined anniversary of one


of the most important operations of World War II.


On August 15, 1944, 50,000 Allied troops stormed the coast


near Marseille and Toulon, beginning the liberation


It came two months after the successful D-Day landings


in Normandy in northern France, and was aimed at opening up


More on our website. Goodbye. Clear skies overnight will allow


temperatures to fall away. This area of low pressure just north of the


British Isles will control out whether through the weekend. The


winds will get pretty strong so it will be blustery. Outbreaks


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