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This is BBC World News Today with me Alice Baxter.


Has Russia paved the way for a peace deal in Ukraine?


Ukraine's president says he's reached an agreement with


Vladimir Putin for a ceasefire process - the US president calls


It is a brazen assaults on the integral tree of Ukraine, a


sovereign nation. Unravelling the web -


we'll have a special report on the investigators trying to track


down the Islamic State leaders. the former partner of


Francois Hollande pens a tell-all book, and it's not very flattering


for the French president. After 100 days in office, we take a


look at what India's prime minister Russia's President Vladimir Putin


has proposed a peace plan for eastern Ukraine which he says


could be agreed by Friday. Mr Putin said he and the Ukrainian


president Petro Poroshenko were "close" on their thinking about a


ceasefire between government forces Meanwhile, President Obama has been


talking tough on a visit to Estonia. He said NATO members had to send


Ukraine an unmistakeable message of support in the face of what he


called a brazen assault on their Our Europe Editor, Gavin Hewitt,


reports from the Estonian capital, President Obama being greeted in


Estonia, 100 miles from the Russian border. Hanging over his visit, the


conflict in Ukraine, with the president following closely the


reports on the cease-fire. But he was named Mission to reassure the


Baltic states, wary of the Russia and its actions in Ukraine is a


former Soviet republic. Many people are ethnic Russians, and


President Putin has his admirers. He is very clever. We have not had


this He is very clever. We have not had


I like him as a person and his politics.


TRANSLATION: And honourable person and a smart politician.


President Obama told the people that more American forces were on the


ground carrying out training and more NATO aircraft in the sky. So,


in practical terms, NATO is proposing setting up a radical


action Force, but could come to places such as this in 48 hours,


with equipment already have. In a major speech, President Obama gave


the Baltic states this guarantee. If you ever ask who will come to


help, you will know the answer. The NATO alliance, including the Armed


Forces of the United States of America, right here now.


Then the president turned to Russia's actions in Ukraine.


It is a brazen assaults on the territory of Ukraine, a sovereign


nation. The challenges that most basic principles of the system. That


borders cannot be re-drawn at the barrel of a gun.


Overnight in Ukraine, there was further shelling around Donetsk. But


there were reports that Ukrainian president and President Putin had


agreed on a plan that might just lead to a cease-fire, with the


possibility of the two sides launching a peace process later this


week. The BBC's Steve Rosenberg is


in Moscow. President Putin says that they are


close in thinking on a cease-fire. He has also spoken of a plan. Do we


know what those terms? According to the peace plan, both


sides in the conflict, the Ukrainian army and the pro-Russian militants,


would halt offensive operations. There would be a prisoner exchange


and international observers on the ground. Petro Poroshenko has


welcomed it, he has welcomed what appears to be the start of a peace


process, but Ukraine's Prime Minister has denounced it. He says


that Russia's real plan is to destroy Ukraine. But tonight the


feeling here is that Vladimir Putin is very much in the driving seat in


any negotiation, because despite the very tough words we heard from


President Obama and his scathing criticism of Russian aggression,


America does not want to go to war with Russia over Ukraine and neither


does NATO, neither does European Union, and Vladimir Putin knows that


very well. Earlier President Obama has


expressed his condolences to the family of Steven Sotloff,


the second US hostage to be murdered He said that the United States would


not be intimidated, after IS showed the beheading of the American


journalist. Like James Foley, Steve's life stood


in contrast to those who murdered him so totally. They make the claim


that they kill in the name of religion, but it was Stephen who


loved the Islamic world. The killers claim that they defend the


oppressed, but it was Stephen who risked his life to tell the story of


Muslim men and women demanding justice and dignity. Whatever these


murderers think they will achieve by killing Americans like Stephen, they


have already failed. A failed because, like people around the


world, Americans are reports that why this barbarism. We will not be


intimidated and the horrific acts will only make as Unite and take


action. Those who make the mistakes of harming Americans will learn that


we will not forget and that our reach is long and that justice will


be served. Let's take a broader look now


at President Obama's stance Kurt Volker is a former US


ambassador to NATO, now Executive Director of the McCain Institute


for International Leadership, We will talk about resident Obama's


stands on Ukraine soon, but we will talk about what he was saying about


this second tragic killing and the stamps on IS. -- the position on


IS. But he was criticised last week for not having a strategy. Does he


have a strategy now? Based on what we have heard, we do


not know. We not have heard of it. There are elements that need to be


put together. The first is a clear goal. I believe that this goal needs


to be the destruction of Islamic State and solidarity three --


against this. It has not been said by the President that that is his


old yet. They also need to talk with regional


players. We need to bring in the states that have the capacity and


had in some extent been supporting extremist groups in Syria to make


sure that they are working against IS. That would be Turkey, Jordan. We


need a regional coalition with some European allies in order to isolate


them. And then, we will need direct US military action on both sides of


the Iraq and Syria border and we will need support on the ground by


local forces that are there, the Iraqi armed forces, the Free Syrian


Army. They will have to do work to help support those forces.


Vladimir Putin was very clear that in order to defeat the barbarism of


Isis, they need to be a response from the Muslim world to isolate the


cancer. We know that the US has deployed more troops, not in a


combat role, but for security at the embassy. But the key question is


whether this will galvanise others into deeper involvement, as you say,


not just in Iraq, but is well in Syria?


That is right and that is the important question. Speaking about


this earlier, the Pentagon leader was talking about strikes against


Isis in terms of delivering humanitarian support, suppressive


fire in order to deliver that support. We're not talking yet about


strategic terms. I think we need to get to that point and it could be a


changing events, but we have not seen that yet.


We should talk about Ukraine. Obama launching a verbal force against


President Putin, talking that country 's borders could not be


redrawn at a barrel of a gun. Are these hollow words? Would they


really go to war against Russia? Let's look at it from a few paces


away. In response to Ukraine, good things being done. There is a


commitment of securing the borders of the Baltic states, building on


what has been done in the past. But that all very good steps. But if the


issue is Russia and Ukraine, shouldn't NATO been doing something


about Russia invading Ukraine? And we do not have anything on the table


yet. I do think that Ukrainian 's help. Ukraine is fighting back


against Russia on its territory. They have the troops, tanks,


artillery, moving across the board. Ukrainian 's help to fight against


this. You say that there is nothing on the


table, but we have just heard from President Putin putting forward a


peace plan that he hopes could be agreed on Friday?


Right, Vladimir Putin is a master of playing Western governments and


public opinion. He knows that there are several governments who would


rather not take difficult decisions about pushing back militarily inside


Ukraine. So now he is giving them a process that they can have some hope


in in order to defer any decision-making at NATO. So rather


than taking the steps that up to be done, they will say that they can't


possibly do something that will upset this delicate political


process. Meanwhile, I don't have any illusions that the goals in Ukraine


have actually changed. Well, the BBC has learnt that a team


of international investigators paid for by the British government are


trying to compile evidence against Islamic state fighters who


are carrying out these atrocities - evidence which could eventually be


used to prosecute them But how likely is it that they


will be brought to justice? As the list grows longer


of apparent atrocities by Islamic State fighters,


will anyone be held to account? We have learned that, throughout


this year, a team of international investigators with extensive


experience in war crimes, funded by the British Government, has been


compiling evidence for prosecution. The BBC has been given the first


exclusive access to their work. For their own safety, they have


asked to remain anonymous. We are after the highest levels


members of the IS, because these members are just as responsible as


those who kill with their own hands. Indeed,


those leaders are more responsible. On the ground in Syria and


in the neighbouring countries, the investigators say they have


numerous sources feeding back information and original documents,


building up a picture of the Some sources are even


inside its ranks, Vary rarely do we get documentation


such as this which is the actual minutes of an Islamic


State provincial level meeting. This kind of thing is gold dust to


us, because it shows the clear chain of command that controls everything


that happens in the region. This is the command structure


of Islamic State as compiled At the top is


the self appointed caliph. Below him four councils, the most


important the military and security. This one plus four structure is then


duplicated throughout all the provinces where Islamic State


has a presence. Now they're starting to put senior


names to them, joining up a web. They conclude that Islamic


State is far more organised What we are witnessing is the


process of nation-building, that includes the provision of services


looking after the population. There was a military element,


of course, but the Islamic State is So where do British jihadists


fit into this picture? When they cross into Syria, they get


assigned specific roles within IS. So far, no-one appears to


have reached the upper ranks. By and large, they are given


low-level tasks, because the British people tend to arrive with no


battlefield skills, so it is believed that they are better off


providing support services, because they are unlikely to have


the religious and military skills Inside these boxes


in the basement of the investigation team's headquarters is


the hard evidence that they say points to the leaders of Islamic


State responsible for some of They believe it will be ready to


take to prosecution by the end But arresting well protected leaders


in the conflict will be almost impossible,


and there is another problem. Even when the prosecution files


are complete, there is no court Now a look at some of the day's


other news: The British nurse who contracted


Ebola in the outbreak in West Africa has been discharged from


London's Royal Free Hospital. William Pooley, who's 29,


had been treated in a special isolation unit, and was


given the experimental drug ZMapp. There are five women in the Japanese


cabinet after a major reshuffle. They include Yuko Obuchi, who's


become the head of the powerful Last year, Prime Minister Shinzo


Abe set a target to increase the A judge in the United States has


sentenced a white man who shot dead an unarmed black woman who knocked


on his door late at night to 17 years in prison. He said he feared


for his life when he shot the 19-year-old in Detroit. A jury


rejected his claim of self defence. Pop star Gary Barlow has taken to


Twitter to say sorry for being involved in an aggressive


tax avoidance scheme, even The Take That frontman, who's had


13 number-one singles in Britain, apologised to fans


and anyone else who was offended He says a team


of accountants are working to settle The parents of Ashya King have


been reunited with their five-year- old son at the hospital in Spain


where he is being cared for. Ashya,


who's seriously ill with a brain tumour, was taken against medical


advice from Southampton Hospital by Brett and Naghemeh King last


week. They were freed


from custody last night after the British authorities abandoned


their attempts to extradite them. Jon Kay sent this report


from Malaga. The case against the couple was


dropped last night after a review of the evidence.


How angry are you about all this? I wouldn't say angry,


I'm just missing my son so much, and my heart is aching for my son.


Anger can't come in at the moment because I have just


got these feelings. I have got to see my son's face.


Southampton General claimed today that doctors had been trying to


support the family while they arranged foreign


treatment for Ashya, and were very concerned when his parents suddenly


took him from the hospital. That is why they alerted the police.


I can understand that they were upset, yes.


I don't think it is ever in a child's best interests to be


taken from a place of safety when the risks of being taken out


were known and without anyone within the medical profession knowing that


they were leaving. I told them over and over again...


The Kings claim they had told doctors they were planning to take


Ashya to Prague for treatment, but they admit they did not tell them


they were going to Spain that day. I couldn't tell them when,


because otherwise they might have stopped me.


I was in fear. Tonight they are still many


questions about what has happened to this little boy in the course


of the last week, but right now, his parents' only concern is


spending time with him once again. India's new Prime Minister,


Narendra Modi, has completed The right-wing nationalist leader


was swept to power in May with the A powerful orator who loves using


social media, Mr Modi had promised to bring good


days to India during his campaign. His latest foreign visit


has taken him to Japan. India's new leader is on a drive to


attract greater foreign investment for the Indian economy, his meeting


with the Japanese leadership one in a series of high-profile


engagements, as he attempts to put Large numbers of Indians voted


for Narendra Modi but the massive mandate brought with it huge


expectations, so how has Mr Modi Here is a look at how he has


dealt with some key issues. India's economy is growing again,


at its fastest in two years. There is a buzz in the marketplace,


which is good news Demand for his exquisite saris has


finally picked up after years There has been a positive shift in


the business because the willpower The customer is able to spend more


because they understand the economy is going to give back to


them in some way, and we have seen Women's safety has been


a key concern after an increase Mr Modi used a key Independence Day


speech to press for changing Men have placed


so many restrictions on their daughters, questioning them about


what they are going, but do you dare The person committing


a rape is also someone's son. It started with a diplomatic coup,


an icebreaking handshake, and Mr Modi invited Pakistan's leader,


Nawaz Sharif, to his inauguration. Three months later,


relations between the two rivals Hostilities along the border,


differences over Kashmir, followed He hasn't deviated from


the script of the BJP, the Hindu nationalist script where we are not


going to meet you as equals, and we're not going to be soft, we are


going to be the big, tough guys. Critics allege that there has been


growing religious tensions since the new Government took over,


and it's ignoring the plight There are fears that under Mr Modi,


an unabashed Hindu nationalist, They say revenge is


a dish best served cold, and with President Francois Hollande


still suffering painfully low approval ratings with the French


public, the last thing he would have wanted


is a new book by his former partner Valerie Trierweiler detailing


their acrimonious break-up. The book, called Thank You For


This Moment, is being serialised One extract details how


the President tried to stop his former partner swallowing


sleeping pills after Ms Trierweiler discovered he was having an affair


with the actress Julie Gayet. This is what


Ms Trierweiler has to say. I grab the little plastic bag


which has sleeping pills in. I reach out to pick them up,


I swallow what I can. I don't want to live through


the coming hours. Let's cross to Paris now


and speak to the journalist She works as a columnist


for the Daily Telegraph. Thanks for joining us. As that


extract suggests, this is a no holds barred kiss and tell book isn't it?


I guess it came as a complete shock to the President? He found out on


Tuesday. How damaging is this for a President who is already suffering


pretty low poll ratings? It is very damaging because it comes a few days


after there has been a Cabinet reshuffle and what are supposed to


be a great shift in policy is to get better results. It is also damaging


because what she is saying in effect is that he lied to her, he lied to


others, and in France, even if we say that we like politicians'


private lives to remain private, in reality we are more and more


interested because we feel... So in many ways it could not have come at


a worse time for President Hollande. This is also a serious problem for


him because as well is being embarrassing, revealing problems


about their dramatic relationship, etc, Valerie Trierweiler also takes


a swipe at his socialist credentials, saying he does not


really like the poor. There is also an extract where she claims he


bombarded her with text messages while meeting with the US President


and Vladimir Putin. None of this really speaks very well of his


credentials as a socialist President, does it? I must say that


the excerpts about her family, she comes from a working-class


background, and she says that during a family reunion, he met extremely


disparaging comments about the way her family looked, and that is, I


think, the most damaging of all, because he is very famous for having


campaigned and saying he did not much like the rich, but it turns out


he did not much like the poor either. She says she's very winded.


She says he speaks to also so people over the heads of his advisers and


the fact that he text message to her, it speaks of someone who cannot


bring himself to have complete resolution over anything. He dropped


her after an affair but was trying to have several dates and keep them


throughout, which is also something which does not look terribly good


right now or indeed at any time. But a lot of people see this simply as


the writings of a woman scorned. Do you think the President has a right


to be angry about the book? He went after her, she is a journalist, he


knew perfectly well that she felt insecure throughout the seven or


eight years they were together. If he did not expect something like


this I think it was pretty naive of him. How do you expect... Oh, I am


afraid we are out of time. This is a story we could keep talking about


but for now, thanks for joining me. You have been watching World News


Today. Up next, the weather, but for now, goodbye.


Hello. Over the next few days, the weather is set to like the last few


days. A lot of client. Light wind, but some breaks in the cloud and


some sunshine at times. The


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