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This is BBC World News Today with me Philippa Thomas.


It's claimed another journalist held by militants in Syria is killed.


The Islamic State militant group says it has killed Steven Sotloff


and threatens more deaths unless what it calls


the evil alliance of America stops its campaign against them.


Ukrainian soldiers trying to stage a retreat


in the east claim they were ambushed and shot by pro-Russian rebels


while they were waving white flags. We've given the corridor get out.


They've given the corridor to exit and they were shot. It a violation


of international conventions. successes against IS rebels while


a new human rights report accuses Islamic State militants of ethnic


cleansing on a massive scale. And from food to fine art


and even building materials - we'll explain why China's


in the middle of a museum boom. We start with some


breaking news this hour. A video has been released


on the internet purporting to show the beheading of the American


journalist, Steven Sotloff, by Islamic State militants.


The video shows Mr Sotloff dressed in a jumpsuit on his knees


beside an IS fighter with a knife. The US State Department made


this statement a short time ago. This is something that the


administration has been watching very carefully since the threat


against his life was made a few weeks ago. Our thoughts and


prayers, first of all, are with his friends and family. The United


States has dedicated significant time and re-sources to try and


rescue Steven Sotloff. I am not in a position to confirm the authenticity


of that video or the reports. If there is a video that has been


released, it is something that will be analysed very carefully by the US


government and our officials. this statement a short time ago.


Let's get the latest from our North America Correspondent Rajini


Vaidyanathan in Washington. Are there any more details coming


through? We have heard more details from the


state department. A similar message from US officials. They are working


to confirm the video authenticity. But if the video is genuine, they


would be second by this brutal act. The White House has said they have


dedicated research is to try to release Steven Sotloff. His mother


made a direct appeal to the fighters asking for his release. We


understand that the jihadis are saying they may not stop there.


That's right. I have not watched the video, but what I am reading is that


in the video they say that this is because of your arrogant attitude


towards the Islamic State. At the end of the video, they make


to kill a third hostage, believed to be a British national.


to kill a third hostage, believed to Now to the crisis in Ukraine.


President Petro Poroshenko has signed a new conscription law


as Kiev officials say 15 servicemen have died in the last 24 hours


in the east of the country, and his defence minister has warned


of a great war brewing with neighbouring Russia.


Meanwhile, Britain's Defence Minister Julian


Brazier has said UK troops may take part in a joint military exercise


in Ukraine later this month. And after NATO's announcement that


it will establish a rapid reaction force in


Eastern Europe, Russia said it will review its military strategy.


This ratcheting up of diplomatic tensions comes


as the Ukrainian army alleges its forces were attacked while trying


to retreat through what was intended to be a humanitarian corridor


outside Donetsk on Saturday. The Ukrainian government said


its armed forces were surrounded and put under relentless attack by


pro-Russian rebels around the town of Ilovaysk, south east of Donetsk.


Our Kiev correspondent David Stern has the details.


In Kiev, they are demanding changes immediately. The Ukraine government


is coming under pressure from all sides. These images show the


has the details. Ilovaysk,


town of... Ukrainians were promised safe passage


town of... Ukrainians were promised they left at the weekend, they say


they were ambushed. Maybe as many as 100 died. The rebels deny this. A


convoy was captured, everything was taken away. The purpose of this


convoy was to take away the injured. But there were too many


military vehicles and too many armed men. That is why both convoys were


military vehicles and too many armed surrounded and captured, basically


without fighting. But the Ukrainians claim it was a war crime. They were


given the corridor to get out. Nobody was shot, well they were shot


given the corridor to exit and they were shot shot. It is a violation of


international conventions. Reports say that hundreds of Ukrainian


soldiers may have been taken captive. These images show some of


them. The pictures come from the rebels, but they clearly show


abuses. A soldier is hit. Others are humiliated. They are told they will


be subject to forced Labour. Some of the prisoners have reportedly been


released. The fate of others is unknown. Reports of what happened in


the town and its aftermath are only now beginning to filter out. Anger


is rising at the rebels and at the government who people see abandoned


the forces. The Ukrainian president has promised changes to the


military. The question is, can he make them fast enough?


Vitaliy Shevchenko is a Ukrainian specialist at BBC Monitoring who's


been working to verify some of those images we just showed you.


What struck you about what you were seeing there? First of all, the


brutal nature of what is happening in Ukraine. It is very graphic,


shopping in places. We have to watch it because when you are dealing with


a crisis like that, it is sometimes the only source of information of


what is happening. Because it is a war zone, it is very dangerous


there. Few reporters adventure into that part of Ukraine. How did you


track down the pictures, or ten point them in terms of geography?


Basically, it is a matter of knowing where to look and being able to tell


falsehoods from the truth. I am originally from Eastern Ukraine and


it helps to know the way people usually speak, the way they dress, a


kind of cars they drive, the general feel of the area. We knew from


official reports from Kiev and rebel claims that there has been a massive


battle there and something major has happened. Then we started seeing


video clips posted on you tube of prisoners of war, dead bodies and


military hardware that used to belong to the Ukrainian army, burnt


out and devastated in the fighting. Thank you for your time.


I am going to remind you of our breaking news which is the Islamic


State jihadists claiming that they have killed Steven Sotloff. Are


making use, the State Department has just said that if the video that was


released allegedly showing the killing is genuine, they are second.


They say they are second, the White House has said their thoughts and


prayers are with the family. Now to the crisis in Iraq where


Amnesty International says Islamic State militants have committed


a wave of ethnic cleansing across the north of the country accusing


the group of turning the region The human rights group says it has


evidence IS has committed atrocities against minorities,


including mass murder. The report says


at least 1,000 Yazidis have been killed in recent weeks with close to


2,750 kidnapped or enslaved. And as the Islamic State continues


to claim large parts of Northern Iraq and Syria,


more than one million people have The United Nations Human Rights


Commissioner has also denounced the action of the Islamic State


fighters. Joining me via webcam from Geneva


is spokesman Rupert Colville. Thank you for being with us. Is this


a case of an ethnic cleansing campaign? Yes, that is what we


believe. Ethnic and religious cleansing. Widespread and systematic


persecution on the basis of religion are there as now sitting -- or their


ethnicity. This amounts to crimes against humanity. Atrocities are


taking place on an extraordinary scale and on a daily basis. We have


heard about the Yazidis, the baby had been pursued and treated. Is


this a case of the Islamic State perceiving all who are not of the


SUNY faith -- Sunni. Yes, they are perceiving and removing people from


areas in Iraq. Many minorities, some of them ancient, and they have all


lived together fairly harmoniously for centuries. But Sunnis are also


being targeted, we have a report of 19 been executed for not


cooperating. Sunni Clerics being killed as well. What can the United


Nations do to attract the perpetrators and eventually try to


bring them to justice? -- to track. We are doing our utmost. There is a


human rights team in Iraq, working with the United Nations operation


there. They are doing their best to track and verify reports. There is


an horrendous litany of crimes and murder and sexual exploitation of


people. After the human rights Council resolution yesterday, they


have asked us to send another team in specifically to focus on the


region. The spotlight will remain on what they are doing. But they seem


to be utterly shameless, they do not hide it. They broadcast and do these


horrendous videos showing mass executions. What are your fears for


civilians who are still be in cities like Mosul? Are fears are high,


especially for the many minorities who are still in the. Particularly


in Saint Jarder -- Sinjar. Some groups have been given options to


convert, but there have been killings as well. The Yazidis were


given no choice, convert or die. Thank you.


Now a look at some of the day's other news.


Experts who were asked to look at claims that young girls have


been systematically sexually groomed and abused in the Yorkshire town


of Rotherham have spoken publicly for the first time.


They've talked of their frustration after their reports into


the 16-year scandal were ignored and their findings suppressed.


It finally emerged last week that about 1,400 children were sexually


exploited in Rotherham, right up until last year.


The US has carried out a military air strike in Somalia on


a convoy carrying the leader of the radical Islamist group Al Shabab.


It's unclear if Ahmed Abdi Godane was killed in the drone strike


and a Pentagon spokesman said it was assessing the results


The air strike comes days after African Union troops


and government troops launched a major offensive aimed at seizing


Pakistan's Parliament has held an emergency session over the current


The session of both houses is an attempt to rally support behind


Clashes between security forces and demonstrators continued


for a third day on Monday in the capital Islamabad,


with the protesters calling for the Prime Minister to resign.


Scientists in Singapore say they've made a breakthrough in hopes


of finding a cure for dengue fever, a flu-like illness spread by


mosquito bites which tends to kill more than 20,000 people a year.


British prosecutors have withdrawn the European Arrest Warrant


against the parents of a five-year-old with a brain


tumour, parents who are being held in custody in Madrid while


Brett and Naghemeh King took their family


to Spain last week after taking five-year-old Ashya out of hospital


They insist they were taking him to get treatment that's only


He has been at the centre than extraordinary week of human and


legal drama, but Ashya King's immediate ordeal may now be over.


His parents, Brett and now dammit, no longer face an arrest warrant in


Spain, after the Crown Prosecution Service withdrew its case. --


Naghemeh King. From Britain's point of view, they are free to go and be


reunited with their son. That means they focused has turned to the


Spanish prison the talkings has been moved to, and the formalities of


Spanish bureaucracy to release them. Tonight, in a new video recorded


before the arrest warrant was dropped, the family thanked the


public for its massive support. I'd just like to say thank you to


everyone. So many people spending so many


hours in social media, spreading the word, and I'd like to say thank you


to everyone. That support included a 100,000


strong petition delivered to Downing Street today, calling for the


parents to be released. The government said it welcomed the


prosecutor's decision to drop its case against the family. I hope we


have a good resolution in place, whether to get independent advice


that they trust, and that we can make sure the most important thing


happens all, which is that Ashya gets the right treatment for the


situation he isn't. This letter reveals why Hampshire


Police dropped the prosecution. Written by the Chief Constable to


legal officials, it says, it is our view that Ashya need of medical


treatment and for his parents to be at his side. Our intent was to


secure his safety, not to deny him family support in this particularly


challenging time in his life. In a separate development,


Southampton General Hospital said today it would now be holding an


internal enquiry into the events of the past week. It also said they


would not object to Test being sent to that clinic in Prague to receive


proton beam treatment, which is family have been calling for long.


The hospital said it would not recommend it.


These events in Ashya's life have been played out across the past six


extraordinary days. It was last Thursday his parents took Ashya from


hospital, boarded a ferry to France, before police were alerted.


On Friday, a European arrest warrant was obtained. Ashya was made a ward


of court. And then on Saturday, Ashya was found in Malaga, and


admitted to hospital, as his parents were arrested. This delicate, sick


little boy has become the subject of claim and counteraccusations.


A week of ethics, police searches and a family driven by the need to


save his life. A combination of law and love at the


heart of this story. Just to remind you of our breaking


news, a video has been released on the internet purporting to show the


death of the American hostage Steven Sotloff by Islamic State militants.


Mr Sotloff, a journalist, was abducted in Syria last August. I


will warn you, we are about to show a still from the video of Steven


Sotloff before he is killed. We have decided to show you this still, not


to broadcast anything else from the video, and while showing you, you


can see he is there in an orange jumpsuit. The Islamic State


militants have released this video, we think, although the White House


has said they haven't been able to establish the authenticity of the


video yet. I think we can go to our North American correspondent, in


Washington. Obviously, taking great care here about the voracity of this


video, but what are you hearing from the White House, from the State


Department to macro? What we are hearing that


intelligence officials here are working extremely hard to try to


determine the authenticity of the video. Any last few seconds, we have


heard from the Pentagon, who say they are monitoring the situation as


best that they can, and they say they cannot confirm the authenticity


of the video, but that their thoughts and prayers continue to go


out to the family. A similar message from the White House and the State


Department, he said that if the video was genuine, they would be


sickened by what they describe as a brutal act. I think once


intelligence officials here in Washington are able to confirm the


authenticity of the video, that is when we will hear from someone


senior in the administration coming out on camera and giving a reaction.


That could indeed be President Obama, although he is due to take


off for a trip to Estonia, and then, of course, Wales for the NATO


summit. His flight is due to leave in about an hour. Intelligence


officials can confirm the authenticity before then, there is


the possibility, and this is only me guessing, that President Obama could


make some kind of statement before he bought apples one.


It adds to the pressure, as well, on NATO leaders, over whether they can


do anything to halt the rise of Islamic State, which is threatening


NATO's borders, almost. That is right, and that is something


that President Obama will be discussing with his counterpart when


he is in Wales. Last week, President Obama made a statement about whether


or not he is considering taking action against Islamic State


fighters in Syria. We of course know that more than 100 air strikes have


already been carried out by the US against the Islamic State in the.


What President Obama said is that he would use the opportunity to meet


other allies and discuss a wider act of cooperation, what the US could do


in the region, and Secretary of State John Kerry is also planning to


visit various countries in the Middle East to also speak to allies.


So, that is the next step. We already know the US has carried out


surveillance flights over Syria, but no action on that yet from the


president. Thank you very much.


And now, a different kind of American story. The FBI is


investigating allegations that the online accounts of dozens of


celebrities have been hacked. This led to explicit photos of some


of Hollywood's most famous actresses being posted online. Our technology


correspondent reports. It is Hollywood against the hackers.


Jennifer Lawrence is just one of the celebrities whose private, sometimes


intimate photos were stolen. They are now demanding action, and the


FBI is hunting the thieves. It was on this site that the voters were


first posted. How they got here still is not clear. One theory is


that the celebrities were using Apple's iCloud service to store


their pictures, and someone, somehow, found out their passwords.


Apple will only say it is investigating. What exactly is the


cloud? Here is an example. I taken there with a picture on my phone,


and within moments, it appears this tablet computer. It appears this


tablet computer. They a bank of computers and could not in the sky,


but firmly on the ground. Those computers belong to firms like


Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, and in theory, your data


should be safe in their clouds, as long as it is protected by good,


secure passwords. This man advises celebrities are making their phones


and computers safe. He says the emotional impact of being hacked


shouldn't be underestimated. We are talking about photographs


that are very intimate and very private, and those being published


to the wider Web and to anyone who wants to live in and see them as to


have a massive psychological impact on the people that


have a massive psychological impact Millions now use the cloud to store


and share personal data, but Hollywood stars have shown


China, as you know, is a growing economic superpower,


but it's also keen to spread its influence on the cultural scene.


As a result, many more museums are springing up there.


In fact, a new museum opened in China almost every day last year.


Some have rather unusual themes, as our Beijing correspondent


You would be forgiven for thinking it is a joke, but welcome to


Beijing's latest cultural offering. A museum devoted to roast duck. That


is right. A history of the capital's most famous dish. It was


built by a Chinese restaurant chain, and most of the visitors here


are actually peckish customers, waiting to be fed. TRANSLATION:


Young people don't know much about history, so when we visit museums,


we learn about our past. It is like travelling back in time.


Roasting travelling back in time.


all rubber. If you think travelling back in time.


fashion, there is fruit, you can go to the watermelon


museum. If you fruit, you can go to the watermelon


museum for that as well. China's cultural scene has


flourished in recent years. One of the big success stories here in


Beijing's Art district. Across China, a new museum opened its door


almost every day last year. TRANSLATION:


This curator tells me the building boom is all part of improving the


country's image. TRANSLATION: The government realises


that economic success is not enough. Soft power and the creative


industries must now play an important role improving


industries must now play an There is a huge appetite for museums


here, with more than 100 new ones expected to open their doors this


year. But if, in China, censorship is always at play, if there is


anything controversial, those museums will be forced to shut down.


And that means it is fine to serve up plastic food. But anything


politically sensitive is strictly off the menu.


You can also talk to me about this or any other of our


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