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This is BBC World News Today with me, Alice Baxter.


A setback for Ukrainian forces as they're forced to withdraw


Pro-Russian separatists have made gains in the east of the country -


Ukraine's President has accused Moscow of direct


Iraqi Government forces drive Islamic State militants


from the town of Amerli - we report on what life's been


A Railway at War everything is safe, but we have a huge at work to do to


restore this town back to what it was.


The British Prime Minister unveils new powers to stop


Britons going abroad to fight with terrorist groups.


A Railway at War we will introduce legislation to fill this gap by


providing police with temporary powers to seize a passport. They


will be able to investigate individuals.


We'll have all the comings and goings on football's transfer


deadline day - the window closes in a few hours' time.


Ukrainian forces fighting separatists in the east


of the country have been forced to retreat from the strategically


important airport at Luhansk after they were attacked by a column


Kiev says it is also sending reinforcements to fight separatists


in the north-eastern port city of Mariupol.


Ukraine's President has again accused Russia


of launching direct and open agression on the eastern region.


But the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, denies there has


been any military intervention, calling for "a peaceful settlement"


Meanwhile, President Putin says Ukraine is refusing to engage in


What is the essence of the tragedy that is happening now in Ukraine? I


think the main reason is that the key authorities do not want to


conduct substantive political dialogue with the east of the


country. Now is the beginning of a very important process, the process


of direct negotiations. We have been working on it for a long time and we


agree with President Poroshenko, such contacts are starting now.


our correspondent Mike Wooldridge has this report.


In the restive region now at the centre of a progressively


intensifying diplomatic crisis, pro-Russian separatists prepare to


fight. One of their leaders said they were heading to Donetsk


airport, shut at the end of May after clashes between the rebels and


Government forces. It has been under control of the military ever since.


Today, Russia's Foreign Minister repeated Moscow's denials of direct


involvement in a new global push. He said talks on the Ukraine crisis is


taking place today in Minsk were mainly about an imminent and


unconditional cease-fire. But international concern now focusing


on the key port city of Mariupol, its defence is being reinforced


because it is only a short distance from the swathe of territory seized


by separatists in recent days. Residents of Mariupol took to the


streets yesterday to protest and to pray for peace. The Ukrainian


President used a gathering of military cadets to accuse Russia of


what he called direct and open aggression against his country. He


said it had radically changed the situation in the zone of conflict.


The US and Europe have also challenged -- charged rusher with


sending its own troops to intervene. But the OSCE said today it was hard


to confirm the presence of regular Russian forces within Ukrainian


territory. That said, Australia has stepped up its sanctions against


Russia. I want to make it clear, the bullying of small nations by big


ones and assertions that might bullying of small nations by big


right should have no place in our world. In the latest developments on


the ground, Ukrainian officials say the troops have retreated from the


airport close to this, the rebel stronghold of Luhansk, after coming


under artillery fire. The German Chancellor, Angel Merkel,


has said it was now clear that the conflict in Eastern Ukraine had


never been an internal one, Let's talk about this radical change


correspondent, Bridget Kendall. Let's talk about this radical change


we have seen on the battle Let's talk about this radical change


does seem to be an Let's talk about this radical change


turnaround. Ukrainian to say this is about Russian troops coming over the


turnaround. Ukrainian to say this is is typical of President Putin when


there is a setback, you will remember when the ousted President


Fred -- fled from the Ukraine, there is a pause and then he goes on the


offensive. In that case, he took over Crimea. It does seem that the


pictures of Russian hardware and troops coming over the border, and


it is the case that Ukrainian forces are having to retreat, they seem to


be very worried in Kiev that they are on the back foot. Moscow


consistently saying they are not directly involved, but what do you


think is the strategic thinking of the Kremlin? Mr Putin and his


advisers keep saying we do not want to break up Ukraine or invade


Ukraine. Maybe they really do mean that because it looks as though what


they want to do is to make President Poroshenko realise he cannot win


this war, that Russia is too powerful ally for the rebels to let


that happen. And powerful ally for the rebels to let


no choice but to reach a peace deal on Russia's terms. That brings us to


no choice but to reach a peace deal talks, what Mr Putin wants is an


agreement that bubble leaders in southeastern Ukraine should have a


new status, which would give it a veto over important decisions in


Kiev, which would give Russia a leverage to influence what happens


in Kiev. Timing is important, this is on the eve of the NATO summit.


Maybe Mr Putin is sending a message to the Ukrainian leader. Not to rely


on NATO. We are seeing a softening of the tone coming out


on NATO. We are seeing a softening conflict. Do you think that this


plan you suggest of Mr Putin will actually work? I am not sure. He may


think he is offering a decent deal to President Poroshenko, he is just


saying that perhaps the root not break away, they just want more


autonomy. But there is so little now. Kiev will be worried that this


is a way of Russia poking its nose into Ukrainian politics. Besides


which, when you try and force a position through threats, they and


the European leaders may just think, Mr Putin is too dangerous, we have


to stand up to him. We already know that tougher sanctions are around


the corner and there will be intense debate on how we should help Ukraine


inside the EU and inside NATO. How worried do you think Mr Putin and


the Kremlin generally will be by those comments from Angela Merkel?


Not that worried. The general view of the Kremlin is that this is an


existential fight for them, they see Ukraine as part of Russia's broader


sense of itself, they are prepared to go to the end on this and I think


Europe will either be divided or it will care too much about trade and


relations with Russia, and in the end, this will get resolved


diplomatically and they will get their way.


The Iraqi Army, backed by Shia militias and Kurdish


fighters, is continuing its biggest offensive so far against


Islamic State jihadists to try to win back towns and territory.


The UN says about 1,400 people were killed


The BBC's Gabriel Gatehouse managed to get into the town of Amerli,


where thousands of people had been trapped for months.


This is the first time in two months that we have been able to go down


this road. We are skirting round Amerli to the East and trying to


come at it from there, because of two are right, there are still


pockets of Islamic State fighters. We are off dust everywhere, heading


along a bumpy road. What we do not know is what we will find at the end


of this, in Amerli. This is it, the entrance to Amerli, and these are


the men who held out for two months, surrounded by Islamic State


fighters. They say everything is OK now, everything is safe, but we have


a huge amount of work to do to restore this time back to what it


was. -- this town. These are incredibly emotional scenes. This


commander who calls himself the son of Iraq, has not seen his family for


two months. There have been tears, hugs and kisses, reuniting with his


father and family. This woman is expanding to me how they survived


those two long months. She would bake bread here in oven. But as


fuel, they had to use cow dung. She has just been showing me. Down here,


the cow dung is what they had to use as fuel, to fire the oven. The


water, they had to rely on this tiny borehole over here. This tiny little


hole in the ground is where they got their water from. She is saying that


at times, they did not have enough milk for their babies and they ran


out of flour, and life was very tough.


British police will be given temporary powers to seize passports


at UK borders of British citizens they believe are travelling abroad


The Prime Minister says airlines will now be legally obliged to


hand over passenger lists to help identify Islamist fighters.


David Cameron told Parliament that the terrorist threat


from the Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq poses a direct


Our deputy political editor, James Landale, reports.


No one knows how may Britons like these are fighting for Islamic State


in Syria and Iraq. Some officials say about 500, others think it might


be more. What we all agree is that some will pose a huge security


threat if they return home. David Cameron's security people do not


like him walk into Westminster, but today, just days after the threat


level was raised to severe, the Prime Minister marched down


Whitehall to tell MPs that threat from British jihadis was real. I


have said all along there should not be a knee jerk reaction or the


introduction of sweeping new powers that would ultimately be


ineffective. That is not what those who work so hard to keep us safe


want. They want a targeted approach that reflects a forensics focus on


the threat we face. He announced the police would have temporary new


powers to save -- sees passports. Airlines would have to hand over


more information about passenger lists earlier, and security services


would be given back the power to relocate terror suspects away from


their home towns, power they have had until control orders were


abolished. But it was clear that the coalition parties had been unable to


agree on plans to stop British fighters returning home. We are


clear that what we need is a targeted discretionary power to


allow us to exclude British nationals from the UK and we will


work up proposals on this basis with our agencies in line with our


obligations and discuss the details on a cross-party basis. In other


words, after days of warning about the threats from British jihadis,


there is still no agreement about how to stop them coming home. The


Government is constrained by law and politics. We have been listening to


this for over a decade, it does not replace charges, evidence, proof and


prison. The Government insists these announcements are not the whole


story. These threats will only be resolved by political change on the


ground. But that will not be coming soon.


To Pakistan now, where there's been a day of violent clashes in the


capital, Islamabad, as protestors continue to press their calls


for the country's Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, to step down.


At one point they occupied the headquarters of state


broadcaster PTV, but were eventually ousted by security forces.


With the very latest, here's Shazeb Jillani.


Angry, violent and determined to get rid of the Pakistani Prime Minister.


These protesters met with resistance when they stormed the headquarters


of PTV. Once inside, they went on the rampage, smashing broadcast


equipment and harassing staff. Protesters have managed to barge


their way into PTV headquarters and they have made their way into some


of the newsrooms. They are armed with sticks and the important thing


is, we must remain calm, there is no reason to panic at this stage. Soon


after, troops arrived and cleared the building. The protesters welcome


the soldiers and shouted slogans in favour of the Pakistani army. The


channel is now back on favour of the Pakistani army. The


troops are now guarding the building. What this incident shows


is that unless this confrontation is resolved peacefully, things can get


out of hand. The Pakistani army has asked


the government to resolve But without resorting to use


of force. The Army's position appears to


have emboldened the protesters. Earlier today, they pushed forward


towards government buildings, The protesters now occupy more


and more space on this main road He said he has used it on policemen,


but in his defence. The government has said the Prime


Minister will not resign, but it is running out of options to resolve


this confrontation peacefully. With me is Shahid Sadullah, a


commentator on Pakistani politics. Who is behind these protests? Do


these opposition figures really enjoy mass popular support? The


turnout in the demonstrations that have been going on have not been as


massive as they were originally claimed to be. Imran Khan is a


popular politician. claimed to be. Imran Khan is a


8 million votes in the last election. But addressing your


question, who is behind this? The common perception is that Imran


Khan's demands are for the resignation of the Prime Minister,


which is where everything has got stuck. Other demands have been


agreed upon. That demand is so extreme that there is no


constitutional way of solving it. Pakistan has spent 33 years of its


60 years of independence under military rule. The most common


conclusion is that the Armed Forces will be behind it. The president of


the party of Imran Khan has left over the differences in strategy. He


is quoted as saying that Imran Khan has said the Army was behind this.


The storming of the television station came after two weeks of


protests. People are asking if this could have happened without the


consent of the Army? The government itself has been very slow in acting.


It should originally... These troubles should have been taken care


of much earlier. Protesters were killed and the government refused to


launch an investigation. Imran Khan has been saying that the elections


were not really free of malpractice. He has been seeing this the better


part of 13 or 14 months. That demand has never really been addressed.


There has been a lot that has been going on. Thank you for talking to


us. Now a look at some


of the day's other news. A couple who removed their


seriously ill son from hospital in Britain are in a Spanish jail after


refusing to return back to the UK. A judge in Madrid has ruled that


the couple must be held while the court considers whether to grant


Britain an extradition request. Five-year-old Ashya


King has brain cancer. His family say they took him


to Spain in search Iran's President, Hassan Rouhani,


has urged his country's clerics to be more tolerant of the internet


and new technologies. In a speech broadcast on Iranian


television, Mr Rouhani said the internet was


vital to connect with the world of science, and the younger generation


should not be denied access to it. Edinburgh Zoo says it fears that


the UK's only female giant panda Keepers say Tian Tian is now


past her due date and hormone They say there is still a remote


chance the panda might give birth this year but the evidence suggests


it is more likely to be bad news. Now, for those of you looking for


that little something extra in your In China, it seems,


brides-and-grooms-to-be want a bit more than just


a nice record of the day. John Sudworth reports


on the country's booming industry It is a photo shoot guaranteed


to take the breath away. China's buoyant,


booming economy has seen a splurge in wedding spending in


recent years and with it has come a It is special for us because a lot


of couples choose original styles, I think underwater is more


beautiful for the couple, I think. If you can't afford time off work


for those special images, then why These photos of a paramilitary


police officer and his wife recently Unlike in the West, couples have


their main set of photographs taken well in advance of the wedding


and with more than half a million registered wedding photographers


countrywide, competition is fierce. In Shanghai alone, there are dozens


of studios with the special tanks China might not have invented


the genre, but it has caught on fast as old traditions are


swamped by a flood of new ones. This photo shoot is costing this


couple a little more than US$300, but with some ten million Chinese


couples tying the knot each year, that spending soon adds up


and the industry today is worth That is more than


the total output of some European economies and includes all wedding


spending, ceremonies, For photographers who want to hang


onto their share of it, spotting the next new trend may


decide whether they sink or swim. Now to football and the clock is


ticking for clubs to sign that new star player with the transfer window


closing across Europe within hours. English clubs such as


Manchester United have already spent a record $1.3 billion


on new players this year. Tulsen Tollett has all the latest


news from the BBC Sport Centre. There are only a few hours left in a


transfer window. It has been a busy day. Manchester United, Falcao, that


is the biggest one. $10 million. Manchester United will pay on a


permanent deal if everything works out for Falcao at Old Trafford, that


is $72 million. That is not an eye watering amount of money for


somebody described as the best in the world. But $10 million for a few


months is a lot. He has been here for five years, for three different


teams and he has a goal record of scoring in every game. And that is


something that Manchester United need. Javier Hernandez has moved to


Real Madrid, where will you fit in? I'm not sure of what the answer to


that is. Perhaps it Real Madrid or in a situation where Benzema is


guaranteed to start up front. He has been a player that has not benefited


from having someone to challenge him. 24 hours ago, everyone thought


that Falcao would be going to Real Madrid. Danny Welbeck, another one


from Manchester United. There is talk of him going to Arsenal. I was


in danger, people have a go at him when he does not sign players, but


they will have a go at him if he signs as one. I was in danger has


not come out and said he needs a striker, but why would he? -- ours


and if they can get Danny Welbeck in on


loan, that will look like a good deal. Lewis Holtby did not have a


good time at Tottenham, he is on his way to Hamburg. That is a great


deal. He has fallen off the face of international football since moving


to Tottenham. I think he will be buying back in his homeland. What


about better check, he has been treating today. -- better check...


He has been saying that anything can happen today.


Transfer deadline day, dreams are made and shattered today. I watering


sums involved. That is from the programme. The weather coming up




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