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This is BBC World News Today with me Alice Baxter.


Russia's actions in Ukraine are a blatant violation of Ukrainian


sovereignty - that's the view from NATO after an emergency summit.


NATO's Secretary General says Russia's action defied all


After three-and-a-half years of conflict, the number of Syrian


refugees registered in neighbouring countries has reached three million.


The terror threat to the UK is raised from substantial to severe.


The Prime Minister says Islamic State militants cannot be ignored.


The ambition to create an extremist caliphate at the heart of Iraq and


Syria is a threat to our own security.


And as Charlie and the Chocolate factory turns 50, Roald Dahl's


We begin with the ongoing conflict in Eastern Ukraine.


The head of Nato has accused Russia of blatantly violating Ukraine's


sovereignty and engaging in direct military operations to


The remarks by Nato Secretary-General Anders Fogh


Rasmussen come as Ukraine's Prime Minister said he was


putting the country on course for Nato membership.


Russia continues to deny sending troops and arms across the border


but, as the conflict continues, the scale of the suffering has been


It says nearly 2,600 people have been killed since April


when Russia's annexation of Crimea prompted


the rebels to take control of large parts of Donetsk and Luhansk.


Pro-Russian rebels continue a fightback against Ukrainian


government troops after weeks in which they have been forced onto


This is unverified footage, but significantly, Kiev and the West say


this fightback has been fortified by escalating Russian military


involvement prompting an emergency meeting of NATO ambassadors.


Today, we expressed strong solidarity with Ukraine.


At the Wales summit next week, we will meet President Poroshenko


to make clear NATO's unwavering support for Ukraine.


The Ukrainian prime minister has just said that his government


would ask Parliament to seek Nato membership.


The NATO response, a cautious one, that it respects the Kiev decision.


And the word from Washington is the response to Russia is not


Russia is already more isolated than at any time since the Cold War.


Capital is fleeing. Investors are staying out.


This ongoing Russian incursion into Ukraine will only bring more


EU leaders meeting in Brussels this weekend will now look at tougher


sanctions against Russia following this new turn in the crisis.


But how effective can they be given the stakes in this for the Kremlin?


still denies any such involvement. says shows Russian combat forces in


A defiant rally by Ukrainian loyalists in a south eastern town


suddenly under threat from the latest rebel successes.


Their opinion of the Russian president Vladimir Putin is clear


But in his latest remarks, the Russian leader has responded


with a Nazi analogy of his own, accusing Kiev of an assault on


Eastern Ukraine reminiscent of the siege of Leningrad in World War II.


The wreckage and the costs of this conflict in Ukraine


A way out of it, however, seems as elusive as ever.


Joining me now from Washington is Ian Brzezinski


who served as the deputy assistant secretary of defence for European


He's now a senior fellow at the influential think tank


Thank you for joining us. What do you think is the likelihood of NATO


accepting Ukraine as a member? Very unlikely because Ukraine is not


prepared for NATO membership. It does not meet the requirements for


NATO membership. But I think it is a positive sign and a good step to say


that needle's door is open. -- NATO. Why does Ukraine not meet the


requirements? It has a weak economy, it has systemic corruption problems,


there are probably deep Russian penetrations of it's that its


services. But Ukraine's European aspirations are legitimate and


should be supported by the West. Do you believe that that position is


understood in Ukraine? If you listen to President Poroshenko, it would


seem that they believe that membership of NATO is imminent. I


think it is more in the future. It took Poland, the Czech Republic and


the Baltic states and Romania to take some time to gain membership.


But their aspirations should be supported. This is not the first


time needle has sought NATO membership. In the 1980s, there was


an interest expressed. Yet comments being made by Anders Fogh


Rasmussen, is that not intensifying the situation on the ground?


Condemnation should be directed towards Russia for invading Ukraine.


It has significantly increased Ukrainian in test in NATO membership


at political and public level. For President Putin, he has repeatedly


made it clear that membership of NATO would very much be a red line


for him. It is pretty outrageous for a country like Russia to assert that


he can determine their political orientation of other states. Ukraine


is a European state, it has legitimate aspirations to become


part of the European union, it is natural for it to seek NATO


membership. Thank you for joining us.


The Syrian refugee crisis is being called


the biggest humanitarian emergency of our era by the United Nations.


The conflict started three and a half years ago


and the number of refugees now registered in neighbouring countries


That's an increase of one million in just a year.


Inside Syria, there are another six and a half million displaced people.


Altogether, that means nearly half of Syria's 18 million population


The UN says the world is failing to meet the needs of the refugees


Among them, thousands who fled Mount Sinjar near the Iraqi city of Mosul.


Our correspondent Gabriel Gatehouse met some


of those who managed to escape, but paid an enormous sacrifice.


You may find parts of his report disturbing.


These are some of the children who have made it from Mount Sinjar.


Many have lost friends or family, all are now homeless.


But they are alive and they are happy about that.


But for many, self-preservation came at a huge cost.


As Yazidis fled in their thousands, this policeman was struggling.


He and his wife had three kids, too young to walk.


The fighters from the Islamic State at their backs, they were forced to


make an almost impossible decision, to leave their four-year-old son


There was a hut by the side of the road.


It must have been a very difficult decision to make.


To leave one of your children behind as you fled?


But Kurdish fighters later found the boy and brought him to a hospital


Here, the BBC found him, badly dehydrated


No one knew his name or who his parents were.


Jalal was eventually alerted by a relative who saw a picture


He made the journey to Syria yesterday,


We travelled to the frontline of the now meaningless border


These fighters, mostly Syrian Kurds, have been battling IS


They say they are not intimidated by the Islamist group's gruesome


You can see buildings just a few hundred metres from here.


That is where the Isis fighters are based.


These two sides are literally eyeball to eyeball here.


As we watched, the fighters spot some IS patrols on


They fire off a few shots, just to remind them that we are


The people in this camp don't even count


towards the figure of 3 million refugees from the Syrian war.


Thousands of Yazidis have found temporary refuge here inside Kurdish


But they don't feel safe and many say they have already made


up their minds to abandon their homeland for good.


With me now is Andrej Mahecic, the spokesperson to the United Nations


This 3 million, it is a grim milestone to have reached. This is


only the registered number of refugees? Exactly, this is what we


have on the books, what we can vouch for. There are many, many more who


have fled to neighbouring countries and who have decided not to approach


the authorities, not to register. But the idea, part of the community.


At the moment, the present and enormous burden on neighbouring


countries who are now hosting 96% of all Syrian refugees. There is an


additional number of 6.5 million internally displaced inside Syria.


When you put these figures together, that is half of Sadiyah's


population. Half of Syria's population have been forced to


abandon their homes. Regardless of what we do in Syria to help, it is


still far from what their needs are. At the moment, we have been able to


help some 2.5 million Syrians inside the country and we are working in


the region to help the 3 million. But the needs are massive. This year


alone, between now and the end of the year, we need about $2 billion


to meet immediate needs. In the coming weeks, we will be looking at


the Winter issues. At least 2.5 million people will be needing help.


It is important to understand why people are fleeing the conflict.


There is death, displacement and destruction inside Syria. Some of


these settlements today look like lunar surfaces, not even one brick


left on another break. People have been displaced inside Syria before


and they have decided to leave because they cannot bear to stay any


longer. You paint a very graphic picture and you see that the UN


still needs a further $2 billion to help alleviate some of this pain.


Tell me where most of these refugees have ended up. First of all, they


are in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey. In Lebanon, we have more than 1.1


million refugees. In Turkey, more than 800,000. In Jordan, more than


600,000. In Iraq, 250,000. When you add that up, it is clear that the


region is sinking under this pressure. Our country is able to


cope? These countries have been taken for granted and need


assistance. We are calling for the international community to address


the root causes of conflict, but also to continue support for the


Syrian refugees and the countries hosting them and look for a way to


end the conflict and the suffering of the Syrian people. Thank you.


A terrorist attack against Britain is now highly likely, as a result


That's the verdict of the British government which has increased


its threat level from Substantial, when an attack is deemed a strong


possibility, to Severe, which means an attack is highly likely.


It's the second highest terror level behind critical, which indicates


There's currently no intelligence suggesting an attack is imminent


but people are being urged to remain vigiliant.


The Prime Minister says the Islamic State group is


a greater threat to British security than any seen before.


Today I want to tell you other competent approach rotating. We have


been shocked and sickened by the barbaric murder of American


journalist James Foley. We've all been shocked


and sickened by the barbaric murder And by the voice


of what increasingly seems to have been a British terrorist recorded


on that video. It was clear evidence,


not that any more was needed, that this is not some foreign


conflict thousands of miles from The ambition to create


an extremist caliphate in the heart of Iraq and Syria is a threat to


our own security here in the UK. That is in addition to the many


other Al Qaeda inspired terrorist So what exactly is the threat to


the UK Our Correspondent Frank


Gardner has this analysis. who have gone to Syria with many


joining the violent extremist group At least half that number have


already returned to Britain. It's the job of MI5,


the security service, headquarters here in London,


to detect any plans anyone may have They are helped by communications


intercepts from GCHQ, Together their input is assessed


by a group of 100 analysts who then advise the government what is the


level of risk facing the public. The newly raised terror threat level


is partly a response to what you could call easy Jihad because to


join an extremist group like ISIS British passport holders have simply


been hopping on a flight to Turkey, getting a bus to the border


and then walking into Syria. Well over 200 have now returned


to Britain, many of them having This is also the age


of social media jihad, with tweets and postings on Facebook attracting


a constant stream of recruits. And then there are the gaps


in the government response. Despite some new measures,


put bluntly, there just aren't enough policemen and spies to watch


around the clock everybody who comes I think the terrorist threat level


we are seeing at the moment linked to Syria and Iraq is one that is


very real and very substantial. You're dealing with


a situation where you've got groups fighting in Syria in Iraq who have


expressed a rhetoric of wanting to You've got a substantial body


of foreigners and Britons in particular who have been out to


fight there, some of whom have come back, and we have


seen across Europe at least four or five plots that have been disrupted


with links to Syria and Iraq. One that wasn't stopped was


a shooting in Brussels in May Here the government fears more


opportunistic attacks like this and last year's murder


of an off-duty soldier in Woolwich. The police and MI5 now work


so closely right across the country that it's far


harder than it used to be for terrorists to plan a large scale


attack like the London bombings. But the longer the Syrian conflict


continues, the greater the risk that some of those who have taken part


in it may be tempted to use Now a look at some


of the day's other news. The eurozone inflation rate has


fallen to 0.3% in August, adding The drop was driven by lower food


and energy prices, and is a sign that firms and households aren't


spending or generating wealth. The figures will add to pressure on


the European Central Bank to take The authorities


in Iceland have scaled back their aviation warning from red to


orange after the Bardarbunga volcano The red alert was precautionary and,


although it's been reduced, planes are still banned from flying withing


a three-mile radius of the volcano. So far, it hasn't produced any ash


cloud which could endanger aircraft. Google has announced its developing


a fleet of airborne drones designed to deliver packages to people more


quickly by bypassing traffic. Project Wing has been running


for two years, The prototypes have been


successfully tested by delivering packages to remote


farms in Queensland in Australia, Senegal has become the fifth


country West African country to be The authorities announced that


the virus had been carried by a man from neighbouring Guinea


who is now under quarantine. The current outbreak in west Africa


has been the worst on record. 600 people have died in Liberia


alone. Our correspondent Tamasin Ford has


been to the Liberia and Ivory Coast border where preparations are being


made to prevent Ebola An unnerving silence replaces


the normally vibrant border. All official crossing points


into Liberia and Guinea were closed The latest government


efforts to avoid Ebola. Trucks are already beginning to pile


up on this side of the border. Authorities say health is more


important than trade, but people here have no idea when


the borders are going to reopen. People are suffering financially


but many are relieved This woman's family is


on the other side. She says it's difficult


but the fear of Ebola is worse. I'm afraid of death because it is


not a trip you can return from. We've been told not to eat bush


meat, not to shake hands Beyond these mountains lies Liberia


where Ebola is now out of control. Thick but porous rainforest is all


that separates Ivory Coast from This is one of five Ebola


treatment centres in the region. Doctors are practising what to do


if a suspected case arrives. We have done


the maximum possible to be ready and As soon


as any suspected case arrives. You can never be ready enough but I


think we are strong enough to fight The heat inside the suit is


the biggest difficulty, he says. Two or three hours are


the most anyone can last. Countries have been accused


of abandoning the Ebola-hit nations, closing borders


and suspending flights. But Ivory Coast says it will do


anything it can to fight Ebola. Hopes of a breakthrough in the fight


against Ebola have been raised after Canada's Public Health Agency


announced that the experimental drug Z-Mapp proved to be 100% effective


in tests carried out on monkeys. The experimental drug cured


the macaque monkeys even when administered five days after


infection and even while the animals However, the effectiveness


in humans is still unclear. Two out of the seven people


treated with Z-MAPP have died. It's 50 years since Roald Dahl wrote


the children's classic The book's characters have


become household names. But it turns out they were only


part of the original story. The discovery of new unpublished


chapters reveals Dahl had intended to include more children lucky


enough to win the golden ticket and meet Willy Wonka, but dropped


them from the final version. This report from our Arts Editor


Will Gompertz begins with Lots of things that don't happen


in life will probably happen He always managed to add


a few surprises. When Roald Dahl originally wrote


the story, they were ten, not five, I'm sitting in a re-creation


of Roald Dahl's writing hut at his museum in Great Missenden


and in front of me is an early draft of what would become


Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. It's full of edits and corrections


and it's even called Charlie's Chapter 5, the Vanilla Fudge Room,


was cut by the author. It saw the demise


of two unused characters, Both of whom were disobedient


and spoilt. They were discovered


along with their parents in the author's archive by a writer who


was impressed by what she found. I admire him more, I think,


because you literally see more You can see the invention, it's even


more ceaseless and fertile, but also Charlie is only the second


children's book he ever wrote. The illustrator Quentin Blake worked


with Roald Dahl and has produced many drawings for


Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. I knew that he rewrote


and rewrote many times. For this last chapter


about the Vanilla Fudge Mountain, he's leading a group of people who


aren't in the final book. It's interesting to see something


at an earlier stage, what happened So how does it feel


when it comes to leaving a character It's really sad,


but sometimes they don't do anything to further the plot or they don't do


anything to bring as much as they should and you kind of feel you're


placing that on them a little bit. The extra characters had to go


because they overcomplicated the story but half a century later, they


do give a fascinating insight into the creative process of one of the


world's most imaginative authors. If you like your politicians to be


clean cut and behave impeccably, you're probably not going to vote


for Canada's Rob Ford. He's admitted being drunk in public,


confessed to smoking crack cocaine, and been videoed swearing


and using threatening language. But as far as we're aware he's


never been seen like this. This is the Toronto mayor


at a council meeting having a dance and a sing-a-long with the


band Jay Douglas and the All Stars. They're performing Bob Marley's


"One Love." Whether Mr Ford's moves will go


down well with That's when he's running


for re-election. Good evening. Some reasonable


weather on the way this weekend. A lot of dry weather and bright and


sunny spells and with light wind, it should feel quite pleasant. Through


this evening and overnight, it will stay pretty windy across the British


Isles. If you are going out in the next few hours, bring an umbrella.


Most places will season


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