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Hello, I'm Christian Fraser with BBC World News.


Our top story - the US and the UK both say the most likely cause of


The British Prime Minister discussed cooperating


on security with the Egyptian President, after deciding to suspend


the end of 2017, as waves of people continue to flow into Greece.


The Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema is questioned


over possible complicity in an attempted blackmail case.


And Nasa is due to reveal new information about Mars'S atmosphere


And Nasa is due to reveal new information about Mars's atmosphere


and the possibility of life on the red planet.


Let's start with the talks in London between Prime Minister David Cameron


and Egypt's President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.


A meeting that followed Britain's decision on Wednesday to suspend


flights to and from the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.


Mr Cameron said intelligence suggested it was


"more likely than not" that a Russian plane,


which crashed on Saturday after leaving the resort,


The Prime Minister said he had been forced to put the security


No doubt a decision that will have frustrated his guests.


Reportedly, the decision taken while Mr el-Sisi was en route to Britain.


In that terminal behind you, lots of people still queueing, frustrated by


some of the security provisions put in place? Yes, absolutely, actually


people do not know when they are going to go back home. Security


measures have been extremely tight and here, inside the terminals and


outside the airport. On our way here, we saw checkpoints manned by


police and army forces, heavy military presence around the airport


and insight we have seen long queues of passengers waiting to go back


home, most of them Russians. Security measures and checks taking


longer, so they have to wait quite some time. I have spoken to some


British nationalists stranded here, and they told me they came to the


airport but flights were cancelled sort they had to register names to


be taken to a nearby hotel, where they will stay, but they do not know


how long, and the biggest concern is when they will be able to go back


home. They complained a lot about the lack of information.


At the airport, we had practically no information.


There was a few members of the Egyptian staff,


We have been to Sharm eight times in the last seven years or so, a place


very dear to our hearts, we know a lot of people here. I worry more


about the people here and the impact this will have on the local economy


and people we know. Actually, this crisis is a heavy


blow to tourism in Sharm el-Sheikh, and it's heavily depends on British


tourism. The fact that a lot of British people will be reluctant to


go to Sharm el-Sheikh within the next couple of days, as I have heard


from people here, will be a major blow to this tool is -- this tourist


sector that is already struggling. Thank you.


Still no word from Westminster whether some flights will be able to


take off tomorrow. I spoke to Rob Watson and put it to


him the Prime Minister had done more than other leader than pointing to


terrorism. He was pretty unequivocal. It is interesting,


David Cameron has said when at Downing Street he understood he


would not be super popular with the Egyptian Tudors and industry, with


visiting guests, the Egyptian president, with British tourists


stuck in Egypt and holiday-makers looking forward to a few days in the


sun. He said to do this because of security concern. He went quite far,


it was based on intelligence, what his advisers had said. On balance,


it seemed more likely than not it was a bomb. Britain going further


than any other country. And I was saying to Sally that the concern for


British authorities is with baggage handlers. And according to a press


conference, ten months ago, they were sent to Egypt to look at that?


Yes, fascinated, when the Egyptian president was asked if Britain had


jumped the gun and had it acted too hastily, he revealed, and we were


not expecting this, that Britain had expressed concerns about security at


Sharm el-Sheikh ten months ago. Downing Street are not keen to spell


it out. But fear to see the centre around the safety of flights, the


security of baggage handlers and screening of passengers. Who gets


near the planes, and who gets on them.


London not spelling it out, nor indeed Washington.


Security correspondent has looking at the intelligence that led Britain


to make this decision. The smouldering wreckage


of Metrojet Flight 9268. This was filmed just two hours


after the Russian airliner fell from the sky into the


Sinai Desert on Saturday. The tragedy has overshadowed


the first official visit to Britain The red carpet was out for him


at Number 10 today, To others,


he's a beacon of stability. And, to the Prime Minister,


he's an important ally. But why, says Egypt,


did Britain have to go and announce its fears about what


brought down the airliner before I act on the basis of advice


that I get. Of course, I cannot be sure,


experts cannot be sure, that it was a terrorist bomb that


brought down the Russian plane. But if the intelligence is,


and the judgment is, that that is more likely


than not outcome, then I think its right to act


in the way that I did. TRANSLATION: Ten months ago,


we were asked by our British friends to allow teams into Sharm el-Sheikh


Airport, to make sure the security procedures were sound.


We responded immediately. They checked security


and were happy with it. While investigators came through the


crash site, Britain has sent a team So what measures have


they been looking at? They've been auditing


the security system, which means looking at baggage screening


procedures and passenger handling. As well as background spot checks


on staff. While over here,


other leads are being followed up. For the past five days,


Britain has been conducting its own independent investigation


into the Russian aircraft, here at the Joint Terrorism


Analysis Centre inside MI5. It's pulling together the expertise


from people from the Department of Transport, with intelligence


clues such as intercepted chatter. Now, whatever the new piece


of intelligence was the government got yesterday,


it didn't come from Egypt's The Egyptian investigation may yet


come to a different conclusion. In Sierra Leone,


celebrations have begun in the lead up to declaring the


country free of Ebola on Saturday. But medical workers say up to 80%


of people who survived the virus The BBC Correspondent


Tulip Mazumdar is in Freetown. This time last year, 500 new


infections were reported every week in Freetown, showing how far this


country has come, but this is a bittersweet moment for the country.


Practically everybody here lost on the new and key legacy of the


outbreak be its survivors. It's the moment they've


all been praying for. At midnight tomorrow,


the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone But many challenges remain for


the thousands of Ebola survivors, traces of the virus can linger


in the body and cause problems. Many at this survivors' clinic are


reporting joint pains, It leaves a scar in our heart


because we cannot feel fine. When you see all of us


as a peer group, enjoying themselves, social activities,


we are still having that in the back We were given exclusive access to


the Chinese run labs analysing Scientists are trying to establish


which bodily fluids could still carry fragments of the virus


and whether they could We are learning more and more


about what this disease can do, how it can linger sometimes,


how it can even reactivate This is what we would call a low


probability, high consequence risk. But did a reactivation or relapse


of Ebola cause this death? What we didn't know when we filmed


here in January is that this person I don't know if you remember me,


but I was here on a very difficult Yes.


Do you remember? Today, the inconsolable grief


is replaced by total confusion. TRANSLATION: I really want


to know what killed my father. Was it Ebola or not?


We need to know. The outbreak may almost be over,


but for families like these, the uncertainty


and anguish is never-ending. There are still so many unanswered


questions about this I pray, which has been seen as a key priority for


the international committee, non-governmental organisations, aid


organisations, and the government of Sierra Leone, all encouraged to help


survivors set up clinics to come and talk about their problems, too few


are comfortable, but also so we can use this unprecedented outbreak with


an unprecedented amount of survivors to learn more about this and help


survivors. The wave of migrants reaching Europe


illegally is likely to reach 3 million by the end of 2017. There is


a population increase in the EU of 0.4% predicted by the European


Commission. Richard Galton has this report from the Greek island of


Lesbos. Protesters outside the main refugee


camp in Lesbos after the Greek Prime Minister arrived with the president


of the European Parliament. Aid workers demanding immediate action


to stop so many refugees and migrants drowning in their attempt


to reach Europe. Inside the camp, Alexis Tsipras and they head of the


European Parliament assess conditions and the speed with which


people are being registered. But both leaders believe the quickest


most effective way of tackling this crisis now is to get Turkey to stem


the flow of refugees and migrants from its jaws. -- -- shores. We need


the Turkish authorities to keep refugees in Turkey and to give them


treatment on the side of the country itself. What he did not see on his


brief visit was this. The official count is so thrilled that hundreds


have to sleep rough on the ground outside. They are mostly Afghans.


Last night, it was bitterly cold. And despite the onset of winter with


temperatures dropping rapidly there is no sign the numbers of refugees


and migrants making the dangerous journey from 30 years to Lesbos are


decreasing, in fact they are at peak levels. A few miles away, we met


this man, a fisher man all his life. He told us how his life has changed.


TRANSLATION: Day and night, we are rescuing refugees from the sea. We


set out from Lesbos in his boat. The Turkish mainland is in plain sight


just a few miles away. Sure enough, within minutes, we came across a


refugee boat in travel, drifting, the engine broken down. Once again,


he comes to the rescue. And there is no end in sight to this mass


movement of people. The United Nations estimates another 600,000


will arrive in Europe over the winter.


Returning to the main story that the Russian airliner in Egypt was most


likely a bomb. France has advised against travelling to Sharm


el-Sheikh, where the accident happened. Irish, Dutch and German


airlines have also cancelled flights.


With me is independent aviation and defence analyst Howard Wheeldon.


We are still in the dark as to what the US and UK governments are


looking at, clearly significant. Can you speculate? The UK and the US


have a large system of intelligence gathering. We have a number of


allies across the Gulf area, Saudi Arabia being a major one. A lot of


collecting points of information. I would imagine they are working from


a combination of different people, their own agencies, and the


governments of the allied countries, who have picked up


information which cannot be ignored. Presumably allied countries are


France, Germany involved in the Airbus company? Indeed, but Saudi


Arabia, Kuwait, by Oman, and that is why we have a close and tangible


relationship with them, it is not one-way trade, but also binding, as


in previous situations, such as the Gulf War in 1991, real collaboration


and working together of those countries who support the West.


Obviously speculation on the Internet, rife at the moment,


particularly on the professional pilots website, let's have a look at


some pictures that they have been looking at there. We hope to put


them up. Victor is showing the metal of the aircraft fuelling outwards,


and puncture marks in the metal. -- pictures showing. Yes,... You can


see that from those red arrows. These are not detailed or


professional photographs. When we get into more closer detail. And


that is the puncture wound. The was suggest, from experience, those used


to looking at these situations, not the first time we have had a bomb


exploded in an aircraft, a lot of information out there, it suggests


there was an explosion in turn lead of some kind. Whether it was a bomb


or other forms of weapon, maybe a nail bomb, or larger one, sufficient


to do damage like that? Whilst no explosive may have been fined, or of


explosive nature, they could be looking at nail bombs, so I am


speculating on that. It is definitely something from the inside


and exploded outwards. A collection of evidence pointing to that? Yes,


it will take time, and the Russians and Egyptians are as keen as they


are, no suggestion they are keeping things from us. And talking to the


Egyptian president, to David Cameron, saying they are going to


far, I understand that, in a sense we would perhaps do the same if it


was reversed situation, but I think the government was right to do what


they done. Howard, thank you. I head of the Egyptian President's


visit, the family of an Irish teenager has called on the prime


Minister to help them be released. Ibrahim Halawa was arrested during a


siege of a mosque in Cairo in 2013. If convicted,


he could face the death penalty. Relatives say he has been tortured


whilst in custody. CHANTING: Free, free Ibrahim!


Free, free Ibrahim! Frustrated with officialdom,


Ibrahim Halawa's family has tried, through internet videos,


to raise the profile of their Although he was raised in a deeply


religious family, his father is many who know Ibrahim describe him


as a typical Irish teenager. Yet he was arrested in Cairo


during one of the biggest There's no words that can describe


what we went through, Ibrahim and his sisters were


visiting family in Egypt when the democratically-elected


president was overthrown. They decided to join protests


against the military coup. During the violence that followed,


they took refuge in a mosque, Armies just kept coming towards us


and actually wanted to attack us, so the only place, safest place we


felt at this time would have been the mosque, because no way would


it have crossed our minds that The internet campaign to free him


began after his sisters were Ibrahim's friends


and teachers remain baffled He is accused of murder, accused


of explosives, accused of I think a list the length of your arm, along


with the 490 other people, so to me, there is nothing in his character


that would match any of that. Ibrahim has been kept


in what have been described He could face the death penalty


if convicted. They are not conditions


fit for a 17-year-old, or 19-year-old Irish teenager,


never mind any human being. He shares a cell with


a number of other prisoners. He described how


he would be regularly beaten. He described how, in the mornings,


he was awoke by the sound Egypt's ambassador to Ireland


didn't want to do an interview and dismissed claims of beatings and


torture in the prison as propaganda. The mass trial,


which began in March, The Halawa family has now called


on Britain's Prime Minister, David Cameron, to intervene


on their brother's behalf. Some of the other News for you. The


French President has announced he will deploy an act aircraft carrier


in the Persian Gulf to assist the fight against the Islamic Street


group in Iraq and Syria. -- Islamic State. The US Defence Secretary has


visited an aircraft carrier in the South China Sea was back to contest


in what is seen as a signal to China of America's stabilising presence in


the region. In Rome, mafia bosses, politicians and businessmen have


appeared in court at the start of the biggest anti-corruption trial


for decades, accused of rigging contracts for public services over


many years, causing the Italian capital's finances to come close to


the point of collapse. The Real Madrid striker,


Karim Benzema, has been placed under formal investigation for


complicity in attempted blackmail involving his French international


teammate, Mathieu Valbuena. He has not been charged


by the French authorities, but is being questioned over a conversation


he's said to have had with Valbuena last month, in which he mentioned


a sex tape that got into Benzema's lawyer, Sylvain Cormier,


says the football star - who has been named three times the French


Player of the Year - is innocent. TRANSLATION: Karim Benzema has not


admitted anything. It's outrageous to read


such things in the news. He proclaims his innocence,


he stands entirely by his friend Mathieu Valbuena, who has


also dealt with the same attempts. He did not take any part, I repeat,


any part, in the blackmail, Some stunning images to show you


from Nasa.. This is of the Sun taken by the space-based telescope. It


took a high resolution image of the sun every 12 seconds. Each


wavelength highlights a different temperature. It has given a


different colour. Quite extraordinary, the giver of


life, the sun, there. And Nasa have also released -- have also released


images from Mars. They have discovered the atmosphere was


stripped by solar winds. We will look at a lot of different processes


that can take place in removing the atmosphere, focusing largely on the


ability of the solar wind to strip gases away. If we can roll the


second video, we are looking at the solar wind as it impinges on the


planet, it is streaming out from the sun at about 1 million miles an


hour. It can grab ions from the planet, strip them of way, or knock


them into the planet at high speed and knock other stuff off.


I Galactica end to the programme. That is all for now. -- and that the


lactic end to the programme. Stay with us, we will have the sure


planes -- a very galactic into the programme. Stay with us, people


happy headlines shortly.


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