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This is BBC World News Today with me, Tim Willcox.


President Putin stops all Russian flights to Egypt.


They'll remain suspended until it's known what Saturday's plane crash.


As caused ends in Myanmar - President campaigning Sein says


his government the Thein army will respect the


As campaigning ends in Myanmar - President Thein Sein says his


government and the army will respect the outcome of Sunday's election.


Rescuers in Brazil search for survivors after a village is


In training with Tim Peake, as he prepares to become the first


official British astronaut to go to the International Space Station.


A week after a Russian jet crashed after taking off from the Egyptian


resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, Moscow has halted all flights to


bring home around 45,000 Russian tourists.


Meanwhile, there's been confusion for British holidaymakers in Sharm


The first two British planes to leave the resort


since the government suspended flights have landed in the UK,


but hundreds of passengers have had their flights cancelled


Our Middle East Correspondent Orla Guerin has spent the day with


Well, the number of Britons who managed to


leave here today and get back to the UK was far less than expected.


One airline, easyJet, was blaming the Egyptian


authorities, claiming that they were blocking flights from landing.


Officials here, for their part, said many of those flights never


had permission to come here in the 1st place.


They have also been complaining about the mountains of luggage being


left behind by the holiday-makers, saying this is interfering with


Some of those we met here today said that in spite of the enhanced


security measures, they were still nervous about flying out of Sharm


el-Sheikh, and many who are unsuccessful will have to come back


Checking under the hood at the entrance to a report,


Local tell us it is not always like this.


Homeward bound, Michaela from London, who came to celebrate her


18th birthday in Egypt with her mum,


Mia, facing long queues for a thorough security check,


unlike the flight they took just days ago.


Today is very, very different, because last time,


we just rushed through and it was a domestic flight so I


don't think the security was very good.


Well, there are tight security measures here today.


Passengers and aircrew are being patted down.


Bags are being carefully screened and the staff are very happy


Those returning to the UK are travelling light.


There are no suitcases going in the hold for security reasons.


That is because of concerns that a bomb could be


smuggled on board with the luggage, as may have happened last Saturday.


Russia is still burying those killed in the skies here.


Now, it too has suspended flights, to any airport


in Egypt, a devastating blow by a staunch ally.


Amidst all the security measures today, we saw a local company


In theory, that gets passengers to the top of the queue for screening,


but we saw some walking away, perhaps to be checked elsewhere.


The British Embassy are a waste of time.


The British ambassador to Egypt, John Casson, was being pursued


by the media and some irate passengers at the airport.


He blamed complicated logistics, not Egyptian obstructions,


Are the flights going out today, then?


Our aim is to get as many people home as soon as possible.


And of course our priority is to get home...Give people a chance to get


home who have been waiting since the flights were cancelled


It will take a little bit of time and I know


how frustrating it is to not know exactly how long it is going to take


For Mia and her daughter, it could take another day.


We've just been told there are no planes to take us home.


They're waiting for some planes to come over


from England and I just spoke to them just now and they have said


they thought it was very doubtful we would be flying home today.


We were really geared up for going home.


Some did manage to make that journey, on two easyJet flights.


These photos were sent to us by Sarah Cotterell,


She, her sister, and their five teenage children, had been trying


And the first flight stranded Britons has now arrived back in the


Some were overcome with emotion when they touched down on home soil.


We were at Sharm airport on Wednesday night and they announced


there was bad weather and we were hearing from home that it was


because of a terror threat or a bomb threat or something.


The first flight of stranded Britons has now arrived back


in the UK, but long after all the holiday-makers come home, there will


be lasting damage to Egypt's tourist industry and its reputation.


Well, the airport terminal is a lot calmer now.


The crowds have disappeared for the moment.


There was a great deal of chaos and anger here today.


Things certainly didn't go according to plan.


We believe that by the end of the day, only eight flights will


We saw holiday-makers turning up, many with young children,


spending hours inside the terminal, herded into departures.


In some cases, to be herded back out into the departure area and


And then, of course, for the authorities in Cairo,


that massive blow during the course of the day, the decision by


the Russians to halt their flights not only here to the Red Sea resort


airport in this country. Now, the Russians are the mainstay of tourism


here. Many business owners have said to me, without them, there is no


tourism here, so there is vitally needed revenue at stake but


this is also a massive dent to Egypt's international reputation and


of course the authorities in Cairo will be worrying out how many more


countries might decide to follow suit and effectively make travel to


Our Moscow correspondent, Steve Rosenberg, says the suspension


of flights represents a change of heart from the Russians.


The Kremlin doesn't normally do U-turns,


Around lunchtime today, I spoke to President Putin's press secretary.


He said that the UK hadn't shared any intelligence with Moscow.


He said he didn't know what the UK was basing its intelligence on.


And it seemed at that time that Russia was quite happy to allow


its planes to carry on flying to Egypt.


What's more, yesterday, a Russian official accused Britain


of trying to put psychological pressure on Moscow by suspending


Well, tonight, Russia too has suspended flights, all flights,


to Egypt, and although the Kremlin is insisting that it is still


keeping an open mind about the causes of this disaster, it does


seem as if Moscow now believes it may have been a bomb that caused


The US says it's to boost security for US-bound flights


from some airports in the Middle East as a precaution, following


The move was announced by the Homeland Security Secretary,


Jeh Johnson, who said the US would review its assessments


of foreign airports and introduce tougher screening of luggage


Two people are confirmed to have been killed after a dam burst


in Southeastern Brazil - flooding a large area with toxic sludge.


Officials near the town of Mariana say dozens more people are missing.


Efforts to find survivors are being hampered because of fears


For the very latest, I spoke to our correspondent in Rio


Our correspondent Julia Carneiro joins us from Rio de Janeiro.


What is the latest? The pictures look truly dreadful. Yes, the


situation on the ground is very daunting. It is hard to get there.


Helicopters have been flying over the area for the whole day, looking


for people stranded in the middle of all that mugs. Since morning, many


people have been evacuated and taken to the city of Mariana. It is an old


colonial town but it is about 23 kilometres away from the area that


was hit. The areas hit are all rural districts and there was a press


conference with authorities there they said that a total of 5


different districts where hips, that this river of sludge that stream


from the dam that burst its as far as about 60 kilometres away from the


area, so it really extended through a huge area, leaving a trail of


devastation, ruined houses and the environmental impact that it may


have caused is still unclear and still being assessed. And what about


the number of dead and injured? Are there any preliminary figures about


that? Yes, there is 1 death confirmed and there was 1 body that


was found in a river around 100 kilometres away, so authorities have


still not confirmed that is related to this or not. It seems that many


people managed to escape, because the area is so great that there was


a little bit of time from the moment that it became clear that the dam


had burst until people... So many people managed to flee, managed to


find safe points in higher areas and many people who were stranded in


these higher areas for hours until they were rescued by helicopter is,


but there are still at least 13 people that are unaccounted for,


that are missing, and rescue operations continue even in these


very difficult conditions to try to find them. And what actually


happened with the dam? Was it being repaired or was there some sort of


fault? What happened? It came out now that it was actually 2 dams that


burst. The higher 1 burst 1st and cause the 2nd 1 at a lower level to


give in. These were dams that stored residue from Ireland or -- ire ore


mining operations in the area and it is not clear what happened but 1


thing that is being considered is there was moderate seismic activity


in the area just an hour or so before the 1st dam bursts of that is


1 of the possibilities that is being investigated here by the


authorities. OK. Thank you very much.


President Obama has rejected plans to build


a controversial oil pipeline from Canada to the United States.


He said the Keystone XL pipeline wasn't in the national interest -


it wouldn't boost the US economy or the country's energy security.


The oil industry has been lobbying for the pipeline,


and contenders for the Republican presidential candidacy have


A strike at Lufthansa has forced the cancellation of 290 flights


in Germany and left nearly 40,000 passengers grounded.


Lufthansa's main cabin crew union called a week-long strike starting


from Friday, after last-minute talks between staff


and management over early retirement benefits and pensions broke down.


A spokesman for Sepp Blatter has told the BBC that the suspended Fifa


president is recovering following a medical incident.


Doctors have placed him under evaluation with


his spokesman explaining that the pressure he is currently under


The 79-year-old was provisionally suspended for 90 days in October


amid the worst corruption scandal in the history


Myanmar's President, Thein Sein, has promised his government


and the Burmese army will respect the result of the general election.


Speaking on television, the President said he believed that the


vote, to be held on Sunday, would be free and fair and would reflect


The opposition National League for Democracy, led by Aung San Suu


Kyi, is expected to make big gains, against the governing Union


Solidarity Development Party, which has just held its last big rally.


Our Myanmar correspondent Jonah Fisher was at that rally in Yangon.


Myanmar's ruling party knows it is going to lose this election.


Back in 2010, it won nearly 60% of the vote and nearly 60%


This time round, Aung San Suu Kyi and the National League for


The question is how many seats can the USDP hold onto?


Why will you be voting for the USDP?


The president has brought many changes in Myanmar.


He makes things happen and we like it.


He has brought lots of improvements in many areas, like new roads.


So this leaflet is being handed out at the rally.


It doesn't say it is from the USDP, but it is


religious in its content and it specifically says the general's


daughter - that is a reference to Aung San Suu Kyi - may allow Muslim


our country, a reference to one of the hottest topics in this election,


the treatment of Muslims and specifically the Rohinge Muslims


in the western part of this country and the suggestion that has been


made throughout this campaign by the Buddhist nationalists that


Aung San Suu Kyi would be a pro-Muslim choice.


Do you think it is inevitable that the USDP is going to lose a lot


It might not be the largest party, but we hope to form the Government


Do you think the Burmese people would accept


your party staying in power if they have lost the election?


Even if it is not what the people have voted for?


But we cannot change democracy overnight.


All the USDP needs is respectability, perhaps just 20% of


the seats could see Thein Sein return as president, but if the NLD


wins a landslide and the USDP are routed, the Army may well feel


that it has lost control and that may be one scenario where


where this experiment with democracy comes to a


With me now is Robert Cooper, Special Advisor at the European


Did you ever expect to see what we are going to see this Sunday? No. It


is remarkable. Is she going to be able to do it? The bar is very


high. Well, 25% of the parliament are appointed by the


commander-in-chief, so if she wants to get a simple majority in the


parliament, she has got to win 67% of the remaining seats. Not many


countries where any single party does that. And what sort of momentum


do you think she has at the moment? Do you think she will get passed 50%


if she does not get to 67% and think there is a very good chance she will


get passed 50%. If you see any of her rallies, there are people as far


as the eye can see. She has enormous power across the country. All kinds


of people. Once, a taxi driver took me to her house, a very poor taxi


driver, and refused to take any money for it. Do you think they will


be as free and fair as any election in me and Mark can be? I think there


is a very good chance. There will be 1000 international observers and


10,000 local observers. -- Myanmar. If you want to fix an election, that


is not a smart thing to do. So even though there is lots of skulduggery


in the campaign and lots of money flowing around and people being


banned from travelling to certain places and so on, but by the


standards of Myanmar, this is still pretty good. And just explain why


constitutionally, she is unable to become president even if she were to


get that 67% of the vote. When the constitution was invented in 2008,


and on the face of it, the purpose of the Constitution looks as if it


is to keep the military in power for ever, they invented a special clause


which said nobody who had children with foreign passports can become


president. Or Vice President, actually. This was clearly designed


to stop her. What sort of numbers are we expecting to be voting on


Sunday? And are all Burnley 's -- Bernie 's people voting -- Burmese


people voting? Well, there is a real problem where the Rohinges have been


excluded. There are also difficulties with registration.


Nevertheless, for a country which hasn't had an election, a really


election, for 50 years, this is something which the country must be


massively excited about. Me too. Thank you very much indeed.


The challenges facing the crew of the International Space Station


were brought home again today when two astronauts on a space walk


had to contend with a toxic leak and minor damage to a glove.


Kjell Lindgren and Scott Kelly were a couple


of hours into a six-hour outing to do repairs to the station's cooling


system when ammonia flakes escaped from a cooling line.


Kelly reported that the forefinger of his right glove


However, Mission Control insisted the two men were in no danger.


Next month, the first British astronaut to be


selected by the European Space Agency to go to the International


Our Science Editor David Shukman has this report.


Tim Peake makes it all look rather easy - going through a long


and tough training programme to venture into space.


One way to get ready is to practise under water.


And here he's being put through the drills that will prepare him


His final news conference before lift-off.


REPORTER: Will you just admit to us a tiny little bit of fear


Um, the only fear I have is of forgetting something at this stage.


I'm in transit from Houston on my way to Russia.


I'm rapidly wracking my brain as to what I might have possibly


In terms of the mission, I honestly don't have any fears at all.


That's partly because the training's been so thorough.


He's had to use skills he first learned as a scout and after the


dark confines of a cave, it'll be easier to endure a tiny spaceship.


Here at the Science Museum in London,


this is the kind of Soyuz capsule Tim Peake will be climbing into,


It looks old-fashioned but it is tried and tested and it is the most


After a six-hour flight, he'll reach the International Space


Station, orbiting high above Earth and he'll live here with five others


The first British astronaut on board.


But right now he is just trying to stay safe.


I'm trying to always watch where I step and not twist an ankle, fall


So what advice from a fellow astronaut, Helen Sharman, who flew


Sometimes it is important to do a little bit for yourself at the end.


And that part of looking out at the Earth and then other


In a matter of weeks, Tim Peake will be leaving Earth


It's the stuff football dreams are made of.


The English side Salford City will be hoping for a bit of FA Cup magic


on Friday when they take on Notts County in the first round


Now it's likely you you've never heard of Salford City.


But, if you love football, you'll know their owners who are


some of Manchester United's most celebrated players.


Our Sports Correspondent David Ornstein reports.


The rise of non- league Salford City is a story of graft and glamour.


Less than 2 years ago, this was a club in the 8th tier of English


football, with little hope for the future. Now part owned by some of


the game's biggest names and promoted this season, their moment


in the spotlight has arrived. Salford City came through for


qualifying rounds to reach the FA Cup qualifying round for the 1st


time and they got there in spectacular fashion. Tonight, they


host league to Notts County, 3 divisions above them, the world's


oldest professional football club and winners of this competition in


1894. Salford City's journey owes much to the so-called class of 92.


The club was taken over last year by former Manchester United players


Ryan Giggs, Phil and Gary Bartz, and other players who have never


forgotten the roots. It would be nice, the links that we have got


with Salford, to give the people of Salford something to be proud of. It


is a great city and for me personally so many great memories


growing up. So now they are all taking a back-seat. Their biggest


test has yet to come and if they're going to pass that they will have to


do so without their top scorer. I have been lucky enough to be in this


position before and I just know the excitement that all the lads will be


feeling. They will be nervous but chomping at the bit. Because it is a


winnable game. It is not against Liverpool or Man United. We have got


a good chance. And if they beat Notts County, they will be 1 win


away from a potential meeting with a Premier League club. That would put


Salford City into a class of their own.


Before we go, take a look at this stunning timelapse shot


Here, enormous clouds looking much like a towering tsunami were


captured rolling in over the city's eastern suburbs.


Clear blue skies gave way to the sudden storm front,


bringing with it strong winds and hailstorms across much of Sydney.


Beach goers were also put on high alert after a severe weather


warning was issued across parts of the city's coastline.


Russia has suspended all flights to Egypt until because of Saturday's


plane crash has been discovered. The Kremlin says it will try to bring


security up to what it called a proper level and just before we go,


we just received these images from Russia, where the funeral of 1 of


the pilots of the aeroplane has been taking place.


the pilots of the aeroplane has been taking place.


Good evening to you. It is an improving picture but some places


still cloudy, spots of rain. The weather has cleared up nicely for


Northern Ireland


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