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Lodge is special in the aftermath of the attacks in France with mead Tim


Willcox, live in Paris. The headline. A major manhunt is


continuing for a suspect still thought to be at large. Police carry


out more than 100 and raids. Francois Hollande announces tough


new measures. This war is another type, against a new sort of enemy


and it demands a constitutional system that allows us to face this


crisis. Details emerge about a 27-year-old Belgian man who is


thought to have masterminded the atrocities from Syria. The


international response, G20 leaders talk in Turkey amid signs of greater


cooperation between Russia and the West over Syria. And after two days


in the dark, the Eiffel Tower is lit up in tribute to the victims as


France's most iconic landmark is bathed in the tricolour collars are


presenting liberty, equality and fraternity. -- colours.


A very good evening to you from Paris were after two days of


darkness, the Eiffel Tower behind me is now lit up once again in the


colours of the tricolour, red white and blue. It follows a day where a


minute's silence was held not only here in France but right around


Europe as well and also announcements by the French


authorities of more than 160 macro raids, the detention of 23 people


and the gathering of huge arms caches involving rocker launchers, a


Kalashnikov rifle, handguns, combat gear and bullet-proof vests. Let us


catch up with all the latest developers, this report by our


Europe editor. A minute of silence


for those murdered on Friday. Led in Paris by the French


president, Ending everywhere with


a heartfelt burst of patriotism. At this station in Paris,


people told me the moment We French, the attacks were aimed


at us, and my generation. TRANSLATION: We never thought that


this would happen to us, This is the man investigators


believe coordinated the attacks. 27-year-old


Abdelhamid Abaaoud. He was born in Brussels


and filmed here in Syria, The focus of the investigation is


now outside France, with strong Police launched


a big operation here today, hunting for the missing eighth


gunmen from the Paris attacks. The brother of one


of the suicide bombers. They did not find him, but another


brother came forward with this We did not think for a moment


that our brother was involved. We are thinking of the victims,


of the families of the victims. You must understand as well


but we have a mother, a family, Meanwhile, in France, two more


accomplices have been identified. One of them worked


on the 148 bus here in Paris. Overnight, France carried out a


series of raids across the country. There could be plans


for further attacks. At an extraordinary meeting


of the French parliament today, President Hollande and said that


France was at war. It is not a question of containing,


but of destroying this organisation. The president wants to silence


critics who say he is weak. He called for a state


of emergency to be extended by three months and for


constitutional changes to be made. After


a long weekend filled with anguish, it was back to work for Parisiens,


but far from back to normal. They are constantly


on their smartphones, trying to digest a dizzying stream


of rumour and arrests. There are robust statements


from the French government, but on the street, people worried


that the security of their country You see policemen and soldiers


all over central Paris now. But tough political talk of a war


on terror makes some Parisians nervous that there could be more


violence here at home. So 5000 more police and security


officers with more powers. The President is saying that this


country is at war with an Islamic State, but the Prime Minister is


saying that the jihadist Army were preparing more attacks, not only on


France, but in other European capitals as well. Let us get more


with our security correspondent. French officials are suggesting that


this man, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, might have been the mastermind


of the attacks. He is thought to he was


behind the attended attack on a It was stopped only when the gunmen


was wrestled to the ground by passengers.


He is 27 years old, and a Belgian of Moroccan descent, who lived in the


He claims to have stopped this police raid in January.


He said that he was carrying out an attack, and his two


It seems that other people who carried out the attack came


One of the attackers, Samy Amimour, came from this building.


In 2012, he was put under investigation


It emerged that Samy Amimour's father tried to bring him back


The family flat was one of those raided overnight.


His neighbours had said that they had not seen him since he left.


Others involved in the attack thing to be linked to Syria.


A Syrian passport, almost certainly fake, was linked to a suicide


The fingerprints match a refugee who arrived in Greece.


He seems to have made his way across Europe.


A leading French terrorism experts said the move of jihadists across


Approximately 1000 have been there, they have already come back.


They can train there, they can learn how to shoot, they


They might be able to make a suicide belt.


Basically, you learn the basics of guerilla warfare and terrorism.


Today, police race took place in the Molenbeek district where to


They were looking for remaining gunmen, but drew a blank.


And so, the investigation and manhunt goes on.


So, a swathe of police investigations across Europe's


porous borders, a big focus on that district of Brussels as well. Let us


go there now and get more from my colleague Christian Fraser. An


extensive operation here today, which went on for four hours, a lot


of police bands in Molenbeek. It was unsuccessful, so tonight the suspect


is still on the run and you get the sense of urgency to try and trace


him, they are going to apartments he might have been staining, calling on


people he might have known. The problem here is there is a code of


secrecy and not everyone wants to talk to the authorities. The reason


we are here tonight, we are in a central square in Molenbeek, just


behind me in this building, that is the family apartment of Salah


Abdeslam. His mother is in there and that is where mohamid is staying,


comforting his mother. You heard his statement earlier, saying that his


mother is grieving for her son and for the relatives of the dead. We


are 100 yards from the town hall and Mohammed has worked there. He said


he is worried about the stigma that might be attached to the family now


and the future of his job. He says he has a good alibi for Friday, one


that the police believed, he said he did not know about his brothers and


obviously, they are still, although they know he must be caught, they


are concerned for his welfare. That is what his mother is saying. She is


the mother of two microsomes, one is dead and one is the subject of an


international manhunt. -- two sons. Thank you very much. The authorities


here in Paris confirmed that the number of dead from Friday's attacks


stands at 109. There have been reports that others had died, that


is not the case. Nonetheless, more than 40 remain in critical condition


-- 129. The majority of the people who died on Friday died in the


batter clan concert hall and Lucy Williamson has been speaking to some


of those who survived -- adam-macro. Around the corner from the Bataclan


today, they remembered them, There were no crowds, no candles


to mark this minute's silence. Just a lone survivor sitting with


Friday's horrors in his head. Very slow, every three or four


seconds they shoot somebody. They verify


if the person was alive or not, These images, these stories, are now


the collective memory of a nation. There in the different to previous


atrocities here because, in these attacks, the target was


everyone and the line between Marisha and her friend ran when they


heard the gunfire, straight We weren't walking out


of that building. Just,


you don't survive things like this. All we could hear at that point was


a stampede of people running Which could only have been people


hitting the floor, But amid the emerging stories


of survival and of loss, there are other endings still


waiting to be written. Four days on, husbands, friends,


daughters all missing As around them,


Paris slowly begins to move on. This is where you come


when there is nowhere else to go, when a minute's silence is just


another minute of waiting for news The attacks in Paris and the wider


threat from so-called Islamic State have dominated talks between world


leaders in Turkey, a meeting of the G20. David Cameron said the heads of


government had agreed a range of measures to share intelligence, to


strengthen airline security and to cut off the terrorist access to


money. He also held talks with Vladimir Putin who has been taking


his own action against Islamic State and other rebel groups in Syria. Our


correspondent is there. Not quite smiling


for the cameras, but a shared struggle against terrorism has


forced these two leaders together. There is no disguising


the disagreements. President Putin commenting that


UK-Russian relations had not David Cameron acknowledged


the big divide between them has been whether President Assad can stay


in power in Syria as Russia wants. I hope we can close


the gap still further but it will France has launched another wave of


air strikes against Isil in Syria. Mr Cameron does not have a


agreement from MPs to do the same. How frustrating or even embarrassing


is it, while you are asking him to focus on bombing Isil in Syria, you


and the UK is unable to do that? There is a strong case for saying


that Isil does not stop at the Iraqi I recognise the need to do more to


build this argument, to build this case, to take Parliament with me.


For now at least, Mr Cameron is relying on others to attack Isil's


This is the apparent aftermath of a Russian air strike.


The American president said the aim was to shrink Isil's territory to


That's one of the challenges of terrorism.


It's not their sophistication, or the particular weaponry that


they possess, but it is the ideology that they carry with them,


Here in Turkey, security has dominated the agenda.


Mr Cameron revealed that UK intelligence agencies have foiled


seven plots this year, with indications that one was


There have been hours of talks at this summit and they could be


inching towards a deal, but as world leaders depart, process in Syria.


David Cameron says the key to Britain's long-term security is the


peace process in Syria, but despite all the talk of compromise, there


Our correspondent is also there and a little earlier we heard from him


and asked his assessment about what progress he thought had been made so


far at the G20. It is very difficult at events like this to distinguish


between pure rhetoric and the result with lots of that and any tangible


signs of progress. On the rhetoric, everyone has spoken of solidarity


with France, the need to confront Islamic State, but we are also seen


some practical measures being taken and a lot of talk about the need to


deal with the financing of terrorist networks and also to do more to


interject the movement of terrorist fighters who pose a threat in the


countries of origin, the countries they pass through, the countries


they eventually reach. Quite a concerted effort we will see on G20


members on the part of G20 members to address those issues. We are seen


in small ways, a small convergence of tactical measures on the


battlefield in Syria. Vladimir Putin in his press conference earlier said


that his military had been in discussion with members of the


Syrian opposition who are supported by the West but who had been subject


to Russian air strikes and that some kind of agreement had been reached


not to have those groups. If that is the case, that is a small sign that


the various parties involved in Syria are aligning their interests


are little bit more closely than they were before. Paul Adams there.


In a week that saw Islamic State attacks in Lebanon, Iraq as well as


France, some people are wondering whether the attacks in Paris have


overshadowed the impact of the conflict elsewhere. Our


correspondent went to Beirut to talk to people there about a suicide


bombing that had left 41 people dead. People quickly rallied in


support of Paris, in the streets and on social media. The French flag is


used in a show of unity. Lebanon had its share of the horror. This is the


aftermath of a double suicide bombing by Islamic State that killed


at least 40 people, only one day before Paris was hit. But the grief


in Beirut did not stop people from sympathising with Paris. I feel it


was such a sad thing and we have sent our condolences to everyone. We


also feel sad for what happened in Beirut. And also solidarity should


be all the same, for here and for there. People are people everywhere.


There is a great sense of solidarity with Paris across the Middle East,


with a growing concern that the threats posed by Islamic State has


gone beyond the borders of the region. There is also the sense of


here, that Arabs and Muslim Brotherhood painted with the same


brush and here in Lebanon, growing frustration with the reaction to


death in Europe differently to death in the Middle East. Campaigns


calling for some -- support for their own Lawsons. When someone dies


in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, in this region, we are covered as numbers.


Our lives are not valued and covered as individuals with lives and who we


are and what we do. We are just numbers, casualties of war. France


has stepped up its attack on Islamic State. Russians have shown


solidarity with France, the lit candles in an area that has been


living under daily government but Bartman for months. As they


condemned the Paris attack at this protest, they raised the question


about solidarity with death in Syria. The French authorities have


identified one of the suicide bombers who blew himself up at the


stadium on Friday night. He blew himself up just before a friendly


between France and Germany. That was attended by the French President.


The Greek authorities say that he was 25 years old and originally from


the north west of Syria. He travelled to a Greek island where he


was processed in October and then travelled on to Western Europe


through Serbia. We got this report from our correspondent. This is the


point at which Ahmad Al Mohammad came ashore on the 3rd of October,


just as these people are doing now. I have spoken to someone who


remembers processing him that day in early October. He said he arrived on


an inflatable dinghy with about 70 other people from Syria and


interestingly, he told me that right from the beginning, he felt that


something was not right about him. He seemed somehow separate from the


rest and he told me that if there had been an intelligence officer


here, he would have highlighted his concerns, but they simply do not


have the capacity here on this tiny island to check everyone who comes


in. They have had thousands and thousands every month. We should


emphasise that most of the attackers in Paris appear to be of French or


European nationality, this is one person who appears to be a Syrian


refugee, but in the words of a German politician, this changes


everything. What is happening now is the news that one of the Paris


attackers appears to have smuggled themselves into Europe and that is


going to make an already vexed and complex problem in Europe that much


more contentious. Precisely that point will feed into the populace


more right wing parties around Europe calling for an end to that


influx of refugees and migrants from Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere. It


is interesting that Francois Hollande in the past 48 hours has


been holding talks with the leaders of all political parties here in


France, including the leader of the most right wing party. She only has


two deputies in the assembly but she has already come out and said that


French -- Frist should not accept any more migrants and should not be


sending them to villages, towns and cities around the country until the


situation had been cleared up. The issue of the processing of


migrants, the issue of the free travel arrangement, for example, is


being discussed with much more scrutiny than it has before the


attacks on Friday, which left 100 and to villages, towns and cities


around the country until the situation had been cleared up. The


issue of the processing of migrants, the issue of the free travel


arrangement, for example, is being discussed with much more scrutiny


than it has before the attacks on Friday, which left the events today


over the last 12 hours. They showed a lot of strength, our


lot of determination, very giving. -- she showed.


He was the brightest person in the world.


By the end of the week it will be colder and the Rugby snow in the


forecast but before


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