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This is BBC World News Today with me Tim Willcox.


'We're pretty sure we got him' - The Islamist militant known


as Jihadi John is targeted in a US drone strike.


The Pentagon says the death of Mohammed Emwazi would be


We are reasonably certain that we killed the target that we intended


At the same time, Kurdish fighters regain control of


the strategic Iraqi town of Sinjar which had been held by Islamic State


A rock star style appearance by Indian Prime Minister Narendra


Modi at London's Wembley Stadium - where thousands have gathered to


And we meet some of Russia's top athletes who - as


their country faces allegations of state sponsored doping - are already


We need to fight doping, but that doesn't mean the whole team should


suffer. I don't think all athletes should be banned.


He became the face of a gruesome propaganda campaign by the Islamic


State group - today US sources say there is a "high degree of


certainty" that Mohammed Emwazi, known as Jihadi John, has been


killed in an airstrike. The Kuwaiti-born British militant had


appeared in several videos of the beheadings of hostages. British


Prime Minister David Cameron said the UK had been working with the US


over the strike. Here's our Security Correspondent Frank Gardner.


Tucker 's officials said suspected associate had been detained in


Turkey. Mohammed Emwazi, dubbed Jihadi


John. He has appeared in numerous Islamic state videos, threatening


the West. I'm back, Obama. appeared to show him murdering


his Western hostages in cold blood. Alan Henning a taxi driver from


Salford, David Haynes, an aid worker from Perth, James Foley, a US


journalist. Another American journalist, Steven Sotloff and


a US aid worker who Today, David Cameron announced a


joint operation involving British and American drones had probably


killed This was a


combined effort and the contribution


of both our forces was essential. He is a barbaric murder and he was


shown in the sickening videos with the beheading of British aid


workers. He posed an ongoing series on to innocent civilians, not only


in Syria, but around the world. The airstrike on rising took place


a night in Syria. It's believed he was tracked


from the air. The US unmanned drones a fired a


precision guided missile at the vehicle is thought to contain


Mohammed Emwazi, and another than a year trying to pin down his


location. Verifying his death has been taking some time. We are


reasonably certain we killed the target that we intended to kill,


Jihadi John. It will take some time to be able to finally say we have


had success. the Kurdish offensive has


begun pushing an Islamic state forces out of the town of Sinjar


captured last year. Mohammed Emwazi, was never a front-line soldier. His


job was killing prisoners. Now, if the former London student's death


is confirmed, there will be some who regret can never be


brought to trial. The White House says families of


victims were contacted before the dawn straight. The mother of victim


James Foley gave her reaction. It saddens me that here in America


here we are celebrating and the killing of this deranged,


pathetic young man. Had


the circumstances been different, Jim probably would have befriended


him and tried to help him. It is just so sad that


our precious resources have been concentrated to seek revenge if you


will, or kill this man when if a bit of them had been utilised to save


our young Americans, that's what our Protecting our citizens


and the vulnerable, Not trying to seek revenge


and bomb and... Jim would have been devastated


that with the whole thing. He wanted to know how


he could figure a why. For you there was no sense


of justice in this strike? And I think we have to be careful


as an American media not to glorify David Cameron said it was an act of


self-defence, but how much of a blow with his death be too Islamic


state? As a battlefield, and, he was


utterly irrelevant, but as the public face, the recruiting


Sergeant, the celebrity, even, of Islamic state he was very important.


His appearance in those grotesque videos were we saw those hostages


murdered is what changed American policy towards Islamic state. The


other striking thing is how closely they had been monitoring him for the


past few days. We have also learnt that a British drone was also


involved in the operation, there were three drones, it was an


American drawl that fired but the British were also involved. Barack


Obama said a year ago the mission was to degrade and destroy Islamic


state. Destroy? Not yet, but it seems to be underway.


There's been another set-back for Islamic State, this time across the


border in northern Iraq. Kurdish officials say their forces have


taken the strategic town of Sinjar from the militant group. It was


seized by Islamic State fighters 15 months ago. Local televison has


shown pictures of a giant Kurdish flag being raised to mark the


recapture of the town, and celebratory gunfire has been heard.


The head of Kurdistan Regional Security Council says the battle


would pave the way for future successes.


Without doubt, any victory in any area will have a big impact on


achieving victory in the remaining areas. The liberation of Sinjar will


have a big impact on liberating morsel to stop -- Mosul.


Our correspondent Jim Muir is travelling with the Kurdish forces,


and we'll be bringing you his first-hand report


in the coming hours. Tens of thousands of people, mainly


British Indians or Indians resident in the UK, are at Wembley stadium in


London for a speech by the visiting Indian Prime Minister, Narendra


Modi. A massive fireworks display is planned for the rally which many are


comparing to a rock concert. At the stadium, security is tight; all the


food is vegetarian. Wembley today was a family day out


and a political rally all rolled into one. Narendra Modi is a


controversial figure back home, but listening to this audience you would


not know it. Why are you here today? Too sure how important it is


to me as a young person in Britain to be Indian and what it means to be


Indian and understand a bit more about our nation and culture. I want


to support Modi because he is doing a good job. He has raised the entire


national image of India to a high degree. It is an honour to see


someone from my background come to the UK and embrace diversity. With


the air are heavy with feel-good factor, you warm up act 's went down


well. The biggest roar of the afternoon was inevitably preserved


for Narendra Modi himself. His British counterpart, with whom ?10


billion of trade deals have been done, played host. But it was


Narendra Modi who stole the show. This is a historic day. You are the


heartbeat. Earlier ended day, a more sedate encounter, as Modi had lunch


with the Queen. For a man who in the last decade was banned from the UK


it is quite a turnaround in fortunes. Some of the controversy


still sticks to him. Protests have dogged his visit. Critics say he


only chapping is quite a turnaround in fortunes. Some of the controversy


still sticks to him. Protests have dogged his visit. Critics say he


only chapping the basically Hindu and passion to. This is not what


India stands for FP came here to milk it, he certainly succeeded. It


rocks that setting for the leader of an emerging power. He could have


wished for nothing more. Africa's most populous nation -


Nigeria - has sworn in a new cabinet - more than six months


after its presidential election. One of the biggest challenges facing


President Mohammudu Buhari is defeating the Islamic insurgency


in the north east of the country. Boko Haram militants have killed


thousands and more than two million Our correspondent -


Martin Patience - has gained rare access to the city of Maiduguri


at the heart of the insurgency. The children grab what


respite they can. Maiduguri is traumatised


by a brutal insurgency. It markets bombed so frequently that


people shop late to avoid attacks. Every so often,


you catch a military convoy heading out to the countryside where


the insurgency is at its strongest. These young men know that


violence first-hand. They are the sons


of Baker's killed by Boko Haram. There village was attacked


by the insurgents and they fled with Now,


they have turned to their fathers' They have been taken in by this man,


a baker in the city. TRANSLATION:


I had to help, he said. What happened to them


could happen to me. Among his recruits, Mohammed,


who can't forget the morning TRANSLATION:


We were woken up by gunshots. At first,


I thought it was the military. But then I realised it was


an attack. We all ran from the house


in different directions. It was only


when I reached the city that I It is just past dawn,


and the curfew has ended in the city and, outside the bakery, crowds Stat


of children have gathered, among int Then they along with their families


at risk are going hungry. This is what desperation does. You fight to


be fed. They have bought the death and destruction and its pursuit of


an Islamic state. It gained international notoriety after


kidnapping more than 200 schoolgirls, shown here after they


were forced to convert to Islam. The insurgents killed or kidnapped


anyone they consider an unbeliever. That includes this woman and her


three daughters who fled their village before they could be


captain. We were sitting -- this lot are you, when you're eating food


they it away. For her, it is a miserable life and until she feels


safe to return to normal this insurgency will not be over.


Dozens of judges in Ghana are being investigated following the release


of a documentary by investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas.


of a documentary by investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw


The film captured the judges on tape allegedly taking bribes.


Over 30 judges and 170 judicial officers were


implicated in the country's biggest corruption scandal.


Today the undercover reporter Anas has been speaking to the


BBC's Sammy Darko for the first time since the judicial scandal broke.


I must put on record that I have triggered the necessary


constitutional processes that would ensure that if these judges are


guilty they are properly dealt with in accordance with the law. I have


triggered the process. My commitment is to the Constitution. My second


commitment, and perhaps most important commitment is to the


people of Ghana. The work I did it for the people of Ghana. I trust in


what I did and I felt it would be unfair to keep that information to


myself and that's why I made it public. I am confident of the


investigations I have done. The judges on the gods in the guise of


men. If anything happens, everybody was Mac last resort is in the court.


I have done a lot of investigation across the African continent and I


think Africa has been, the problems in Africa, are a result of the


problems you have with our judiciary and if we will be courageous enough


to stand toe to toe and investigate some of these issues in our


judiciary am sure Africans can only have a better life. This mask your


wedding all the time has become symbolic. You will find many people


and Ghana winning this mask. Why can't we see your face? Over the


years, I have had this symbol on. I don't take it off because it helps


when it comes to my anonymity. Are you ready to sit my face? We really


want to see your face. And going to do it gradually. This is my hat. And


then... I paid off... Bash -- I take off my hat, my beads, and. For those


who want to see my face, this is my face. You said you wanted to see my


face, so I have given you my face. So, you see, you never know what you


will find. For me the important thing is focus. It is not about a


mask, it is about all of us putting our hands together and ensuring we


have a better continent. I think that anonymity has always been my


secret weapon and I have always used it to the benefit of society.


Police in Germany say they have found the remains of at least eight


babies in an apartment in the southern state of Bavaria.


The remains were discovered in the small town of Wallenfels,


near the Czech border, in what could be one of the country's worst


Forensic investigators are trying to establish whether


Police are trying to interview the previous occupant of the apartment -


a 45 year old woman - as the possible mother of the dead babies.


Well, the BBC's Jenny Hill is in Wallenfels.


She says local people have reacted with shock and sadness to the news


that discovery. In a small town like this there is


considerable shock, and sadness, too, you can probably see behind me


that people who live here have come out this evening and placed lit


candles on the windowsill of the apartment block where, last night,


police were called by a member They found the bodies


of eight babies. In such a poor state of


decomposition that forensic experts who examined them today say it will


be several days before they are able to determine when and, more


importantly, how the children died. The police say that they are still


searching for a 45-year-old woman. She is believed to be the mother


of the infants. She is believed, too, to have


lived at the property behind me. The police say they have no idea


where she is but they are desperately trying to find her,


as they try to build a picture All day, forensic teams have been


in and out of the house, Medical experts have been examining


the babies' bodies but, at the moment, they haven't got any


conclusive results. Germany has, in recent years,


been shocked as a country, by a series of multiple


infanticides. We don't know what happened here


but some people fear that this could Just last year,


a German woman was convicted of killing two of her own babies


and hiding their bodies in freezer. In another case,


and there have been at least ten over the last ten years, perhaps one


of the worst of its kind, a woman killed nine of her own infants


and hid their bodies in flowerpots. The TV producer punched by


Jeremy Clarkson is suing the former Top Gear host - and the


BBC - for racial discrimination. The case brought by Oisin Tymon -


who is Irish - centres on "verbal abuse" that accompanied Clarkson's


physical attack in March. Clarkson was dropped by the BBC


following an internal inquiry. Clarkson lashed out after being told


there was no hot food available The BBC motoring show he presented


has millions of worldwide fans. World athletics chiefs are in talks


right now to decide whether Russia should be banned from all


international competition, which accused Russia of widespread


state sponsored doping, and Russia's elite athletes are


already training But it is a dream that is now


in doubt. Everyone I spoke to denied


using drugs to boost But claims of a doping culture


could still see them banned. Maxim's trainer says he was tested


constantly as soon as he began throwing well


and he was always clean. We need to fight doping, maybe,


but that doesn't mean I don't think all athletes


should be banned. And yet, in this German documentary,


it was former team-mates who claimed that athletes


and coaches were using drugs The investigation by the anti-doping


agency, Wada, that followed found a culture of winning at all


costs. Here, people question the word


of whistle-blowers and deny that any For every one of the athletes


training here, competing And the fear that that could be


snatched from them has upset Many people here say that they don't


believe this is all about sport, President Putin has avoided talk


of a Western plot He has pledged to cooperate with


Wada and ensure that sport is Some senior figures have


already been removed. Russia is clearly battling to


stay in the running for Rio. Here, they say a ban could be


as devastating as the Olympic What happened through the 1980s was


a tragedy for all the athletes. I really don't want


to see that again. It was bad for the team,


the country and for sport. So I hope that common


sense will prevail. In the meantime, for the athletes,


it is a nervous wait. You may remember


the film, Goodfellas. Martin Scorsese's award-winning


story of the life and times A real-life crime that helped


inspire the film was a robbery Now a man who was accused


of being involved in that raid Reputed mobster,


charged with murder, extortion and the armed robbery


that inspired the film, Goodfellas. I would like to thank my two


lawyers. Without my two lawyers


I would not be here now. And I thank you


for treating me great. He intends to go home


and spend Thanksgiving... I have got two years


and I am dying to get home. He was arrested three decades


after one of America's Armed robbers stole $6 million worth


of money and jewels from Members of the mob testified against


him, painting a picture of revenge Mafia-style murders, bodies buried


in cement, racketeering and robbery. His lawyers raised doubts about


the witnesses and their credibility, Martin Scorsese's mafia classic,


Goodfellas, Robert De Niro played the man long


believed to be the mastermind, most of the other suspects


disappeared, died, or were killed. But for now from me


and the rest of the team, goodbye. As storm Abigail news away all eyes


are on the next weather system coming to the UK for the weekend.


And look how far this area of rain trills across the Atlantic. It


includes some tropical


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