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This is BBC World News Today with me, Alpa Patel.


The EU's open borders policy is called into question -


As migrant tensions increase, Donald Tusk warns the Schengen


Chaos and destruction return to the streets of Beirut - two suicide


The leaders of the world's oldest democracy and the world's biggest


democracy meet in London with a fanfare and some protests.


And Otto the skateboarding bulldog is not only making headlines -


The migrant crisis could spell the end of passport-free travel


The President of the European Council - Donald Tusk - says


the EU's in a "race against time" to save the Schengen system which


Today Sweden became the latest country to re-impose border controls


- temporarily - after record numbers of migrants arrived there.


Clive Myrie joins us from Malta where the talks have been taking


place. Yes, the European Council President's words are alarming to


those who see the free movement of people across borders at the heart


of Europe as the cornerstone of European integration and it is


interesting it is not Eurosceptics who are dealing a blow against free


movement but Somalis and Afghans and Syrians. And this at the end of an


eventful two-day conference here where we have seen progress in the


attempt to put forward mechanisms to deal with the migrant crisis.


Malta's national graveyard, serene and tranquil today but filled


with an anguished crowd back in April at the burial here of some


of the 800 migrants drowned in just one night off the Maltese coast.


Graveyard official Eman Bonnici was there.


It was very emotional because the child was buried in this vault here.


It's failing now to stop hundreds of thousands more refugees


and other migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean.


That's why the EU called this, by now its sixth summit


It's like trying to repair leaking dam.


Block up the hole in one area and water comes gushing through


The migrant route to Europe has moved from Morocco to Libya


This issue isn't almost over, it's going to be with Europe


for years to come and long-term problems need long-term solutions.


So far, the EU's reaction has been chaotic and uncoordinated but these


meetings in Malta are a real attempt at finding a more strategic


The president of the European Council says it has to


We are under no allusions that we can improve


the situation overnight but we are committed to giving people


Here in Malta, the EU has been working with African leaders,


asking them to crack down on people smugglers and offering cash to help


improve life in African countries to make Europe less enticing.


What Africa needs today is not charity.


This is what drives society forward, both in Europe and in United States.


And when you talk of investment, actually, 1.8 billion is not much.


Today, the UK pledged a further ?200 million for Africa to tackle


Britain gives more overseas aid than any other European country.


But EU partners complain about lack of solidarity


when it comes to dealing with asylum seekers already in Europe.


Balkan countries are now managing to move migrants smoothly


Successfully dealing with this crisis means European nations


are doing what they often find difficult, working together.


Otherwise the EU will continue to lose credibility on other continents


As you saw, a more orderly situation exists on


the all can migrant route but what about the other big access point for


Ed Thomas reports from the island of Lesbos which has seen


On dark nights through rough seas, this is a journey like no other.


His mother's only help, his two sisters from West Yorkshire.


She is a GP but nothing prepared her for this.


What must they be running from to be forced to do this?


The governments need to be doing so much more, the governments


This is what they are putting innocent families through.


At night turns today, the boats don't stop.


Syrians, Iraqis and more more Afghans.


A young generation of Afghanistan is coming in Europe and right now in


All of the people is going to come in Europe.


Smugglers are paid and migrant boats sail when


and where they want, in full view of the Turkish coast guard.


But don't think this is an easy journey.


For some, there is no law on the Aegean.


These people say they were held at gunpoint and robbed.


Nobody knows exactly who is on these boats.


You might recognise his accent or even his face.


This is a return trip to the place he calls home.


So who stays and who goes? and two years in Kent.


In Sweden and Germany, the mood music of this crisis is


changing but who will tell this man to return to Syria where


Islamic State said they would kill him for playing the music he loves?


And who would force this Yazidi mother back to


And who will explain to this six-year-old girl


As you saw, the politicians were here meeting and discussing the


migration issue, the boats across the water was still coming. Frankly,


the summit here now it has come to an end, it will not prevent those


boats continuing to set sail. Clive, going back to the warning about


Schengen facing collapse, our EU leaders nervous that it could face


collapse? They are nervous, very nervous. The


free movement of people across an area where you do not have to show


your passport, you can move freely is the cornerstone of European


integration. But the migration crisis has put a massive massive


amount of pressure on that. You have countries like Slovenia putting up


razor wire, Hungary building a wall to prevent the movement of people,


illegal migrants getting across the borders. Today, Sweden made it clear


they had to reinstate border controls because 15,000 people


turning up on their border every week was unsustainable. They could


not cope. There was a big discussion now within the European Union by


those who believe that the Schengen area, the free movement area, is


finished. The migration crisis has made its collapse and those who


still believe fervently in the ideal of the free movement of people. That


debate continues. It has not been resolved but is important for the


future of the European Union. Clive, thank you.


Reports from Lebanon say at least 37 people have been killed in two


The blasts happened in the mainly Shia southern suburbs


There is also a Palestinian refugee camp there.


Hezbollah has played a key role in the Syrian conflict in support


The spillover from the Syrian war has seen a number of


Our correspondent Lina Sinjab is in Beirut.


After the suicide bombers at the Lebanese authorities say the number


of people killed has reached almost 40 with more than 180 injured. This


is according to the Lebanese Red Cross. The suicide attacks took


place near a Shi'ite mocks as people left after prayer. This area is


highly condensed -- mosque. It is a has blah stronghold,


highly condensed -- mosque. It is a here believe this is a setback or


reaction to the war in Syria but it is also a big security break because


this area should be completely sealed and controlled by Hezbollah


so for these attacks to take place is really risky for the area. So


far, no one has announced responsibility but over the past few


years and because of the conflict in Syria tension is rising here in


Lebanon on and divisions between opponents and supporters of the


Syrian government with Bashar al-Assad but other attacks took


place and opposition groups claimed responsibility but the Lebanese


government say there are cells affiliated to terrorist groups, as


they call them, in Syria, and they blame them for many infiltrations


that are taking place inside Lebanon on. With the situation that happened


today, there are no confirmed reports on who is responsible for


the attacks. It's difficult to forget the images,


from August last year, of the desperate Yazidi minority


group stranded on Mount Sinjar after so called Islamic State


captured Sinjar town. Tens of thousands


of Yazidis were forced out of their homes, but now Kurdish forces are


now trying to recapture the town. Kurdish fighters have retaken


the mountain and they are launching the offensive from two towns


in their control, Rabiaa and Snumy. Jim Muir is with the Kurdish


forces and sent this report. We have come up here to this front


line position just to get as close as you can get to Sinjar to see


what the situation in the townies. as you can get to Sinjar to see


what the situation is. The Peshmerga, the Kurdish forces,


are amassing here. They have been advancing also


from the west and east so they have cut off Sinjar from an


IS point of view from three sides. Preparing for a final assault


to take the town itself. Yeah,


what he's saying is that there is no They don't hold firm positions they


are moving around all over I feel very happy


because this day... What has happened here is


a house which was occupied by Isis This is showing


the technique they use time and time again when they are being


attacked by Kurdish forces. They put mines, booby traps


in houses and at roadsides. This is to hold up advances and to


cause maximum possible casualties. This is not going to be a short


and easy job. It's the first time an Indian


premier has visited Britain This morning Narendra Modi flew


in to London at the start Within hours he and David Cameron


had announced trade deals worth Mr Cameron said the UK wanted to


become India's "number one partner" Our Delhi correspondent


Justin Rowlatt reports. No, we are going over to Christian


Fraser he was in central London. Yes, thank you. It is all ready and


important relationship between the two countries, Britain is the


biggest of the G20 to invest in India and it has been that way for


14 years. India invest more in Britain than all the other EU


countries put together. But David Cameron thinks the relationship


could go even further so today they set out a road map for deeper


co-operation. There will be all kinds of new investment in clean


energy, finance, infrastructure, to help the Indian economy and that


really is the reason they have rolled out the red carpet for him


today. David Cameron has been three times to India in five years and the


visit has not been reciprocated until now. It may not be an official


visit but it looks like one. Now, that report from Justin.


It is the first time all old Indian Prime Minister has visited the UK


chain decade, and David Cameron was very keen to put on a good show.


Mr Modi was greeted by a fly past from the Red Arrows.


And a bit of good old-fashioned British pomp from the regimental


But the real business of this trip is, well, business.


These days even Belgium exports more to India than the UK.


And it is that sad fact that David Cameron is hoping this visit


I do not believe we are realising the true potential of this


relationship, and that is what Prime Minister Modi and I want to change.


We want to forge a more ambitious, modern partnership,


harnessing our strengths and working together for the long term to help


shape our fortunes at home and abroad in the 21st century.


the 2 leaders agreed in ?9 billion worth of new deals between British


and Indian companies and initiatives to Indian businesses to raise more


But do not expect it all to go smoothly.


You can see what a divisive figure Mr Modi is.


He is associated with a rising climate of intolerance in India.


This noisy crowd of protesters is expected to follow


compared to other countries, where we should be going forwards.


It is a superpower but it is not looking after its people.


He is wearing a veil of democracy, and he is inside.


Mr Modi, India is becoming an increasingly


India is the land of Gandhi, it is a vibrant chrissie


The 2 leaders scattered petals at the feet of the hero of Indian


independence, evidence perhaps that the bitterness of


Mr Cameron hopes this visit will foster an invigorated commercial


The Prime Minister is that we'll be sitting down the Prime Minister is


that we'll be sitting down this relationship and the Prime Minister


in Britain has reassured people nothing will be off the table and as


you saw, many will hope he brings up the issue of human rights. 200


writers wrote an open letter to the pro minister today expressing their


concerns about freedom of expression in India. There is a feeling among


academics and historians and writers that Narendra Modi is not speaking


out enough about religious violence in India and that is what we have


heard represented in Whitehall for many demonstrators who turned up.


You use the word hoping David Cameron will bring up human rights


issues with the renderer Modi, when will we know if he does?


Well, we get these communications from Downing Street from time to


time as to how the visit is going. I think from the questions you got


from a robust western media, he will all ready understand where part of


the agenda is in this visit. They were asking him about his record


about the history in Gujarat. People pointing to the events in 2002, the


riots in Gujarat where 1000 people were killed, mostly Muslims and the


feeling in Britain and many countries around the world was the


chief minister had not done enough to stop it. There were some who


thought the Hindu nationalists that supported them encouraged violence


and he was banned here in Britain. He will understand what part of the


agenda is and will understand in international diplomacy David


Cameron must represent that feeling and no doubt we will hear that


tomorrow when the Prime Minister speaks to the press again. Thank


you, Christian. There have been clashes in the Greek


capital between police and demonstrators taking part


in a general strike. Police fired tear gas to


disperse anti-austerity protesters It was the biggest protest


the country has seen since the Greek prime minister was re-elected


in September, promising to soften Nearly 25,000 people took part


in three separate demonstrations George Clooney swapped Hollywood for


a local cafe in Edinburgh today. He paid a visit to a sandwich shop


which employs homeless people and Our correspondent Kevin Keane was


there when the film star dropped His report contains


flash photography. It felt like a royal visit,


but this was a welcome the Palace The Hollywood heart-throb was


heading for a coffee shop whose customers can also buy drinks


for people who are homeless. Why are you supporting this


charity in particular? I like what they are doing, I think


it is a very important cause. The idea that we can all


participate in everyone's You must be used to a crowd like


this, but we're not in Scotland. I feel bad for them because they


are standing out in the cold. Inside, and he met the staff, many


of them once homeless themselves. I'm going to give you some money


but all I have is dollars. Well,


we will take whatever dollars... It was all selfies and smiles


as this A-lister was shown around. So you mostly come to work


at seven o'clock in the morning? We invited him to Scotland


and we said we'd help fundraise And whilst he was here we invited


him to come and visit one of our local sandwich shops,


Social Bite, and to After 15 minutes, George was back


out, bringing the scent of stardom It is just great to see a


Hollywood A-list star in Edinburgh. You did manage to see him


and speak to him? No red carpet,


but a bit of glitz on a gloomy day. Now was it or wasn't it racially


motivated - let's show you a video from an incident at an Apple


store in Melbourne, Australia which These guys are worried about your


presence in our store. They are worried you might steal something.


Why would we steal something? Guys, end of discussion. I need to


Apple has apologised to six schoolboys asked to leave one


of their shops in Australia, in what the students described


The video, pretty damning, six young black teenagers in this Apple Store


in Melbourne apparently going about their business shopping and being


asked to leave because security staff were worried they were going


to shoplift but no real evidence that they were doing anything wrong


at all other than browsing around the Apple Store.


The fact Apple has apologised so quickly


for this reflects the fact that Apple regarded this as something


This video has gone viral in Australia, posted on Facebook


I don't think anyone is suggesting there is a culture


They have clearly realised that a couple of individuals,


the security guards in question, have done something wrong and I


wouldn't be surprised if they were receiving quite a dressing down


Meanwhile, the boys have been back to the store as guests of Apple, I


would not be surprised if a few goody bags have been handed out and


one of the boys posted on Facebook that


and they were feeling pretty chilled about it.


Authorities in the Canadian city of Montreal are dumping raw sewage


Officials say the project is necessary


so old infrastructure in the sewage treatment system can be replaced.


But the project has caused anger both


Regarding drinking consumption, there is no problem. You can drink


the water, no problem. It's a world record you've


probably never heard of before. A bulldog called Otto has


rolled into the record books after skateboarding through


the "longest human tunnel" in Peru. Otto steered his way through the


legs of 30 people and was presented Otto's owners,


Luciana Viale and Robert Rickards, were inspired to get a bulldog


after watching videos of former Hello, some persistent rain on the


way for some of us at the weekend. First of all,


all eyes on Storm Abigail.


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