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The authorities say they have prevented a major new attack


A woman blew herself up and the following today's raid linked to


A woman blew herself up and the suspect was shot dead after armed


officers stormed the department suspect was shot dead after armed


dawn raid in the suburb of Saint Eight people were arrested. French


officials confirmed the suspected mastermind and accomplice were not


among those detained. The identity of the people who were arrested are


not absolutely certain. But Abaaoud and Abdeslam are not part of the


people who have been arrested. More than 1000 people have taken part in


a district of Brussels where one of the key suspects had lived.


Including the brother and cousin of Sala Abdeslam, one of the wanted men


who stepped out onto the balcony of their home to mourn the victims.


Hello and welcome to Paris. After a day of drama and more bloodshed. A


raid by police this morning just before dawn left to suspected


terrorists dead and eight people under arrest. It's not clear though,


if France's most wanted man, the ringleader who was believed to have


organised last Friday's atrocities, was among the dead. He certainly


wasn't detained. Let's bring you the latest. The French authorities are


saying they believe today's raid may have thwarted another major attack,


this time in Paris's financial district. This morning's predawn


raid took place about 12 kilometres north of where I am standing, in the


suburb of Saint Denis, which is very close to the stat to France, which


was targeted by the militants on Friday, killed dozens of people. The


area has a high proportion of people from ethnic minorities. Heavily


armed police were deployed, the one of the main shopping streets. The


actual apartment which was the target of their operation was on a


side street. In a moment we will hear from the Paris prosecutor but


before we listen to him, it must be pointed out that France's most


wanted man, Abaaoud, the man they believed had been in Syria, it's not


clear if he is among the two dead suspected terrorists, killed in this


morning's raid. The female suspected terrorist charged police with a


suicide vest before blowing herself up, it's reported. First, this


report by Lucy Williamson. In the darkened streets


of this northern suburb, France is The target,


the country's most wanted man, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, alleged


mastermind of Friday's attacks. If ever a raid was personal,


this was it. Residents were pulled from buildings


in their nightclothes. The scale and threat of this


operation quickly becoming clear. I tried to protect myself,


holding my baby tight. They were explosions,


we felt the building shake, there were guys upstairs screaming,


"shoot, shoot". By first light as special forces


carried out their assault, A woman inside the building had


detonated her suicide vest. I heard gunfire, it went crazy,


gunshots, explosions, here, there, It went on for ages,


people were running everywhere. I didn't see anything terrible but I


heard gunshots, snipers were firing, taking careful aim. There was a huge


wave of bullets. By eight o'clock,


with two suspects dead in the target Dozens of soldiers, brought


in to help secure the streets. This dawn raid has turned


into a major operation. Truckloads of soldiers have been


brought in after hours It's a sign


of just how dangerous the hunt is Without warning, riot police


break through their cordon, fanning It's nothing, it's over quickly,


but the jitteriness remains. Out of sight in an empty courtyard,


the rewards of this assault are In all, seven people were arrested


this morning, including this man. Handcuffed, under heavy guard,


his face uncovered. Police have been hunting one


of Friday's attackers. In his wake,


clutching their children, terrified, Behind them at the building


entrance, forces begin to pile in. Above them,


residents slowly absorbed the news. The attacks here last week targeted


everyone, but just as hard for France to stomach is that anyone


can be an attacker too. In the past hour, the executed has


said that the raid had eliminated the team of suspected jihad ease


behind Friday's attack and also said they had been planning new attacks


here in the capital. -- the team of suspected jihad thes. The operation


was successful in that three men were arrested, one of them was


injured, the police arrested them and identification is being done at


the moment. I cannot have you any element regarding these people at


the moment. There was also an explosion which suggested there was


a kamikaze operation, a body full of impact was found in the rubble of


the building. At this stage it's not possible to identify this person who


did the state of the body. We have been given to an explosion following


the action of a woman who detonated an explosive belt, this will have to


be checked still considering the state of the bodies and the shreds


of bodies, so this demands serious investigation and it's not easy.


Would we have seen in the building makes it extremely difficult. I am


not able to give you precise information about the identity of


these people who have died, except there are at least two people dead,


but it will take longer than expected because the building may


collapse, so we have the support some of the ball to allow the


enquiry team to work in safety. -- some of the wall. We found two men,


one of them in the flat, one of them injured, they were immediately


arrested. Other operations continue in another flat in Saint Denis, at


the home of a man who was in touch with the commando and may have given


accommodation. This flat was empty but I -- I suspect was arrested in


the street near the flat where the terrorists have found refuge


together with a woman. The search in the flat has not brought any weapon


or explosive forward so far. Another was also injured in the road has


also been arrested. In total, eight people have been arrested, seven men


and one woman are currently being interrogated. The identity of the


four who were arrested are not certain, but Abaaoud and Abdeslam


are not part of the people who have been arrested. The investigation


will continue to identify those who were killed, those who are arrested


and all those who make have been implicated in one way or another in


this attack, either in France or in Syria.


It may last for days, people have been coming here to lay flowers and


candles -- in the last four base. People have said yes, they hoped


they could feel more relieved that they were worried about what might


come in the future, especially as they now understood and believed


President Hollande that this country was now at war with Isla make state,


or Daesh, as he described it. -- Islamic State. Let's speak to a


Paris journalist who knows the Saint Denis area well and the other


ghettos, as some have described them, where a lot of North African


immigrants live. What is your immediate response to today, it laid


Paris any safer if Abaaoud has been killed? Many questions need to be


answered, we don't have the identities of the terrorists yet, it


maybe they are part of a larger network in the rest of France, and


it's worrying that this guy was supposed to be in Syria and was


basically hiding in plain sight under the nose of the Paris police


forces. This raises a lot of questions. The fact he may be


killed, maybe it makes the city say just for now but it doesn't mean the


terrorist threat is gone. There are many other suburbs like Saint Denis.


Where does the radicalisation take place? There are two things, you


have these huge suburbs, not only in Paris but in other large cities of


the country, there are about 20 million people living in them, these


are not serenade bad neighbourhoods but there are some very bad


neighbourhoods, much worse than you would encounter in the UK. 'S is not


even particularly bad, it's an old city, it's well-connected to the


city -- Saint Denis is not even particularly bad. But there are


places with no post office, no police, they feel disconnected with


the country, and these areas are prone to radicalisation because


sometimes the mosques or the churches, in this case the mosque,


they are the only one who provide a social network. What about the


prison system? That's also an important problem lot of these


radicalised young people come in as petty thieves or drug dealers,


stealing a car, they get out of the prison as radical potential


terrorists because the situation in these prisons are horrible, most of


them date from the 19th century, France has been convicted many times


the European Court of Human Rights for their inhumane conditions so


this is a perfect situation the newly young people and radicalise


them and that's the real problem. We have seen all the terrorists


involved and also with Charlie Hebdo, they all went to prison and


came out as radicalised terrorists. How much will the next and it's a


double emergency help the authorities and what is the


counter-productive side? I am critical of this because it


basically says we're going to put democracy on hold for three months,


who says it will not be extended again and again? It's worrying


because the French president and the French government already have all


the stuff they need to attack terrorists, for instance what


happened the night, they could have done that without a state of


emergency from a legal point of view. So the state of emergency is


just to show the French people, we are at war, we are doing something,


I am the leader, you can trust me and let me do this. In three weeks


from now, there are regional elections, very important one,


Hollande is doing very badly in the polls, the leader of the National


front is properly going to win so what Hollande announced on Monday is


his way to allure boaters from the right to him. His critics will say


he is in charge of intelligence agencies that have failed. Is that


fair? It's too early to judge. If you see the terrorists who was the


brain behind these attacks was hiding in Paris, he was supposed to


be in Syria, it shows there is a real problem. At the heart of the


problem is the exchange of information between intelligence


services and the analysis of the data because a lot of people are


under severe lives in France alone, 11,000 people are understood


available, but the problem is you can't check all this data because


there are not enough people. You can put thousands of literary personnel


on the streets but as long as you intelligence services don't work


properly we will continue to have these attacks. Let's go to the UK


now and speak to a former counterterrorist detective, who is


now a lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University. We are still not


clear about the identity of two of the suspects killed today but in the


short term, has Paris acted swiftly enough to get on top of this problem


in the immediate short-term? I think this has been a major move for the


better and if it is confirmed that Abaaoud has been captured,


especially alive, this has been quite a coup, and it will certainly


reduce the capability of Islamic State in the short-term, because you


look at how cells operate, you still beat some organisation and I think


the arrests in Belgium and France will have had some effect. If


I briefly lost communication there. We know that the two hasn't been


captured, what is unclear is if he may be one of the dead terrorists --


we know that Abaaoud hasn't been captured. When it comes to the


surveillance, though, is this really another wake-up call for all


European countries to be far more amateur night, come together much


more with sharing intelligence? I think so. On the policing side,


because you have the security services and the police, there is a


greater degree of sharing amongst policing agencies and through


agencies like the EU, it is a sticking point when we were


discussing the Treaty of Lisbon in 2009 over the sharing of


intelligence services, maybe this could be one way forward, an


increase in sharing this. We are looking at a group that is a truly


international threat, you look at the actions they have done over the


last 12 months. So it needs that international response. So the


security services and the police should now really look to share this


information amongst each other. Russia is involved in this. Even


looking to sharing information with the FSB and vice versa.


Thank you very much indeed. There is a very strong Belgian connection


here as we have seen. The mastermind is a Belgian national and it does


seem as if these attacks last Friday were planned in Syria, the teams


were then put together through Belgium and then executed here in


Paris with the help of compasses here in France as well. --


compasses. The Brussels district of Molenbeek is linked particularly


with Friday's attacks and today there has been a vigil in memory of


those who lost their lives on Friday. This is the central square


in Molenbeek, you will be able to see that hundreds have come here


tonight to lay candles. The positioning thing along the word


Molenbeek. And the 00 over here has a peace sign, or perhaps the Eiffel


Tower, Finley how you want to read it. Lots of young people as well,


we're that the mayor in this square this evening, lots of people


standing in solidarity with the victims in Paris. Interestingly,


this is also a square just in front of the apartment of the Abdeslam


family, you will see candles shining on the balcony. A few minutes ago,


Mohammed Abdeslam, who is the brother of the man who is still on


the run, came out to lay candles, their family are still in shock.


Mohammed asked yesterday for his brother to give yourself up. This is


an effort by the community to show there is solidarity, remember there


are three attackers from here, there is now an international manhunt and


the secure the's office has told me that the manhunt is ongoing.


Hazard-macro said the aim of the raids was to


these actions confirm again that we are at war. The war against


terrorism which itself has decided to launch war against us. The


jihadist organisation of ISIL, it has an army, financial sources,


oil, resources and it occupies a territory, it has accomplices in


Europe and in our own country. ISIL has committed massacres and wants to


commit murders here and it has done so. At least 129 people were


killed, lost their lives on the night of the 13th of November. Our


thoughts are with them, with these men and women who have been cowardly


assassinated, we're thinking about their families, who have been thrown


into pain, grief. But these attacks concern all the French, wherever


they live in French territory, because it is the entire country


that has been attacked, for the simple reason that it represents,


the values it holds, we want to eradicate terrorism, and for the


simple reason of what we are. Aim of the terrorists was to target the


idea of France itself. The liberty that France has, universal


right-sided defends, -- universal rights that its defends, this is


what has been attacked during the night of the 13th of November.


Because these barbaric people in their blind violence have targeted


the diversity of the French people, irrespective of the origin, colour,


religion. It is the use of France that was the target, because it


represented the vitality, the generosity and the liberty, simply


speaking, life. A man whose wife died


in the attacks last week has written Antoine Leiris says he will never


forget Helene but he and their little boy will not be


made to live in fear or hate. On Friday night, you stole away


the life of an exceptional being. The love of my life,


the mother of my son. I do not know who you are and I


don't want to know. If the God for whom you


kill so blindly made us in his image, each bullet in my wife's body


would mean a wound in his heart. Therefore, I will not give you


the gift of hating you. Responding to hatred with anger


would be to give in to the same ignorance that has


made you what you are. You want me to be afraid,


to cast a mistrustful eye on my fellow citizens, to sacrifice


my freedom for security, you lost. I saw her this morning, she was just


as beautiful as she was when she left home on Friday evening, as


beautiful as when I fell madly in love with her more than 12 years


ago. Of course I am devastated with


grief, I know that she will join us every


day and that we will find each other again in the paradise of free souls


which you will never have access to. The Paris prosecutor,


Francois Molins, says a pre-dawn raid by police


on an apartment in the city stopped At a news conference, he said eight


people had been arrested during the operation, but they didn't include


the suspected mastermind of Friday's At least two bodies were found


in the apartment in Saint-Denis after the shoot out with police, but


they have not yet been identified. Police are still looking for


another suspect, Salah Abdelsalam.


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