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This is BBC World News Today with me, Philippa Thomas.


The man believed to be the ringleader of the Paris attacks


WAS killed in that massive police assault on Wednesday.


Abdelhamid Abaaoud's body was identified by his fingerprints.


France's interior minister says he was involved in four


of the six attacks foiled by French intelligence services


TRANSLATION: No information from any European country that he has went


through to arrive in France had been sent to us.


French MPs extend emergency powers in response to the terror threat.


One of the measures will allow off duty police officers to carry


Scientists predict an "antibiotic apocalypse" after


finding bacteria resistant to even the strongest drugs.


The French authorities say the extremist who is suspected


of having organised last Friday's massacre in Paris is dead.


Abdelhamid Abaaoud was killed in the massive police offensive


on a flat in northern Paris before dawn on Wednesday.


Officials say his body was found riddled with bullets and shrapnel.


He was identified by his fingerprints.


In France, in Belgium and beyond, security operations continue to hunt


And across Europe, police and intelligence services are


being given extra resources, while in Syria


and Iraq the military assault on the so called Islamic State continues.


Good evening from the city of Paris were the sound of sirens


reverberates again around here. So much police activity over the course


of the last week and around the country, 106 grades in all but it


was the one yesterday that was the main focus because intelligence told


police that it was an apartment in that suburb in which they might find


the ringleader Friday's attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud. The prosecutor


last night was not able to confirm he was there but today we have the


news that he was. They found a body, they tested the fingerprints and


although the body was riddled with bullets and shrapnel, he said they


were confident that they could identify the body as Abdelhamid


Abaaoud. He is a 28-year-old Belgian of Moroccan nationality. It will be


some relief to the police that they have managed to find the ringleader


after such a hard week but perhaps a concern to the French public that


even after Friday's attacks here is a man that was swaggering and still


walking around this suburb in full view of the public. Here is our


European correspondent. Sifting for clues, all day police


teams have been searching for clues. With the aid of DNA tests,


they now know the man they were hunting was killed here. It is not


clear if he died as the police stormed the flat or blew himself up.


Speaking today, the French Prime Minister announced the news to the


nation. TRANSLATION: We know today that


Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the brains behind the attack, or one of the


brains, because we have to be extremely cautious, was among those


killed. The death of Abdelhamid Abaaoud has


also been confirmed on social media sites linked to the Islamic State


group. What made trouble French police is locals in Saint-Denis was


are saying he was seen openly following the Paris attacks. It


seems he felt safe and unconcerned. This is believed to be his cousin,


thought to be the woman who blew herself up in the apartment.


Upstairs was another man who says he exchanged hellos with her. She was


dressed in jeans and trainers, nothing out of the ordinary.


TRANSLATION: I could never have imagined she was a suicide bomber. I


was stunned after it happened. It is scary. They could be anywhere. Seven


men and one woman were arrested by police during the raid. There is


much evidence for French anti-terrorist teams to sift


through. Among it, new security camera footage of the attacks on the


cafes. Diners scramble for cover as glass shatters all around. The


attacker then walks up to the door and his gun jams as he tries to


shoot a woman lying at his feet. The man moved on and she made her


escape. Inside, a minute or so later, once the coast was clear,


people emerged from under the tables and in the corners where they had


hidden. And, of the three suicide bombers at the Stade de France, it


seems one may have had second thoughts. A new witness has told us


a man was inside the restaurant, in the toilets.


TRANSLATION: I found myself face with someone who was sweating all


over his face, profusely. He looked worried, anguished, like he was


asking himself lots of questions. He was staring at himself in the


mirror. Seconds later, the man walked out of the restaurant and


blew himself up, outside but not among the diners. The man who may


have orchestrated such terror is gone but the risks to France remain.


The confirmation that Abdelhamid Abaaoud was inside that


building means that one threat France -based has been eliminated.


What it does not change is the fact the general threat level for this


country and right across Europe has escalated dramatically, both in


terms of the number of possible And we know from the French


authorities that the list of known radicals and fanatics here in France


is quite extensive. They call it the list that they the Interior Ministry


and there are 10,000 names on it, all to a varying degree, some have


direct links to Syria and others have looked at the deals that you


can see from that list, the enormity of what the intelligence services


face here in France and with that in mind, the politicians were asked to


consider today extending the emergency powers for three months,


not surprisingly, only six MPs voted against it and back gives the police


sweeping powers. They are able to raid homes without judicial order,


they are able to tap phones, look at data and it is that ability to look


at data that they now have that led them, we believe, to camp one. The


discovery of the ring leader will raise questions and they were


talking about it today, how this man was able to travel to Syria from


Belgium -- temp one. Our security correspondent has been looking at


that issue and where the investigation might go from here --


Abdelhamid Abaaoud. They had elements of the same plan.


Abdelhamid Abaaoud himself claimed he narrowly escaped capture of


terror this police raid in January which disrupted and major gun attack


and killed two accomplices. This may well have marked our major missed


opportunity to stop him planning and organising another even larger


attack. Abdelhamid Abaaoud claimed he escaped Belgium in January and


went back to Syria. He then appears to have got back into Europe again


perhaps via Greece. The investigation. His ability to


travel. Failure to track him was


a costly one. three cars were used, all rented


in Belgium, the base for the plot. At the Bataclan Theatre,


a VW Polo was found. Eyewitnesses told the BBC they saw


a group of suspicious men in its This Renault was used


by the suicide bombers who attacked The last vehicle was abandoned,


used by the three-man team that Two men who use a car are still


on the run. French security services have been


using CCTV in form Phone records led them to this


apartment, one of at least two used as a safe


house in the run-up to the attack. The raid


in Saint-Denis yesterday claimed came after witnesses


placed him there and not in Syria. The cell may have been planning


a second wave of attacks. Today, the head of German security


services told the BBC that all The threat situation


is very serious. We have to assume something


like Paris can happen any time, whether in Paris, Brussels,


Berlin or London. Signs are that concerned in Italy


today where there was an alert on the Metro and after the


American FBI passed on warnings. Another sign of Europe,


not just France, remains on edge. It is a rainy night here in Paris,


quite miserable the weather, but you can still see people coming out to


contemplate the flowers and the candles. They are laying their own


messages here. Two women there. We have seen emotional scenes here


throughout the day. I saw one couple in tears as they were reading the


messages and I am sure as the week anniversary approaches, families


will come here. We will see quite emotional things tomorrow and


security will be stepped up and be very tight as well as people focus


on word they were last week as they headed out at the end of the busy


working week to the bars and the stadium. Still some questions for


police. We understand there was a third body in that raid yesterday


buried under the rubble. Who is that? Does it mean that there is a


suspect still on the run or was that the body of a suspect? That will be


pertinent to the Belgian authorities who say they still have a manhunt


underway in Brussels. Let us speak to our correspondent who was in


Brussels. More rates today and more arrests. Nine raids and nine


arrests, seven of those arrests connected to an investigation into


one of the Paris attackers but in fact connected to his travels to


Syria earlier this year, two of the nine arrests connected directly to


the attacks in Paris almost one week ago. No more detail from the Belgian


prosecutor 's office but as you say, what is clear is that Salah Abdeslam


is in Belgium and is in Brussels and that is where their hunt is


continuing. Whether or not it is Molenbeek or not we do not know.


There is not an overt security presence in Molenbeek at the moment


but we do know they are searching for him and they believe he is in


the country and there are rumours circulating on websites and social


media about various different sightings as well. We'll have to


wait and see what happens but they clearly believe he is in the


country. Reporting in Molenbeek as I was earlier in the week and you have


been there all art, it strikes me that there is this network there to


support the likes of the brother of Salah Abdeslam and himself. There is


a culture of secrecy that information is not shared within the


Muslim community and that is a problem for the Belgian authorities.


It is a big problem. There is a culture of secrecy, Molenbeek is


pretty much in the heart of Brussels, in the north-west of the


city, but parts of it feel very different and clearly younger people


there, second generation immigrants in general feel that they are not


part of the society in Brussels or the Belgian society that traditional


forms of authority, parental, or security, or nothing to do with them


and that does create a problem. You can walk around Molenbeek and you


feel relatively safe, it does not feel like the suburbs around Paris,


it is not as violent or difficult as that. Beyond the doors, the curtains


that you come up against, you have to wonder what is going on, clearly


the Belgian security services have tremendous difficulty penetrating


that and Belgian ministers have acknowledged those difficulties.


They have pretty much acknowledged that in some senses, in that


commune, that neighbourhood, it is out of their control and begin at


how the human intelligence to penetrate the plots that have sprung


up time and time again from this one small commune in Northwest Brussels.


Thank you Berry much. Jonny Diamond in Brussels. The manhunt for Salah


Abdeslam is still very much in play in Belgium and the network that


supported him, very much in focus as well. He was a brief look at some of


the other news. The Russian Foreign Minister said the Paris attacks have


helped western countries understand that the


priority in Syria is to fight Islamic State.


The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov,


has said the Paris attacks have helped Western countries understand


that the priority in Syria is to fight Islamic State, and not to


Mr Lavrov stressed that the Syrian conflict could not be resolved


peacefully without the involvement of President Assad.


Israeli police say five people have been killed and several wounded in


In the first incident, in Tel Aviv, Israeli police say a Palestinian man


stabbed to death two Israeli men in an office building, where a group of


He was apprehended by Israeli security forces.


Later, police say three people were killed and others wounded


in the West Bank when a Palestinian opened fire on an Israeli minibus.


Police in Britain have arrested a Libyan man in his 50s


on suspicion of conspiracy to murder a female police officer,


who was killed outside the Libyan embassy in London in 1984.


Yvonne Fletcher died after being shot from


inside the building - as she was policing a demonstration against


The Metropolitan Police head of counter-terrorism said the arrest


Global health experts are warning the world is on the cusp


of a "post antibiotic era", after finding bacteria


resistant to drugs used when all other treatments have failed.


It's being blamed on an overuse of antibiotics in farm animals.


The research is published in the Lancet.


One of the report authors says "all the circumstances are in place


for make the post-antibiotic world a reality."


This map from the Wellcome Trust estimates the number


of deaths that it's estimated will happen due to resistant bacteria


It estimates that 4 million people will die in Africa because


of antibacterial resistance-and almost 5 million in Asia.


Far fewer on other continents, although as Fergus Walsh reports,


this is far from being a problem just for the developing world.


In the war against superbugs, it is the bacteria that are winning.


This hospital in India where I filmed for Panorama is running out


There is a long list of antibiotics that Mohammed's bug


It is really concerning, in fact scary as the bug was showing


For the first time we are seeing this kind of report.


Mohammed's infection was resistant to a last-ditch antibiotic,


In China doctors say they have found more bugs that are resistant to it.


That resistance is spreading to other bacteria.


The E.Coli bacteria will not be treated


by the antibiotics you have been on before...


This is not just a problem for the developing world.


Keith has been on a succession of antibiotics in recent years


His doctor at the Royal Free Hospital in London is convinced


the new drug resistant strains will end up here and make matters worse.


It takes about three years for it to transfer


around the world and about five years before we see it routinely


in our patients and we know that because that is what has happened


This type of transmissible drug-resistant infection.


To see this in this antibiotic is particularly


terrifying because that will mean we will have


That apocalyptic scenario is a way off yet but experts say it is


Modern medicine is utterly dependent on effective antibiotics.


Without them major surgery and much cancer treatment would


This is an issue that matters to us all.


Two thirds of all antibiotics are used in animals.


The new resistant bugs were first found in pigs in China so curbs


on antibiotic use in farming are essential


Let's talk to one of Britain's leading experts on this subject -


Professor Timothy Walsh from the University of Cardiff is


He had stayed up late. Thank you very much. Do you think this really


is a dramatic development, people are talking about it being


apocalyptic news? Yes, I think most of the watchers and listeners would


be desensitised because this kind of scenario has been in the press for a


few years, but this is a bit of a game-changer, because we were always


relying on that drug to treat serious infections and although some


bacteria to become resistant to colistin, it is usually a burden to


the organism and we never thought that the resistance would be able to


be passed from one bug to another and so it took us really by surprise


that this mechanism in fact could become mobile and in fact it seems


to have spread very rapidly throughout different bacterial


populations in China, amongst different sectors. Is the Chinese


government responding to this, I know you have made contact with the


Department of agriculture and health, what are they saying? One of


the leading authors in our group is a man who from the beginning has


made great efforts to contact the Chinese government to let them


know, particularly the Ministry of agriculture to let them know our


findings and our thoughts, we need to remove this drug colistin from


animal feeds. The Chinese government take it extremely seriously, we have


had meetings with the Ministry of health and the ministry about the


and they will continue tomorrow and probably into early next week and I


think we can expect some very good and clear resolution in the next


couple of weeks. And this is not a problem that is confined to China?


You have been looking at south Asia as a whole. That is right. The


information that we have and we need to ratify it would suggest in fact


that this particular type of resistance in the bugs like E. Coli,


we found them in different countries and including North Vietnam. It


looks like it is spreading outside China. China give a lot of their


chickens and pork into Hong Kong and I would imagine that it is the same


case there and like the doctors you interviewed in the clip suggests, it


is going to be about three to five years before it becomes global. An


hour ago I was talking to Jim O'Neill who is leading a UK review


into antibiotic resistance and he said he thought one of the big


problems was US agriculture and the fact that so many antibiotics are


given to animals there as well but there is not a sense of alarm at


all. No, I think different countries respond differently to this


particular crisis and I think it would be very helpful if our


transatlantic cousins would catch up to speed with the UK and take it as


seriously as we have. David Cameron has made great strides to tell


people about the importance of that and that is fantastic. The one thing


we do need to do as an international community is to align our efforts


and to tackle this with the same policies. At the moment different


countries are doing different things. We appreciate your expertise


and your time staying up so late for us in China. Thank you. Let us go


back to our top story looking at the Paris attacks and another Imp at,


because as people in Paris struggled to come to terms with what happened


last Friday, many parents and teachers have found themselves


having to explain the events to their children. Jenny


I love Paris because of its energy and inspiration.


But six days ago, all the things they love about Paris


After the attacks on Friday many schools were closed, but now they


are open again and I'm at one school in the city centre to hear how


I was in my apartment when it happened, so I heard noises


and I turned on the news right away to check what was happening.


More than 100 people called all six of us because we were at home


The first thing I noticed first of all was the streets of Paris


The Metros were empty and there was military everywhere.


I called my dad who was in Paris and he told me that if I was continuing


to be scared to not go out, I would let them win and I was on the point.


On Saturday, I stayed home but on Sunday I spent the day outside.


What has life been like being back at school?


The first thing I said was I'm glad you are safe, I'm happy to see you,


and it was more heartfelt than I have ever said it.


We all talked about it and asked each other how we were


doing and where we were and if everyone was safe.


I know some of my friends who have lost really important people


in their lives, because of the situation that happened,


so we just tell them that everything is going to be fine, it will be OK.


I'll fall we go we want to show you a few pictures of the second largest


diamond in the world It's the second largest gem quality


diamond in the world, The 1,111-carat stone was found


in the Karowe mine, about 500 kilometres north


of the capital Gaborone. It is the biggest diamond to


be discovered in the country. -- thank you for watching us.


Goodbye. Hello there. A big change to the


feel of the weather in the next 36


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