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This is BBC World News Today with me, Tim Willcox.


An apparent link between one of the attackers in the Californian mass


The woman involved is said to have pledged allegiance to the leader


It comes as television crews, including the BBC,


It is quite extraordinary really, isn't it, that, as I say, so much


mayhem and misery was plotted from this really very ordinary


German pilots prepare to join the international fight against IS, but


For too long a time, we have denied our responsibility.


Now we have to live up to what is our responsibility in Europe.


Also coming up, a cult leader from North London is convicted of raping


his followers and imprisoning his daughter for decades.


And how London is calling, a new generation of African artists as


auction prices for their work soars. There's growing evidence that


the mass shooting in California, which left 14 people dead,


was linked to Islamist extremism. It's reported that one of the


killers, 27-year-old Tashfeen Malik, had posted on Facebook during


the attack, pledging allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader


of so-called Islamic State. Now a news agency which supports


Islamic State has posted on its website that followers of the


group had carried out the attack. She and her husband Syed Farook


carried out the massacre on Wednesday in San Bernadino,


before being killed Our North American correspondent


David Willis has just been given David. Yes, and we are expecting a


lot more clarity on all of this in a news conference which is due to get


underway a short distance from here any minute now. We will cross to


that and bring you that live as we get it. But this, for all intents


and purposes, has been the centre of activity this morning, the hosts


were this couple were holed up before they carried out their


murderous rampage on Wednesday morning, a short distance from


here. Physical, the FBI over the last 24, 36 hours, -- basically, has


been removing evidence from the scene. Amongst that, 12 pipe bombs,


a veritable arsenal of ammunition, and several hundred tools which they


thought could have been used to make bombs, were all removed from this


fairly small apartment behind me. Then, they sealed it up, and the FBI


regard it no longer as a crime scene, they handed it back and a


short while ago, he opened it up, we went in with a number of other media


folks to find out what lay inside. This, for those of you who have just


joined us, is the apartment that was occupied by the two suspects in this


attack on Wednesday. A lot of media interest, as I was mentioning. Let's


have a look upstairs. Apparently, quite an ordinary apartment


building. Going into the bedroom here. This is on the second floor.


You can see a copy of the Koran here. You can see various other bits


and pieces that have been left here, it looks as though it had been


well searched by members of the FBI, they recovered, removed quite a


lot of pieces of evidence yesterday, including, it is thought, some


computer files and other information that was stored on computer, that


they are looking to analyse, and to take it back to Washington, DC for


firm and analysis. Let's move down now and go... I think if we can lead


you in here, this is the front room. This is the front room of the


building. There are various documents here. This was a couple,


of course, let's not forget, who had a 6 -month-old daughter. They


dropped her off with their grandmother on the morning of this


attack on Wednesday morning -- her grandmother. Syed Farook went to


work, had a disagreement, apparently, and after that, came


back here to this house, assembled an arsenal of weapons and went with


his wife back to the workplace and shot the place up, killing 14 people


and injuring 21. We will move out of it now so we can give you a little


bit more context, perhaps, on this, as far as the pictures are


concerned. Some tools no doubt left behind by the FBI. Moving into the


kitchen, it is a small, two-storey, two-bedroom apartment. Engaged in


ordinary domestic activities, quite extraordinary, really, when you see


this, all the weapons that have been found, just extraordinary that it is


alongside the apparent preparations for a terrorist rampage, the place


is boarded up, of course, the FBI in the last 36 hours, have been very


busy. This is it, quite extraordinary, really, isn't it,


that as I say, so much mayhem and misery was plotted from this really


very ordinary apartment, two-storey apartment, in a leafy domestic


street in the quietest town and possibly, you could find in Southern


California. Really quite extraordinary scenes. We saw a bomb


factory become a garage sale as people were kind of falling over


themselves to pick up various bits of evidence. But you saw there, this


life of domestic tranquillity, juxtaposed with all that we hear


about the bombs that were being made in there, there were examples of


baby food and all those things, really quite surreal. We are


expecting that news conference from the FBI and we are expecting that


they may well say they are taking over this entire investigation and


that they are guarding it as what some are saying might be described


as an act of home-grown violent extremism, which of course ruled out


any possibility of this being a workplace dispute. There is no


evidence, I am told, that this couple were involved in


international terrorist organisations, certainly at this


point in time, although who knows? But it is possible that this man's


wife, she had radicalised him. There is evidence on the ground here that


he suddenly changed his demeanour after returning from Saudi Arabia


last summer. It was there that he met his wife and this apparently


meek and mild and well liked man in the workplace somehow set about


plotting this rampage. David, 20 very much. We will be returning to


that FBI press conference as and when that starts.


Within the hour, the White House spokesman, Josh Earnest,


While not being able to confirm recent reports into


the suspects' possible connections to terrorism, he did say that law


enforcement were looking at all possible motives for the attack.


The FBI is leading this investigation, as the President said


yesterday, because of the possibility that this is a terrorist


attack. And the President summoned his national security adviser, his


top counterterrorism adviser, his Attorney General, the Director of


the FBI, and the deputy Director of homeland security, to the Oval


Office yesterday to get an update about what exactly transpired. And


to make sure they understand how determined he is to get to the


bottom of what exactly transpired. And that is exactly what the FBI and


law enforcement officials, intelligence officials and others


are doing, they are using the significant resources of the US


Government to learn as much as they can about what exactly transpired.


And the President has been giving recent updates, including as


recently as this morning but it will be the responsibility of the


investigators to make information public when they have concluded that


it would not harm the investigation to do so.


Belgium's prosecutor has announced they are searching


for two new suspects, considered armed and dangerous,


who are wanted in relation to the Paris terrorist attacks.


They are accused of using fake ID papers to help wanted man


Salah Abdeslam travel to Hungary in September.


One of these identity card was also used to wire money to the ringleader


of the attacks' family, four days after the massacre.


Three weeks on from the devastating attacks in


Paris, international action against militants from


so-called Islamic State is beginning to take shape.


Earlier this week, the UK Parliament voted to launch


And now the German Parliament has voted overwhelmingly to join


the campaign, although in a non-combat supporting role.


Damien McGuinness reports from Berlin.


Just hours after Germany's Parliament approved military


involvement in Syria, the German troops started preparing Tornado


jets for take-off. This will be Germany's largest current military


mission abroad, but these warplanes were not -- will not launch bombs


themselves, or other help identify the targets for American, British


and French bombers. Which is exactly what is lacking at the moment, say


German military leaders. TRANSLATION: We are making a very


meaningful contribution to the existing reconnaissance system


because with the Tornados we can make available highly detailed


images of large areas in a short period of time. To support the fight


against IS, Germany will send a frigate to assist a French aircraft


carrier off the Syrian coast, six Tornados, as well as refuelling


planes. 1200 German military personnel will also head to the


region. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has so put -- support for the


mission within her governing coalition and with a strong majority


in Parliament there was never any question that she would not get


approval from MPs for the mission. According to some polls, a majority


of voters agree. But traditionally in Germany, military action is


controversial. Left-wing opposition MPs voted no. TRANSLATION: You can


be sure that the bombs in Syria killed more civilians than the


barbaric attacks in Paris and the mothers of Raqqa are crying for


their children. A war bombs also terror. Any Germans say the military


mission is not well thought out and could make Germany more of a target


for terrorists. But there are signs that the opposition to air strikes


is dwindling. That is partly because of a sense of solidarity with


France, and is the Paris attacks. Something which French resident


Francois Hollande welcomed as he visited the carrier Charles de


Gaulle. But also, Germans are feeling the impact of the conflict


in Syria also to home. Almost 1 million refugees and migrants have


arrived in Germany so far this year, many of them from Syria. Germany's


government view is that without destroying the threat of IS, that


flow of people will continue. This threat coming from Isis and Assad


has caused the death toll of hundreds of thousands of people, and


it is a challenge for Europe and for too long a time we have denied our


responsibility. Now, we have to live up to what is our responsibility in


Europe. Although German troops will not be bombing Syria, they will be


in danger. There is a risk that German reconnaissance planes could


be shot down by IS. If that happened, the growing support among


Germans for military action in Syria is likely to suddenly evaporate.


This is well used today. -- this is World News Today.


Floods have brought the Southern Indian city of Chennai,


formerly known as Madras, to a standstill after


Around 280 people have died in the floods over the past few months.


Rescue teams have been trying to get food and medicines to thousands


But it has started to rain heavily again.


The waters have been receiving all day because -- but just in the past


couple of hours we have had some intense showers and you can get a


sense of it behind me, just the pace at which the rain is coming down, it


is very intense. I was told by eyewitnesses it was even worse


earlier in the week when Chennai experiences heavy and intense


showers. The huggers at the moment, unless this gets much worse, is to


begin the whole process of relief and rehabilitation. There are many


people who went home today for the 1st time after the rains let up for


the 1st time since the waters receded. Just to get a sense of the


damage to their houses and property. Many people I spoke to said they


would have to rebuild their lives all over again because they had


something lost so much. People living and working in the


neighbourhoods where the water has reached after the 1st level of their


homes so everything inside was completely destroyed. The priority


for the administration at the moment is to try and get the infrastructure


back up and running, phone lines have been down for days and it is


difficult to communicate so that is a priority. The airports have been


shut for most of the week. We understand there have been some


clearance for civilian suit -- civilian aeroplanes. Some people are


combining of major shortages particularly essential supplies such


as milk. Looking ahead, the long-term impact of this is


something that will have to be assessed, this is India's fourth


biggest city, a major industrial base, the damage it has gone through


in the last few days has been immense.


A self styled cult leader here in London has been convicted


of raping and indecently assaulting two of his followers,


and imprisoning his own daughter in the commune for 30 years.


Aravindan Balakrishnan used violence and sexual degradation to keep


the women under control for several decades.


Our correspondent Tom Symonds reports.


Captivity, year after year, three decades in all


Aravindan Balakrishnan's bizarre cult dominated the lives


It became clear that the victims were so conditioned that


they truly believed he was all powerful and all seeing.


Some shared his politics but this young woman was his daughter, born


into the cult and hidden from the world. What I first learned to write


was about the love of Allah. My mother was saying, he is God, he is


the star of our life so we have to watch him. This is her first ever


interview. She told me he demanded loyalty. He is in charge and


everyone is basically his slave. -- the love of Comrade Bala.


Balakrishnan courted Chairman Mao and later the brainwashing started,


that he had supernatural powers. -- quoted. There were always rules,


work for the collective, forget your family. The doors were often locked,


going out alone was frowned upon. Because of the risks outside on the


British fascist state. Because of the risks outside on the


We can go straight to California now. There have been some concerns


in the area, people talking about law-enforcement not sharing


information, and a potential at a movie theatre summer --, something


of that nature. I want to address that right now. On Monday night,


Tuesday morning, before the incident, November 30, December one,


right around midnight, one o'clock in the morning, there was an


incident at the Regal Cinema, and what that case was is that the


gentleman who was described as appearing to be Middle Eastern came


up and spoke to the security guard around the time the theatre was


closing and he was asking the security guard questions about the


movies and things like that but the security guard but it was odd. That


person ultimately left in a silver Volvo 4-door vehicle, 2012, 2013, we


do not have a plate. A security guard thought it was weird. Shortly


afterwards, the guard noticed another car driving around the area


with another person that was possibly Middle Eastern in


appearance, that appeared to be taking photographs in and around the


theatre. The security guard checked up and notified the police


department. We have gone out that night, we took a report and we put


that out to every law-enforcement agency in the county, simply that


there were suspicious circumstances that were noted. That is all we have


on that. Then, it went into the regular investigative channels and


protocols with local authorities not. They are following up and


looking at videos, trying to determine that there is a real


threat or seeing if there are any crimes associated with those


vehicles. At this point we have zero connection, 0 evidence or


information, that connects that event of what happened here on


Wednesday morning. I want to make that clear. But as a result of what


happened on Wednesday, the police department has been on a tactical


alert situation, we have every officer in the department working on


12 hour shifts, we will maintain that until -- until we think it is


appropriate to stand down. We do not have credible information to


indicate there is a threat to this region right now. But I wanted to


address that because of some things that came out to imply we were


hiding information. We are not hiding information from anybody.


Lastly, what I want to do right now is, this is going to be an official


transfer of this investigation in terms of information and how it is


going to flow on this, to the FBI. We have talked a lot about what that


partnership is, I want to make clear our agency, the up other federal


agencies investigating, continue to watch over the shoulder on this


investigation to make sure we are doing the best job we can. But in


terms of information, regarding the investigation on this incident, the


search warrants, the officer injured as a result of this, this is an FBI


investigation, they will be the lead on that. Myself and the sheriff will


be the lead talking about local safety measures and security. With


that, I will phone over to the assistant Director in charge from


the FBI. Thank you. Good morning. First off, I want to stress again to


the families of the victims, to the friends of the victims, to remember


they are first in this scenario. We had victims who lost from one


gentleman lost six children, one gentleman lost a baby and he was


taking his first trip to Disneyland next week. Other people did not have


the chance to have that. Every one of those lives can get and we want


to offer our sincere prayers to those families. Secondly, I want to


stress the partnership, you have seen this united front which is


incredibly important for an investigation, of this complexity.


This is a very conflict investigation, it is a very


long-term investigation. My partners from the sheriff' Department, the


San Bernardino police department and the ATF have been incredibly


important in this investigation. We are lockstep in how we are handling


this matter. I want to go forward today and tell you that as of today,


based on the information and the facts as we know them, we are now


investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. We have


uncovered evidence that has led us to learn of extensive planning,


obviously we have uncovered evidence of explosives, multiple armaments,


you know that, you know the ammunition that was out there, the


high-powered weapons, the explosive devices, we are continuing to go


down the path is to ensure that we find all of the evidence that


pertains to this matter. We have also uncovered evidence that these


subjects, they attempted to destroy their digital fingerprints, for


example, we found two cellphones in a nearby trash can. Those cellphones


were actually crushed, we have retained those and we continue to


exploit the data from those cellphones. We do hope that the


digital fingerprints that were left by these two individuals will take


us towards their motivation. That evidence is incredibly important. I


want to ensure that everyone understands that just because the


FBI has taken the leadership based on the trajectory of this case, we


are not just taking this on our own, we will continue down the same path


we have been, which is a lockstep operation with these partners, that


is important. They are the protectors of this community. We had


a mandate to investigate terrorism to its fullest extent. We are


working hand-in-hand with our other federal, local and state partners


and hand-in-hand with our foreign counterparts to ensure that we find


any connections that pertain to this matter. Next, I would like to


introduce you that we have established a national task force,


sorry, a national hotline, that I would like to invite the public to


call if they have any information that pertains to this. I would ask


the public to please be judicious and make sure that even though, if


it is small, send it to us, please do not send us things that are


obviously not pertinent to this matter because we have a lot of work


to do in the future, but if you think in any fashion that what you


have to offer pertains to this matter, please call us and give is


that information, it is important. One 800 two to five 53 24. You can


choose option for, which will take you to where you need to be stopped


and I want to ensure to the public that your local state and federal


law enforcement officials will continue to uncover Evaristo and to


ensure that we find all the facts that pertain to these two


individuals, I do not have all the answers now, I will take some


questions. Are there other suspects? Can you give us any


examples? We have been listening to this press


conference from the FBI, about the mass shootings which left 14 dead,


very convex investigation. They are treating it as an act of terrorism.


This is BBC World News today. Severe weather warnings have been


issued due to intense rainfall. It looks likely to affect the North


West of England and Western Scotland through the course of


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