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I'm Alice Baxter with BBC World News.


Police reveal the massive haul of weapons found after America's


deadliest mass shooting for three years but still no motive.


14 people killed in California after a married couple open fire


President Obama vows that the police will get to the bottom of it.


It is possible that this was terrorist-related but we don't know.


It's also possible that it was workplace related.


The US Defence Secretary announces the opening of all military combat


To succeed in our mission of the national defence, we cannot afford


to cut ourselves off from half of the country's talents and skills.


We have to take full advantage of every individual who can meet


Oscar Pistorius faces a return to jail, after South Africa's Appeal


More arrests are made in Switzerland over multi-million-dollar bribery


allegations at Fifa on the very day it announces major reforms.


I am aware that the road will be difficult, the challenge is there


And the gene therapy breakthrough which


could prevent diseases being passed from one generation to the next.


Police in the Californian city of San Bernardino are still


searching for a motive to Wednesday's mass shooting which left


The suspects, a husband and wife, dropped off their six-month-old


daughter before arming themselves with assault rifles and opening fire


President Obama said the United States has a history


Well, within the last hour, the assistant director of LA branch


of the FBI, David Bowdich, gave a news conference in which he


went through what investigators know so far about the suspects.


If you look at the amount of obvious preplanning that went in, the amount


of armaments he had, the weapons and ammunition, there was obviously


We don't know if this was the intended target or if there was


something that triggered him to do this immediately.


We just don't know and again that is going to take time


It appears he came back into the US in July 2040, as I said earlier.


I do not know all the countries he visited.


We know he did go to Pakistan at one point and we know she is here on


a K-1 Visa under a Pakistani passport.


Well, for the latest into the investigation


our correspondent James Cook has sent this report from the scene.


The streets, awash with police, hunting for a young man who had


gone on the rampage with his wife at a festive party.


Syed Farook reportedly left the gathering after a disagreement,


before returning with Tashfeen Malik, armed with automatic weapons.


We have two suspects both dressed in black.


They went into the room and locked the door.


I haven't tried to call her because I didn't want the phone ringing.


And so the hunt began and hours after the shooting parts


This is the second scene we are at now, around a couple of miles from


But just up that street, it was over the two suspects.


After a car chase through the city, they died here in a gun battle,


I don't know who was shooting who first but they were both


We work in the building and we hid in the back


Syed Farook was a 28-year-old American.


On an old dating profile he called himself a good Muslim looking


for a girl who liked snowboarding and would wear a hijab.


The FBI are asking the same question,


scouring the couple's home for explosives.


Terrorism is a possibility they say but so too is a workplace


Either way, the country he leads has by one count assume that more than


-- Either way, the country he leads has by one count seen more than


We are going to have to search ourselves as a society to make sure


we can take basic steps that would make it harder, not impossible


but harder for individuals to get access to weapons.


This tense and grieving city is still short of answers.


Why did a mild-mannered man and his wife spark all of this, leaving


Our correspondent Laura Trevelyan is in San Bernardino.


And what other details that came out of the press conference that the


police chief gave to journalists in the last hour was the huge amount of


weapons these people possessed. Yes, many details are coming out of


that press conference, not least now that there are a total of 21 people


were wounded after the shooting rampage. 14 people killed. At the


home of the suspects, police discovered 12 pipe bombs and 3000


rounds of ammunition and they discovered the tools for making


explosive devices. In addition, at the scene where I am now where the


shooting took place yesterday at this community centre for disabled


people, the authorities found in the car belonging to the suspects 1600


rounds. That is an extraordinary amount of ammunition. And more


details about the explosive device found in the centre. The authorities


described it as being one pipe bomb combined of three which was being


operated by some kind of remote control car device which apparently


had failed to detonate. So the level of preplanning which had gone into


this attack is shown by the sheer range of ammunition and explosives


discovered since the shooting happened. Staggering. One detail


which remains a mystery is the happened. Staggering. One detail


motive. Yes, law enforcement officials are saying little about


that in the past hour. The leader FBI official said it would be


irresponsible and premature to call this terrorism. They do not have the


motive still, said the weed or lease office. This is now an FBI


investigation which suggests authorities want to explore the


possibility this is terrorism. At the press conference, the officials


were asked if the male suspect went abroad and was radicalised and they


said they were looking into it. He said he came back into the US in


July 2014, having visited Pakistan among other countries. But still no


more answers and it could be a long time until there are definitive


answers and in the meantime this community is grieving for those who


died. We are told that later this afternoon the names of the dead will


begin to be released. This has issue of gun control back into the


spotlight. Thanks. The American Defence Secretary has


announced that all US military The historic move comes


after several years of study, and plans to wipe away generations


of limits on how and where women Women will now be able to contribute


to our mission They will be allowed to drive tanks,


fire mortars, and lead infantry They will be able to serve as


Army Rangers and Green Berets, Navy SEALs, Marine Corps infantry,


Air Force para jumpers and everything else that was


previously open only to men. Even more importantly,


our military will be better able to harness the skills and perspectives


that talented women have to offer. "No exceptions" was the


recommendation of the secretary of the Army, the secretary of the Air


Force and the secretary of the Navy, as well as the chief of staff of


the Army, chief of staff of the Air Force and Chief of Naval Operations


and the commander of Our correspondent Barbara


Plett-Usher is in Washington. It opens up more than 200,000


positions to women which were formally closed. The secretary of


defence listed some of the things they will now be able to do. At the


same time, this has been happening gradually over quite a long time,


especially over the past three was, because in January 20 13th the army


lifted its ban on the final restriction on women serving in


direct combat ground rules. But then restriction on women serving in


the leaders of different military services studied how this would work


and to ask for and argue for those exceptions. Only the Marine Corps


asked for partial exceptions. The secretary of defence said that


because it is a joint force he had decided to make the decision across


all the forces and that is because mainly the US military had to draw


from the broadest pool of talent and couldn't afford to cut off 50% of


the population. He says it also reflects what has been happening


during the Iraq war, women fighting in fighter jets, submarines, and


paying with their lives, killed and wounded. Now they will be able to


officially apply for these roles which have been closed for them


before. The Paralympic athlete Oscar


Pistorius has been found guilty of murder after an Appeal Court


judge in South Africa overturned The athlete killed


his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp The judge said mistakes had been


made in the first trial and that Pistorius must have known


that he would kill someone when he repeatedly shot through


a toilet door. He could now face a minimum


of 15 years in prison From Johannesburg Nomsa Maseko


reports. It is nearly three years since


Reeva Steenkamp was shot dead Today, the long wait


for her family was finally over. The accused's conviction and


sentence on count one was set aside Guilty of murder with the accused


having had criminal intent As they anxiously gathered


in the courtroom, one of the prosecution lawyers


hugged Reeva's mother. At least we have the truth now


and the right decision and the right judgment


and it is not up to me to say... They were South Africa's


glamorous couple. But in the early hours


of Valentine's Day 2013, she was killed in his bathroom


when he fired four high-calibre Pistorius denied intentionally


shooting his girlfriend, saying he believed he was shooting


at an intruder in self defence. The prosecution however argued that


he shot her in a fit of rage, The Supreme Court today said that


the athlete should have foreseen the consequences of his actions


when he opened fire, regardless By shooting through


a locked toilet door, the judge concluded he must have known that he


was going to kill someone. The judge also found there were


fundamental errors in how the trial judge interpreted the law


when she convicted Pistorius on a lesser charge of manslaughter, for


which he spent a year in prison. Oscar Pistorius will remain here in


his uncle's home on house arrest. Now branded a murderer


by the Supreme Court of appeal, the disgraced athlete will wait until


next year for resentencing to find It is unlikely that he will be


able to appeal today's verdict. He now faces


a possible 15-year jail term. British warplanes have carried out


their first air strikes in Syria Almost immediately after the UK


parliament approved military action, four Tornado jets took off from


RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus. The warplanes targeted


the Omar oil field in eastern Syria, Jonathan Beale reports from


RAF Akrotiri: This evening the reinforcements


arrived at RAF Akrotiri. Another eight jets.


This signals the rules have now changed, the border between Iraq


Last night, within an hour of MPs voting yes,


a pair of Tornadoes prepared for the first British air strikes in


Syria, loaded with 500lb bombs, it was a carefully choreographed


This is the second pair of tornadoes to leave tonight.


After that Commons vote authorised military action in Syria.


We have not been told the destination of these aircraft,


but we understand they will be flying over Syria


Their destination was the Omar oilfields, a source of funding


It was not that long before they returned.


The MoD said it was a successful mission.


This is the first pair of RAF Tornadoes, they have been flying


They went with three Paveway bombs and it looks like they've fired


I think as the initial operation, firstly it is a piece


of infrastructure and you can pre-plan it and


of course you would want a fairly big bang after a parliamentary vote.


There is low risk from the perspective of the pilots,


high gain from the perspective of the politicians.


These targets are part of a wider coalition strategy.


Cockpit videos released by the Pentagon shows US warplanes


hitting similar oil installations as well as tankers.


It is one of the main sources of income for the extremists.


But the Prime Minister admits it will take more to defeat IS.


We will need to be patient and persistent, this will take time,


it is complex and difficult what we are asking our


pilots to do, our thoughts should be with them and their families as they


These pilots will not be home by Christmas.


This bombing campaign could take years.


It will need more than warplanes to defeat IS.


Should scientists be allowed to do research which alters the DNA


It's a question being discussed by hundreds of scientists


from 20 countries in Washington at a conference on what's known


Our Medical Correspondent Fergus Walsh reports from the conference.


From the discovery of DNA structure by Crick and Watson, to the dawn of


IVF with the birth of Louise Brown, to the decoding of the human genome,


decades of progress in human biology means scientists can now alter the


very DNA that parents pass on to their children. Gene editing is


cheap, simple and accessible to scientists anywhere in the world. It


is like a molecular sat nav. It stands our DNA, reading the cold,


looking for the error. Then it uses molecular scissors to slip through


of strands, switching off a faulty gene or enabling a healthy copy to


be inserted. Both techniques have the potential to treat or even cure


genetic diseases. If gene editing was done in IVF embryos, that DNA


change would pass down all subsequent generations. In theory,


it could be used to prevent inherited conditions like cystic


fibrosis or Huntington's disease. Let your from three people, a


patient, ethicist tests, all with strong views. -- and scientist. I


will lose the ability to control my body. Charles carries the genetics


for Huntington's disease. It killed his father. His older brother now


needs 24-hour care. He says gene editing offers real hope. It is too


late for me but for generations to come this offers the priceless


possibility of putting an end to a disease which affects generation


after generation. But this ethicist argues it would be wrong to ever


allow gene edited the children to be born. It is too risky, we do not


need it, there are other ways to have healthy children, and it would


open the door possibly to a world of genetic haves and have-nots. We do


not need more inequality and discrimination. This man wants


scientists to be allowed to edit genes in embryos, but at this stage


only in a dish. He says cure is still years off. The ability to


manipulate specific genes and test what effect that has an cell or


tissue behaviour or organ behaviour, is really going to open up new


avenues of research and understanding how our bodies work.


Designer humans may be a long way off but these are designer dogs.


Chinese scientists edited versions as embryos and the result is they


have bigger muscles than other dogs. Modifying DNA raises profound


questions which scientists and society are only just beginning to


face. Now, a long time ago, in


a galaxy far, far away, two unknown 23-year-olds were cast in leading


roles in the new Star Wars film. The eagerly anticipated movie,


called The Force Awakens, features Our entertainment correspondent


Lizo Mzimba met them. There are stories


about what happened. The saga is part


of cinema mythology. For two relative unknowns, lead


roles that could perhaps propel So


for a few months I honestly didn't know whether I was coming or going,


whether I was going to lose the job, and then being surrounded by people


who really make you feel loved. I don't get recognised as much


as people make out to be for now, but then that is going to change


in a few weeks, but, yeah, It's just something that is


going to happen regardless. Daisy Ridley was making small


appearances in TV dramas and working in a pub


when she first started auditioning for a part which could be career


defining in all sorts of ways. Do you give much thought to


the fact that it's not a guarantee I think me and Rey are similar in


that, you know, she's just hoping for a better life, and I've been


so lucky with what happened before. When I did Casualty,


that was thrilling to me, John Boyega already has


a few smaller films under his belt. Filming this at Pinewood,


just outside London, alongside stars from the original


trilogy helped him feel at home. The funny thing about it is being


on this kind of like historical Hollywood set and


then, you know, walking downstairs and seeing the crew talk about


the latest episode of EastEnders. And as opening day approaches,


how nervous do you feel? I'm so used to


your voice talking about films, this is probably the most serious I've


ever thought, oh, it is coming out. Yeah, I guess it is daunting but I


just mainly want people to think I As football's world governing body,


Fifa, unveils plans aimed at cleaning up


the way it is run, two more senior Fifa's executive committee has


adopted reforms including restricting its president


to a maximum of 12 years at the top and tighter integrity


checks on senior officials. But what timing -


just a couple of hours earlier, Swiss authorities raided a hotel


in Zurich and detained two Fifa vice-presidents as part of


an ongoing bribery investigation. The BBC's Sports Editor Dan Roan,


gave me more details. These gentlemen are not household


names perhaps but they are effectively the two most powerful


foot all administrators in the American called federations. One of


the North Central American Confederation including the


Caribbean, and one represents this South American Federation. These


gentlemen were meant to be discussing the crucial reform


package you mentioned, which is seen by many as representative of Fifa's


attempts to rebuild public trust and confidence in it after a scandal


ridden few months, and another controversial proposal to expand the


World Cup to 40 teams by 2026. It is seen as something of a sweetener to


certain associations around the world to tempt them to vote for


reforms. Instead, those officials are in a ceric jail -- zero which --


Zurich Jail. Reminiscent of the raids earlier this year. That set


off the chain of events which led us here. Sepp Blatter currently


suspended. Fifa is desperately trying to look forward but events


like today prevented from doing so. It has been a few months of scandal


to put it mildly. Many of people are asking if any amount of reform can


help Fifa or if it needs to be overhauled or replaced?


There are some who believe that it is so tainted it should simply be


wound up. It is similar to a failed bank and there is no hope for it.


Something new must happen, a new organisation or Federation will stop


others believe there is hope for Fifa and if reforms are brought


in... That is all.


in... That is all.


With Friday around the corner it looks like we are going to start the


day on a relatively quiet note will stop mostly dry but the winds will


strengthen throughout the day and eventually we will see some very


heavy rain arriving into the far north and west. We have rain


clearing away into the south-east corner


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