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The missed opportunity to catch the ringleader of the Paris attacks.


The BBC learns there was an attempt to arrest him months before the


After Republican candidate Donald Trump's call for Muslims to be


Paris climate talks about a new push a final agreement.


Nigeria's floating school where the children are offered the


Now it seems there was an attempt to arrest


Abdelhameed Abaaoud, the ringleader of the operation, months before


A senior anti-terrorism source in Belgium says Abbaoud was tracked to


Abdelhameed Abaaoud, the ringleader of the Paris attacks.


But the BBC has learned there was an operation to capture him in Greece


It was supposed to happen just before this anti-terrorism operation


in the Belgian town of Vervier on the 15th of January.


Two Islamist extremists were killed here.


They were part of a network stretching to


Because he was directing the jihadi cell in Belgium by mobile


Two days after the shoot out in Vervier,


We have been told by a resident of the building that this is


An Algerian man was arrested here and eventually


Across town, this was the second apartment raided.


The current occupant gave us a brief glimpse inside.


It is known traces of DNA were recovered in both apartments.


It matched samples recovered from Abaaoud's body in Paris.


He described a raid earlier this year.


Police say to me, did you see somebody?


He said a lot of people were coming and going from the apartment,


not speaking Greek, and it was always noisy.


It is not entirely clear how Abaaoud slipped through


There may have been an attempt to track him down


in this square by tracing the signal of his mobile phone.


The Greek authorities are not confirming any details.


All that is known is that he got away.


And Abaaoud is not the only link between Greece


the only gunman still on the run, travelled to Greece


by ferry from Italy on the 1st of August, leaving three days later.


And two of the suicide bombers that attacked the Stade de France,


they crossed by boat from Turkey to the island of Leros


Much of the detail that has emerged raises questions about how to create


a better exchange of information and closer cooperation


between anti-terrorism authorities in different European countries.


But the link with Abaaoud is also


If he had been captured in Greece back in January, the attacks in


Now a story that has been getting a huge amount of public attention.


The Republican presidential front-runner, Donald Trump,


has faced widespread condemnation, after saying all Muslims should be


prevented from entering the United States.


The billionaire, who has made a series of controversial remarks


throughout the presidential race, issued his latest call after last


His dream of becoming President is propelled


and also his hardline stance on immigration.


But Donald Trump is now advocating a policy Americans normally


associate with far right hate groups,


a blanket ban on foreign Muslims entering the country.


Donald J Trump is calling for a total


and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our


country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on.


The more outrageous his remarks, the more cheers


They have helped make him a front runner


Rivals call him unhinged and offensive...


This morning on breakfast television he seemed almost to revel in it.


We have people that want to blow up our buildings, our cities and we


Last week's attack in San Bernardino has spread fears


in America about the threat from home-grown terrorism and some


I think it is a good idea with everything going on


It sounds harsh, but that is the reality.


There has been an acid shower of criticism.


This newspaper compared Trump to Adolf Hitler.


American Muslims have also expressed outrage.


Donald Trump sounds more like a leader of a lynch mob than


The dominant view is that shutting out Muslims would be un-American


It's worth remembering these were not off-the-cuff remarks,


they were the product of a political calculation.


Donald Trump is an astute businessman who knows an extreme


stance on immigration, however controversial, however offensive,


But to many he is devaluing the very notion of a United States


of America and trashing this country's international brand.


In the last hour a White House spokesman suggested Donald Trump's


comments should disqualify him from becoming president.


He added they were the worst judge campaign. His campaign has had a


dustbin of history like qualities to it, from the vacuous slogans and


outright lies and even the fake hair. The whole carnival routine


that we have seen for some time now. The question now is about the rest


of the Republican Party. Whether or not they are going to be dragged


into the dustbin of history with them. Right now the current


trajectory is not very good. The White House press secretary. David


Willets is in San Bernardino, the scene of the shooting last week.


This is where a terrorist attack actually happened on US soil. What


are people saying here about double Trump's comments about Muslims?


Donald Trump cited the events in this building behind me as the


reason for his view that Muslims should be banned from the US until


things are sorted out on this front. They are incendiary comments. They


have been attacked even by members of his own party and rivals for the


presidential nomination. Some people here, a minority, very small


minority probably agree with Donald Trump's remarks. But the vast


percentage, the bulk of the people we talked to this morning feel that


this United States was built on that policy of inclusion and that's to


ostracise one particular group of people, one religious group, if you


like, would fly completely in the face of all the United States of


America truly stands for. face of all the United States of


days on, how much is the picture of what happened in San Bernardino


becoming clear? I am sorry, would you mind repeating? How much is the


picture of what happened in San Bernardino becoming clear, if you


can catch that this time? UEFA you know what, the FBI has gone into the


conference room here. It is trying to piece together what actually


happened in that attack, just under one week ago. They are undergoing


some kind of time frame picture reconstruction at the moment, trying


to pinpoint exactly what happened and when. It has also emerged, just


in the last year, people in this building also underwent a training


exercise intended to prepare them for just this kind of eventuality.


We do not know whether one of the gun men in this attack was actually


part of that exercise. But the FBI said that it had interviewed about


400 people since the attack last week, collecting 380 pieces of


evidence, many of which are being analysed at their headquarters on


the East Coast, and they make the point it will be a long and


painstaking investigation. David, thank you very much. David in San


Bernardino, California. Bruce Orwall, the bureau chief of


the Wall Street Journal's London office says Mr Trump's comments may


have been a tactical move. You have to remember this statement


came out some hours after he was shown to be behind in the polls in


the crucial state of Iowa, where the sweepstakes kick-off. It could be


trying to distinguish himself among Republican rivals of which there are


a lot, 12 or 14 at last count rather than playing to the broader


populace. But it still carries an enormous amount of risk to go ahead


with a sweeping statement like that. If that is the intention it seems to


be working because it puts Ted Cruz in the lead. But who are people


talking about? Not him. I suppose it is true that it is better to be


mentioned than not. But there is a long game to play on a big statement


like that. It will put a lotta people in a precarious situation


where other Republican candidates will be under pressure to distance


themselves from Donald Trump if he emerges as the nominee of the party


in a few months. It could make it more difficult for him to solicit


support from other party members. What do you think of the support we


are hearing from what Donald Trump is saying? You have to understand I


think we have a bit of a global perspective. It is not just a US


phenomenon. In Europe we have seen the last couple of years support on


the immigration issue drifting, sometimes


the immigration issue drifting, right-wing parties, preaching this


message. It happened after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in


message. It happened after the earlier this year. Then we had the


big migration wave which earlier this year. Then we had the


lot of support to those parties. And now after the more recent Paris


attacks for example, the National party in France is doing


attacks for example, the National in the regional elections under way


there. And may have unprecedented power. It is not necessarily an


unusual cards to play. We will bring you what we are


hearing from the defence Ministry in Russia. The military has launched a


barrage of air and missile strikes in Syria and notably for the first


time it has launched a new cruise missile from a submarine. The


Minister said that the cruise missile was launched in the


Mediterranean and successfully hit its designated target. Bombers have


also taken part in the latest raids, 60 sorties in the last three days.


For the first time the Russians are saying that they have launched an


attack on targets in Syria from a submarine. We will bring you more


details on that as we get them. Reports


from Iraq say government forces have recaptured a key district


in the city of Ramadi, which was seized by the so-called Islamic


State group earlier this year. Iraqi media reports say the Tameem


area in the south-west of the city is now in the hands


of government forces. The South African athlete,


Oscar Pistorius, has been granted bail while he


awaits sentence for murdering his Judges changed his conviction from


manslaughter to murder last week but he intends to mount an appeal at


South Africa's Constitutional Court. Schools, factories and building


sites in Beijing have been closed as part of an effort to reduce air


pollution in the Chinese capital. Half of the city's vehicles


have been banned from driving. The red alert


for pollution is expected to remain As Beijing feels the effects


of pollution, the chances of a new global climate deal have received a


boost with the announcement that the European Union will join an alliance


with 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific countries in a final push


for agreement at talks in Paris. Matt McGrath is there for us now. It


is significant and interesting. It unifies the developed and developing


world. Nothing really gets done at the United Nations unless both sides


are involved. We have had coalitions of developing countries and richer


countries coming together with polarisation between them. That is


what the European Alliance does in the last couple of days of this


talks, putting together a frame of a coalition of countries developing


and the richer in a unified platform. They are clear about what


they want with a legally binding deal. They want transparency, some


money has been put into it by the European Union. It is sending a


positive signal to the rest of the talks for the other teams and


negotiators that a deal can be done. Well into week two. What is the


sense? Is it cautious optimism? I hate to use that cliche but it is a


sense of cautious optimism and I suppose the reason to some extent is


the French presidency. They have guided the talks well. Negotiators


seem willing to do a deal. We got a couple of crunch moments in the next


couple of days, with the long cherished hopes and ambitions of


many partners having to be put aside. I'm told the president here


would like a document tomorrow which has got a range of two choices on


each of the key questions. If that is the case, some important pieces


will have to be left outside. Some countries might object. I think that


is a real point of impact and interest as well, to see of these


countries will object the server as lead to what is left of the


document. For most people at the moment there is a sense of optimism


and at a deal, an important and strong one, can be done at the


weekend. Taliban militants have attacked


the airport complex in southern A spokesman for the provincial


governor said the Taliban stormed the main gate of the facility,


encountering heavy resistance The sprawling Kandahar Air Field,


south of the city, has both Inayatulhaq Yasini is from


BBC Pashto. Government troops are claiming they


have surrounded attackers. They said that they have vacated themselves in


two places, one is a school, they estimate four, five are dead and two


in a house. They are claiming civilian casualties and moving very


slowly. On the other hand, before coming to the studio, the Taliban,


he spokesman said on Twitter that cited is going on -- fighting is


going on and they have had a lot of casualties from government forces.


How significant is it when Kandahar has been considered a Taliban


stronghold? It was and it is. The men fighting the Taliban are mainly


from the South and from Kandahar. The important thing is international


forces are present. American bases are there. The government is not


saying that they are involved in the operation but they are there. They


must be having some involvement. The timing is important. This was the


first day of conference in Islamabad. The regional conference.


They have brought leaders and ministers to talk about needing


cooperation and Security and on the sidelines we will have discussions


on the peace process. One candidate is going tomorrow. The Taliban has


chosen a very important time. The other thing is that for the last


four or five days there was a rumour the leader was killed in fighting.


They are serving things have not happened. -- showing. That's the


leadership is intact and they can strike whenever they want. We were


seeing it was coming and we have had of this attack. Now there are


attacks out there. It is one of the oldest slams in Nigeria's largest


city and home to more than 100,000 people. -- slams. It sits on a


lagoon in Lagos. And as we report, it is an extraordinary floating


school here giving children the chance of a better life. It is


called Little Venice. The school run is under way. These children are the


sons and daughters of fishermen. Water is in the blood. What the


community lacks in glamour it makes up for in greatness. Change has come


to this area. An extraordinary floating school, widening horizons


and giving the children a leg up in life. This classroom is on the third


floor of the floating school. What is remarkable about the structure is


if you walk upstairs, you will find my favourite feature of this boat


will stop following me here. This is it. A second classroom. And this


classroom his open air. A cool breeze is blowing through as the


children are learning. One other thing you should know, take a look


at this. It is a unique view of the thing you should know, take a look


come from. The school is giving the children an opportunity to think


big. I want to be a lawyer and fight for human rights. I want to be a


businessman. I want to be a rich man. You want to be a rich man? And


what is special about this school? I like it. It is for a team. It was


founded -Noah, the first and his family to get an education. -- by


Noah. We have got all of the family to get an education. -- by


challenges. At 22 children, I am the last one of the family and I have


the lucky guy. That opened the school. Lunchtime and the meals


arrive. It is part of a community pulling together to give their kids


a chance. It is the most famous painting in


the world but is it really the original face painted by Leonardo da


Vinci? A print scientist has bent more than one decade studying the


Mona Lisa and says he has proved to need the famous portrait is the


picture of another woman. But it is claiming controversy in the art


world. -- causing. Her smile and mystery has gripped


the nation for more than 500 years. giving up some of her secret? A


the painting at the Louvre in Paris over a decade ago. -- rare access.


He has scrutinised the masterpiece. The painting has been analysed by a


multilayer 's camera under intense light. We can peel back all of the


layer of paint. He claims to have discovered an earlier portrait


beneath the surface. Working from his scanners, he was able to create


this reconstruction of what he thinks that version looks like.


Side-by-side with the portrait today. For me this is not the same


woman. Look at this painting which we all know. She is staring straight


at you with an enigmatic smile. In the new image underneath, instead of


gazing directly, she is looking to the side and there is no trace of


that famous smile. There has always been a debate about her true


identity. Over the been a debate about her true


time suck legend. How likely is it -- silk merchant. This man


time suck legend. How likely is it this latest scientific research. I


think these new discoveries are like a massive


think these new discoveries are like still waters of art history. They


disturb everything we thought we still waters of art history. They


knew about the Mona Lisa. We will probably have some reluctance from


the authorities to think about changing the title of the painting


because that is what we are talking about. It is goodbye, Mona Lisa. She


is somebody else. The Luke Rowe has declined to comment and the findings


have divided opinion. -- Museum. Not all scientists are convinced of


another portrait underneath. It may show what he was thinking about,


Leonardo. But the idea of a picture underneath the surface I think is


untenable. I think there is almost no doubt it is Mona Lisa. More than


9 million people flock to see the painting in a year. In 500 years it


shame seekers still keeping everybody guessing. -- it seems she


is still keeping people guessing. They were on stage when the suicide


bombers burst into the theatre killing 90 people. The rock band had


made a surprise and emotional return to the city, having laid flowers


outside the venue where so many of their fans died. On Monday night


they appeared at a concert alongside U2. It is the first time they had


performed since escaping from the Paris attacks. Welcome the Eagles of


death metal. It was more than a guess spot. -- guest spot. This band


returned to a personal horror, the city where they saw friends,


colleagues and fans murdered in front of them. The last time they


performed it was the night of the terrorist attack when they heard


gunfire at the end of the song. Fans tried to escape and band members hit


on the side of the stage. The lead singer saw a man with a gun raised


in his hand and the barrel hit a door frame. It saved his life. This


was, they said, an encore by a band bonded in grief with those lost and


injured. The song they chose was an old paddy Smith number, people have


the power. It is very brave to seeing this night. Because this band


have seen the devil. It is very good therapy for the band. It was a very


emotional moment for me. It was a very happy. The whole stage was with


them. People have the power! People have the power! The lyrics, people


have the power to rescue the Earth from fools. The music was over a few


hours later. They returned to where it all happen. It was a moment of


silence and reflection at the theatre.


We have got a lot more on all of our stories on our website. That is all


from this programme. The weather is coming up next. From me and the rest


of the team, goodbye. Good evening. More wet weather in


the forecast for the next few days but this rain will not be as heavy


or as persistent as the destructive rain we saw over the weekend. High




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