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This is BBC World News Today with me, Karin Giannone.


The headlines: North Korea announces it's taken a giant stride in testing


But the claim is met with scepticism and unanimous condemnation


North Korea needs to end these provocations, needs to commit


to a denuclearised Korean peninsular.


They're meant to be saving the lives of migrants crossing


the Mediterranean but now Turkey says it's confiscated more than 1000


Now German police actions on the night are called


And for all the star-gazers amongst you, we look ahead to the top five


space stories to look out for in 2016.


The shockwaves from what seems to be North Korea's latest nuclear test


Now the UN Security Council has been meeting to discuss the situation.


It's not clear yet if that is true but seismologists did detect a large


earth tremor close to one of North Korea's nuclear sites.


Just to explain an H-bomb, or hydrogen bomb, thermonuclear


weapons use a two-stage process to create a massive explosion.


Tests have shown a blast 25,000 times the size of those


which destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the Second World


Until now, only six countries were known to possess thermonuclear


weapons - the US, the UK, Russia, China, France and India.


Analysts will be working hard to confirm whether or not


North Korea has now joined that list.


There has been worldwide condemnation.


Even China, seen as Pyongyang's closest ally, said it firmly


Our correspondent, Rupert Wingfield-Hayes,


At 10am, North Korean state television made the dramatic


A successful hydrogen bomb test has been carried out,


On the streets of Pyongyang, crowds had been marshalled to watch


the announcement and to do their patriotic duty.


The United States is the aggressor with all kinds of nuclear weapons


waiting to invade our country so having a hydrogen bomb


Across the border in South Korea, they measured a man-made earthquake


It was not very big and it remains unclear whether this latest test


really was a hydrogen device as Pyongyang claims.


So what is the difference between a hydrogen bomb


Atomic bombs were first dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.


The blast is created by splitting an atom,


releasing the huge amount of energy contained inside.


Hydrogen bombs use an atomic bomb to force elements together,


creating what is called a fusion reaction.


The resulting blast is thousands of times more powerful


But hydrogen bombs are much more difficult to make.


North Korea's soldiers may be good at goose-stepping but a hydrogen


bomb would put this impoverished country in a different league.


The main beneficiary would be its young dictator,


In October, he paraded the huge war machine he commands,


including North Korea's latest long-range missiles which,


one day, could carry nuclear warheads.


For the young Kim Jong-un, nuclear weapons are about one thing,


Perhaps Kim Jong-un wants to tell his domestic constituents


that he is powerful, strong, in control of his regime


that he just took over a few years ago.


He also seems to be trying to tell the international community


that his country is a nuclear weapons state.


That means that his country is a nuclear power.


For people living here, the idea that North Korea,


just 30 miles away to the north of here, may now have a hydrogen


But the question remains, what can the world do about it?


Sanctions have been tried and have failed.


Maybe it is now time for the world to engage with North Korea but it's


very hard to see how any Western leader can engage with a regime that


UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon described North Korea's behaviour


On the ground, the nuclear test announced by the Democratic People's


Republic of Korea on the 6th of January is deeply troubling.


This test once again violates numerous Security Council


resolutions despite the united call by the international community


It is also a grave contravention of the international norm


This act is profoundly destabilising for regional security and seriously


undermines international nonproliferation efforts.


Turkish police have confiscated more than 1000 fake life jackets made


for migrants wanting to cross the Aegean Sea to Greece.


In a raid on a workshop in the port of Izmir,


they say they found life jackets stuffed with packaging rather


About 1264 of these fake life jackets, pictures show the police


inside the workshop. The life jackets were piled all around. The


police asked one of the workers, how long will they survive in the water?


The worker said, all I did was stitch it together. He says they


were able to make the jackets for about $1 apiece and they might be


sold for more than that but they would have provided no protection


whatsoever to anyone who bought them. We understand that particular


workshop had been in operation for two weeks. We don't know exactly how


many they wouldn't sold migrants. Looking at the pictures, how


professional does it seem? It looks from those pictures pretty


ramshackle. Another detail the police have told us as they believe


to underage Syrians, girls, were also working there, perhaps ditching


the life jackets together as well for their fellow migrants. But there


is no suggestion this was a Syrian run operation. The suggestion was


that this was run in Turkey, selling those jackets to mostly Syrians or


Afghans. The German Interior Minister,


Thomas de Maiziere, has strongly criticised the police


for their handling of sex attacks by gangs of men during new year


celebrations in Cologne. At least 100 women say


they were assaulted There've only been a handful


of arrests so far. Witnesses say the attackers were


North African or Arab in appearance. Last night these women came together


to support those who had Starting on the square in front


of Cologne Cathedral, Measures should be taken and we


should show solidarity amongst each other against violence.


Starting on the square in front of Cologne Cathedral,


hundreds then made their way through the city where dozens


of women were sexually harassed, assaulted and mugged on New Year's


Jenny had a firecracker put into her jacket and then her phone stolen.


TRANSLATION: Then I heard a sizzling sound in my hood and I tried to get


it out of my hood and then it fell into my jacket


The attackers who also targeted this area outside the main station


are described as young men of Arab or North African appearance


which has led to anti-migrant campaigners claiming this is proof


Germany is letting in too many refugees.


One woman who was there though said they looked like regular pickpockets


and leaders are urging people not to come to foregone conclusions,


TRANSLATION: This morning, we developed measures which prevent


It is also important that we don't let it take away from celebrating


carnival because of such incidents. Despite there being no


suspects or arrests, the event has clearly


shocked so many. Police now need to find out


who was behind the assaults, First of all, where are we with the


dimension of crime. First of all, where are we with the


police investigation? Today we got the information that for young men


have been arrested. They have African roots, North


have been arrested. They have To have been free again


have been arrested. They have evidence was not strong enough.


Those four men have been caught pickpocketing but there is also


evidence pickpocketing but there is also


sexual harassment as well. But even though they are migrants, there is


no organised crime. The police deny any


the angle we are seeing. The organised crime. The police deny any


of the attacks themselves but also at the handling of this by the


authorities. Well, the problem is most of those women were not


directly from Cologne but tourists. It took awhile to collect all the


reports and get the full picture. The question is, why are there so


many people in those small places? It is always happening in big


events, the example New Year's Eve or Carnival which is up. This is a


problem, but too many people gather in small places and you cannot


control what is going on. There is a certain amount of anger. You can see


on social media but the fact that this story would normally make


headline news straightaway but only really started to emerge a days


later. That's correct. The police first reported directly on the 1st


of January that everything was fine and all the information came in


later because it took a while to collect the reports to get the full


picture. Not everybody went to the police directly. Right now, women go


to the police to say, this happen to us as well. We realise that in


Dusseldorf in hamburg, the feeling is that most of the women were not


going to the police directly because maybe they were ashamed not sure but


now that it is getting bigger and bigger, more and more women are


going to the police as saying, this thing happened to me. Are people


accusing the authorities of being too reluctant to publicise what is


going on in this investigation because of fears of sensitivities


over immigration, given the number of refugees that Germany is taking


in and debate around that? The police are accused of acting too


slow to coordinate and they did not have a good overview of the


situation and also, the head of the police in Cologne is reluctant to


leave. The discussion is very big about refugees. There is no proof


those attackers were refugees but they look like migrants so it is


still a discussion that the right-wing populists use for their


thoughts. Thank you for taking the time to put to us in Cologne.


In Washington, a White House spokesman said its initial analysis


of North Korea's nuclear test was inconsistent with Pyongyang's


claim to have successfully exploded a hydrogen bomb.


What is true is that North Korea continues to be one of the most


isolated nations in the world. And their isolation has only deepened as


they have sought to engage in increasingly provocative acts. These


include not just nuclear tests but some ballistic missile tests that


have attracted attention over the years as well.


Let's hear now from the BBC's Aleem Maqbool in Washington.


Interesting to have all permanent members of the Security Council


standing as one over this. That is how it appeared an hour ago and


certainly the statement that came out of the Security Council looked


that way. It called this a threat to international peace and that there


was a unanimous feeling that something had to be done immediately


in terms of imposing further measures on North Korea to ensure it


did not continue to violate Security Council resolutions. Since then, we


have heard from different ambassadors to the UN, firstly the


Japanese ambassador. It was interesting to listen to him.


Japan's efforts to engage with North Korea, to economically cooperate


with North Korea, and saying that did not work, so was time to impose


further sanctions. Then we heard from Russia's ambassador, saying it


was going too far that Russia supported further sanctions but what


we have heard is that during that meeting, nobody disagreed or voiced


their opposition to further sanctions. Somewhat unified response


from the Security Council but as well as these measures, the Security


Council is talking about coming up with individual countries looking to


impose further measures on North Korea. A lot of people will look at


Beijing, which has condemned this act by North Korea to look to see if


Beijing will put its own economic pressure on North Korea. How have we


seen China's stance change regarding North Korea, especially what it said


straight after this announcement? Well, North Korea has been defying


Beijing for some time. There were six party talks to try and end North


Korea's nuclear development but North Korea pulled out of those and


in spite of Beijing's efforts to try and engage more with North Korea, we


have had the North Korean leader rejected invitations to go to


Beijing, for example, and now this. And we have heard that China did not


know that this test would take place and Beijing has condemned this test.


So it does appear that Beijing has certainly been angered by this and


the question is, does North Korea care about that? You heard the White


House spokesman saying it is one of the most isolated country's honour


but that has not stopped it continuing its nuclear development


and it would have known in doing this what only members of the UN


Security Council and its neighbours and one of its only allies in


Beijing, that it has not stopped it. It will be interesting to see what


kind of measures the UN comes up with, or individual countries come


up with, that will have any kind of response from North Korea in terms


of its stopping its nuclear development.


Iranian diplomats have left Saudi Arabia amidst a fierce


diplomatic row between the two countries.


Meanwhile, the Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, has called for those


who attacked the Saudi embassy in the Iranian capital to be


prosecuted swiftly in what appears to be an attempt to keep


The latest developments follow Saturday's execution by the Saudis


So what impact this could have on the world?


Saudi Arabia and Iran are the rival military power in regional conflicts


which have killed hundreds of thousands. They view themselves as


defenders of Sunni and Shia Islam respectively and mean the tensions


between them are fuelling sectarian divisions across the Middle East.


The country is not at all directly but fighting on opposite sides


elsewhere in proxy wars. Both countries are crucial to any


solution to the war in Syria. Iran is a key ally of President Assad was


Saudi Arabia supports rebels trying to overthrow him. There was a big


breakthrough last year. The Saudis drop their objections to Tehran


involved in negotiations but the recent breakdown in dangerous UN


involved in negotiations but the and run would be at the main table


but it is hard to see any credible deal be made without their consent.


Iran could also deal be made without their consent.


affected. -- Iraq. Anything that increases


affected. -- Iraq. Anything that it even harder to build on success


and it even harder to build on success


soul, vital if Islamic State is to be defeated.


soul, vital if Islamic State is to campaign to stop the Sufis taking


power. Recently, the Saudi led coalition and the end of a ceasefire


that neither side had either observed so will this row push both


sides further apart now? Tensions have also increased in Lebanon where


the spill-over from the Syrian war has heightened sectarian rifts in


recent years. Countries have been without a President since May 20 14.


Recent efforts to elect one had been derailed so the breakdown between


the Saudi kingdom and an is already having huge consequences throughout


the Middle East and that means intern that the whole world will be


profoundly affected. Coca-Cola has apologised


to the people of Russia and Ukraine after a map in its New Year


advertising campaign ended up In its greeting on a social media


website, the soft drinks company published a festive map of Russia


in Coca-Cola's trademark red and white colours but the map


excluded Crimea, the Ukrainian Stung by a barrage of Russian


criticism over the omission, Coca-Coca republished


the map including Crimea. Coca-Cola has blamed its Russia


marketing agency for adding Crimea The French conductor and composer


Pierre Boulez has died He was famous for never


using a baton and had celebrated stints with orchestras on both


sides of the Atlantic. He also had a passion


for experimentation Here he is conducting a BBC


orchestra in Russia in 1967 with one 2015 was a momentous year for space


exploration with high-profile missions to Pluto and Ceres giving


us unprecedented images but what does this


year hold in store? Rebecca Morelle looks


to the skies for answers. I am the BBC's science


correspondence and these are my top space stories to look out for in


2016. Nasa's Juno spacecraft is closing in on Jupiter. It is not the


first time we visited the solar system's biggest planet but this


probe gets us closer than ever before. It will look in detail at


Jupiter's polar regions as well as the planet's giant red spots, a


colossal storm which has been raging on the surface of years. 2016 could


also be the year that we get the first direct evidence of


gravitational waves. They are ripples of energy that distort the


fabric of space and time at these were predicted by Einstein. Now


scientists in America and Italy had been switched on. They believe this


could be our best chance ever seen these cosmic curiosities for the


first time. The Falcon heavy rocket. A US company tried to launch its


giant rocket up into space. If it succeeds, it will become the most


powerful operational launch in the world. It has got a triple set of


boosters and can carry a very hefty 53 tonnes of cargo. It could also


take humans into orbit in the future. The XO Mars mission.


Europe's last mission to Mars was in 2003. It carried the ill-fated


rocket but now the European Space Agency is going back. It launches in


March. It will look for signs of life. It will also land a probe on


the planet's servers to test the technology for a roller -- rover


that will set down. And finally, Fairwater Rosetta. Remember the


excitement of the 2014 mission where scientists made history by landing a


probe on a comet? In 2016, the spectacular mission comes to an end.


The team will attempt to land the mothership. It will most likely kill


the spacecraft that gained last blast data, helping the mission to


go out with a bang. Photographs have been released of Prince George to


mark his first day at nursery. The slabs were taken by his mother, the


Duchess of Cambridge. They were taken near the family home in


Norfolk. The couple are staying in Norfolk but not when they are in


residence at Kensington Palace in London.


Next the weather but for now, from me, Karin Giannone,


Still looks pretty unsettled over the next few days. Further spells of


wind and rain. We will take a look at the satellite sequence which


shows a lot of cloud coming in from the Atlantic. It is rain bearing


cloud and


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