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I'm Nualka McGovern with BBC World News.


Our top story - on the anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo attack,


police in Paris shoot and kill a man with a knife


The man was carrying an Islamic State emblem as he tried


to get into the police station with a knife.


Shocking images from the Syrian town of Madaya, under siege by government


The UN says aid will now be allowed to go through.


The Shanghai Exchange is suspended for the second time in a week -


And we speak with the award winning South African artist


Marcus Neustetter on a visit to the Museum of African


There's been a shooting in Paris exactly a year to the day that


Islamist gunmen killed 12 people in an assault


A man armed with a knife and wearing a fake suicide vest was shot dead


as he tried to attack a police station.


Prosecutors say he was carrying a piece of paper bearing the emblem


We can bring you some pictures. This is Place de la Republique. It has


just gone 8pm in Paris. As they have done over the past year, they have


left flowers, candles to pay their respects and remember victims of


terror attacks in their city. That is here now from our Paris


correspondence. In northern Paris today, the now


familiar feeling of France coming under attack. Exactly one year since


gunmen burst into the offices of Charlie Hebdo, a lone assailant


armed with a kitchen knife. Just after 1130 this morning, he


approached the police station here in the capital's 18th district where


officers shot him dead. TRANSLATION: They told him to get back and he did


but then he stepped towards them again. They warned him once more. He


lifted his arms and they shot him three times. On his body, a harmless


home-made device made to look like a suicide belt. And say police, and


image of the flag used by Islamic State. Some eyewitnesses say the man


shouted Allahu Akbar as he ran towards the police station. This


time the only cos was the attacker himself but on the anniversary of


the shootings at Charlie Hebdo, it is a reminder of the threat France


still faces one year on. News of the assault trickled through the lines


of police officers gathered at their Paris headquarters today. They had


come to hear President: the paid tribute to three of their colleagues


killed in last January's attacks. Hard to imagine that it would just


be the beginning. TRANSLATION: We are now facing hardened fighters who


have decided to kill even at the cost of their own lives. Their


attacks are coordinated from abroad ordered by the Organisation called


Islamic State. That is why I say that we are at war. Charlie Hebdo


itself marked today's anniversary with a special edition aimed at none


other than God himself. It is a pointed headline, the killer is


still out there. Investigators don't yet know what links if any today's


attacker may have had with jihadists networks, but amid this week's


commemorations, Paris is remembering its victims with a sound of sirens


once again bringing through its streets.


Our correspondent in Paris Hugh Schofield says the timing


of the attempted attack was significant.


The timing was extraordinary but in retrospect probably no coincidence


that all that it was just as President Hollande was speaking in


the barracks of the police that this man struck in the 20 macro


neighbourhood in the north. In fact when you look at the timing it was


possibly extremely significant. It was 1130 when this man struck and it


was 1130 exactly a year ago that they Kouachi brothers appeared and


launched their attack with all that followed that we know. It was a


reminder of how precarious things still are. This was an attack of a


completely different nature, obviously from the Charlie Hebdo


attacks and also the November 13 attacks which were planned and


involved large numbers of people. This was a lone figure, he might


have had some accomplices but pretty feeble, the most he could have


expected that it was perhaps kill one police officer before being


killed himself. He did not succeed in any of that but it is a reminder


that Jihadism and the threat calls in all cases from the very big


coordinated attacks to this which may just have been something which a


lone figure cooked up by himself under the influence of all the


propaganda coming out of Syria. Michel Platini has said


that he is withdrawing his bid to become the next president of FIFA


- the governing body of world Platini's bid to take football's top


job had been put on hold because of a payment he received


from current president, Both men were initially suspended


by FIFA for 90 days before being banned for eight years last


month for a conflict of interest over the $1.35 million payment -


which is also the subject of a criminal investigation


in Switzerland. He is appealing his suspension and


insists he has done no wrong. The United Nations says it's taking


action as a terrible humanitarian crisis is worsening on the border


between Syria and Lebanon. It says the Syrian government has


agreed to allow humanitarian aid to the besieged town of Madaya


where people are reported There've been urgent calls in recent


days for aid to be allowed in. People are also reported to be


eating grass to survive in the government-held Foah


and Kefraya, in the north-west. Our Middle East correspondent


Jim Muir reports. You may find some of the pictures


in his report distressing. This is the grim result of a siege


that has gone on for six months, with no food at all reaching the


town of Madaya since October. This little boy give his name is


Muhammad. We believe these pictures show him talking to a doctor


recently. He said it has been a whole week since he had anything at


all to it. What would he like most, he was asked? Something sweet, he


said. You are not hungry, we are, shocked and angry man at a fighter.


said. You are not hungry, we are, Conditions at the blockade town have


got even worse with the arrival of winter. Back in October when the


last food got in, things were already bad enough. We saw a huge


lack of basic needs such as food, water, and medicine. We couldn't


access Madaya or other areas since October 2015, so yes, the situation


is extremely dire, we are very concerned. The plight of Madaya has


prompted angry demonstrations by sympathisers in other rebel held


areas further north. This man warned that if the siege of Madaya was not


lifted, to government held villages besieged by the levels would be


attacked and destroyed. That threat has been


military commanders, under an military commanders, under an


both Madaya and the two villages. Now the Government has given the


green light for aid supplies to Now the Government has given the


come in a matter of days but both sides will have to cooperate if it


is to work. It's the worst bomb attack in Libya


since the fall of Muammar Gaddafi. More than 50 people are reported


to have been killed at a police Reports say hundreds of recruits had


gathered there just It comes at a time when there's


concern that Islamic State militants Let's get more from our world


affairs correspondent It was in this former military


compound in Zlitan that the huge bomb was detonated. At least 300


police recruits who had gathered bomb was detonated. At least 300


here in the morning were cut down in the explosion which was heard miles


away. It the explosion which was heard miles


bomber. TRANSLATION: This recruit who survived the attack said a


bomber had driven a truck at high speed through the gate, and thence


came the explosion. There were so many casualties that hospitals


across the region, including here in Miss Rutter, were needed to deal


with what is believed to be the worst bomber that in Libya since the


fall of the Gaddafi regime five years ago. This morning, Thursday,


we received a number of wounded from the police academy. TRANSLATION: The


injuries range from moderate to serious and critical. The attack in


Zlitan which lies near the coast not far from the capital Tripoli could


have been carried out by far from the capital Tripoli could


many Libyan militias or a criminal gang or jihadists. Fighters from the


group calling itself Islamic State have been steadily expanding their


influence in Libya. These pictures apparently showing an attack this


week on a vital oil depot on the coast. And this, the aftermath.


Several storage tanks containing more than 2 million barrels of oil


still ablaze. Despite the efforts of local firefighting teams.


TRANSLATION: I appeal to the national oil company and also the


United Nations. If there is any kind of response, even if it was just a


little help, as we are facing a disaster, environmental and


economic. While it is known that so called Islamic State was behind the


attack here, so far no group has admitted carrying out there is no's


bombing which killed and injured so many police recruits in Zlitan. What


is beyond doubt is that Libya's descent into chaos continues


unabated. A leaked police report written


immediately after the New Year's Eve sex attacks in Cologne reveals


that there were significant numbers of Afghan, Syrian and Iraqi asylum


seekers in the crowd that night. Speak like that is according to


German media reports. It's not clear whether the migrants


were involved in the attacks. Some 121 women have filed criminal


complaints to say they were sexually And to get more on this story,


let's cross to Viviane Teitelbaum in Good to have you with us. How are


you seeing this story? What do you feel we really need to know? Well,


first of all I want to say that at the European woman's lobby and women


all over Europe are very concerned by what has happened, because it is


really something that is shameful. It is an outrage, and sexual


harassment or sexual crimes can never be a collateral damage to


anything or to any cause, and so I think the first thing that is very


important is to find the perpetrators and to punish those who


organised those different crimes under different scenes. They have


dropped you for a moment? What do you mean that these -- may I


interrupt you? What do you mean by they may have been collateral


damage? It has been said in that way by the Mayor in Germany asking women


may be to back off and behave differently. I think we have to be


very careful on that. Women today are in the 21st-century and should


be able to live the way they want to live, day or night, behave the way


they want to behave, dressed the way they want to dress. It can never be


something that we put in danger today. We can ask women to live


differently and we cannot say that it may be a consequence of any event


in the world. Equality between men and woman is something we want to


reach for in every country in the world. With this particular case,


and Angela Merkel did come under a lot of criticism for her comments,


code of conduct it was cold, what do you want to see happen with this kit


next? We are beginning to get reports of some information or


arrests being done. I think maybe the first thing is that we need to


realise how important it is to fight violence against women, to see how


important it is to react every time something happens. We know that one


woman out of three in the world is over will be a victim of sexual


harassment, sexual assault. So, we cannot on the one hand look cat that


happening, not reacting, -- look at that happening, on an european


level, to fight that violence against women but then on the other


hand say it, this cannot happen, we look at this and then we feel that


something is wrong. Yes, there are a lot of things going on that wrong


regarding equality and the strategy against violence against women. In


Europe every day, seven women die because of violence against women.


With this particular case, as you have seen no doubt, the police chief


and his team have said they need to rethink their strategy, because they


were unprepared I think most would say for this incident, which


happened in more cities than in Cologne in Germany on a smaller


scale. Do you trust that the police in this case will be able to combat


a crime like this in this context? Well, at this point, I would like to


say yes, but they don't think any woman in Europe and probably not in


Germany can at this point be sure of that, because I don't think police


forces get enough training on those issues when women are assaulted many


times, they don't have the procedure is, they don't have to deal with it,


and sold to many times it is something that is disregarded. So,


maybe the first thing to do here is to ask police to be capable of


reacting and capable of acknowledging what is going on and


then put procedures into place to be able to deal with it. Thank you very


much. Those details are still evolving from a story which we will


keep putting across. It has been another day, and the markets.


China's Sokol circuit breaker mechanism was triggered for a second


time in a week and this meant it was automatically halted because shares


plummeting so quickly. It was all over today in 30 minutes. China's


shortest trading day in history and the circuit breaker is triggered


when stocks tumble below 7% but now there are concerns it may be making


things worse so China says. Using the circuit breaker. So, what


exactly has the global knock on effect been from China's problems?


Tanya Beckett explains. Markets around the world were jolted after


circuit breakers in China kicked in to prevent panic selling of stocks.


It was the second time in four days. China's currency has plunged to its


lowest level in 4.5 years. The news from China rippled through global


markets, sending the oil price to a fresh 11 year low, then it $33 a


barrel by Brent crude. All this has spooked investors and stock markets


across Asia, Europe and the United States fell sharply. Add into the


gloom the World Bank has cut its global economic forecast for this


year. It blames the weaker performance of emerging markets.


With US interest rates on the rise, it is the economists could find


themselves caught in a choppy economic waters.


A short time ago, that is a Business Correspondent give this analysis.


Regulators in China announced that they would be suspending the circuit


breakers as of January the 8th, tomorrow. Don't forget that these


were first introduced back in December following the aftermath of


a massive loss on the Chinese stock market. But it only really came into


effect early this week on Monday, the first trading day of 2016. As


you are saying just a few minutes ago, we saw very clearly what


happened as a result of these circuit breaker mechanism is coming


into place. I think they really made investors very anxious. Many trees


are absurd that we just heard from reflecting those concerns and so


those regulators there have decided to scrap them for now. We talked


about this shortest day of trading, just 30 minutes. Will it have


long-term consequences? I think what is really important to remember is


what all this anxiety is telling us about how investors are feeling


about the Chinese economy. It should not come as a surprise to anyone


that the economy is slowing down. The Government has been saying that


for some time and that it needs to transition from a manufacturing


state led investment type of economy to one that is dependent on


services. The problem is earlier this week, we received data from the


Chinese economy saying that even the services sector is slowing down,


earlier today the Government, the central bank, reduced the price of


the currency and I think that has anyone concerned about what the next


move is. The Polish president has signed


a controversial law giving the government control


over state TV and radio. Under the new legislation,


senior figures in public radio and television will be appointed


and sacked by the treasury minister. The EU's executive body -


the European Commission - has expressed concerns over media


freedom but the Polish government TRANSLATION: It is important to the


president that Polish state media is impartial, credible and objective.


The president has carefully examined all the proposals, views and


objections that have been received by the presidency or published by


the media. The president believes strongly that the state media as to


preserve public mission. That is why the president signed the radio and


TV law. Let's talk to Maciej Czajkowski,


who works at Poland's public Good to have you with us. First of


all, it is this set in stone or can it be appealed? No, it can't. The


situation is really surreal, just to understand what does it mean for us,


it is like George Osborne getting to decide who is going to run and


published television and radio. Basically, we are facing up to the


situation that cannot be changed at the moment. Obviously, all


unfriendly journalists who are working for Polish television, they


are expecting to be asked to leave. For our global listeners, or


viewers, I would say, like a Finance Secretary or Treasury Secretary


making the decision, as you say. How will it affect you directly, as you


work at the television station, do you believe? Probably, I will lose


my job and for another one, which is maybe not a problem... Let me stop


you there for one second, you really think you will lose your job? Why? I


think so, even if I will be kept, if they were asked me to stay, I do not


wish to work for the television public broadcaster which is run by


the Government directly. The only important thing and the most


important thing for me. We are supposed to be a democratic mother


and country and Poland is a fantastic country. It is a fantastic


nation. I hope that Polish people will see what is happening really


and they will put pressure on the Government, and they will need to


make some changes. At the moment, we cannot appeal at all, no. Thank you


very much. Speaking to us from Warsaw today on that new Law brought


in by the Government of Poland. The award winning South African


artist Marcus Neustetter works with light-creating massive


installations in places where darkness is often


associated with crime, poverty and his country's


legacy of apartheid. He's been visiting the Museum


of African Art in Washington DC, where the BBC's Jane O'Brien


caught up with him. I'm like a scientist has discovered


a new planet. On the surface of a new Korean. Most people visit


museums were the objects on display, but Marcus Neustetter prefers


playing with shadows behind the scenes. I am entering a space that


has a lot of mystery unknown to them, and my mission is about


exploring these imaginary worlds that reveal themselves. But how do


you work with light? I feel that if we can interact and hold and


facilitate and moved light around, we can take control of what right


does. We can throw light in the air, or on the floor. The act of doing


that really gets you involved in making the artwork. A winner at the


2015 world technology award for art, Marcus Neustetter is trying to


overcome negative perceptions of darkness and the very real danger it


poses for people living in the dark. The notion of darkness is associated


with not having light or power, power being literal and otherwise.


It is actually a form of a lack of development or a fear factor that


comes with it. Darkness and silence at places of uncertainty are usually


associated with any sense of darkness, so I am dropping a little


bit of light into it and it changes the interaction with people have


with their context and hopefully the way they see the city. The idea is


to help South Africans tell their own stories. There are pre-dinosaur


footprints that are embedded in the ground and there is a museum that


speaks of these predators were footprints and the dinosaurs and


then kind of skips a whole timeline. There is this gap that doesn't talk


about the kind of communities that are being ignored in that context.


And so using this, he drew the dinosaur footprint and the youth


group were performing a real dance and this links culturally


traditional lead to the place. What you see in the image are kids


wearing lights while they dance in the document. But darkness isn't


always bad, for some it is even a commodity. To be in a place of


darkness is actually a privilege. We know this ourselves. All the time we


are looking at lights, advertising is flashed that you, it is fantastic


to walk into town Square to be bombarded by light but to remove


yourself is sometimes very hard, how do you teach people that actually


being in that place is a good thing? Sometimes you shed light on it in


order to show that the darkness can be good.


Now, a reminder of the news that has broken. Michel Platini has said that


he is withdrawing his bid to be the next president of Fifa. His bid to


take the top job had been put on hold because of a payment that he


received from the current President Sepp Blatter are back in 2011. Both


men have been suspended for eight years by the Fifa ethics committee.


You can find more on that story on the website. Just click on the sport


tab. That is all from this programme for now. You will get the weather in


a few minutes time. For now, goodbye for now.


Good evening. It has been raining for days and days in the north-east


of Scotland. A rain warning remains in force until tomorrow morning.


That rain could see this weather font that is slowly moving north. It


turns colder tonight. You could see a touch of ice and


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