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This is BBC World News Today with me, Tim Willcox.


The headlines: Cologne tries to restore public trust


The city's police chief Wolfgang Albers is suspended


as anger mounts over the New Year's Eve mass sexual assaults.


Belgian police believe this flat's a bomb factory and hideout used


by one of the jihadists after last November's Paris attacks.


Mexico's most notorious drug lord, Joaquim Guzman, has been recaptured.


Also coming up: We investigate the horrific violence in Burundi.


An eyewitnesses tells us about the brutality meted out


They say, open, open, if you don't open we will shoot. They hit my


husband and my little girl cried out, you're going to kill us.


And no drinks good, one drink bad - Britain issues tough


After days of public outcry, the head of Cologne's police force,


Wolfgang Albers, has been forced to step down over his handling


of attacks on women on New Year's Eve.


121 women were the victims of sexual assault and robbery in front


Police have now identified 31 suspects and say almost two-thirds


It's re-ignited the debate in Germany over how it can cope


with one million migrants and refugees.


But the local state minister wants the police investigation


TRANSLATION: My decision is necessary now because public trust


in the police needs to be restored and the police needs to regain its


ability to act efficiently. The Cologne police department now has a


massive task of fully investigating the New Year's Eve events. The


public wants to know what happened, who the attackers were and how to


prevent this in the future. Our Germany correspondent Jenny Hill


reports from Cologne. Germany is confronting a new reality


- on New Year's Eve in Cologne nearly 100 women were


sexually assaulted. Authorities now admit some


of the men who attacked them Today Cologne's police chief


was sacked amid allegations TRANSLATION: There are suggestions


that the wording of a police report was changed for political


reasons So does this man, Adil,


a Yazidi from Iraq fears reprisals. Anti-refugee violence


was already on the increase. New Year's Eve has inflamed


a sensitive national debate TRANSLATION: I believe


these were new refugees because people who have been


here a long time wouldn't do this. These people come to Germany


and then commit these acts, There are calls for more


CCTV in public places. A poll today found one in three


Germans will now TRANSLATION: I don't feel that


safe after what happened at New Year, but I think if you can


defend yourself you should be OK. There is a large influx


of immigrants coming in but I think if you go about with a trusting


heart and make sure you regard these as single incidents,


it should be OK. Today in Cologne city authorities


pledged to rebuild trust But officers have yet to charge


anyone over the attacks and many wonder what it will cost


to keep Germany's doors open. The BBC's Damien McGuinness


joins us from Berlin. Is anything urging about how this


was organised? That is the real question because although it is


thought the men came in organised groups, what is not clear is whether


they came with the intent of the very or sexual assault because what


seems to have happened is that women were singled out within the crowd,


surrounded by large groups of men, maybe ten or 20, who ganged up on


them and post them and robbed them and then in some cases also


conducted sexual assault, but what is not clear is the initial


motivation because this area around Cologne Cathedral is known as an


area rife with pickpockets, so the fact people would lose their mobile


phones or bags is not surprising, what is shocking is the level of


sexual assault because we are now seeing, according to latest


testaments, as many as 200 women have reported some sort of abuse of


incident, whether loss of desertion or asexual incident. Allegations of


a conspiracy of silence, not only the police but stayed roared


casters, national broadcasters, why they were so slow -- state


broadcasters. It is quite clear that what the police did was out of order


and this was why the police chief of Cologne, Wolfgang Albers, has been


pushed today. That is a result of public outrage because people say


the police didn't protect women sufficiently on site on New Year's


Eve, there were not enough police officers and allegations that


reinforcements were not accepted from other neighbouring regions in


the aftermath was also oddly handled by the lease because they sent out a


message saying it all past his filly which it clearly did not. There were


allegations of a cover-up because there are allegations asylum seekers


may be involved. It is unclear what happened with the media, partly the


fact there were a few days holiday after New Year's Eve, the country


effectively closes down so there are a few journalists and it went under


the radar. Journalists did not pick up on that lease reports because


they were slow. We also hear that from far right groups there are


always conspiracy erase that the German state tries to push out far


right dissent and that is part of the debate now here in Germany.


Thank you, Damian. Cologne is not the only city


in Europe to claim to have suffered a spate of sexual attacks


during New Year's Eve. We can go to another now,


and Ilkka Koskimaki who is the deputy Police


Commissioner of Finnish capital You have been talking about


unprecedented crime levels on New Year's Eve. What in particular? We


had news in Helsinki that some incident committed by asylum seekers


on years eve and we had also background last autumn, we had a lot


of this kind of sexual harassment in Helsinki and even had some


aggravated, very brutal rape cases and these were committed by asylum


seekers. The people who have been charged, have you charged anyone


with these crimes and can you categorically say they were carried


out by asylum seekers? Yes, I can categorically say these suspects


were Iraqis. They select did victims, very into cicadas ladies


and young ladies -- in toxic it'd ladies. You had information about


this and put extra police on the streets. Tell us how that


information came about. We got this information from reception centres


and we had also other information. That they were planning to do this?


Yes, our information was that some asylum seekers were planning some


disturbance, even this kind of crime. Thank you. Finland having the


fourth highest number of asylum seekers and refugees are capita in


the EU. A man arrested in the United States


after shooting a police officer had pledged allegiance to


so-called Islamic State, The unnamed 30-year-old fired


at least 11 shots at the police officer in Philadelphia,


leaving him with severe injuries. The man later told the police he had


carried out the attack The Police Commissioner said


the injured officer - who will need multiple surgery -


had been lucky to survive. This is one of the scariest things I


have seen. This guy tried to execute the police officer, who had no idea


he was coming, it's amazing he is alive.


Police in Belgium have found traces of explosives,


three handmade belts, and the finger print of a key


The evidence is a direct link to Salah Abdeslam and it was found


during a raid on a flat in Brussels last month.


Well, our correspondent in Brussels, Gavin Lee's been telling me


This came from the federal prosecutor in Belgium who said this


single anger print was found in the third-floor apartment about three


miles north of Brussels, there was also traces of explosives and


manufactured home made belts that were apparently used to transport


the explosives. The theory the investigators are working on is that


Brussels attackers link to the Harris attacks, of which we know


there were at least four attackers, they were using this lace to prepare


explosives before the attacks. After the attacks, Sala Abdul Salam


briefly stayed at this place. We know he was dropped off at this


place, that was the last sighting of him and security experts believe for


a brief variant he may have stayed in this flat. He hasn't been seen


since, he is still on the wanted list form els and French police.


French authorities said weeks ago they believed a significant amount


of planning for the resin attacks were based in Brussels. Abdul Salaam


was one of two brothers involved, his older brother was killed in the


attacks and the morning after he drove from Paris to Brussels, we


know he was stopped and checked I police, he got through and on the


morning he was taken into cars to this area. It also emerged that


friends of him who were now being questioned by Belgian Daugherty 's


claim he called them on Skype the week after and said she was being


monitored by French and Belgian officials on one side and I guess


militants on the other who were unhappy he had not set off his


suicide belt and he was trying to leave first area, and that is where


the trace goes cold. The Mexican President,


Enrique Pena Nieto, has announced that the country's most notorious


druglord, Joaquim Guzman, known as "El Chapo"


has been recaptured. Guzman escaped six months ago


from a high security prison through a tunnel which led


from his cell to a building around This is quite a coup for the


president, one of Mexico's most wanted men. Yes, he has had the


Mexican Marines in the north-west state, and extensive operation ever


since the escape last July, so he said in his suite -- his tweet,


mission accomplished, we got him. He is a billionaire, originally


sentenced to prison in the 1990s and this is the second time he escaped.


Talk us through how he escaped. Guzman was first arrested in what


Allah in 1993 and spent a decade in a Mexican jail before escaping with


the laundry basket and he was on the run fourth 13 years before he was


held again in 2014. Last time he got through a tunnel out of the prison.


You might remember those pictures, and air-conditioned tunnel with a


motor bike to take down the tunnel, a kilometre and a half long haul


from the shower area inside his self to a building outside the prison. Is


he still in charge of the cartel, is it still a cartel rolling the drug


wars of Messaggero? -- Mexico? We do not know where he is captured but it


is likely it was in that area where he has his henchmen and his


organisation is based. Thank you. Now to Burundi, where hundreds have


died in violence since the president announced he would be running


for a third term last year. The most deadly attack happened


in December when armed insurgents The government says 87


of them were killed. But evidence is emerging that


many of those who died were unarmed, and that they were shot several


hours after the rebel attack. The BBC spoke to witnesses,


and found freshly-dug graves TRANSLATION: I saw a lot of soldiers


and policemen and men without uniforms


but with big sticks. This mother of three says


that on December 11th, several hours after


a rebel attack, security forces showed up at her family home


in an opposition neighbourhood. TRANSLATION: Then they started


forcing the door, saying, "Open, open, if you don't


open we'll shoot!" They whacked my husband with sticks


and my little girl cried, They went from door to door,


threatening to kill us, saying we were going to organise


another protest, another coup. This is what they woke


up to the next day. Human rights groups say at least 150


civilians were killed in reprisals This man's ID card


says he was a teacher. The dogs had eaten


some of the bodies. The police came hours later


to take the bodies away. We don't know where


they were buried. Some of the bodies were first


collected by residents and then Hours later, reports


started emerging that We went to look for


one of them on the outskirts This is where some witnesses


told us some of those who were killed in the December 11th


attacks were buried. This is an old cemetery


that isn't used anymore. You can see the mass graves,


there are flies flying around. A resident told us he saw policemen


here the day of the attack He said they shooed locals


away when they tried The government says 87 people


were killed and 45 captured. It says they were all rebels


involved in an attack The army and the police


in Burundi are professional, Justice in Burundi is interested


in getting to know what happened. Some people may be killed


by the attackers but let's wait the results of the


investigation so we Burundians will struggle


to erase from their minds the image of these bodies exposed


for hours in the capital's streets. Emerging rebel movements are a real


threat to the country's stability but the extreme brutality


of the security forces' reaction is unlikely to put a stop


to the cycle of violence. The so-called Islamic State group


says it carried out a truck bombing which left at least 47 people dead


in the western Libyan town of Zlitan The blast targeted


a police training centre. It's the biggest such bombing staged


by IS since it started to expand its presence


in Libya in the past year. The militants claimed the attack


was in revenge for the death The EU Foreign Policy Chief,


Federica Mogherini, who's in Tunisia discussing


a proposed unity government for Libya, said Thursday's attack


was a reminder that Libyans need The best response to terrorism and


especially to Daesh would be, we agreed that, in Libyan response


determined I Libyan unity there can be supported in ways Libyan 's will


determine by the international community and EU, but it has to be


Libyan lead. And based on Libyan unity.


Medics working at refugee camps in the Balkans say they're seeing


a marked increase in the number of refugees falling ill because of


Temperatures have fallen to as low as minus 11 degrees Celsius


Our Global Health Correspondent Tulip Mazumdar has followed migrants


making the journey from the Macedonian border,


through Serbia to the Croatian border.


She sent this report from the town of Shid.


This man, Ibrahim, has travelled from Syria.


He's cold, exhausted and suffering from a painful chest infection.


One-year-old Arizu is also suffering because of the cold.


She's given medicine through a machine


The next morning more people arrive at the border in Macedonia,


ready to walk across the frozen no-man's-land into Serbia.


Despite these cold conditions, or maybe because of them,


Around two kilometres up that way is Serbia,


to make the journey now, the ground is very icy,


and the journey is even more treacherous in these conditions.


This family has already travelled around 2000 kilometres from Syria.


"We are on a journey of death," he tells me.


"We can endure, but I'm worried about the children.


determined to get to Germany, where


and the family have made it safely to the next refugee point.


Medics wrap him in extra warm clothes


The kindness of strangers is overwhelming.


After an overnight bus journey north, the family can finally board


the train to Croatia, but more people follow


in their footsteps, the desperate and weak.


In other news, a cosmetics company in Thailand has apologised for


promoting skin whitening pills using the slogan, you need to be white to


win. It features an actress attribute in her fame to her skin.


The company says it had not meant to convey a discriminatory message.


Bolivia and Peru have committed money to clean up late to the Qatar,


-- lake did attack are, which is home to fish and other species


threatened with extinction, threatened by waste produced by a


Bolivian city. There is no safe level


of drinking - that's according to new guidelines on alcohol issued


by the British government, The latest recommended limits apply


to both men and women equally People should drink no


more than the equivalent of seven pints of average strength


beer or seven standard glasses And people should also have several


drink-free days a week. Pregnant


women shouldn't drink at all. Critics say the advice smacks


of "the nanny state" as our Health Editor Hugh Pym


reports. It's certainly stirred up a big


debate over how much it is sensible to drink and whether people need to


be told to cut act on the alcohol they order at the bar or in shops.


The official line now is that there is no such thing


The risk is significant of over drinking to people's


We are advising a low risk amount which is up to 14 units


A key question for most drinkers, how much is it reasonable


There will no longer be any difference between


the recommended maximum amounts men and women might drink in a week.


New guidelines for everyone will mean no


more than 14 units in that time, so what does that look like?


It is equivalent to seven pints of beer or seven medium sized


glasses of wine but if you drink higher strength


brands in both cases, that will mean fewer drinks


On this basis for beer towards the lower end


of the strength range, it is three fewer pints for men


Lucy often drank a bottle of wine a day but after


drinking three in one night she ended up in hospital


She believes drinking has been glamorised and tougher


I grew up in the '90s so I was subjected to the whole


ladette culture and I think women of my generation have been sold


wine is a treat, it is good for you, it is a convivial and with friends


and harms have been played down, even to the extent of promoting red


The guidelines will apply across the UK.


We asked drinkers in Swansea whether they thought the government


People wouldn't take any notice, they will drink what they want.


It is up to the individual whatever they want to drink.


People tend to think they are fine, two or three pints is nothing,


It could be some time before there is any firm evidence


as to whether these tighter guidelines make any difference


to people's behaviour or their health.


A quick reminder of our main story, that the chief of police in the


German city of Cologne has been suspended and made criticism of the


way his force handled allegations of violent crime during New Year's Eve


celebrations, including sexual assault and theft. That's it from


me. Good night. The weekend is upon us and


weather-wise if you have plans for out door is take an umbrella because


there is rain forecast in the form of showers and a noticeable breeze.


We have low pressure


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