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Hello, I'm Philippa Thomas with BBC World News.


Our top story: A scathing report into the conduct of world


But it backs Sebastian Coe as the man to sort out the mess,


saying his predecessor, Lamine Diack, had been the one


responsible for organising and enabling conspiracy and corruption.


My responsibility is to, of course, absorb the lessons of the past


And the changes that I am making, I think, will do that.


A series of explosions and running gun battles in the Indonesian


capital leads residents to run for cover.


The so-called Islamic State says it was behind the Jakarta attack.


Film audiences worldwide certainly loved Alan Rickman.


We look at the career and charisma of the award-winning British actor


Also coming up: The Revenant, starring Leonardo DiCaprio,


Another desperately damaging day for athletics.


A report by the World Anti-Doping Agency, the WADA,


says top officials at athletics' governing body, the IAAF,


must have known about the scale of doping in Russia while it also


detailed the IAAF's bribery and extortion of athletes,


which it says came from the very top.


Investigators believe this is merely the tip of the iceberg. A series of


damaging revelations, blackmail and cover-ups laid bare in a damaging


new report. The former President is facing prosecution in France but the


report authors insist corruption was embedded in the organisation. It


cannot be ignored or dismissed as they tribute to the odd renegade.


The authors also outlined how individuals within the ruling


council must have been aware of the doping concerns and the Law


enforcement of rules. -- nonenforcement. Lord Coe joined that


body in 2007 and has previously insisted he was not aware of the


scale of the problems but today he received crucial backing as the


current President to deliver reform. It is a fabulous opportunity to


seize this opportunity and under It is a fabulous opportunity to


strong leadership to move forward. There is an enormous amount of


reputational recovery that has to occur here and I can't think of


anyone better than Lord Coe to lead that. Lord Coe is now attempting to


rebuild faith in his sport and this evening has acknowledged the past


systemic failings. We needed to know more about that and we didn't and


that was because our corporate governance is were clearly not good


enough and too much power and subsequently malign influence got


into the hands of too few people. The report also claims there may


have been corruption in how World Championship or cities were


selected. The IAAF must now decide how it responds to this latest blow


to its reputation. We're joined now by the our sports


reporter, Alex Capstick. Do you think said co-'s job is


secure here? Certainly his every move will be scrutinised very


closely, given the scale of the problems which had been identified


that have come from within the IAAF. The problems within Russia, doping


on an industrial scale, and now this corruption conspiracy, bribery,


taking place at the very top of the organisation. Sebastien co-'s


predecessor had a very small group that bribed Russian athletes who


were potential... Who had potentially tested positive for


doping and bribe them. The money was sent a company in Singapore and they


were getting away scot-free. sent a company in Singapore and they


have been found out and Lord Coe now has to rebuild the integrity of the


organisation which, at the moment, lies in tatters. He says he's the


man to do that. He arrived today at this press conference which is a


surprise on himself. He was confidence he would not be tainted


by this scandal and he believes he is the man to take this organisation


forward and to take it out of the mess it finds itself in right. This


is a very damning report mess it finds itself in right. This


anyone really pay for the corruption mess it finds itself in right. This


of world athletics? It depends who you are talking about. As far as


Liam Diack is concerned and his son, they are under a police


investigation. It is conducted by the French authorities. We will have


to see how that plays out. The lady leading that organisation was here


today. She gave us an update on their findings so far. Liam Diack


accused of pocketing 1 million euros in bribes. They are in the firing


line but have denied any in bribes. They are in the firing


And then of course Russia itself is in a race against time to get a


clean bill of health before the real Olympics. On Monday, the UN found


horrifying conditions in Syria while delivering aid to the people trapped


there surrounded by government forces. A small convoy is en route


to two towns. The Saudi Foreign Minister,


Adel al-Jubeir, is in London, where he's held talks


with the US Secretary of State, At issue is whether talks with Syria


scheduled for later this month will go ahead after relations


between Saudi and Iran reached Our chief international


correspondent, Lyse Doucet, Can these talks go ahead? Yes. It


was the breakthrough in Saudi Arabia which allowed this progress we are


seeing on the diplomatic and political front and moving towards


the beginning of at least a dialogue on how to end this punishing war in


Syria. Just after the New Year began, Saudi Arabia severed


diplomatic relationships with Iran. Would it affect other issues? When I


sat down with the Saudi foreign ministry in London, that is what I


said. We hope they will. The Syrian opposition was gathered together in


an unprecedented move. All of the factions were represented. They


agreed a platform and vision for Syria. They agreed on what the new


Syria would look like. And they picked their negotiating team. So


now they are ready. It is the regime that has been dragging its feet. We


will see. It said many things before that they did not comply with. We


hope that talks will begin on the 25th so we can launch the process


that will assume power from the regime. That will then move towards


writing in new constitution. We hope that during the interim periods of


this transition period, Bashar al-Assad will exit because he has no


role to play. If the talks go ahead, you will have to sit at the same


table as you are on. Will you be able to work together now you don't


have diplomatic relations? Well, I think that the talks will be between


Syrians and Syrians. We will not be round the table. But we are


committed to the process in Syria, we are committed to what is called


the Geneva principles and principles enshrined in the UN Security Council


resolutions. You have talked with John Kerry. He is possibly leaving


London to go to an announcement that sanctions will be lifted. Did you


have concerns? We have concerns about Iran's behaviour in general.


It is a country that has to decide whether it is a revolution or nation


state. If it is a revolution, it is irrational and impulsive, difficult


to deal with. If it is the nation state, they tend


to deal with. If it is the nation rational actors and they know their


limits and they work on the basis of what is mutually beneficial. With


Iran, we are not sure, we don't know if it is a revolution or nation


state. We hope it will see itself but what we have seen in the last 35


years is a country that has used murder, terrorism, sectarianism,


that has interfered in the affairs of others in the region in a very


destructive and destabilising manner. That is what concerns us.


They also have concerns about you and your behaviour in the region,


your decision to cut off ties. What business does run have on it? It


kills more than 100,000 people a year. That is their business. We


don't know why they are put to death. In our case, it was


transparent. Iran is arguing this man was a man of religion but he was


a terrorist. He was recruiting, inciting, equipping, plotting and


executing terrorist attacks to the death of a number of security


officials. That is why he was sentenced to death. With all due


respect to Iran, they have no business interfering with our


judiciary. The last thing they can say is that Saudi Arabia engage in


any kind of aggression towards them. We had been on the receiving end of


their aggression for decades now. That is a snapshot of the acrimony


there is. Run levels back the same accusations at Saudi Arabia. It


depends on these two big powerhouses finding a better way forward.


A series of explosions and gun attacks has rocked the Indonesian


capital, Jakarta, leaving at least seven people dead.


One explosion hit a branch of Starbucks cafe outside


That was followed by a shooting at a police post and a series


It all took place in a central area of the city, where there are several


From high above, nervous onlookers watched in disbelief


It was a battle in the main street, running through central Jakarta.


Suddenly, there was panic, another bomb.


And the crowds of shoppers and office workers scattered.


The attackers then targeted a police box and engaged offices


At this stage, they had no idea how many gunmen they were dealing with.


One of the perpetrators was caught here, chillingly on camera.


I was riding a motorbike when suddenly, the explosion went


I saw people running away and two people lying


I also saw two people on a motorbike with a backpack


and they are the guys who threw the bomb.


When we got near the Starbucks, there were two pistol shots


followed by more explosions, up to eight.


Then I saw the policeman lying by the traffic lights.


Armoured vehicles were deployed and, within five hours, the authorities


Five of the attackers lay dead along with two of their victims.


But as they gathered evidence from the scene,


Police trying to holdback crowds for fear of further explosions.


We give our condolences on the occurrence of these events.


We condemn actions that disrupt public security and disturb


the peace of the people and sow terror.


Indonesia had been bracing itself for just such an attack


It's been six years since the last major bombing in the city andthat's


But the war in Syria and the rise of Islamic State has reinvigorated


And what we saw today may be the first consequence of that.


Once again, the city finds itself cleaning up after an ambitious


terrorist operation, knowing it could have been a lot


more serious and that there may well be more to come.


And you can get more information about the attacks in Jakarta


We've much more on how the events unfolded,


who carried out the attack and the latest images and video.


Or you can also download the BBC News app from your app store.


Now a look at some of the day's other news:


The World Health Organisation has declared the ebola epidemic


in West Africa is over after no new cases have emerged in Liberia


The outbreak was the worst ever seen, killing over 11,000 people.


The WHO has warned that more flare-ups could still occur.


The share price of the French car manufacturer Renault plunged today


when it emerged the company's offices were searched


Market analysts suggested the search might be linked to the Volkswagen


emissions scandal but Renault said tests on its diesel engines had


found no evidence of emissions-cheating devices.


A French schoolteacher is facing a manslaughter investigation


after leading a group of teenage pupils on a skiing trip


Prosecutors are examining why they were on a slope which had been


Two French students and a Ukrainian tourist were killed in the disaster


The award-winning British actor Alan Rickman has died.


He was 69 and had been suffering from cancer.


He was a star of the stage, TV and cinema, playing compelling


leading roles in films from Harry Potter to Die Hard.


Many of us will know him instantly from his languid diction


His films ranged from the villain in the Hollywood blockbuster


Robin Hood Prince of Thieves to Jane Austin's Sense and Sensibility.


Jamie, the ghost of Truly Madly Deeply.


Harry, breaking Emma Thompson's heart in Love Actually.


And here, at the other end of the acting spectrum,


Cancel the kitchen scraps for lepers and orphans.


And, of course, Snape in Harry Potter.


Alan Rickman could say it all with a single look.


He trained here at Rada more than 40 years ago,


brought up in a west London council estate,


I was one of those students who wasn't sure I could afford


to stay there at one point, I used to have to go out every week


and get an ?8 a week handout to stay there as a student.


Well, my trip to the country to visit my more less immortal aunt...


His extraordinary ability to convey both menace and charm


was at the heart of his breakthrough role with the Royal Shakespeare


In Sense and Sensibility he was directed by Ang Lee.


I just heard this, it is sad news for me.


To Hollywood, he was everything you could want in a villain.


From his friends and fellow actors, there have been many tributes.


Helen Mirren, JK Rowling and Emma Thompson, who said today


He was a man who could fell you with a look, lift


My feet will want to march to where you are sleeping.


The shortlist for this year's Oscars has been announced with the epic


thriller The Revenant, starring Leonardo DiCaprio,


leading the Best Picture field with 12 nominations.


He'll be up against Eddie Redmayne, who's been nominated for his second


Oscar - this time for his role in The Danish Girl.


Our arts editor, Will Gompertz, spoke to Leonardo DiCaprio just


after he found out about his nomination.


Leonardo DiCaprio as fur trapper Hugh Glass...


coming under attack, while plying his trade in America's


It was, you know, an epic art film, it was an experiment in every sense


of the word, and it feels like we pulled something off here.


You give everything you possibly can while you are on the set,


then leave it up to the rest of the world to decide if it's any


good or not and it's gotten a great response,


It's a Western of sorts, an epic tale of endurance made


Did you have any idea when you were making it,


that this film would have the sort of impact it has had?


The weirdest thing for me is that after so many months of seeing


ourselves so full of beards and hair, smelling so bad and dirty,


to see ourselves in tuxedos celebrating with champagne,


will be one of the most funniest moments ever.


DiCaprio's character is mauled by a bear,


left for dead, and has to make his way across 200 miles


He put you through a lot, nine months, terrible weather.


It was like neorealism in a lot of ways, it was like a docudrama.


But that was the exciting thing about the movie, we knew


we were embarking on something incredibly unique.


Everything about this film was big, including the budget overspend.


Was there any point, Alejandro, when two words came into your mind


when you were making this film - Heaven's Gate?


It'll be a hell of a battle in the Best Actors category.


Eddie Redmayne is hoping to repeat last year's successful


for his performance in The Danish Girl.


Other contenders are Matt Damon, Bryan Cranston and Michael


Among other British hopefuls are veteran star Charlotte Rampling,


who has been nominated for Best Actress in


He's supposed to stop her mother, that particular mother


And Kate Winslet was up for Best Supporting Actress


The winners will be announced next month.


Now, it was an audacious jewel theft in London's Hatton Garden.


Valuables worth an estimated ?14 million were stolen in what's


believed to be the largest heist in British history.


Our correspondent, Daniel Sandford, reports.


At first, it seemed like the perfect crime, Britain's biggest burglary,


millions of pounds stolen from under the feet of London's diamonddealers.


But, in fact, the ageing thieves were struggling with infirmity,


even incontinence, and left a trail of CCTV evidence for the flying


Brian Reader, Terry Perkins, Danny Jones and Kenny Collins


Today, Carl Wood and Billy Lincoln were convicted by a jury.


Hugh Doyle was found guilty of helping to move


Like so many infamous crimes, it was plotted in a London pub.


A group of old school thieves planning one last job.


The ageing gang let themselves in through a back door and down


the fire escape before using a lift shaft to crawl


They then bored their way into the vault with a giant


But the smashed alarm still got a signal out.


Security guard Kelvin Stockwell was called from home.


He checked the external doors but, as the police hadn't responded


to the alarm, he left as the drilling continued


The next morning, the gang drove off in their van,


having failed to break into the vault.


But two nights later, they returned, and this time, they got in. We


couldn't resist seeing how easy was to actually get through. I am told


it is possible. It looks very tight. I'm also told the best way to do is


to use the Superman pose. That is difficult. I think you need to be


pushed from behind. OK. Got my hand out now. Once that hand out, it's


possible to crawl out. There out now. Once that hand out, it's


are. The Hatton Garden gang broke into 73 safe deposit boxes and made


off with ?40 million worth of gold, diamonds and jewellery. Many of


their victims were uninsured. He lost hundreds of thousands of


pounds. The police told me that the thieves had broken in. I was


screaming. Look what has happened to me. I still feel dizzy all the time,


I take a lot of medication. At first, the police struggled, but


this distinctive white Mercedes led them to Kenny Collins and then two


infamous thieves. The police put listening devices in two of the


gang's cars. Audio recordings, these were tantamount to confessions by


the gang. As the men tried to move their loot, detectives were watching


and caught them red-handed. All except one. Seen here inside Hatton


Garden is a man the gang called Basil and he is still missing along


with ?10 million. A line coming out of the State


Department saying, the US and Russian foreign ministers are to


meet on the 20th of January in Zurich. Talks must go ahead.


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