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This is BBC World News Today with me, Nuala McGovern.


A clinical trial in France to test a new painkiller has


One man is declared brain dead and another three face


After a week of tough economic news, there's been another sharp fall


Guys, you can start opening your cuff check list to page seven.


A spacewalk to repair parts of the International Space Station


is cut short, after one astronaut reports a water leak in his helmet.


China says it's planning a space mission - to the dark side


A clinical trial of a new drug in France has left one person


brain-dead and another five people in hospital,


The painkiller was being tested in a government-approved laboratory


in Rennes in northwest France and was given to 90 people.


The study has been halted and all the volunteers


Earlier reports that the drug was a cannabis-based painkiller have


The chief neuroscientist says there's no known antidote


to the experimental drug they were testing.


TRANSLATION: Four of the five other patients have neurological problems


of different levels of seriousness.


One patient has no symptoms but is being


carefully watched because of what happen to other patients that


Among the four patients, three are already in a condition


that is sufficiently serious to cause us to fear a handicap


which could be irreversible in the best possible situation.


Our Medical Correspondent, Fergus Walsh, is here.


What else do we know? We heard about the number of people, one brain dead


and another five in hospital. Are they releasing more information


about these people? It is important to set this in context. All the six


men are part of a clinical trial which actually began in July last


year. 90 healthy volunteers have been given this experimental drug,


which works on the pain and mood receptors in the brain. They have


been gradually given escalating doses. It is a phase one safety


trial. Up to date there have been no apparent serious side effects for


the last week, the six men were given the highest dose so far. Three


days later one of them was rushed into hospital with a catastrophic


brain injury, others then followed. The first man is brain dead. It is


just a question of time before the life support is switched off. Three


others may have irreversible brain damage. The doctors are struggling


because they do not know how to treat this. It is important to


stress this is not a first in man trial, it has been going on for six


months. There is always a risk with these safety trials that at some


months. There is always a risk with point there will be a side-effect.


It does seem like a very unusual story. It is a rare thing to happen.


It is. There are strict procedures. Across Europe they were tightened


considerably after a Across Europe they were tightened


years ago in London six men, a Across Europe they were tightened


they all became ill within minutes of receiving


they all became ill within minutes That was the first time it had been


given to man. You can see it is That was the first time it had been


quite different here. We were like, we all rely, on volunteers, who come


forward. They would have been paid for this debate


forward. They would have been paid the drugs. Without them, we would


not have the drugs. Without them, we would


called a serious accident. Strong words from the health Ministry in


France. What do you think will happen in the next day or so?


France. What do you think will inquiries have been setup.


France. What do you think will Health Minister has been to meet


France. What do you think will focus is on trying to their


condition. This lab, it is a Portuguese company which has this


private land in north-west France. They were inspected two years


private land in north-west France. and that all went through. The trial


data, that was approved last year. We await to see whether there were


any indications in the earlier test result of what might happen. If that


emerges, result of what might happen. If that


wrong with the dizzying, then it is not just simply an accident.


Fascinating story. Thank you for bringing us up with our top story


this hour. US stocks have fallen


sharply in morning trading. At times, the Dow Jones has been as


much as 500 points down. Oil has fallen below $30 about for the


second time this week. What can you tell us about the


situation right now? Well, the Dow is down, as you say, over 400


points. It was at 500 points down early in the day. It is the lowest


it has been since August when we saw the Chinese turmoil and all the


panic created in Wall Street in August. Stocks have had the worst


start to year ever. This is really concerning for investors. As you


said, the oil price for the second time this week is below $30 about.


We are now in $29 barrel territory. You also have China today, the stock


market entered into bearish territory. Declining 20% from their


eyes. It really caused nervousness there. -- their highs. Another big


factor is playing into how we have seen the market plunging since this


morning. It is the fact we have had US economic data at which has been


really weak. US retail sales were down, which was unexpected in


December. That shows concern about consumer spending, which was


supposed to be a bright spot. Manufacturing data has also peaked


or December. We saw a broad sell-off across all indices. We are seeing


people moving their money into Treasuries or gold, which are


considered more say. Traders are saying this is the most fear they


have experienced in a while. Officials in Sierra Leone have


confirmed a death from ebola, hours after the World Health


Organization declared the latest Tests on the person who died


in northern Sierra Leone earlier this week proved positive


according to an ebola The country was declared free


of the virus late last year, and the region as a whole


was cleared when Liberia was pronounced


ebola-free on Thursday. The WHO has warned, however,


that more flare-ups are expected. The BBC's Umaru Fofana sent this


report from Freetown. There is bewilderment


all across Sierra Leone today, as people come to the realisation


that a woman who died some three years ago was in fact


killed by ebola. The 22-year-old apparently


got into a district on the border with Guinea but moved


further into the north where she got She was discharged from hospital


and died a couple of days Her body was released


to her family to bury. There was angry reaction from people


in that town who have been They said they should


not have allowed the body to be released


to the family for them to bury, nor should the woman


have been discharged without first being


diagnosed with ebola. This comes two months


after the World Health Organisation declared the end of


the outbreak in Sierra Leone. But nevertheless it should not


mean people should worry about it because it can be


contained, however rapid deployment, medical personnel who are ready


to contain any eventual situation This is Sierra Leone's


largest referral hospital. It still operates its ebola


holding centre, where patients are brought


in and they are released once they are deemed not to be


carrying the ebola virus. and the hope is that the ebola virus


will stop where it has raised its head again in the


north of the country. Confirms are being expressed


around that many have gone back to the old ways


of doing things. I have seen, for example,


signs of people eating bush meets These are animals deemed to be


harbouring the virus. Now a look at some of


the day's other news. The Islamist group Al Shabaab


says it's taken control of an African Union base in southern


Somalia near the border Residents in the town of El Adde


report many Kenyan troops Al Shabaab says its killed more


than sixty Kenyan soldiers and seized military vehicles,


arms and ammunition. The United States Coast Guard


is searching for two military helicopters that reportedly collided


mid-air near the island of Oahu The Coast Guard says they've found


debris in the water - There were a total of 12 people


on board the helicopters. The court in Burundi has sentenced


ex-generals to life in prison. That failed coup was sparked when the


president announced his decision to run for a controversial third term.


Hundreds of people have been killed in the country in subsequent


arrests. after fellow astronaut Tim Kopra


"reported a water bubble They had been carrying out repairs


on the International Space Station. It was the first spacewalk done


by an astronaut representing the UK. Our Science Editor


David Shukman reports. The first British citizen


to walk in space today, A moment of exploration history,


as Tim Peake prepares to venture Weightless, but jammed


into a bulky spacesuit, he needs his colleagues to guide him


into the airlock and hear Make sure the large hook is attached


to the large hook in the airlock. There have been plenty of space


walks before but they are always At about one o'clock,


it was time to float out. A tiny figure against


the vast space station. Seeing the Union Jack go outside,


exploring all over the world, And, by hand, Tim Peake


and a fellow astronaut, Filmed by his American colleagues,


Tim Peake is perched at the very edge of the space station,


in position to help carry out But look how hard it is


managing tools in space. This is the view from


Tim Peake's own camera. Everything is weightless


and wants to float away. One hour 22 minutes


into today's spacewalk... Stepping outside the International


Space Station is always risky but spacewalks are essential


to build and fix things. The astronauts emerge


through an airlock here. If we take a closer look,


we can see how they had to make their way, about 60 metres,


to replace what is called That is part of the power supply


connecting the solar panels. So, how do they stay safe


while they are out there? Their spacesuits have 14


layers of material to give protection from the vacuum of space


and temperatures ranging Backpacks contain oxygen,


a power supply, and In case the astronauts


drift away, small thruster jets can manoeuvre


them back to safety. The main task was to


replace that power unit. They had to get it down


within 31 minutes. That is how long night lasts


on the space station. If sunlight hit the solar panels,


they could have been electrocuted. or to try to drink it


and note the taste. China is planning to launch


a mission to land on the dark side good to have you with us. Let's talk


a little bit about this. Somewhere good to have you with us. Let's talk


that he wins have not actually got to experience


that he wins have not actually got fascination? To begin with, the dark


side of fascination? To begin with, the dark


snowman. It is actually the far side of the moon. Because it is on the


far side of the of the moon. Because it is on the


our own eyes on it. We have seen photographs but no one has ever


landed, even robotically, on the far side of the moon. China is about to


break new ground in terms of landing a probe on the far side of the moon


and taking some samples, which is the plan. Take some samples and try


to figure out what the differences, apart from it being a shade darker


than we are used to looking at. Exactly. There is some evidence that


the far side of the moon seems to have undergone some different


effects. Material which has risen to the service may be slightly


different from the part of the moon we can see and therefore it has


always been something that many scientists hope to do, to land there


and take some samples, do chemical and other tests, to see if there is


a difference. We can show our viewers some of the pictures so far.


The first is the Soviet spacecraft which happen to take some pictures.


You can imagine how exciting that was full of it is called the lunar


spacecraft. The pictures are still impressive, I think, even 55 years


later. It began to show a little bit of the surface. It did those then


move on. We got another clearer, better picture, coming back in July.


That is when Nasa decided to have a satellite that was able to take


these pictures. When you looked at those pictures, what were you


thinking? It has been such a long time since we have gone back to the


moon. Despite the fact it is our nearest celestial neighbour, we


still actually know relatively limited amounts about it. When I


heard the news Chinese are interested in doing this, more than


anything else, it was a feeling of, about time. What would you like them


to find out? What was the burning question when it comes to the far


side of the moon? Among other things, the positioning of it, where


it may have suffered more hits from asteroids and things. It may have


churned up deeper down some of the soil. What would it look like on the


far side of the moon? What might we learn from asteroids bits and


pieces? What has greater exposure to a different set of conditions


resulted in? Is there water? We have already found there is more water on


the near side of the Moon. Will it also be the case on the far side?


Chinese plans are very ambitious. What about the United States? China


is going to lead this. Is there some competition when it comes to new


adventures like this, getting to the far side of the moon? Speaking a lot


about the terminated spacewalk early that this is a whole other area.


Yes. Basically, in terms of deep space exploration, the United States


really has been alone. We just had the new Horizons project. There are


probes currently planned for places like Jupiter and Saturn. Much of the


outer solar system in particular, certainly nothing has landed on


those planets and moons. Even the flybys are rare. One can only hope


this excites a new generation of students around the world to renew


their interest and go and explore our own solar system. It remains to


be seen. One person who were very much be watching as China gets that


under way, and that is deemed sharing. Speaking to bus from the


United States. That will be taking place in 2018. -- speaking to us.


The actor Sean Penn has defended his secret trip to Mexico


to interview the notorious drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman


while he was in hiding from authorities.


"El Chapo" was recaptured last week more than six months


after his dramatic escape from maximum-security prison.


It later emerged Sean Penn had boosted the drug lord last October


and the actor published his account of the visit in Rolling Stone


magazine. Sean Penn says he is hoping to change the conversation


around the so-called war on drugs. The discussion around this article


ignores its purpose, which was to try to contribute to this discussion


about the policy and war on drugs. Let's go to the big picture of what


we all want. We all want this drug problem to stop. We all want the


killings in Chicago to stop. We are the consumer. Whether you agree with


Sean Penn or not, there is a complicity there. If you are in them


all right or the far left, just as many of your children are doing


drugs. The Archbishop of Canterbury today


apologised to the gay and lesbian community for the "hurt and pain"


caused by the Anglican church. Justin Welby was speaking at the end


of a meeting of senior bishops The Episcopal Church


in the United States has been suspended from the Anglican


communion for three years - because of its support


for same-sex marriage. Our Religious Affairs correspondent,


Caroline Wyatt, reports. Gay and lesbian protesters in places


where being gay is still a crime gathered just outside


Canterbury Cathedral. Here, Anglican leaders have been


discussing the issue. Between the minority who approve of


same-sex marriage and the majority that do not.


They have reiterated that marriage within the church remained


between a man and a woman and have had a telling off from the Episcopal


church in America for allowing same-sex marriage.


With gay and lesbian, and Anglicans say they feel abandoned.


They say that in some countries, being homosexual is still


the Archbishop of Canterbury was flanked by three


other Anglican leaders, although not the most conservative.


Justin Welby started with an apology.


I would like to say how sorry I am for the hurt and pain in the past


and present that the Church has caused, and that they love


that we have at times completely failed to show.


If you condemn homophobic prejudice or have done just now,


why was it not mentioned in the joint resolution that you put


out, because the protesters outside have been saying that they feel


It was not mentioned in the joint resolution that was done yesterday,


because that was going to be published today.


It just happened that someone leaked it.


So what do the more traditionalists think?


Even if we disagree, we still love each other,


And sometimes we have to argue, and that is OK, it is not


The Archbishop of Canterbury says the next conference will come


in 2020, and by then, the differences between


the Conservative Churches of the south and the liberal


treating congregations of the North will not have gone away.


South African Airways has blacklisted a passenger who could be


part of a crime syndicate on its long haul flights. There were a


number of tests last month. $2.5 million of items were taken on


flights to Hong Kong in 2014. Now, what's the longest number


of rainy days you've experienced? Well, in the village


of Eglwyswrw in Pembrokeshire, Wales, it's rained every day


since October 26th last year. The BBC's Wales correspondent,


Hywel Griffith, has been there. Spare a thought for the parents


of Britain's wettest village. It has been too rainy for children


to play out for 81 days. Endless wet days have


taken their toll. Very wound up and very


difficult, I have to admit. Nestled on the edge


of the mountains, at least Eglwyswrw But since its last village


pub closed last year, it has had nowhere for people


to drown their sorrows. But not everyone's spirits


have been dampened. We sell waterproofs and Wellington


boots and you could not survive or get about anywhere without a good


pair of Wellington boots And those wellies have


been put into action. John Davis is the fourth generation


of his family to farm this land and he has never known


it to be so wet. With lambing just a few weeks away,


his sheep are being kept They say maybe it's


coming to an end. If that's the case,


there will be a party It is one record we do not


want to be famous for. 81 days is enough, that's


what the villagers are saying. That record of 89 days of rain


was on the Isle of Isla in 1923. Here, they are keeping their eyes


on the skies and hoping the record From me and the rest of the team,




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