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Hello, I'm Karin Giannone with BBC World News.


His controversial views have set the US republican presidential


discussing whether he should be banned from the UK.


The world of tennis is rocked by a BBC report into allegations


World number one Novak Djokovic reveals he rejected


an approach to lose a match - and condemned potential cheats.


Somebody may cause an opportunity, I call it... Ronnie, it is a crime in


sport. The Paris attacks investigation:


Morocco arrests a Belgian national it says is linked to


the men responsible. The transformation from where I was


a year ago, not able to move from bed and being fed from a spoon...


And we hear about the remarkable improvement to this man's life


after a new treatment for multiple sclerosis.


He's caused controversy in the US with his comments about Mexicans,


Now some politicians here in the UK are calling for US Republican


presidential candidate Donald Trump to be banned from Britain.


from the Grand Committee Room of the Palace of Westminster.


MPs have been discussing this now for around two and a half hours.


Ahead of the debate, one of Trump's companies in Scotland


said a ban like this could mean abandoning plans to invest


?700 million - that's a billion dollars.


They said "For the UK to consider banning someone who made a statement


in America, about American borders during a US election


Westminster is creating a dangerous precedent on this issue


and is sending a terrible message to the world.


Well, let's listen to some of what has been said in parliament


A man who is interviewing for the most important job in the world, his


words are not comical, his words are not funny, his words are poisonous.


They risk inflaming tensions between communities. Let me make one thing


clear, we had legislation in this country to make sure we do not let


people and who are not conducive to the public good. If, God forbid, the


public went ahead with this, it would only play into Donald Trump's


hands. He lavishes attention by saying controversial things.


And far from the debate in the UK - Donald Trump has been busy


on the campaign trail - visiting Liberty University


in Lynchburg, Virginia trying to drum up support.


I am wondering if he is overly concerned with what is happening


here at Westminster. Any word? Not remain in particular. During his


speech here, he did not actually mention either the British


Parliamentary debate on the call for a ban from him on Muslims entering


the country, that is what it was meant to be about. They are trying


to get support for the vote so he quoted from the Bible, spoke about


the war on Christmas and how the country is too politically correct.


He said about the debate and an sign saying Merry Christmas. He spoke


about his view on immigration and refugees, that America did not know


who people were, they should not be let in. He said the crime rates are


suffering due to immigration. He did not reference Muslims specifically.


We did get a comment from the Democratic committee who are taking


full advantage of the situation, they said it was shameful that this


debate was happening and that the rhetoric from other candidates had


caused this international incident and were barely anything national


partners and they show how right-wing the Republic candidates


had become. What his supporters had to say to the fact that he has been


spoken about any terms across the pond? It was interesting here


because it wasn't a typical supporter crowd. Because it was a


university, most of the attendees were students and they had to attend


this kind of event. When I chatted with them, a lot of them said they


did not agree with his calls for a ban on Muslims. Some of them said it


was maybe even hate speech. They tended to focus on the right to free


speech, saying that Donald Tom should be allied to say what he


wants to say and that the British parliament could debate it and they


should be argued that. I did because some Donald Trump supporters and


they just thought it would be ridiculous. One of them said, " do


they not want Mr Trump's investment? " And that they would be treating


him like he wants to treat Muslims. They said it would not be right


there. Barbara,


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